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  1. I'm not really sure what the intention is with St. John half the time. To me anyway, I think he is very hateable alot of the time, but I wonder if we're meant to like him. Again, sortof Shadow the Hedgehog before Shadow the Hedgehog even existed. I'm a big Bond fan, so I have noticed it a couple of times. The opening of the Sally miniseries, which is where St John is first introduced, is a big homage to Goldfinger's pre titles. St John being an English spy, who later on would run around wearing a tuxedo. The last Knuckles the Echidna book story featuring a Bond-esque villian in Hunter, with someone on here showing a picture of Hunter being a direct trace of a scene of Scaramanga from The Man with the Golden Gun. And Penders has definetly mentioned Bond a couple times on his Twitter. Been a while since I've read the Archie run, so there are probably other Bond-isms that turn up I bet.
  2. Sonic plowing Rouge to enrage Evil Sonic sounds like the plot of a porn comic, not an actual comic. And to agree with Ryannumber1Santa, why on earth would Evil Sonic care? What, is he actually dating Rouge now? Wouldn't he be off running around plowing other women like he did with Bunnie, and would of ditched Rouge at some point? The Penders saga truly is something, although it is interesting how it does sound like the other writers at the time wern't exactly perfect either. You could right a book about this sortof thing, the behind the scenes of Archie Sonic, it just is that fascinating. I kindof wish there was somewhere that collected all the behind the scenes info as I am just learning so much of this second hand from users on this site.
  3. Good review as always. I know you dig into alot about what doesn't work about Endgame, but I also think you can at least see about how it does kindof work. Personally, I think if issue #50 was the end of Archie Sonic, I think it would be a decent way to bow out. I think the thing to note with the Penders era is that it is really a very slow downward spiral in my view. You've got a 109 issues of Penders left to go, as well as all of Knuckles series. The Knuckles series goes downhill relatively quickly, but with Sonic, I think alot of stuff still works. To me, the nadir of Archie Sonic is Penders final period of #126-#159. But before you hit that point, there are still some good things to come. Perhaps that is just simply the likes of the other writers offsetting Penders, I'm not sure. But the next era as Sonic games are in a bit of a wildneress period before the release of Sonic Adventure definetly is interesting, and credit to Penders and co, the death of Robotnik doesn't make Sonic feel like a pointless comic now that there isn't a central antagonist.
  4. I'm liking the art from issue #24. Dumb question, with issues #22-#24 all taking place at the same time, has Dr Starline talked to Deadly 6 before or after the events of #24, or do we not know that yet? As an aside, thinking about what concept a second Sonic book can have, how about basically have a superhero team? Was watching Atop the Fourth Wall's Marvel's Exiles Retrospective, a superhero teambook where the cast keeps changing every few issues. Perhaps something like that could work with Sonic? Like say, the team always has 6 members. New character is the leader of the team. The other 5 slots are taken up Sega Sonic characters, IDW newcomers, or just new characters entirely. 4 issue storylines, each story featuring a configuration of team members. Sonic is in the first story but runs off to do his own thing in his book. More secondary characters like Silver or Rouge or Espio stay with the team for longer stretches of time. New characters can be introduced to do their own thing, perhaps throw intrigue into the plot like perhaps being an Eggman agent, or perhaps are a good character that winds up getting killed at the end of a story. It's a basic idea, one that I'm sure at least a few people have thought up some variation on. I just would like to see more focus outside Sonic himself in someway. Can't wait for the 2020 annual, hope it actually makes March this time.
  5. I don't know what story you are referring too, sorry. I think I've only reached somewhere around 2009 in terms of Archie. Personally I think a remake is different from a director's cut. A director's cut is editing something that exists, with perhaps a small amount of new material thrown in, edited dialogue, etc. I could be wrong, but I think Ken Penders at one suggested the idea of doing a director's cut reprint of Mobius: 25 Years Later a while ago. (Could be wrong, the Penders saga is long and never ending.) A bit like that Archie issue which is just a retelling of a Satam episode, I'd constitute that as a remake rather than a director's cut. But I guess I am being rather pedantic here, if only to say that as far as I'm aware, I don't think there has ever been a Sonic issue quite like Sonic Super Special #6.
