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  1. I used to not give a shit about what I wear, but now I do. I used to wear black Linkin Park or MCR shirts when I was a wannabe-emo kid (grr), but now I usually wear my white Richey Edwards shirt or Beatles shirt, whatever. I've recently discovered the wonders of Topman and am looking to order a London Calling and Squid Vicious shirt Jeans wise, I vary between dark skinnies or fairly tight denim ones depending on my t-shirt. I also wear converses and mainly checkered socks
  2. No one should have the right to tell what a woman should or should not do with her body other than her. I am a definite pro-choice. I understand and accept that there should be resctritions (ie, not just because the woman was too lazy/stupid/whatever to use contraception), and the foetus should be under 24 weeks old, but other than that, there should be no other say in the matter
  3. I like to think I listen to a fair number of bands outside the mainstream. Circle Takes the Square, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Fucked Up, Neutral Milk Hotel. Not bands with, like, 100 listeners on Last.fm, but stuff you wouldn't normally hear of
  4. I like to think my taste is varied, from Pantera and Converge to Johnny Cash and Ryan Adams
  5. It's weird. Most of my favourite bands are very popular, but no one I know listens to them. Manic Street Preachers, Radiohead, The Cure, etc
  6. Same, never saved mine Surprised to see Pokemon 4th Gen on there, thought most people weren't too fond of it. I never played enough to comment, pleased to see 2nd Gen EDIT: I could only do a top 10 1. Rayman 2 2. Sonic Adventure 3. Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal 4. Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time 5. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6. Ecco the Dolphin 7. Tales of Symphonia 8. Wario Land II 9. Worms World Party 10. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Really shocked and appalled Ecco didn't make the top 100, considering how the majority of people here owned a Mega Drive and it was one of its most popular games. Shame on you What position did it come in
  7. Eh, makes them an easier target for wedgies so who am I to complain
  8. Surprised to see Unleashed and Brawl this high. Still, good to see SM3, Sonic 16-bit and Phoenix Wright here
  9. I've only played the Sonic CD that was on Gems Collection, so I guess it's the US music. Still really liked it though
  10. TitanFifty

    Doctor Who

    Jack's a good character, he won't be annoying Take it you've watched The Empty Child saga, thoughts?
  11. Wind Waker and Sonic CD, yum
  12. Wow, I never thought Rayman 2 would be up on here. I fucking love you all
  13. TitanFifty

    Doctor Who

    Keep sticking til eventually you watch The Empty Child Trust me, that episode (and its sequal) is one of the finest things I've seen on TV
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