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  1. silvereye27

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well sure, but then the Sonic games tend to all be isolated from each other. There isn't a whole lot in terms of continuity, as much as a character is introduced in a game, and in every game henceforth they are just part of the furniture. A self contained comic book doesn't have that excuse. It doesn't bother me that much, I just think it is a bit of a missed opportunity.
  2. silvereye27

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sorry to be so behind on everyone, my copy of issue #9 just arrived. I really liked this, if purely because it is so cool just to have characters interact with each other which after 8 issues of buildup feels even more satisfying. Got to love how the "role call" takes up an entire page of reintroducing everyone who is in this issue. Amy gets to be the boss, Knuckles gets to brood over Angel Island being taken from him, Blaze gets alot of focus which sees her being serious but also reflecting on her friendship, Tangle gets to be goofy, Silver gets to be even more dorky and gullible and sweet, Whisper gets a hint of foreshadowing and Tails gets to be capable and smart in a desperate situation rather than be weak and cowardly. Honestly, if the IDW Sonic comics ever do "filler" issues inbetween major story arcs, I'd love the Sonic equivelent of just having the entire cast locked in a lift for an issue and just talk, bicker and banter with each other. Granted, not much plotwise happens, with it really just being setup for the inevitable big battle that will presumably dominate over the next 3 issues. Certainly, it seems like we are in for some good moments with Sonic and Knuckles getting to team up against Neo Metal Sonic, Burning Blaze getting to **** up an entire fleet, and everyone else getting into a big slobberknocker. Hopefully everyone involved gets to do something, although I can't help but think that it will be inevitable that someone at least doesn't get anything besides a single moment. Wouldn't surprise me if the Chaotix or maybe Rouge don't get much to do, but hey, I'd love to be proven wrong. My only real disappointment is that I wish we got to see Tangle and Whisper meet the other characters for the first time, rather than the implication that the intial greetings happened off screen, with Tangle seemingly already knowing about Silver's whole schtick. I dunno, I really loved issue #4 for Tangle being wowed by Sonic and Blaze, so I must admit I would of loved for her to perhaps talk to the other characters, like her being star struck over meeting Shadow with him being annoyed by her, or getting to meet the Chaotix, stuff like that. (Maybe just me, but I can't help but find the idea of Tangle being a Shadow fangirl humourous.) Also issue #10-#12 has to has to have her talk to Tails about them both using their tails for their fighting style surely? Still, I really look forward to issues #10-#12 and hope we get to see lots of Avengers style teams up during the fighting. Will also be cool to get that Team Sonic Racing comic on the 31st, unless it does get delayed as it has been pointed out. Wonder if they'll try to fit it in with the IDW continuity, maybe like inbetween #12 and #13, or if they'll do what they did with alot of the Archie Sonic game tie-ins after #170ish and just not bother. Still, will be nice to have 2 comics in 1 month atleast, and hey, maybe TSR will give us some even cooler team interactions. I just wanna see how Team Vector is formed.
  3. What surprised me was when I looked at the Wikipedia article, apparently the series ran in one run during 1993, but the Christmas special aired 3 years later, and features Sally and other stuff from Satam in it. If you include that Christmas special, that means Adventures has had the longest run of any Sonic show over time, from September 6th 1993 to November 24th 1996. Boom has ran for just days over 3 years, from November 8th 2014 to November 18th 2017. The Christmas special fascinates me further because apparently it was to tie-in to Sonic X-treme, but when that game was cancelled, it was then changed for Sonic 3D Blast. The Wikipedia article has this blurb on it: "Robotnik disguises himself as Santa Claus in order to force him into retirement and con the children out of presents during Christmas. During a visit to Robotropolis, Sonic and Tails rescue the real Santa Claus, who presents Sonic with a speed run test due to a ring Sally Acorn gave him as a gift serving as a key. Oddly, this special includes aspects of the Saturday morning Sonic TV show, such as Robotropolis and SWATbots (neither of which appear as they did in that series) and Sally Acorn (who appears in her regular design but with her pilot episode color palette). Said series had aired concurrently with the original run of "Adventures", but in a different time slot, and had stopped producing new episodes by the time "Christmas Blast" premiered. Despite this, the special maintains the humorous tone of "Adventures" rather than the darker one of the Saturday morning series. Trivia: The letters page of issue #41 of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book promotes the special as "An X-Tremely Sonic Christmas" as this episode was originally going to be a tie in for Sonic X-treme on Sega Saturn. However, the game was cancelled, and the title was changed to tie in with Sonic 3D Blast instead." Just a bit fascinating I suppose, especially since rather like the Archie comic in its early days, it seems to sound almost like a Christmas special for both Adventures and Satam, 3 years after Adventures ended and 2 years after Satam ended.
  4. But each episode is only eleven minutes long, compared to all the other Sonic shows that had twenty two minute episodes. If you paired every episode up, you'd have 52 twenty two minute long episodes. In comparison, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog got 65 episodes, as well as a Christmas special and unaired pilot, and Sonic X had 78 episodes.
  5. I always thought the problem with Sonic X was that Chris Thorndyke was given a mountain of importance at the expense of everyone else?
  6. FYI, it is spelled "canon", not "cannon". You shoot things with a cannon. 1) Sonic 2) Tails 3) Sally (Archie comics and SATAM) 4) Chris Thorndyke (Sonic X) 5) Knuckles 6) Amy 7) Sticks (Sonic Boom) 😎 Shadow 9) Team Dark 10) Team Chaotix
  7. My baseless guess: animated tie-in for Sonic Mania 2, with Amy being a new playable character. Sega's fixation of "Modern" and "Classic" universes makes me certain that at the very minimum, there must be some kind of Mania followup in the works, hopefully one being led by Mania's original team. I think Amy was left out of Plus because they want her presence to be in a bigger sequel, not in a DLC pack. Another series, perhaps several episodes longer, with it all serving as a prelude to Mania 2's plot. Just my speculation and guess work.
  8. silvereye27

