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  1. WittyUsername

    Fan Attitudes to Eggman

    The problem is this franchise's severe inconsistency. Which leads to heavily divided opinions. While I grew up on the classics, I am someone who massively prefers the Adventure series take (which, between the two games, is somewhat inconsistent.) So, I prefer the darker take. However, even in those titles, Eggman has been shown to be goofy. Adventure 1, Eggman is attempting to nuke Station Square (and himself) but he has a playroom on the Egg Carrier (granted that's an easter egg) and Adventure 2, blah blah, gun to Amy's head, but earlier in the game, he's scratching his ass while watching the news. I, myself, would prefer a goofy, but still highly competent Eggman. One that can be dangerous -- very, very dangerous. But still with a lovable charm. Maybe play up some dark humor here and there when he's really pushing out competent plans. That's what I'd prefer. The real issues, right now, I feel like we've reached a point in the series where Eggman is practically a non-issue as far as the threat he poses to Sonic. It feels like he can't win. Not just doesn't, but he can't (that was more true with Sonic Colors, where Sonic could have gone home after the first boss fight and the rest would have worked itself out.) Which makes "adventures" feel like pointless messes. The guy has an empty villain credit bank account. He's no threat, he cannot stop Sonic, he cannot stop anyone. He gets trashed talked and they're proven right. His reputation, among a lot of fans, is pretty low, too. Feels like Bowser, who is also goofy (arguably goofier) feels like he gets more respect from the Mario fans than Eggman gets from the Sonic one. It's crazy. I feel like if Eggman got more victories, actual victories, that actually have an impact, it'd help a lot. Whether he's goofy, menacing or somewhere in between, victories would help. And actually let his friggin' inventions do something. Sheesh. You ever noticed almost all his big doomsday machines he makes get cut down before they can even do something substantial? Death Egg, most it did was woke up a volcano. Egg Carrier, clipped the Tornado's wing. Wee? Eclipse Cannon. Well, hey, that blew up part of the moon! That's cool! That whole scene was pretty badass! Wait, that was his grandfather's? Crap. Egg Fleet. They... floated. Egg Carrier of 06. It apparently could level a city. But we didn't see it do that. The beggining cannon thing in Unleashed made the planet split apart. Which was a REALLY awesome scene. But uh... no one cared. The hyper-go-on energy from the Wisps was apparently able to take over minds, but two full tanks of the stuff lasted, barely, a minute on Tails. That's... not effective. Two tanks lasting a whopping one minute on one guy? And he's supposed to blast the whole planet with that? Makes the Colors one seem even more pointless -- I mean, yeah, sucks for the poor cute aliens, but he ain't gonna take over anything with that pitiful source of mind control juice. Lost Worlds had the "suck energy from the planet" thing. It didn't really do much but apparently make the Zeti stronger? But they were all beat anyway? I dunno. Can't tell you much about Forces. But there's a trend of introducing big, awesome things and it falling flat.
  2. The Jimmy Neutron prototype.


    1. TCB


      The full thing been found?!

    2. KHCast


      Oh my god my eyes

  3. Anybody want some steamed ham?

    1. TheOcelot


      That's what I call hamburgers.

    2. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      I'm not ready for an unforgettable luncheon yet.

    3. E-122-Psi


      Despite the fact they are quite obviously grilled.

  4. I find the in-game Elder Scrolls religions very, very confusing. It's so hard to keep up with who believes in what. And apparently they're pulling a Rome by having "It's the same gods, but different names" thing.

  5. Don't touch that.

    1. Polkadi~♪
    2. KHCast


      *iblis bursts out of the ground*

    3. SupahBerry
    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      ...This is literally my catchphrase at work =3=

    5. PaulyBFromDa303
  6. WittyUsername

    How Would You Feel About a Future-Setting Zelda Title?

    I'm not necessarily sure that's true. A lot of future setting games do have exploration still as a focal point -- granted, that often comes with space faring games, such as the early Mass Effect titles. Still, you're right that technology often equates to steadier, more healthy civilizations. People live longer, populations get bigger. Zelda, however, is an interesting case because there are so many races and magic certainly exists, along with gods that act (they did basically choose to destroy the world once, leading to Wind Waker.) So, their technology boom may not exactly lead to the same healthy, long lasting society with large populations that so many titles may have. As you said, an apocalypse may be a great way to ensure the population stays low -- whether that be war, magic, divine intervention, or even Ganondorf's rule (such as Samurai Jack). However, there also exists the possibility that technology just wasn't adapted the same way as real life, some society may have found it more useful in harvesting resources, weapons, or infrastructure vs medicine. Tension between races could mean the share of technology didn't cross boundaries. Or maybe just in a magic fueled environment, technology never exactly won outright against magic and a world full of hostile creatures. However, towns and NPCs would have to exist, they do in most games, Hyrule often having large buildings and suggested large populations. Hyrule may look a lot different this time around. I, however, still expect there to be a lot of exploration and alone time even if Hyrule (whether under the Hyrule lineage or Ganondorf's regime) is rocking skyscrapers.
  7. So, I was sitting there, watching a Mario Kart 8 video and it talked about how Link drove a motorcycle stylized like a horse and remembered this one joke video about the next Zelda taking place in the future, this was a bit before Skyward Sword's reveal, I believe. This did get me thinking: Could it work? I can imagine a lot of people would be immediately turned off by the idea and for good reason: Zelda is a heavy fantasy game that often uses past aesthetics, ancient kingdoms and mythos. However, Zelda is certainly not a stranger to having science fiction-type elements in their games. I mean, Breath of the Wild, itself, has a good deal of it with the Shiekah Slate and the guardians. Skyward Sword too, they have a whole ancient robot race. While I was immediately taken by some of these, it kinda felt natural. There's other things, too, like immobile security measures with lasers. Of course, those are just elements, we're talking about a whole game. Could a whole game work? Well, maybe... I believe that, if it did, it'd have to be a little more than a normal Zelda game with futuristic skin slapped on it, otherwise what's the point? Gameplay functionality would have to come into it. That's where it gets a little iffy. We don't want to tread into GTA-esque territory. Guns might be too unfitting, although you could probably get by with some uniquely styled laser blasters instead of a bow and laser blades that have some abilities beyond melee may be useful. But part of the future, you can expect lots of vehicles, staying away from GTA, you don't want link jacking them, but perhaps jumping on a hovercar and freeriding may be acceptable, perhaps even fun. The whole world would have to be designed in a way that fits. Gorons, Zora, Hyleans, and Rito, would all have to evolve their technology in a way that makes sense, is stylized, and fits well with "this is still Zelda." This could introduce some very nice settings. Or fall to pieces. If we go a Samurai Jack type situation, Ganondorf takes over for a thousand years or something, this could make it a bit of a dark future. I dunno, such a game could be a huge departure, but at the same time, fitting? Zelda games benefit from almost every Zelda and Link being different, so it opens up unique settings. In a hypothetical game like this, using Breath of the Wild's gameplay mechanics could lead to some interesting games. What are your thoughts?
  8. SA2 -- Character reasons for destroying GUN's mechs.