  6. I'm not too sure what is different between the 2 versions, the wiki page doesn't really go in-depth into the changes aside from mentioning one changed dialogue line and the obvious extra scenes. I don't know if someone out there has done a proper in-depth comparison of the 2 versions. Kindof a cool concept though. Granted, dedicating a Sonic Super Special to the idea of a "director's cut" is arguably lazier, probably takes far less time to do than just making a regular special issue, but I actually like the idea in theory. As far as I'm aware, it is the only Sonic comic that has ever really done, unless you count stuff like minor typo changes you sometimes get in reprints.
  7. Enjoying your reviews as per usual. Just to say though, when you do hit issue #50, you might want to read Sonic Super Special #6. That is the "director's cut" of issue #50, which adds in several pages. Don't know if it is worth looking at both or not. Personally, I think the "director's cut" is a little bit better.
  8. I don't really mind about seeing any kind of crossover, my only requirements would be that it would be confined to a mini-series, and that it doesn't interupt the main book, although I doubt that would be a problem. I imagine a mini-series would sell better with a crossover like this. My only other issue would be that while I don't mind it being canon for IDW Sonic, I don't want any plot important stuff to occur during it. Set it inbetween #12 and #13 or another break point if neccessary and let it be its own thing. I don't really know that much about MLP or TMNT. I know MLP nowadays has a big adult fanbase, but generally speaking, hasn't MLP always been for an age bracket slightly below Sonic's? I'm not sure if the IDW run is a little more mature, but I'm not sure I'd want to see Sonic diluted to be able to crossover with MLP, although I guess it still wouldn't be as bad as the plot is for Lost World. TMNT seems like a natural, even if somebody on the thread says ironically, TMNT would perhaps have to dilute itself to work with the Sonic franchise. Transformers seems like a good fit too, I mean Sonic fights Eggman's robots all the time, the Decepticons would just be 1 step above that.
  9. So I've been wandering. In Sonic Forces, probably one of the most criticised parts about that game's plot is that the set-up to Dr Eggman taking over 99.9% of the world is that Sonic is captured by him, and that Sonic's allies essentially fail at stopping Dr Eggman's world domination. That, and that the resistance is only able to begin making a comeback once Sonic, and another Sonic, with some help from the Avatar, save the day. I feel like it is safe to say that on this forum, alot of people don't like it, for how it makes all of Sonic's allies look extremely ineffectual. So, in the sortof spirit of Sonic Forces, here is my "what if?" question: what if Sonic died? I'm going to leave this fairly open ended, but at the very least, lets say Sonic is killed due to something non-ambiguous. Perhaps a Badnik, perhaps one of Dr Eggman's machines, perhaps he ran into a wall etc. Whatever happened, there is a body, and both Dr Eggman, Sonic's allies, and everyone inbetween knows that he is dead, and that there is no wiggle room to bring him back. What would happen? How would Dr Eggman react? Would he be happy that his nemesis is dead, or would he feel empty? Would he just continue on like he normally would with his quest for world domination. What about Sonic's friends. Would we see them band together in his absence, or without that common element, would it be impossible for them to team up? Would we see someone try and rise up and take's Sonic's place as being the hero of the world? Or is Sonic Forces right, if Sonic was out of the picture, Dr Eggman would in fact be unstoppable. Is Sonic the only thing capable of saving the world time and again?
  10. And wasn't that due to Sega signing some sort of exclusivity deal with Nintendo for a few games?
  11. Hard to tell. PS5 and the next Xbox are both due Holidays 2020. If this game is meant to be for the 30th anniversary in 2021, wouldn't surprise me if they have it for the 5 consoles, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox 4. 2021 is going to be a transisition period where you will see a lot of games released for both platforms, then it will thin out more and more in 2022.