    Sonic Mania Adventures (The Complete Series)

    Interesting that she tags Sonic, Tails, Knuckles AND Amy. Not sure if that is worth reading something into. Who knows, at the risk of sounding extremely optimistic but could tie to Mania 2 or whatever the Mania sequel will be called. It's already been a year since the release of the original Mania and Mania was announced 14 months before release (thanks in part due to a delay but still), so who knows. If Sonic Mania Plus warrants a mini series, I'd think the sequel warrants it far more. But whatever, meaningless speculation on an inconsequential Instagram post.
  9. silvereye27

    Sonic Games With Themed Zones

    I actually didn't mean to in terms of theme, so much as I meant as iconic locations in the Sonic universe. You are right, I mean Angel Island is a bit silly with it either being the size of a continent to support so many biomes, or it has more clustered biomes than a Minecraft map condensed onto a single island. I think if the next big Sonic game basically said "it takes place in location X, which is unique because of reason Y, and as such all zones will be tied together under theme Z", it would help the game stand out, rather than it just being vaguely across the planet.
  10. silvereye27

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Still 2 months to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and they literally just announced Isabelle as a new fighter for the game just over an hour ago. I doubt she would be the final reveal for that game, and entirely possible there will be at least one more SSBU Direct before release. I wouldn't give up yet, especially with the focus on Echo fighters.
  11. silvereye27

