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  1. Sonic and the Secret Knight Riders

    1. Jeffhog



    2. Ruby Havoc
    3. SweeCrue
  2. Sonic and Sega All-Stars Striping

    1. Celestia


      inb4 mention of Eggman, Rouge, or Bayonetta


    2. gato


      >Sonic stripping.


    3. Celestia


      He takes off his gloves and shoes, silly!

    4. Celestia
    5. gato



      That works...


      My head is full of thoughts that I would rather not share...


  3. So...when I post about E3 everyone ignores it. But when someone else posts it everyone acknowledges it! >_<
  4. Don't know if someone already posted about this or not, but apparently ESA supports SOPA/PIPA. Several gaming journalists have put together a video asking people to contact their fiavorite gaming publishers and/or developers to stop attending and convering E3 (which is run by ESA) until they stop supporting SOPA/PIPA. Here's the vid: http://www.screwattack.com/StandTogether Well...what are you all waiting for? Get to emailin'! D:<
  5. *facepalm* I thought that the purpose of this topic was to find animation errors and/or bad animation. Edited and intentional goofy scenes don't count. I don't get it. What's wrong with this one? :/
  6. Cause I like Sally~ I tried to copy the Sonic X coloring style. Still needs work.
  7. Amy: What ever happened to her becoming "more independent" towards the end of Sonic Adventure? I would LOVE to see what Amy should've been (which is the independent, strong, capable female type) and not what she has become today (the obsessive, dependent, fangirl). Tails: Like everyone has mentioned, I would like to get more play time with Tails. He's more than just a genius boy who builds machines. We need more of Tails taking action and getting things done like in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Plus, SEGA needs to keep that "bro" dialogue that he had with Sonic in Colors. Knuckles: I hate the fact that he's just drifting in the background. He's an echidna who's soul purpose is to guard the Master Emerald. Why is that? How did this come to be? Does Knuckles really want to do this? You've got a character with great potential, SEGA....USE HIM! D:< Sonic: Only thing I have to say is that as long as SEGA keeps this new personality change...then I'll be happy. I didin't like the fact that Sonic has become laid back. He's more of a fun, on-the-go type of guy.
  8. You know what....season 3 really should've been Sonic Battle, IMO.
  9. This was my take on Sonic X: Season 1 - Comedy I really enjoyed season 1 mainly for it comedy and occasional fighting scenes. Granted, Chris was more of a nuisance than anything, but it made me laugh. Season 1 also had most of the well animated episodes, which I appreciate more than anything. It really just took a more light hearted side to Sonic and really wish there was more of this in the later seasons. Season 2 - SA and SA2B era Hmmm...now I have mixed feelings about this season. While I liked how they tried to incorporate the Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle storyline into the series, I just didn't like the execution. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about it didn't feel right to me. Still, it was somewhat entertaining to me...somewhat. Season 3 - Awkward It didn't have the same spark as the other seasons had before. While I like Cosmo (not gonna lie) and the romance/drama between her and Tails, everything else was completely out of place. I never fully grasped the overall goal of the Metarex. There were a lot of inconsistencies as far as character development. And the fact that they brought Chris back but kept him in his boy form just irked me. It just wasn't something I would see in a Sonic storyline. Or maybe...you would see it, you may not find it necessary.
  10. My first experience with Sonic was on the Genesis. I played Sonic 2 and went on from there. I've never played CD or R, but I've played Fighters in Discovery Zone's arcade section...when it still existed. (I feel old saying that)
  11. It's always been that way, if not for a very long time.
  12. Yes. I even posted an article on my Facebook page. Same thing, "They can't censor the internet".
  13. I wish my friends would take this seriously. They all go, "Pffft, they can't censor the internet". They can and they will if something isn't done.
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