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  1. Hershey was based off his son's cat? She kinda always reminded me of Penelope from the Looney Tunes because, you know... Pepe le Pew= Geoffrey St. John... get itttt As for Sega butting in, I can understand why in some cases, but not allowing them to have Shadow fight with Omega? Seems a bit weird, it's not like they don't do that on a regular bases, it's somewhat canon that they're close in the games.
  2. You've got an awesome style, some great works! and J. Axer's one of my favorites too Also, I totally recognize Tahra and (maybe) the Dark Amy- from a loooonngg time ago fanfiction ;D
  3. Thank you for bumping this thread, there was so much joy obtained from reading the comments xD Yeah he's a lil' chubby x3 but it adds too the cuteness, I think his rounder classic look was more baby fat (Aww), and to me it always seems like he was a bit clumsy at running (stubby wittle guy ), that is until you went fast enough to his hover/run animation. They kept a bit of the baby fat, and made him taller- so... the weight distributes a bit I guess? (I see now... the effect this thread has on you, need to quickly finish this comment before I think too hard about the rest of their anatomy) While I was searching pics, I noticed on his generations classic models, that there's blue buckles under his socks... why did they remove that? It was a nice little variation from between him and sonic (their red/white theme) (and since someone brought it up, another reason I like Blaze, is that they state that she's self conscious about her flat chest- it's just a tidbit of personality but I appreciate it xD) Also thanks to the gif above, I had always wondered which color his eyelids were, tan or blue, but after searching for modern sonic (took a while, he does not show off his sexy eyelids enough) his eyelids are blue... (well at least I know for sure now what to color them in future drawings )
  4. Interesting topic o_o I had the imaginary Sonic and Tails that ran beside me while on road trips xD Dodging stuff and the like. For whatever reason, when I got the Sonic classics for PS2, I could not get past the Labyrinth Zone, even though, I clearly remember beating it when I was 7, how in the world did I do that back then, but I couldn't seem to pass it this time??? (I got better hehe) and I also forgot about the barrel of doom. It was another "I KNOW i've past this before, jumping is not workkinggggggg fuuuuu" I love reading fanfiction, and I'm guilty for some not so great fancharacters in the past (still make em now but I'd like to think they're not so mary-suish) I had no idea what "Miles" was when I saw the name in the Casino Night Zone when I was little, eventually I found out it was Tails name and thought it was the weirdest name ever.... then I started hearing it on tv/movies etc. and now I want to name my future child Miles >_> And I only consider it shameful, because I don't want people to associate it with Sonic Fandom, because...I'm kind of ashamed of being Sonic obsessed (kind of as in, I'm getting better, although I'm still embarrassed of getting comics- no one's in the aisle? quick go grab the new SU copy!...I don't own any plushies, only ever had a poster of Sonic 2 that came with the game, I'm too embarrassed to wear T-shirts (It's worse now that the only person who I've seen wearing one is the scooter [not the motorized type] girl at my campus with mix matching rainbow socks, and anime-esque outfit with tiny skirts over capris and wears a tiny top hat on her head, different kinds of them...) The most I'd ever get, and I'm still looking for it, is a tiny cute classic Sonic phone charm or keychain, I thought I'd find one at a Sega arcade when I was in Okinawa, somewhere hidden in those claw games, but nope *sadface*
  5. It is a bit hard to see from that image, and for a while I was a kinda scared that those were new characters running alongside Silver. Although I wouldn't be upset over it, I prefer that they use old characters, which are recognizable to some, and allow some character development for them that would benefit rather than cram up the series. As for Silver, I do like him in the comics, but I wasn't expecting to see him again, although the talk about making the "secret freedom fighters" had me excited to see what Ian was planning. (I actually forgot about SU for a moment, would make sense that they'd use an arc to really flesh it out.) It would be cool for Jules to be there =D and I can think of a number of reasons why he'd want to join in, but the robot doesn't look much like him, so I'll just wait when it comes out xD
