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  2. WittyUsername

    What if there was a Bigger Bad in the Sonic series?

    That honestly doesn't make it any better. Most of us don't want a new villain hogging up the spotlight, at all. Keep the guy as the focal villain throughout the entire thing. Reversing it was cute in Generations, but by Lost World it was already tiring -- didn't help that Lost World felt like nothing at all happened, as it is. Forces? Honestly, the moment I saw Infinite was the moment I tuned out of Forces news. I have no idea, nor really care, what happened there. Being hijacked at the end -- Eggman is too weak to control his own plans. Hijacking at the end -- Eggman is too weak to create his own plans and needs someone else to do the dirty work. It's a lose/lose situation. He needs to remain the villain throughout several games. Once the villain credit has been restored, because he's bordering bankruptcy at the National Baddie Bank, can he afford to let other villains do their own thing.
  3. WittyUsername

    Are the fans too excusable?

    Keep in mind, in both of my fictional timeline examples, I did say say "Heroes after 3andK" as well as "Adventure after 3andK." The problems in consistency started to arrive mostly after Heroes was released. It just kinda snowballed after that.
  4. WittyUsername

    Are the fans too excusable?

    Yes, I'm aware this is your anecdote and probably many others. However, what I'm getting at is that Sonic would not be in this same identity crisis with a fractured fanbase if they had chosen to keep a consistent identity -- whether that be child friendly or young teen focused.
  5. WittyUsername

    Are the fans too excusable?

    It's a bit more nuanced than this. Sonic Adventure, while my favorite version of Sonic, is often considered to be divisive now. It's not exactly because of the fanbase "being teens and young adults" but more that Sonic Team tends to shift what Sonic is meant to be all the time. Had, say, Sonic Heroes came out RIGHT after Sonic 3 and Knuckles (or at least some type of Sonic Heroes since Team Dark would be super confusing in this hypothetical scenario) then it'd do a whole lot better, especially it it was followed up by Sonic Colors then Lost Worlds. Then maybe Generations. In this suggested timeline, Sonic retained an identity of being more geared towards a young audience. In another timeline, Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 still followed, but then the next game was perhaps Unleashed, maybe a finished 06. Maybe Forces. Again, this retains an identity of being more action based and "bigger than life" that those games follow. Note that I still wouldn't suggest throwing in something like Shadow since that kinda takes it a few steps too far. As it stands, the tonal shift between child-oriented and teenager is just doing all kinds of crazy damage. And trying to be consistent now is going to tick a large portion of the base off.
  6. Please, don't touch that.

  7. Man the posting system is clunky on here. I had it post on its own whilst typing.

  8. WittyUsername

    What if there was a Bigger Bad in the Sonic series?

    I am a completely and utterly biased Eggman fan. however, I'll say this is true. That being said, I'd first want them to give a handful of games where Eggman doesn't get pushed to the side and do a decent job as being the villain before having another guy just, you know, acting on their own. To do it now, where he's been the "weak ass villain" as it stands would just say "This other guy is better at being the villain than the main baddie."
  9. WittyUsername

    Are the fans too excusable?

    The fans are a byproduct of the franchise. The constant change of direction every two-three games ultimately creates a constantly fractured base with varying opinions. Even games that, on the surface, would appear to be similar have enough differences to warrant a divisive opinion. At the end of this, the blame still lays with Sonic Team.
  10. SSMB... WHERE is my SUPER SUIT?

  11. Would it, though? Who Framed Roger Rabbit has 2D animated cartoon characters mixed with live action and is historic among films. On the other end, Blues Clues entertained children for years. These 2D characters stand out more than cartoony 3D characters when paired with live action. I feel this "take the audience out of the action" claims is an untested belief. Children are going to accept it whatever way presented. Adults aren't going to care one way or the other because it's for their kids. Only Sonic fans who are adult will care and they're distracted by how bad it is. Since that's the party offended while the other two are accepting of any design, you'd hope they would cater to them.
  12. Well, if they could stop unveiling completely horrendous works, I think we'd stop complaining. At least en masse, there's always gonna be a few. Look, I get it. You want people to dig Sonic. I completely agree. I want to like the franchise and character again too. It's just really hard when SEGA keeps releasing trash. They never learn from their mistakes and they seem hellbent on making new ones. And this grotesque design of Sonic doesn't inspire confidence after their numerous failures. Sure, Colors, Generations and Mania did fine (despite them all being games I don't personally care about) but that's not enough to earn them the benefit of the doubt. You can decorate a turd up with icing and sprinkles but it's not a cupcake.
  13. WittyUsername

    Is Sonic still "cool"?

    God no. I mean, Sonic was cool because his rival was Mario. Mario ruled the gaming world. He was the king. What Sonic did was kinda be the antithesis of what Mario was doing. He was edgier, but not so much that it was controversial. But as time went on, Sonic isn't so edgy by today's standards. Even back then, that edge probably started to dull with other more mature titles breaking into the mainstream like Doom and Mortal Kombat. Now, violence has kinda become the standard. It's hardly controversial anymore. While Sonic wasn't about violence, it's hard to be "cool" and rebellious when other games do that. And Sonic can't do that - it's dumb. But that's fine! Sonic doesn't need to be cool. The series just needs to play well and have enough nuance to it to keep players engaged. As for my own taste: In direction with atmosphere, I would suggest taking things that may seem cool on surface, exaggerate the hell out it to the point of ridiculousness. The GUN Truck is a good example of this. It's a car chase scene. That's cool. But it's also exaggerated by being too large to fit the street - it takes up both lanes. Generations knocked it up by giving it rockets and saws. It's superficially cool but also makes fun of the idea of cool.
  14. I do have a question: This seems to happen a lot. You take a cartoon character, throw him to a live action world. You have to tweak the design to make it fit. The design is almost always panned. You'd think film studios would stop doing this but no. They keep at it. They just keep on trying to stick a round peg in a volcanic hole. ... Why?

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