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  1. silvereye27

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Where do these images come from? I've seen several others done in the same style, like one with Blaze sitting on a park bench during Autumn. They are gorgeous. I've no answer to your question I'm afraid, but I'd love to know to know more too.
  2. silvereye27

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I guess it is a shame that Sega is determined to bury parts of the past that failed, when a lot of it could work under a new writer.
  3. silvereye27

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'll need to get back on reading the Archie Sonic stuff, that sounds really interesting.
  4. silvereye27

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Is that something that happens in the Archie run? I havn't gotten past something like #220, I know Black Doom is mentioned beforehand. Well, not exactly, I actually was meaning it in just examples of characters we know that Sega has deemed off limits. I'd forgotten both are basically dead, and that the IDW continuity is following the games. What I was meaning was that we know that during the Archie run, there is a letter out there which has a long list of characters and things that Sega has deemed out of bounds, with stuff like characters like Black Doom, Mephilis, the Sonic Underground siblings, and others not allowed to appear, as well as stuff like canon characters dating and Sonic not being allowed to do various things. My worry is that after Forces mediocre reception, it will be decided that Infinite will join that list, and will not be allowed to pop back up again in the future. I suppose a far better example of this would be Eggman Nega, who I think is also on the list, at least according to this thread I think god knows how many posts ago.
  5. silvereye27

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I sortof guessed that would be the case, Forces is the last mainstream game. Considering it's mediocre reception, it wouldn't surprise me if Infinite is shoved under the rug along with Mephilis and Black Doom, which is a shame since I think in a better written game or comic, I think Infinite could work.
  6. silvereye27

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    How about Infinite? Highly unlikely, but I'd love to see Ian Flynn's take on him, because either he would find a way to make him an actual credible threat and menace... or would lean into the jokes about everyone taking the utter piss out of him and make him an amusing joke. Either way would be interesting.
  7. silvereye27

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'd put the Silver and Blaze being paired up together down to it simply being that they have no other real affiliations. Outside of Sonic himself, Blaze only has Cream, and she's currently being stored deep down in the Sega vault at the moment, and Silver has noone, maybe aside from him teaming up with Espio in Sonic Rivals 2? (I havn't played either Sonic Rivals game.) Yes, '06 is non-canon, has a bad plot, and personally I think Blaze acts a bit weird in the story, with her being bizarrely passive about saving the future and just letting Silver be the hero, not to mention the weird older sister thing/mentor student relationship she has with Silver? Really Blaze should of just been an original character in '06, and then that would of meant that character could of maybe returned in future games, and gave Silver an actual friend and supporting character. I just put stuff like them being shoved together in TSR down to the fact that there isn't anyone else to pair them up with. Frankly, if the next Sonic game does feature the extended cast again like Forces, and there is room in the plot for it, I'd like Silver and Blaze to have their friendship put in stone, even if it is in just a very small way. I think characters having close bonds to other characters is a good way of giving them more depth, and I think both Silver and Blaze could use that. I can't say I'm a shipper of anyone, but I must admit I think Blaze and Silver makes sense, with posts above giving good reasons as to how they are similar. Certainly, I think it's funny that '06 has the infamous romance of Sonic being with the most boring woman on planet Earth, but goes out of its way to establish that Silver and Blaze are GOOD FRIENDS, even though 2 friends who are implied to have been with each other for sometime, going through an ordeal in a world where barely anyone else is alive forging a strong bond would probably make a more sensible romance.
  8. silvereye27

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    D'aaw, that is pretty adorable.
  9. silvereye27

