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  1. I don't know why, but I feel like that Tiara should have been a younger character. Her outfit just....doesn't fit at all. But her long somewhat bouncy hair seems like it fits more of a younger, maybe even mary-sue-ish type character. Like how Cream is. Don't forget that it was just prototype and you may never know if they might have changed her look in the finish product. Look at the stages Sonic went through before he became what he is today. Didn't they want him to be a rabbit? Also, it makes me think if Tiara was there, if Amy would have been pushed away then? Even if Amy came way before Tiara did, they could have probably thought there was no point to her if Tiara would have been a more used character. But I guess I'm overthinking it. Nevertheless, she'll always be known as one of those characters that just...didn't make the cut.
  2. It surprises me that a lot of people are liking it. I guess I was expecting a lot more hatred on something like this. But it really makes sense. I mean it is Sonic we are talking about. I'm sure if it was some other character like....Mario, I'm sure people would be really weirded out. I'm a little sad it's not going to be coming over here, but to be honest arcades aren't the same anymore. I think I only know one arcade place and I don't even think they would have the room to put something as huge as that. I think the main issue would be space when it comes to Sonic Athletics but it would be very awesome if they did bring it over here. One day I'll visit Japan again and hopefully get a chance to try it out.
  3. Hating my spacers right now lol

  4. To be honest, I was quite surprised that they were going to keep the fact that Sonic would love Chili Dogs. I was actually surprised in SA2 that it was infact Amy that would end up triggering Shadow to actually help the group. They made her REALLY annoying and I was a bit sad she was not a playable character. But for her to have a role like that was something I wasn't expecting.
  5. When it comes to pet-peeves. I'm a bit disappointed about Shadow. He's a pretty cool character and at the end of SA2 I really started to like the character. In Sonic Heroes, ehh..he was still okay. They made many obvious hints that he could be the 'real' Shadow, etc etc. Then Shadow the Hedgehog comes out. I understand some people may hate me for this, but I just can't believe how bizarre they went with Shadow's Story. Did it really need to be complicated....and weird? Silver has the same problem. Except they screwed him up first start. Seeing the trailer for Sonic 06 for the first time I really thought 'Wow! He looks like he could be a very SERIOUS character'. But....nope. He's a joke. A big joke. Maybe that's why his hair looks like a permanent facepalm but on the forehead. I also feel like there is not enough 'artwork'. Don't get me wrong, I love the CG. Gosh I could go on for hours and hours about how beautiful it looks. But I also really miss the 2D look. What I miss is the random drawings they did of Sonic. Sonic in a car, Sonic with a bowtie and flowers, Sonic running as if he's late to work. It's pointless art but I LOVED it the most. We need more of that.
  6. Chillin' and having some Ramen Noodles.

  7. When it comes to worst designs it would have to be the second outfit they gave Rouge the Bat in Sonic Heroes. I'm sorry, but that outfit just looked so...TACKY. I'm definitely glad they decided to go back to the original outfit. As for the best, I definitely would have to say Blaze the Cat. I never thought they could make a Sonic Character (let alone a female one) look so badass. They gave her a nice oufit with fur cuffs and ankles. She wears high heel shoes and is a fast runner (if that's not a feat in itself, I don't know what is). Her hair being pulled up was a smart thing to do. I believe if her hair was down, she would look too feminine. And just everything about her brings elegance. So there you go. My thoughts. Enjoy!
  8. To be honest, I think that the girl for Sonic would have to be just as free as him. There have been many female characters like Amy, Blaze and Sally but they all have something to keep them from being truly free like Sonic. Sally is a Princess who has to make decisions not for herself, but for her kingdom (at least in the comcis). Blaze is also a princess who has to protect the Sol Emeralds. A position in which she just can't leave. Amy may not be a princess, but her claiming to be 'Sonic's Girlfriend' and trying to chase him kind of made her freedom become somewhat clouded. This female would have to be just as adventurous as Sonic. If not more! Her having the ability of speed like Sonic would seem likely, but I don't beleive it would be 'neccessary'. Perhaps some speed, but not crazy speed. Of course, if she was to have speed like him, it would bring rivalry between each other. Also, no immediately falling in love. Sonic in the video games is a bit more distant than in the comics/cartoons. I literally think it would take loads of adventures and such before they would even acknowledge each other in such a way. Perhaps it would even shock each other when they would realize their feelings. I could go on and on, but ehhh not gonna bother. Whatever SEGA decides to do is their decision.
  9. Getting use to a new place.

    1. Nate


      Welcome! :J

    2. Neon



    3. Celestia



      Don't listen to Neon, this place isn't so badOHGODRUNFORYOURLIFE*cough*

      ...Sorry, uh...yeah...*slowly backs away*

    4. Celestia


      Honestly though, the worst this place does is distract you from stuff you should be doing. :P But then again in a nutshell, that's the whole internet, so~

    5. Jeffhog


      Welcome to the greatest Sonic fan community ever.

  10. I know that Mario and Sonic already have their Olympic games but I really think they should have a Party game together. Mario Party have been successful and Sonic Shuffle wasn't that bad (especially since it was made by the people who did Mario Party). I think it would be really cute. You can have mixture of Sonic and Mario world maps. I am getting quite bored with these Olympic games, they should really try something like this in my opinion. I would totally buy it.
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