  12. If I was in charge, and say in a perfect universe where I had access to infinite money, infinite resources, projects could take as long as they want in development etc. Basically, a dream scenario where every game developed turns out to be fantastic, and every decision I make is wonderful, and Sega pays me enough money to build a mansion out of gold and a swimming pool filled with cocaine and prostitutes. In terms of development, I would set up several teams. One team dedicated to modern 3D games, one team for 2D platformers, one team for racing games, one team for remakes, compliations and re-releases of every Sonic game ever made, and HD remasters, one team for quality micro-transaction free mobile games. Probably other teams as well. 2D games: I would want a steady stream of 2D games being made. I wouldn't want them to be quasi-remakes like Sonic Mania. They also wouldn't neccesarily be pixel games, they could use modern 3d sprites. Really, I just want Sonic to continue making 2D adventures, like when he was when we had handheld devices. I would let them continute to use the Classic aesthetic, but would get rid of the limitations of Classic and Modern. Basically, Mighty and Ray can show up in Modern, all the Modern characters can turn up in the Classic games. 3D games: I would use a multi-tier plan for this. First game would be a Sonic only Adventure style game. I would want a brand new engine, and in the process, would want the developers to spend months, or over a year, however long it takes, fine tuning Sonic's movement, what they did with Mario for Mario 64. Get Sonic's controls and abilities as perfect and precise as possible, then make a game which caters to those abilities. The plot would also serve as a soft reboot of the franchise, with a time gap from Sonic Forces, and (in my fan fiction mind), would see an event that would see Sonic, Dr Eggman, the Chaos Emeralds, several side characters, and all of Angel Island flung into a tear into an alternate dimension. Sonic would get back to Mobius at the beginning of the game, with 1-2 years having passed in his absence. The game's plot would see a unique villian, while setting up an overarching plot of Sonic trying to get back Tails and other characters who were absorbed in the rift. Knuckles not having Angel Island and Sonic being absent would see him being turned into a superhero celebrity, filling in the void Sonic left. Amy would of moved on from Sonic, and while still having a crush on Sonic, would be far less forward. She would be a mayor of a town. Stuff like that for other characters, everyone has a new redesign. The time gap would allow for some minor characters to be reintroduced into the plot, like Ray and Mighty now being members of the Chaotix, I'd start introducing certain characters from other universes like Sticks, that fashion girl I've fogotten the name of, Mina cameos on billboards as a hot new pop artist. The next game would be Sonic Adventure 3, although maybe not named that. Multiple characters, Tangle and Whisper introduced and both playable. Plot would see both Dr Eggman return and a brain washed Tails, which would see drama. Aside from Sonic, other characters would have ongoing plots established with them, Whisper's mysterious backstory teased, Tangle being a new hero, Knuckles quest to find Angel Island, Shadow is being stalked by an unknown party, another time traveler established that Silver does not know about, Blaze's conflict about protecting her realm and how connected she is with Sonic's realm, etc. I don't want to turn Sonic into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I do want sub-plots to run between games, keep things moving forward, have teases for future villians. Don't make it feel static and keep the status quo. After Adventure 3, I'd effectively have 2 types of Sonic games. One type where it stars Sonic, and while it may have other playable characters, he is the focus, and other Adventure style Avenger games, where Sonic and a bunch of main characters must team up against a big monster threat, maybe with a unique sub title. Other characters would start receiving games, a Shadow game with Rouge and Omega playable, with some darker story telling. (No swearing or guns though, maybe more characters with big titties.) Silver and Blaze get their own game with Silver finally saving the future, but as a consequence, must stay in Sonic's timeline forever. Knuckles and the Chaotix team up in the search for Angel Island. Tails gets a sequel to Tails Adventure. As for spin-offs, I'd make a Team Sonic Racing 2, just with a bigger budget and an emphasis on longetivity. Do alot what Crash Team Racing did but without the microtransactions. Then after that, revive Sonic Riders, keep the 2 racing franchises going, TSR focused on family friendly multiplayer, Sonic Riders more on cool and skill based racing. Keep Mario and Sonic going, just with alot more money and love put into it. I'd make a Sonic party game line, although not a sequel to Shuffle. I'd want a sequel to Sonic the Fighters by the guys who made Dragon Ball FighterZ. Mobile games that don't suck and aren't free 2 play microtransaction hellholes.