    Sonic Games With Themed Zones

    For the most part, Sonic games tend to go for alot of standard tropes when choosing the themes of each Zone. Opening level set on a sunny hillside, final level set in some kind of base owned by Dr Eggman, which may or may not be in space. Lava level, ice level, jungle level, desert level, water level, city level etc. Not that can be a neccesarily a bad thing mind, just because a zone goes for a standard trope doesn't mean it can't stand out in terms of aesthetic, gimmicks, music or just great level design in general. However, what I'm interested in is games that don't tend to just go for a variety of zones, but actually have a theme that ties all the zones together. To me, the most obvious would be the two Sonic storybook games, Secret Rings and The Black Knight, since they take direct inspiration from a 1001 Nights and Medieval lore respectively. But you have other examples, Sonic Rush Adventure builds its entire game around a plot surrounding pirates, and with a sailing minigame inbetween levels, the zones tend to feature lots of things like coral reefs, pirate ships and even a sortof steampunkish level. Sonic Unleashed was interesting in while having a variety of zones, really took a spin on established traits like a desert level, a city level and an ice level being very obviously inspired by real world locations. The Japanese title was Sonic World Adventure, and I think it gives the game a great theme, with the plot centered on travelling a cartoonified Earth, encountering different people in different locations. It gives each zone its own flavour, differentiating it from past and future zones. Colours would have its entire plot focused on Eggman's outer space amusement park, and really I think one of the few Sonic games where the setting of the game actually matters, since the setting in space feeds into the design of every zone. Considering how much of a "meh" reaction Forces received, I wonder if a good direction for the next major Sonic game might be to try and have the game limited to just one location. Like a new Angel Island or Little Planet or Planet Wisp etc, a theme of some kind that every zone builds off of, and helps give the game a unique identity. Also curious to see if any other games have their own themes, I'm sure I missed out on a few. I think it is an angle worth exploring, since I do feel that alot of Sonic games are quite happy to just go the normal route of having a variety of zones with little in common with each other.
  12. silvereye27

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    I can't speak for others, but I would presume so that the Freedom Fighters don't become dead characters.
  13. silvereye27

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    A bit of a weird question that I have no idea if it has an answer, but something I wanted to ask anyway. In Sonic Rush, Blaze is introduced as basically being the hero of her alternate dimension and fighting her version of Dr Eggman, in a way making her like a counterpart to Sonic, but also having a noticably opposite personality. Blaze's high heels noticably look like the female version of Sonic's sneakers. Was that done on purpose to show that Blaze is Sonic's dimensional counterpart, or is it just a design similarity, or just a complete coincidence?
  14. silvereye27

