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  1. Honestly, I've always had the opinion that the Sonic franchise is one where for some fans, its "come for Sonic, stay for the side characters." I like Sonic, but there are at least a dozen characters all over the place that has made me really love the franchise. I get the feeling that happens with other franchises like Harry Potter and Steven Universe, where the side characters are often far more interesting that the main protagonist. So when it comes to Sonic himself, especially when you consider the many interpretations of his character, I think OK KO's is pretty good, and I think for a comedy, going for Sonic's ego is a good move. Again though, it is 11 minutes, if this Sonic was to be in a proper full length game, then I'd maybe have issues. But for what it is, I think Sonic is fine, I think he is fun in this.
  2. Having just watched it, I'm surprised noone is complaining about Knuckles being super gullible yet again. 😝 In all serious though, I really like it. I mean, I feel like you need to take it for what it is. And for what it is, I think it is really good. Sonic and Tails are both likable, there is clearly love poured into this from Sonic fans. Hell, I like the fact that KO isn't the one who saves the day, but needs to be saved from by Sonic, and then both of them need to be saved by Tails. I find it funny how it feels almost like Tails is the one who gets the biggest moment of the episode. I just really like it. It's having fun with Sonic and Tails. Sure, it exagerrates Sonic a bit, but I think for an 11 minute comedy show, I think it is fully justified. And in a way, it almost makes this Sonic more in line with his Boom characterisation than anything IMHO. It's fun, put simply, and it's made with love for the franchise, not to mock or parody it. A nice treat for Sonic fans.
  3. Is there anyway to watch this in the UK? Been trying to Google it but can't seem to find a way, outside of getting Sky.
  4. I'd say Sonic was optimistic, if purely of how self assured he is of himself and his friends. Sonic strikes me as the kindof guy who thinks that everything will eventually work out in the end. Tails I would say is an optimist too, maybe not a huge one though. He still has some childish innocence in him, and has faith in Sonic to fix every problem. Shadow is the obvious cynic considering his backstory. Rouge is realistic I think, considering her amoral nature.
  5. Same reason why in the Sally mini-series, he blatantly copies the beginning of Goldfinger in issue #1 while also introducing the (probably) Bond inspired St John.
  6. Well an American has played Bond. All we need is for him to switch to Irish and that would be the Bond actor spectrum complete.
  7. I always thought Geoffrey was meant to British, considering how he seems to of been inspired by James Bond. Unless he is channeling George Lazenby.
  8. What is Dr Starline's first name? I mean, I know by Sonic naming standards, most characters tend to just get one name, usually a first name, sometimes a last name, but I feel like a character like Starline needs a first name. Something smooth and fancy, like, I dunno, "Emmelio" or "Mercury" or "Lysander".
  9. I always found the history of this song funny. A song made as an advertisement for candy and sweets. The song has survived but the actual recipe of candy that this song was promoting has been lost to time.
  10. Because Penders seems to love him, and it means Sonic and him constantly have dick measuring contests every few issues. Geoffrey (at least before Flynn, havn't read what he is like under Flynn) is the most unlikable character in Archie in my opinion. Rude and arrogant, constantly a dick to Sonic which with Penders recent revelation about him, makes me wonder if we're meant to side with the idiot more than Sonic at times, or if he is supposed to be more like the cooler darker hero like Shadow would eventually be. Not to mention as well he also comes across as a James Bond knockoff, considering how Penders seems to be a Bond fan. The Knuckles comics often felt like Penders outlet of basically doing what he really wanted to write while under the guise of a Sonic comic, and St John is kindof the same thing really. As much as he looks like a Sonic character, he never really feels like a Sonic character, both with naming convention and the way he acts. Him and Sonic being constantly at each others throats feels like an attempt to make the comic more "mature", were the heroes are constantly arguing with each other, but rather than being interesting, it just feels annoying and unpleasant. Sadly, St John is going to stick around for a long time. He only fades into being a minor character I think around issue 100? He gets alot of prominence over the next few years, with his spy stuff being the focus of some B stories. I won't spoil any of it (mainly because I think most of it was dull), but again, it feels like an example of Penders writing what he wants to do which has very little to the actual Sonic comic.
  11. I dunno, I think this could be a very interesting development. It's interesting, back when Year 2 started my assumption was that the story arc would have Starline and Eggman's relationship devoling, with Starline becoming his own individual villian in the process by the end of it. Then when the metal virus plot was revealed, I assumed it was only going to last, say 4 issues, with Sonic and co solving it and then Starline and Eggman breaking up. However with the revelation that the metal virus will last from issue 15 up until (presumably) issue 24, and the notion that Eggman has lost control of it makes me realise that the true "villian" of Year 2 isn't Eggman himself, but the zombots. Which I'm fine with, I think they work really well, and the hints that we're going to see the Sonic ensemble being bumped off each issue should hopefully lead to a great payoff. So yeah, can't wait to read #18.
  12. Not sure how I feel about that idea. It does feel like a very cynical way of doing it when you put it like that. I suppose as well the mini series would have significant gaps inbetween them, unlike the regularity of Sonic Universe. I don't claim to have any real knowledge of the comics industry or how it works, but is 2 books running really that much to ask for? Sonic may not be Batman big or franchise big like Star Wars, but I would of thought Sonic was big enough and seemingly selling enough to justify 2 books, not to mention Archie running Sonic X and then immedietly afterwards Sonic Universe for something like 13 years. Again, don't claim to have any knowledge of how these things work. Just saying my opinion that I would be disappointed if the plan is merely just to have the main Sonic book, and then just do constant mini-series.
  13. True, but I suppose I'm talking about the kind of collector that wants every release of every comic. True, but I suppose I'm talking about the kind of collector that wants every release of every comic.
  14. I feel sorry for the fans out there who want to collect all the IDW variant covers, because that is, what, the 20th variant of issue #1? (I know that cover has been used before but you know what I mean.)
  15. I don't expect it that fast. But I would assume whether or not T&W will sell well will have an outcome on what we see in the future. Maybe more miniseries, maybe a full on second series. I'm hoping for the latter, even if it takes a couple more years for it to happen. I just read that on his Twitter. That is a shame to hear, I hope things improve for him and those kids. From what I've read of Archie Sonic, it really feels like once Flynn took over, Yardley really brought some fresh art to the book and had some great issues. Will really miss him from the IDW run.
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