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  1. This was also my first time on going and I love every single thing about it. I have always dreamed to go and i finally got the chance this year! I also vlogged for the first time ever. I was happy to finally try Sonic Mania, which was an awesome game. I also tried Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice that was great also. I have to admit my favourite part about the event was seeing people with the same interest as me. I normally don't get the chance to speak to people with the same interest as me since i come from an area thats away from England since, am Scottish. I wish I could of spoke more to people also since am a extremely shy person but I was also happy to get on stage for the Sonic Jump Fever Competition, I may have not won it but I was happy to get 3rd place out of it all. Thanks to the event, I had the best experience of my life and I can't ask for anything better than that. Unfortunately also, I didn't get to meet Mike Pollock due to lines but i got to meet the rest of the people there, which was alright with me. I also got some pics with Jun and the two SEGA heads which was also amazing. The event went so fast to the point, I wished it was abit longer, but it happens. The event had inspired me to make even a new discord server for people that have an interest in Sonic in general. got some people to join also which was good. I loved every part of Summer Of Sonic and wish it will happen again next year because I am happy to go again. I really loved everything about it.
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