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    #201: The beginning of the Iron Dominion saga. With Eggman believed to be defeat, New Mobotropolis is holding a celebration concert with Mina and her band giving a live performance. Sonic is visibly distressed over Eggman's breakdown, with Sally helping to console him. Suddenly though, Monkey Khan attacks the concert, ranting and raving about the celebration, as he reveals that the Iron Queen has taken over the Eggman Empire. We see Snively and the Iron Queen talk as lovers, despite the Iron Queen having a king that she plans to usurp. We also see Dmitri hoping to have his people have more leniency put apon them for him helping Snively, but is betrayed when Snively refuses to change the Dark Egg Legion's situation. Sonic and Monkey Khan run off to confront the Iron Queen, with MK telling Sonic how hopeless the situation maybe. The B story has Espio being told from a clan member who belonged with the Destrutix that with 4 houses combined to now follow the Iron Queen, Espio being from one of those houses, is ordered to abandon the Freedom Fighters and join the Iron Queen, being ordered to intercept Sonic and MK. It's an OK issue. Considering how the Iron Dominion storyline will last for 16 issues through Sonic the Hedgehog #201-#212 and Sonic Universe #13-#16, it makes sense that we have an issue which is more about setting up the events for the coming year with MK's arrival, the fact that MK is bitter because he has lost everyone in the war, the setup of MK and Sally's romance as MK finds out Sonic and Sally aren't together anymore, the Iron Queen's rule with Snively, Dmitri plotting against the Iron Dominion when he finds out they are just as bad as Eggman, and Espio's past coming to haunt him with his duty putting him against the Freedom Fighters. Certainly, things will begin to get more interesting as the we get more into the storyline. #202: With #201 being the setup issue, I'd say #202's role is to basically establish that the Iron Dominion is a credible threat, and that they aren't just going to be the bad guys for a couple of issues. Nothing much happens in #202, really most of the issue is dedicated to MK and Sonic fighting the Iron Dominion, with their bat clan, the Iron King, the Dark Egg Legion and finally Espio betraying Sonic, showing off how powerful they are, as Sonic and MK are battered and are forced to retreat. They tell the council of how strong the Iron Dominion is, with Knuckles in shock over Espio's betrayal, and MK revealing himself to be a king. The B story begins to show us the Iron Queen's backstory, about how she used to be with the Overlanders before the Great War, how she is basically a mage but with technology rather than magic, and after being exiled, she became evil so she could rule the world in spite. I'll say it right now, I don't mind the Iron Queen but I don't find her very interesting. I do think she is a credible threat and I do like her power set of being able to control electronics, but as a character, I don't find her terribly compelling. Honestly I think the best thing about her is the fact that she gives Snively depth really. #203-#204: With Sonic and MK's defeat, we find MK is in a bad state. He clearly blames himself for all that has happened to him and the people he knows, not helped by the fact that some orphans think he is mean for destroying Mina's concert and attacking Sonic. Things get worse however as the Iron Queen decides to attack New Mobotropolis head on, with her using her tech powers to control Bunnie's cybernetics, causing her to attack the Freedom Fighters. They try to contain her, but it is no use, with Bunnie being worn out due to her only being part cybernetic. A guilty MK tries to fight the Iron Queen to free Bunnie, but instead the Iron Queen gets the crown off of MK which protected him from her influence. MK now goes on the rampage, this time not getting tired as his cybernetics are fully built in. The Freedom Fighters stall him while Sonic goes to the lake for a magic ring, as that is what they used to get MK under control the last time he went beserk, way back in #60. Sonic succeeds, with MK breaking down fully as Sonic realises why MK doesn't have any friends left: he went beserk before, wiped them all out and the Iron Queen gave him his free will back just to mock him. Antoine himself goes mental at MK for Bunnie's predicament, but things cool down when the orphans realise that MK is a good guy, and that they lost their parents due to Eggman, they have to have hope, and that MK must have hope too. The B story of #203-#204 has Espio turn up on Angel Island, apparently on orders to take the Master Emerald. He and Knuckles fight it out, with Espio hanging Knuckles off the ledge of the island. Knuckles makes it clear that he will do whatever it takes to protect the Master Emerald, even if it means taking Espio out, and likewise, Espio would have to kill Knuckles if he wants the Master Emerald. Espio pulls Knuckles back from the brink, stating that information apparently contradicts his orders, presumably in some kind of loop hole. Espio gives some information that will become relevant in the Journey to the East story in Sonic Universe, basically that there are 4 clans, Espio belongs to the ninja clan, all 4 clans are ruled over by the Iron Queen, and that to stop her, they would need to break the clans out of her control. Espio flees, giving little else away, with Knuckles sad to see his friend go. Pretty good 2 parter. Again, definetly more to show what a threat the Iron Queen herself is, and also gives MK alot of fleshing out with his dark backstory. To tell the truth, I never really liked MK in his original appearances from around #55-#90 I believe. He just seemed like another Sonic, in terms of personality, but far more annoying and even more arrogant. I like the MK we get in the Iron Dominion saga, and I think this fleshing out we receive in #204 really helps his character be unique and stand out. The B story is fine, showcasing Espio and how much his betrayal is having on the rest of the Chaotix with Knuckles in this story, and helping lead up to the Universe story that will tie-in to the Iron Dominion saga.
  15. silvereye27