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  7. This sums up a good amount of how I feel about SonAmy, and made me realize I should start changing to Japanese dubs... I think the real reason I like Amy so much, is cuz she's been a part of the games for so long. I can't help but stick to what I feel was originally intended (not that I'm saying it is! Just how I feel about the Sonamy pair) And similarly, because of how long Sally has been a part of the comics, before Amy, and there are real evidence of them having a relationship, I can only really see Archie Sonic with Sally. But yes, I agree that Amy might need a bit more development in her character, but I feel like her personality seems to fit well with Sonic. They're not the same, but not complete opposites. And, I don't know how different Unleashed Wii was to xbox360, but after you met up with amy, you could talk to her when you went to the professor's place, and she'd mention that no matter what happened to him, she'd be there for him, and support him as much as she could (staying with the professor to figure things out- I felt like she was a bit mellowed down in unleashed xD)
  8. Ah god what am I doing awake All the characters seem special to me, I'm one of those people who get all worked up over tiny details hehe. (I'll admit, the only one who doesn't get my love is Big...sigh...it's just..i can't...) Sonic 2 being one of my first games, first time seeing a different character and he was a FOX none the less (favorite animal) I instantly fell in love with him. (I'll just talk about his classic version for now) He's this cute little guy who gets this determined look on his face when he's speeding up. He doggy paddles! and when they added the ability to carry/fly in sonic 3 i thought that was the coolest thing to happen to video games. And he flies a plane. This is one thing I flipped out on while playing that game...I might have ran through the fire on the ground a couple more times too xP (and I do like that they mentioned her fear of heights again right before that level too. Fears/weaknesses are interesting~) Just realized the clocks have gone back, I'll add more when it's not so late...
  9. *Shuffles in* Alright then, I would looooveee to see another Sonic show. Sonic X had it's moments yeah, but there were some awesome ones too. Actually, I'd love to see a 3D Animated movie, Sega has proven more than once they can make some sick looking CGI, god...I'll admit some games I want just because the cutscenes are gorgeous. And if there was a movie- I'd prefer a plot based around the games (with humans maybe- and styled the way they were in Unleashed- they seem to fit so much better with that style!) and I'd love an Archie comic movie, but there's so much to it that it would be best made into a tv show -which yeah^, if there was a show, I think Archie sonic would be nice choice. They got a lot of good material, especially since they the new writer, and it would be fun and action packed or maybe I just want to show off the more BA moments of the comics to non-readers hehe
  10. I'm surprised they didn't delete my inactive account... I'd be too lazy to make a new one when I randomly decided to come back :D

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      To others I am a complete lunatic.

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  11. I wouldn't want anymore Super Forms, it kind of takes the uniquenss away~ I can understand Shadow, he was created, so it makes sense that he could control something like the chaos emeralds, and Blaze, who used the power of her own Sol Emeralds, but however much I love Silver, I hate the fact that they practically threw him in at the end with a super form! Seriously? Sure he time travels and is telekinetic but it still lacks some sense to it. Knuckles and Tails had super forms right? Turbo Tails and Hyper Knuckles (correct me if I've gotten them mixed up with the comics). Again, Knuckles makes sense with his whole "connection" to the emeralds (so yes, a super Knux would be awsome) I like the super forms just not used for every character x[ I don't have a problem with the storybook series' "super forms" , It's just Sonic and imo, the same super form just represented in a different way that would fit the storybook~
  12. The Super-Peel-out~ I really like SU's though because his animation made him look FAST -at the same time, SA2 made me feel like I actually had good control over him, and it was a natural moving animation. I love Blaze's running animation in Rush, and the old Sonic 1,2,3 ect. will always have my favorite for Tails Also, EGGMAN IN THE CHAO GARDEN. A few laps around the Chao lobby to an awsome techno beat is a must before you go to any of the gardens (and if you haven't, you're missing out)
  13. haha, this was a real smack in the face once you figured it out! ( more like a punch in the stomach...or even a kick to the groin) The sad thing is, I remember getting to launch base zone, the final boss and everything when I was younger, but after I bought the Sonic MegaCollection maybe like 2 years back, it took me FOREVER to get past that darned barrel (yeah, I just jumped alot...alot...)
  14. Even if my first game was Sonic 1, I really don't mind the lack of references in the newer games. Honestly, it doesn't feel like there is a lack. Sometimes you've just got to look carefully, and when you do finally notice those little references, it makes you smile with pride that you actually recognized them. I'd rather Sega work on making a good game than finding places that a classic game reference could be made.
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