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  1. That was a well done animation. It made me want to go back to Sonic Adventure 2 and play it over again. Good work keep it up!
  2. Getting my car fixed today, and now working on a video editing project for school. Hooray for college!....

  3. Even though that first idea sounds nice...... Ehhhhh it is kinda safe to stay in their nice nook of good games. Keep Sonic as Sonic. Maybe I've been reading the comic too much.
  4. I would love to see Mighty return, but if they do that; they might as well make a full fledged comic based storyline (which would be so amazing if done right). Cuz that crap is complicated! I do love it though.
  5. I've gotten used to my Playstation Dualshock controller since PS era, but 360 has the better UI. Simply put, 360 fist had stronger exclusives, now PS3 has powered it's way in. Overall they have their weaknesses and strengths. Personal preference, mine could play PS2 games I loved that, but some people want a a friendlyier interface. Like I said personal preference, and I prefer PS3 just for the sake of Uncharted 1-3, LBP 1&2, Killzone 2 (not 3), and a few others. Too bad I recently got the Yellow light on my 5 year old console.
  6. Car broke down, walked 6 miles, filmed things for my job (didn't go right). I am operating on 53 hours of no sleep, My laptop is slowly dying, my PS3 burst into smoke. Yet I am just peachy.

    1. Blue Blood
    2. mcfly_hse


      Thank you kindly

    3. Chibinuva


      That's terrible, but at least you've maintained a positive attitude. *hugs*

    4. mcfly_hse


      Tornado Really made me laugh by his awesome sig I saw in the Sonic CD post. AAANNND a fresh Prince Reference. Then the amount of hugs in a short time.

    5. gato


      *brofist* You have my respect, I don't think I could act like that if I were in your position.

    6. mcfly_hse


      Right now optimism is my best weapon *Brofist*

  7. Another sleepless night editing. When will I learn?

    1. Ferno


      I stayed up all night watching dudes smash electronics on youtube.

      night sorta well spent...kinda...i guess.

    2. mcfly_hse


      That is a well spent night. I'd rather be doing that, than this video editing nonsense.

  8. Finally back in Austin! When I got in my apt, my roomate put a package in my room containing the Sonic Genesis part four convention exclusive. I'm happy.

  9. Working on my short film. I can't wait to start shooting this thing.

  10. The thing Is about "Shadow the Hedgehog", it was not a good idea in concept. Shadow is a deep character that was put into a mediocre game in which he starred as the protagonist. I enjoyed it for what it was, but it should have been more based story; rather than him wielding a Colt .45, and saying damnit every five minutes. Shadow impacted fans so well in SA2; we wanted more. The idea could have been his creation in Space Colony Ark from his perspective. It should have been about the truth about what happened, why it happened, and what he will do about it. The black comet, and aliens didn't cut it for me. Also they really didn't leave it to lead into a sequel. He put his past behind him, so it would no longer go into depth. It reminds me of the movie "Pitch Black" where Vin Diesel's character Riddick was a great character with depth, but wasn't fully developed. It led you to make assumptions about him as a character. His motives, thoughts, actions, everything was built for a supporting character. Then when "Chronicles of Riddick" was released, it just went so wrong. Shadow is a great, and deep character; however he was designed as a supporting character (or adversary in the beginning). To go any deeper with him when he has had few appearances in a game that was driven by story would be terrible. "Sonic Heroes" focused more on metal sonic in the end instead of fully wrapping up anything. It just let us hanging. Shadow should have been developed more as a rival/supporting character until they make a full fledged game for him again. I would enjoy to see it almost as a final journey through his memories (even from SA2 moments like "Sonic Generations" but with shadow..... "Shadow's Generation"? .... never mind I got side tracked) as if he were forgetting them all, but in a flash via cut-scenes then play them out. Only the end he lets go of everything... Even Maria. The content needs to be deep in order to be more mature.... Not guns and cursing. With shadows story it should be simple with it's goal, but become deep as you play it more. Adding too much makes it a gimmick. Simplicity is the most powerful thing you can do with a story. Letting the audience fill in the gaps only to find out more about the story leading you to more conclusions. Only to end on a note to where you cannot bare it..... Maria's death.... Look at Half life, It started so simple and yet became complicated; not from the plot, but from what is happening around the protagonist. The environment changed around him, from characters, the very world, and himself or you change as a person through experience. With Shadow the complexity should come from him. His fears, his doubts, his goals. Not throwing aliens into the mix saying he is part of Black Doom ("Daddy I love you!" *hugs black doom* "oh no a paradox!" [Explosion].... man i love that animation... anyways). I want to see some complex development from him as a supporting character before they every retry at making a Shadow only game.
  11. Listening to Project24 while speedrunning Sonic CD

  12. Right when I heard the main Jingle; classic Sonic, and modern Sonic side by side. Even better was Chemical Plant zone.... Man that purple water has taken one too many lives from me in sonic 2. Ahh memories.
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