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  1. Developer: Yard Team Genre: Indie / Racing Release Date: 16 Dec 2013 Alternate Name: Rock 'n' Roll Racing 3D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxMajqcff10
  2. Learning something new everyday, thanks.
  3. So 100 collectibles give you a life again? You have to restart the game.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu6vxzp8S_8
  5. Hoping that S0L might see this, I wanted to ask if it would be possible to offer an extractor or a loose files version (over the beta tab, for example). I tried to get it running in Wine, but it seems to look for files in the folders rather than the provided packages. ..\..\Libraries\Race\Source\ResourceManager.cpp(476) -AE: Trying to load file 'Data\GameData\cars.xml' that no longer exists, will prolly need fixing due to the way HasLoaded() behaves for files that don't exist. -AI: -> ResourceManager::LoadResource() - Data\GameData\cars.xml (16161745)
  6. Are there any commands for the terminal? At the point where the movies normally play it just stays black. I already tried renaming the movie folder, so I guess the problem is the Criware Player.
  7. Sonic Heroes is the third best Sonic game. *runs*
  8. You could do that with your browser. For example since you're from Australia and your language code is en_AU, you would go with your browser to http://www.nike.com/.../copy_en_AU.xml and press Strg + S. A window appears asking you where it should be stored and all you have to do is to save it in the directory you saved the SonicxVapor.swf. Now you could open the *.swf file with your browser, add ?locale=en_AU&xmlurl=copy_en_AU.xml to the end in the address bar, press Enter and finally play it.
  9. Almost right, but you still lack a file and haven't set a variable, which are essential for proper running. The game breaker in this case is the translation. It tries to load the strings, but fails, which results in the wall of あああああ you're encountering (which is just the placeholder where the text would get copied in) and the pause in-game (that's the part where usually the tutorial kicks in, which of course doesn't work yet). The missing file is located at http://www.nike.com/.../copy_xx_XX.xml You just need to change the xes to your language code and load it into the same folder, where your *.swf is. Afterwards open the file in your browser. Now add the following string at the end of the link ?locale=xx_XX&xmlurl=copy_xx_XX.xml And you're done. Have fun!
  10. I wonder if it gets released parallel to Sonic CD and Generations Pinball DLC on Monday...
  11. Just the Wii has a size limit on downloadable games. I'm really sure that there will be none or a very big size limit on the WiiU, because it was stated, that they extend the Virtual Console series with GameCube content, since they ditched the compatibility for it, but KrazyBean14's statement about the lack of an harddrive confuses me slightly. Well, maybe it has SD card support...
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