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  1. I'm not sure if anyone knows for certain (someone correct me). It all depends on who owns the stuff Archie made, if IDW would have to license it from them, etc. Anything is possible if they're willing to pay for it.
  2. If IDW deemed it worth the cost, it could be a good thing for everyone around. Maybe they could make some money along with Sega and even the ligneous former writers. They'd have to factor how much they think they could make, though.
  3. If IDW is in talks with any of them regarding continuing to be a part of the Sonic book(s), then they probably know. But even if that's true, we don't know for how long, and it's possible that IDW isn't reaching out to any of the current staff, though that would be unfortunate.
  4. @VEDJ-F That all makes sense. It seems to me that gaming companies understandably care a lot less about anniversaries than their fans do, as evidenced by Metroid's whatevereth anniversary recently, which fans somewhat presumptiously expected Nintendo to celebrate. Companies care about anniversaries if and only if they stand to make money off them which would entail them just so happening to have a big game ready that they can hold for the anniversary and stir up fan hype in the meantime with various celebrations and sales. Sega apparently wasn't ready to release anything and therefore didn't draw out their anniversary celebration any further than they did, as you said, potentially lessening any anniversary hype that the comics could either provide or draw on. To be honest, I don't think that the video game production cycle and its uncertainties lend to anniversary planning very well, and it hits me as strange that fans of any given franchise would expect a tent-pole game every five years on the year. With how long it takes to make games, I feel like that would require at least every second main-series game in most series to be a big anniversary celebration, which seems silly.
  5. It irritates me a bit how people seem to over-worship the Mega Drive books, but with the final story finished and untold, they really do need to be collected and released, probably in graphic novel form, as others have said. I'd also really like to see the rest of the post-reboot graphic novels released, right up until they were cancelled. All those Sonic and Sonic Universe stories are good and are worth being collected. If they can, IDW should start where Archie left off and move forward with the same numbering Archie was using for the graphic novels.They'd get better sales this way as opposed to reprinting stuff that's already been collected. After that, once the Archie-printed books get scarce due tot being out of print, then it would make more sense for them to be reprinted under their own label. Whether they keep the same title or not is less important, so they could change it to distinguish it from the graphic novels for their presumably new series if they want. I still want IDW to continue from where Archie left off as far as characters, stories, and issue numbering for reasons I described in detail in another thread, but we'll see. If they're able to go back further for some reason and reprint not only the reboot stuff but also Sagas and potentially even Archives, then more power to them. On the other hand, maybe a part of this deal is that Archie gets to keep reprinting the stuff they made, but I kind of doubt it. Again, I'm sure we can all file this under a "wait and see" header.
  6. At least five more months it is, then. Whatever shall I do with my spare time?
  7. Yeah. Hopefully people aren't rude like that. Archie might not replace Sonic with anything except maybe doubling down on their own IP. They're also going to be publishing digests for Marvel now, so that's a thing. Not necessarily a replacement for Sonic but maybe a replacement for some of dat cash.
  8. So, anyone want a Bluetooth speaker shaped like an acorn? On the US Amazon store, at least, it's on super-sale for the next 90 minutes. We could all pretend it's official merchandise in commemoration of Sally and the other Freedom Fighters. What's that? No? Well, okay. It sounded like a good idea at the time.
  9. I'm not very hopeful about Forces, but having a timely video game tie-in does make good business sense for both sides, and even the worst story can be spruced up and made much better when adapted by a good writer.
  10. @KingScoopaKoopa So it has. I shall save that delicious meme to me hard drive.
  11. Someone make this plot line now, please.
  12. Even current continuity Tails must have nightmares about this, waking up in a cold sweat from dreams he can't remember, echoing across the multiverse, leaving dark ripples across every timeline and every reality, barely noticeable but always below the surface in mockery of the countless retcons and reboots that attempt to wash it away. "I am the only constant," the voice of Titan Tails echoes silently form the deepest recess of every mind, "Know me and despair."
  13. Thus tying back into what I said about the mandates making sense for helping to avoid things like Super Saiyan tails. Boom. It all circles back around to where we started from.
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