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  1. I know what you're thinking. But you really shouldn't do it.

  2. Archie Sonic #175. I'm incredibly biased, so you probably know why this is my favorite. Having Eggman beat down Sonic is 11/10
  3. eggsallow.png

    1. Teoskaven


      Crisis on infinite Mobiuses.

  4. SSMB, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

    1. TheOcelot


      What's that WittyUserBrain?

    2. BlueSky


      I think so but from where would one get all that jam?


      Sorry, tried to figure out something myself... playing by ear and all.

  5. So, every now and then, my mind drifts off into game development as a whole. Most of the topics I create tend to be that. Whether it's gameplay features, types of games, indie successes or styles and themes. I wrote a status on this but I got a few in depth answers so I kinda feel like a thread could spark more discussion. In this case, I want to talk about pixel art and its prevalence in the indie scene. Part of what got me thinking about it was when I bought Game Dev Studio a couple of days ago. I bought when I was feeling that genre, a lot of you probably heard about or even played Game Dev Tycoon. Similar topics, pretty different gameplay and, also important art style. This isn't meant to be a review on either game and I won't get into the gameplay, but backstory of what got me thinking about it. GDT uses a smoother, clean art style while GDS uses pixel art. I've noticed there's a LOT of games that use the pixel art style. Like, a lot. Mostly indie games. There's a reason for it, though. Pixel art can be a lot easier to work with, especially for people who aren't as artistically inclined. You can get a lot out of those jagged edges. And it generally works pretty well if you're going for the retro feel. However, on the flip side, a lot of those games with the retro feel comes out. It stops feeling retro and kinda becomes the norm, doesn't it? That's not to say that you can't get a good looking game out of pixel art, of course not. And it's not to say it's an outdated style that needs to go away, but it's very easy to see a trend abused. I remember when everything had to have zombies in it or be a FPS around the mid-2000s. Still, you could argue that pixel art is just an artistic choice that, given its frequency, is just as acceptable as something like cel-shading. Though, like art history, every style has a period that eventually comes to a close, I'm not sure when that is for pixel art in indie games. Now, what are your thoughts on pixel art? Do you feel it's overstayed its welcome or should still be welcomed with opened arms? Maybe you take the middle route where it depends on the specific title?
  6. Do you feel that pixel art games are kinda overdone at this point?

    1. SupahBerry


      I say it's slowly becoming the general opinion that pixel games have overstayed their welcome. 

      They indeed have been welcomed; back in the 2000s where bleak, gloomy filtered FPSs were all the rage, pixel games were able to stand out better. And many independent developers were likely made famous when they started out with a more retro arcade styled experience. There's no denying that making sprites of only 3 to 8 colors is way easier to draw and program than a full blown 3d model with all its bells and whistle.


      But now, the games have long since fulfilled the goal they set out to reach in the first place, and serve not much of a purpose anymore. Yet so many indies still step into the competitive market because they're so easy to make. Take that away, they're all left with nothing. 

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      I agree. What's become a throwback has sort of become the "norm", right next to triple A things, to the point it really gets difficult for me to be excited for indie stuff because they typically go for pixel art, and usually 8-bit throwbacks at that.

    3. Diogenes


      they're about as overdone as polygonal games

    4. WittyUsername


      This makes me feel like I should I should write a thread on the subject. Could be interesting to see different opinions.


      Unless there's one already done.

      This makes me feel like I should I should write a thread on the subject. Could be interesting to see different opinions.


      Unless there's one already done.

    5. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Games that have pixel art are just as overdone in general as realistic AAA/sports games, grey/desaturated (ala PS2), desaturated and limited gritty colour palette that was used during the PS3/360 era mainly because of Unreal Engine 3 and more so recently games with a bright art style because of Unreal Engine 4.

      At the end of the day, it is down to the execution and skill rather than what art style a game uses. There are plenty of games that use nice looking sprites but there are many games to be fair do look kinda ugly and have to do something else to stand out (mainly in the gameplay or level design department).

      Wonder if vector graphics ever make a come back...