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    As per usual, I am very late to the party as my issues of #12 and the TSR special only arrived today. Yeah, I've gotta agree with the consensus on the Team Sonic Racing one shot, pretty mediocre. Good artwork, and I do like the fact that another writer aside from Ian Flynn is having a stab at it. Yes, some of the dialogue is stilted, and the plot is basically non-existent, but frankly, assuming that Sega told IDW they wern't allowed to just adapt the actual TSR story in fear of spoiling it, and the fact it is a racing game, I'm hesitant to really put any blame on the creators of it. I'd happily like the people who worked on this and who aren't already regulars for the main book to have another shot at Sonic in the future, hopefully on something not a tie-in. I think Omega and Rouge get the best lines, Eggman is as enjoyable as ever, Sonic and Shadow getting overly competitive with each other is funny. The only eyebrow raising bit was how dour Silver was, did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed that day? But yeah, not the greatest, especially for a slightly longer and slightly more expensive book. Maybe it would of been better if it had 2 stories, maybe involving 2 races? Like the first involve Team Sonic, Team Shadow and Eggman, and the second story being a more goofy look at Team Rose and Team Vector? Just a thought. Easily the low point of the IDW run, but again, it is a tie-in, and frankly whenever Archie did tie-ins, 90% of them either sucked or were just there. I think the very ambitious Adventure adaptation was the only time it ever raised the bar on that sortof thing. (Speaking of Archie tie-ins, here is how in the Triple Trouble Special they showed the levels for that game. I don't think TSR is the most blatant at advertising the features of the game in issue.) Issue #12 though continues the high standard for the main book for me. I like it when we have quietier issues, and I don't have any problem with an issue basically being an epilogue for season 1 and a prologue for season 2. Hell, unless I'm mistaken, this is the first IDW issue which doesn't have any real action scenes, just lots of talking with Sonic talking to all his friends and what they are going to do after this whole battle, to Eggman talking to his new minions about his future evil plans. There may not be a huge amount to talk about this issue, but I think it is important to just have breathing room. Not to mention Ian Flynn just excels in my opinion at the character interactions, one of the reasons why I'm looking forward to the annual's multiple stories. I feel pretty excited for season 2. Season 1 had so much setup, but from what we know of the next 4 issues, it seems like it is just going to be focusing on the characters we have already, hopefully leading to more interesting interactions and great action utilising our colourful heroes, especially with Eggman now back. Really my only issue with IDW Sonic is how much of a slow burn it has been, but I'm hoping season 2 will rememdy that complaint since it seems like there are no more chess pieces to introduce, so now it is just seeing those chess pieces used in an exciting game. I look forward to the future. Speaking of the future, I am very happy about the 2019 Annual. It sounds like alot of fun, and I really hope this becomes a permanent feature. I find the Tangle and Whisper mini-series interesting too. I didn't see it coming, but honestly, the more I think about it, the more sense it makes to me. Yes, it is an exagerration to claim that these 2 are fan favourites, but what they are is interesting by virtue of being new. As it stands right now, we only have a racing game on the horizon, and the only new character to come out of that is the race organiser, who I'd bet money on will probably never turn up again outside of a TSR sequel. And we now have a comic far more tightly connected to the games than Archie's run, even after reboot still featured a ton of original comic characters and the Freedom Fighters, whereas in IDW Tangle and Whisper are the minority new heroes mixed in with a majority of main stay heroes. I see it as striking while the iron is hot, taking a brand new feature which has been positively received and giving it a focus, probably using a mini series as a way to guage how much interest there is in 2 new characters, and perhaps if it is feasible for a second Sonic book to be running. It reminds of early Archie, where we got a Sally, a Tails, a Knuckles miniseries, and in fact Knuckles got a second miniseries, with that mini series turning into his main book where they just kept the numbering onwards. I doubt that will happen here, but who knows. Arguably at the height of Archie Sonic's output in the 90s, we had Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna and a Sonic Super Special issue every quarter. The only other time that output was matched was the brief period when Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe and Sonic Boom were all running. I can't help but wonder if maybe in 2 or 3 years, we could hit a time where we have 2 Sonic books, an Annual and a tie-in book for whatever game Sega is making at the time. I am very curious to see this mini series, not just to see how financially well it hits, but also because I do enjoy these 2 characters so far, and would love to see them get some of their own screentime. I feel optimistic about the future for the IDW run. The only way it would be even better for me would be if my own favourites Tails and Blaze got some plots to themselves. 🤞
  10. This isn't in response to any single person in particular, but I do have the opinion that a fair number of fans seem disappointed with Sonic Boom not for its quality, but because it wasn't trying to be what some fans hoped from the latest Sonic TV show. I get the feeling that alot of fans - myself included - want a TV show which is essentially Sonic X but done right, serialised stories, the game cast front and center, maybe some game plot adaptations, relatively serious but with good humour etc, sortof like the TV show version of the current IDW run. Compared to Boom which was first and foremost a comedy show over everything else, and was set in its own universe, and aside from the mainstays had an entirely original setting and cast of supporting characters. I dunno, I mean not to say Boom is perfect by any means and that you can't make valid criticisms of it. I guess I just find it a little sad that it feels like some fans never gave it a chance because it didn't meet their expectations of what they wanted.
  11. silvereye27

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    To be honest, I would of wanted Infinite in the game just for the utter silliness of him being a race car driver immedietly after his appearance as the edgelord villian in Forces. I love the suggestion someone put on here that his line would be: "I'M NOT SLOW!"
  12. I love the fact as well that storyline happens during the landmark 150th issue, and the B story of the issue has Tails fighting Mammoth Mogul, who has managed to destroy every universe in the multiverse and has to stop him from eradicating existence. I love the fact the storyline about all of reality about to be destroyed is second banana to the storyline of Evil Sonic trying to get laid, and the pretty funny implication that he may of slept with Bunnie.
  13. The only other example I can think of is Fallout 76 advertising the fact that there were no human NPCs in the game.
  14. silvereye27

    How would you fix Sonic's lore, gameplay, narrative, and characters?

    I think I would do a soft reboot. To me, a hard reboot isn't neccesary because I don't think you need to know the origins of Sonic characters. I don't think you need to play Sonic Rush to enjoy Blaze and know her deal, I don't think you need to play Shadow's loose arc through SA2, Heroes and STH to understand what he is about. The Sonic games often revert to a status quo of Sonic and Eggman being at odds, and Sonic having allies with him and one off guest characters. The world tends to be interesting by being visually exciting, rather than being complicated through mythos like in the Marvel or DC universes. I think the IDW comics prove that you can introduce the Sonic cast without it being their origin stories. I feel like an example of this is Doctor Who. Doctor Who has lasted over 55 years with one continuity, but I think the reason it is able to do that is because there is a status quo. Earth has seen countless alien invasions but it always reverts to our modern day. The Daleks, the Cybermen and the Master always return, updated and going through modern plots. The Doctor themself is updated for the times, arguably the reason the Doctor is now a woman is simply because it is the current year. Doctor Who did a good soft reboot when the show came back in 2005 by using the Time War plot to get rid off the Daleks and the Time Lords so that they could be brought back in later, and give a fresh clean slate for the show. I can't help but feel like Sonic needs a Time War. Some kind of event to occur, which causes a time gap, and would give the opportunity to reintroduce characters into the series. I've actually been thinking about writing my own fan fic, because I get bored alot at work and think about stuff like this to myself. My basic idea would be something like this:
  15. I guess so. I just feel like with individual racers sold seperately, it leads to more nickel and diming in my honest opinion. They don't have to do packs of 3, but I'd vastly prefer it over packs of 1.

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