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  1. sorry if this is the wrong topic guys, couldn't find the other Sonic 4 topics, even with the search feature! Anyway, I was messing around on my iPod yesterday and for some reason tried Sonic 4: ep 2, expecting it to crash on startup like usual. However it didn't, it went into the SEGA screen and then the title screen, even onto the level select screen. I don't know if the new updates on iOS are of a similar architecture to the old iOS where S4:ep2 worked before but hey, it appears that Sonic 4 Episode 2 appears to be working on iOS again. As far as I'm aware there hasn't been an update to it?
  2. Happy birthday, dude!

  3. hera happy birthday

  4. Suuuuuuper pissed. Had the special edition preordered from the Nintendo UK store and I've had to cancel it thanks to work underpaying me! The special edition had better stay in stock for a while!! Suuuuuuper pissed. Had the special edition preordered from the Nintendo UK store and I've had to cancel it thanks to work underpaying me! The special edition had better stay in stock for a while!!
  5. I think it's the novice/naievety of her character aswell as the obvious nervousness and uneasiness of being a new gym leader. She shows lost of actual emotion and makes her feel more human? I think that's it, I may be wrong though
  6. You don't have to pay anything. Even of you don't befriend the chao the first time, it will retain any loyalty you achieve when it goes back to the forest
  7. You can also win them in one of the two daily spins, I got one yesterday
  8. I can't remember Melee being that fast!! o.O

  9. Happy Birthday Diogenes! :D

  10. Maybe a mega deoxys would be the same form no matter what base form you had, but had a stat boost depending on the previous type? Either attack/sp attack, defence/sp defence and speed
  11. This Lara-Su is technically a different one, although pretty much exactly the same as the old Archie one as far as I can tell. Its a new series with "absolutely NO ties to the Sonic series at all" (pfft). so Lara-Su's father is technically a different character with almost the same design. Not to mention they are meant to be ALIENS
  12. Befriending Chao looks like it requires shit tons of red rings or money. Either way im pissed, doubt ill be playing till they fix this, its unacceptable.
  13. I did write a long post going through yours bit by bit but my daughter just managed to get rid of it D: So im gonna sum it up because in getting tired and can't be asked to rewrite it. Basically 06 has Knuckles just thrown in without any thought for why he is there. SEGA put him in for the sake of being there and it feels like it, most other people have a reason for being there, even Tails, whereas Knuckles just feels shoehorned in for the sake of it. The worst part of this is that he has a backstory he is meant to have, and SEGA seem to have forgotten about it, this was the evidence towards it being a reboot without the master emerald (like boom). You guys can go and discuss about the relevancy of Knuckles, Firebird put it better than I, but my argument was about the 06 reboot theory.
  14. Well Impa is regardless, she's a sage in both OOT and ALBW I'm just really itching for more gameplay. The Treehouse was a godsend for that (even if I missed the 3rd days section and Nintendo haven't put it on their youtube ) I'm not sure about the wind waker, does it say that it is exclusive to Zelda? Or is it just a weapon that everyone can choose? On that note, the multiple weapons, do you think that they will be swappable for most characters? Or will each character have a choice of different weapons? We haven't seen Zelda use the fire rod for example.
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