  13. I like to think Silver just doesn't have any friends in the future, and he goes back in time and makes excuses so he can hang out with Sonic and Blaze, and be a cool time traveller. As for canon stuff, I agree with others really when it comes to the main games that the canon just doesn't matter that much as this point. So much of it rarely matters currently, I think it would only really matter again if they do decide to full on remake the likes of Adventure 1 or 2, or try and make a full blown sequel to the events of a previous game. I guess to throw out some alternate realities in here though, I really do dislike the fact that in the Sonic Boom TV show, they establish that when an alternate dimension Knuckles lands in their reality, the 2 Knuckles being present will result in the destruction of their universe. I guess I dislike it in a very meta way considering how in every other dimension that is never an immediete problem. (I guess it does happen in Sonic X too, but at least there it happens after like a year, rather than just 5 minutes.) Don't know if Worlds Unite/Collide ever addressed that when they had Sonic Boom crossover. There is alot of idiotic stuff that happens in the Penders era of Archie Sonic which I'm sure has probably been brought up in the Archie and Ken Penders threads. I guess to keep the multi-dimensional theme going though, I do hate the idea that is revealed by Zone Cop Zonic that the Sonic in the Archie line is in fact Sonic Prime, and therefore the most important Sonic in the multiverse. Which honestly seems like a good summation of how Penders seemed to view his Sonic work and all the other Sonic media. I doubt in the meta sense, Archie Sonic being the most important Sonic is even remotely canon by Sega.
  14. Probably worth mentioning but while the Mega Man X sub-series gets a little screentime in the Mega Man comics, the comics are very much focused on classic Mega Man. The comics are really good though, with interesting writing and great art throughout. Mega Man X was always intended to be story heavy. Classic Mega Man started as an 8-bit game, back when stories didn't really matter. X started on the SNES, so was a sub-series introduced with more plot and more '90s edginess. X4 has proper anime cutscene and an infamous English dub. X4 starts with an entire city being destroyed, and a robot war insurrection over it. X6 begins with Earth having barely survived a doomsday event caused by the events of X5. When they released a PSP remake of X1, it also came with a half hour anime film called "Day of Sigma", which is a retelling/retcon of the beginning of the X series. That film is also available as an extra on the Mega Man Legacy Collections. While classic Mega Man has stuck with a kid friendly aesthetic, X was always the more darker and mature Mega Man sub-series. Hence why so many fans want an X9. I actually recommend SomeCallMeJohnny's reviews of the X series if you are curious, he covers the plots of the games as well as the gameplay. (Not to mention he's always reviewed a ton of Sonic games too, and is a Sonic fan.)
  15. I have mixed feelings on the Sonic Super Specials. I do like the fact they are properly numbering them. Before this issue, there are 8 Specials, each being a unique issue #1. Now they are numbered, which was probably a godsend for the fans back in day without any internet who wanted to try and collect all the Archie comics. Not to mention for us today when we can look at a list of Archie issues online. I do think it is worth noting that for near 3 years, Archie would run Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, and a Sonic Super Special every quarter. The only time that output would be matched would be the brief year when Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, and Sonic Boom were running. I mean, I think it shows the success Archie was having with the comic, even if you could attribute some of it to the Sonic mania of the 90s. But yeah, alot of these Super Specials aren't great. You get the feeling that after a point, it seemed like an obligation for the writers who were probably putting their energy into the 2 main books, and just using random ideas for the Specials. They really go all over the place, with a few tying directly into the main book. The last one, #15, is especially bad for how lazily written it is and how it feels like they had no ideas for it. But hey, once you hit somewhere around issue #80, you've basically got nothing but normal issues until around #155 when Sonic X starts. And if you decide to skip Sonic X (which would be understandable, since it has nothing to do with the Archieverse, with only a tie-in happening in the last issue, #40, which ties into Sonic Universe), you would have up to around issue #195. Personally, I look forward to the day you start doing the Knuckles books, and Ken Penders in all his glory.
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