    Eggman: "I'm trying to take over the world and GUN is an enemy!"

    Sonic: "I'm trying to run away from the law! I dunno why they're even after me!"

    Shadow: "I'm after revenge! They killed Maria!"

    Tails: "I'm helping Sonic, he's innocent!"

    Rouge: "I'm undercover and gotta keep up appearances!"

    Knuckles: "KNUCKLES SMASH!"

    1. Tatters


      Amy: Yeah! I'm in this game! Yeah!

    2. Blacklightning


      In all fairness GUN bots show up even in areas that Eggman controls, so I'd think it's implied he owns some of them.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      GUN robots don't show up in the interiors of Eggman's areas, only the outside. It's implied that GUN are attempting to infiltrate his facilities. 

    4. WittyUsername


      Yeah, Eggman doesn't shoot his own creations, I believe. Only GUN.

  9. Fathers of SSMB:

    Have you been practicing your dad jokes?

  10.  Replaying the 3D era GTAs in chronological order -- up to the midway point in San Andreas (or close, anyway). They're a loooot easier than I remember them being -- aside from the occasional missions where enemies can bullet spam you (like last mission in Vice City). But missions I remember I used to have a hard time as a wee-boy, they're super easy -- like following the damn train.

  11. I really wish Invision would do something to make their software load faster. It feels so bloaty and sluggish on slower connections. Probably even faster ones. Ugh.

    1. Tara


      If they had an option where you could disable Java-based things and instead just an HTML-based text editor like all the previous versions of the software, it wouldn't be so bad.


    2. WittyUsername


      Yeah, that'd probably help a lot. I really don't feel like forums, which is text dominant, needs so much of this stuff. Just give us classic BBCodes.

  12. WittyUsername

    Cancelled Sonic The Hedgehog Cartoon Discovered

    I mean, it's just a guess -- one that doesn't really have any evidence to support it other than it's a Sonic cartoon and it coming out in a time where 3D animations for series were starting to gain ground. For all we know, it was a much more serious-toned animation in the same aspect of a super hero action series that was also 2D. However, depending if there were some '07 Sonic Series team-members that made their way to Boom and/or if the Boom team asked to see some of the 07 scripts, it's certainly possible some ideas here and there made its way into Boom -- if warped and adapted enough to fit Boom. It's certainly not unheard of for media to do that. Sadly, we'll never know, unless there's like an NDA timelimit or if Sonic Team themselves decide to talk about it, which is unlikely. Shame, behind the scenes stuff is pretty interesting, especially with animation and games.
  13. WittyUsername

    Cancelled Sonic The Hedgehog Cartoon Discovered

    Makes me expect it to be pretty similar to Boom, in the sense of being a comedy driven CGI animation with some actiony scenes here and there. If that's the case, I wonder if there was any recycled ideas that made its way into Boom.
  14. Anybody else just want to close a video out the second they hear "YO WHAT'S UP GUYS?!", "HEY, YOUTUBE, IT'S YOUR BOY" or something similar?

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Yep, and having thumbnails with obnoxious editing or the player constantly making overexaggerated faces is usually an instant block from me.

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Long, unnecessary intros, especially where they don't make sense, are really repelling as well.

    3. WittyUsername


      Just very, very loud people are annoying, and I don't even watch Let's Plays.


      Over- exaggerated faces are the biggest reason I never liked Egoraptor's animations.

    4. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      lol why do you think I don't do that in my videos?

    5. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Yup. I miss the good old days when we have silent Walkthroughs and Playthroughs. Now everything is a Let's Play or a commentary and the majority of them are awful, annoying or just bland. Good ones do exist, but not that many.

      This is a big reason why I still watch omegaevolution and Cyberman65. Both of them understand the value of silence or game immersion.

  15. SSMB - Home.

    1. SupahBerry


      Welcome Home, Witty!


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