    6. WittyUsername


      Decided to make that topic - if anyone wants to copy 'n paste their thoughts.

  7. "I want to work on this project but I only got three hours of sleep. But I really want to work on this project, but I also want to go to bed. But working on this project will keep me up so I can go to bed later on a good schedule, but my brain is wanting to punch itself because I'm really, really sleepy. But I can work on this project, but my brain is yelling at me and it's not allowing me to work but-"

  8. Nobody panic.

    1. Ernest the Panda
    2. JosepHenry


      Did you find Sonic Adventure 3 files in a visit to sega

    3. WittyUsername


      Look, LOOK.

      Don't panic.

    4. Diogenes


      wrong. always panic. permanent fight-or-flight state means you're prepared to deal with anything at any time. that's science.

    5. WittyUsername


      No wait. Don't panic.

    6. JosepHenry


      show us what you have

  9. Oh right, yeah. I remember reading about Dan being a modder for Smash Bros and was apparently somewhat popular in that community. There's probably more to him. Interesting that'd translate to a visual novel. But I suppose being friends with some in that circle gives him a boost. Of the indie titles that's popular, it and Minecraft (granted, only VERY recently) are the only ones I've ever played. DDLC was free -- which I guess is what got me thinking about all this. I'm cheap with money (I did buy the pack to give him some cash because I did enjoy it) but I know not everyone is.
  10. So, I started thinking about how we're living in an age where there always seems to be a new hot indie game that gets a lot of attention and it just blows up. Mostly, this is because a couple of YouTubers gave it attention. It got a good reviews from the dudes, then others follow the leader and sooner or later, it gets meme'd to death. Creator enjoys cash money-money for a bit, then after a couple of months, the new hotness comes along, and the indie game still gets a handful of purchases and mentions but isn't as sexy as it once was. However, while this might make indie games being a ticket to the dev life, truth is most indie games don't get that much attention. The majority fall to the side getting a few hundred sales, if they're lucky as Five Cups at Underdoki gets all the love and glory. Why's that? Quality surely plays into it but I'm sure a number of the ignored crowd HAVE to have been pretty good overall. Does promotion play into it? Maybe. Obviously Let's Players and Reviewers are the dudes who give it the major hype but how'd it reach their ear? Luck? Did they see a game and it looked interesting and they just went for it? Did a friend they have on Steam present it to them? Did the creator go, "Heeeeeeey... so I have a game..." And more importantly, what drew people to take a chance on these titles? price can vary wildly, I notice most indie games seem to charge less than 10 dollars with Cuphead being the exception that I know about being the more expensive side of 20 buck-a-roos. On the opposite end of the spectrum Doki Doki is free. Perhaps it's just me, but it's hard to imagine many people willing to risk money on something that's unproven. Hell, I feel greedy with 5 dollars. I suppose, with Let's Players, these indie games are an investment into their careers. But still, so many games out there, what turned these things into the Chosen One? What gives these particular indie games the "It" factor that turned them into unknown titles from a rando into internet icons with various fanarts and memes? I dunno how many of you saw the rise of a particular indie game from nobodies, I know I haven't. Maybe someone who has could give some insight. Maybe you were on a message board one night when a dude posted about his upcoming project that no one knew would explode. It's just fascinating, though. My view of my own purchases would probably never take a gamble on a title I haven't heard much about and yet there's apparently many who will. Or maybe there isn't, it was just the right few who would. Your thoughts? Maybe you have a completely different perspective and it's not Youtubers who cause the popularity? Maybe you feel that the cost/risk factor isn't that big of a deal?
  11. I only really like 4 (five if you divide it up) Sonic titles. Sonic CD - Because it had an interesting atmosphere time traveling mechanic and I like the darker boss music in the American version. That's just my taste for it. Sonic 3 and Knuckles (or Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles... that division) - It's just a big adventure with a lot of levels. I actually feel like stuff's happening here. Which I don't feel in Sonic 1 or 2, really. Sonic Adventure - This is what really defined Sonic for me, even though I played Sonic 1 as a kid and was my first game. Preteen years played this game and I came to love narratives in video games because of it. I mean, in retrospect it wasn't exactly an excellent story, but at the time, oh yeah. I loved it. I loved adventuring around and seeing stuff, and I came to adore all the different characters. I even liked Big. In fact, kinda envied the dude -- he had a chill life. I especially enjoyed the ability to choose your own character and seeing the story change up depending on their perspective (Tails lied the most.) Even grew to be fascinated by ancient civilizations because of that tower in Mystic Ruins, along with Tikal, and studied the real life comparisons. Now, yes... The voice acting is dumb, the animation is hot garbage, and the lip syncing is atrocious and I LOVE THAT -- it's bad, it's corny, it's hilarious. There's some things I take seriously here and there from it, but the early days of video gaming... "cinematic" is hilariously bad. Sonic Adventure 2 - This and SA1 are my two favorite Sonic games and depending on the day, I may like one more than the other. SA1 offered the hubworld, SA2 offered playable Eggman, SA1 had the ability to choose your character, SA2 had playable Eggman, SA1 had badniks more in tune with previous games which made it felt more like the Sonic I knew in 3D but SA2 had playable Eggman. It's really hard to choose. Now, while Sonic Adventure 1 had a fairly bleak tone at certain points, Sonic Adventure 2 kinda kicked that up more frequently -- it wasn't too bad and most of it was more hinted at and it still took breaks (the doc even scratched his ass during one cutscene) but I still enjoyed it. Some think it's too much, personally I think it's the limit how dark a title probably should get -- where it just hints at things. Personally, I felt SA2 was more "mission driven" than edgy. SA1 kinda just felt like things stumbled upon things while SA2 felt more like there was a goal for both sides -- bar Knuckles. Dude was just doing his own thing and got roped into it. T he animation, voice acting and lip syncing all got better (you can really see a marginal improvement between 1 and 2) but it was still bad. I dislike the removal of the hub and ability to choose your own character and just play through the story that way. But oh well. Still a great title.
  12. Playing ME Andromeda for the first time. Enjoying it, actually. Doesn't seem as bad as people made it out. But it's patched up as far as Bioware/EA allowed and does have that fan patch mod, but about it.