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    To sortof recontextualise this discussion, I do think it is worth pointing out though that in the IDW run thus far, every issue has been very much focused on Sonic, with issues #1-#4 and #8 basically being: Tails AND Sonic fight Badniks, Amy AND Sonic fight Badniks, Knuckles AND Sonic fight a pair of idiots, Blaze, Tangle AND Sonic fight Badniks, Silver, Whisper AND Sonic fight Badniks. Sure, we get a little bit of other characters interacting with each other besides Sonic, like the Chaotix and Rouge having a neat interaction, Tangle being impressed by Blaze, Silver is a massive fanboy for Whisper. Again, it does seem like the upcoming 4 parter's plot will basically have basically the core Sonic game cast and Whisper and Tangle in one big battle, which could potentially lead into some actual sub plots, meaning that characters will be forced to fight Badniks with other people who are not Sonic. I am curious to see what interactions we get, especially with 2 newcomers. I actually think it is interesting that Blaze and Silver get to interact with the 2 newbies, because honestly out of the core Sonic game cast, I think Blaze and Silver are probably the characters who could really use some more relationships with other Sonic characters. Sure, Blaze has Cream and Marine I guess, but they are both tertiary, while Silver essentially has noone really. (I havn't played the Rivals games, I understand Silver teams up with Espio in the second game but that seemingly has never been acknowledged afterwards, at least as far as I know.) I honestly think it would work out for Blaze and Silver if Tangle and Whisper became best friends with each of them honestly. Still, some potential team ups are possible. Tangle is such an energetic character, I could see her getting on with Amy like a house on fire, being goofy with the Chaotix, or turning out to be a big fan of Shadow. Whisper and Tails seem like they'd get on, depending on how Tails is written he does come across as a bit introverted at times, not to mention shy around strangers, and he could discuss tech with Whisper with her weaponary. I think Blaze would get on well with Whisper too actually, Blaze has always been a reined in character who keeps herself in check, I could see her hanging out with the quiet and solitary Whisper. I think it has been pointed out before but ofcourse these IDW comics don't seem to continue the Archie trend of usually having a roughly 16 page A story and a 6 page B story in each issue. (I'm only up to #216 in Archie's run, so I don't know if that gets phased out later.) The thing was, in alot of those issues, the A story tended focus on Sonic + 1-3 Freedom Fighters fighting someone. Sure, not all the time, especially when issues focused on Sally since she for alot of the run she could be argued as the co-protagonist. But that tended to be the pattern, for all intents and purposes, alot of stories where Sonic was the main star. It was just that the B story was often dedicated to other characters so they could get a turn in the spotlight, and all the continuity that was built up over 200 issues was used as building blocks for Sonic's world and future stories. Here, the only building blocks we have is the Modern Sonic game continuity, which can be a bit bare and scattershot. Whereas Archie Sonic has the advantage of always have a base like Knothole for the heroes to all stay so that it was convenient for whatever the plot was, compared to here where there is no central location, and Sonic has basically ran into everyone bar the Chaotix and Team Dark by accident. Maybe Angel Island can be made Sonic's base after #12, or maybe find story reasons for Sonic and friends to stay in a new city or village, like the Unnamed Village from Boom. Whisper and Tangle are the first building blocks, with Whisper's mysterious past, and Tangle having potential avenues for her character. It's just a case where the comic is taking its time, and I'm hoping #9 will kick things into higher gear. Hopefully what we are seeing is the seeds planted for fresh stories in the next few years, where by #50, IDW's Sonic is its own distinct identity, even if far closer to game Sonic rather than the super deviated Sonic we saw in Archie around #100-#159 or the Fleetway run, which arguably to some isn't exactly a bad thing. I must admit as well, having gotten super into Sonic Universe, I can't help but feel like IDW could do its own take with a second book. Granted it could be a while until that happens, I'm sure it depends on how succesful the main book is for a period of time, but I think it could work. I find it interesting as well because, as sucky as it is to lose the Freedom Fighters, there is the upside where we could see certain characters like Silver, Blaze and the Chaotix get more screentime because of it. Sometimes cutting the fat can be a good thing, and while I don't see the core FFs that way, it does mean we don't have fifty characters all vying for screentime, so it could lead to less of an anthology of stories, but rather shifting between just a dozen in their own ways. And hey, as a sidenote, we are ofcourse getting the Team Sonic Racing tie-in, which I think should be fun and possibly better than the game itself. I honestly want to read it just to see how Silver and Blaze get roped into Team Vector personally. Sorry, I like to waffle.

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