    But I'm not sure how much the fan patch would shape experiences.

  13. Well, when this movie does come out, it'll probably be the kinda thing you want to watch while having a lot of alcohol in your system. You know, hilariously bad. What I'm going to do, anyway. Drink a lot, watch it with my fiance and my sister and her husband. Should be more enjoyable.
  14. I'm in the mood for some good documentaries for gaming history. I don't care about stuff like high scores or competitive stuff. But more along the lines of gaming history - like from the Atari age up to now. Or really close to now. It's important to be visually interesting as well as presenting good info. I'd also like them to not skip over the Deamcast, if possible.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Tara


      I can't name anything that specifically chronicles from the Atari age to now, but Ahoy on YouTube has some EXCEPTIONALLY well made, well researched, and well voiced over videos on his channel about certain aspects of innovative technology that shaped gaming in the 80's through the modern era.  A Brief History of Graphics is an interesting watch, for example.  I recommend checking them out.


    2. WittyUsername


      Actually, I watched the Brief History of Graphics, before.

      He's got a good voice, and interesting visuals. I watched that and the Polybius video. 

      Sadly, most of his videos are over weapons and the like, which I'm not nearly as interested in.

    3. Tara


      Yeah, same.  I'm subscribed just in case he comes out with something as interesting as the ones you just mentioned, but mostly yeah.  Just... guns, lol.

      Just thought I'd throw them out there in case you hadn't heard of them.  Sorry I couldn't be much help and hope you find what you're looking for!

    4. WittyUsername


      Nah, I appreciate the effort. I'm looking around a bit. Trying to keep myself interested in game design as a whole while I try to learn Game Maker Studio. Wanted to throw my hand in making something. I'm kinda understanding the scripting language better than I thought, but I'm still dumb as a rock.

  15. "Left 4 Dead 3 trailer possibly leaked(disconfirmed)"

    But of course you can't hope for Valve to make a new game.

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