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  1. It's funny, I don't really love Belle myself, but I think it makes absolute sense why from a character perspective Starline is fascinated by her. She has little in common with Eggman's metal Badniks, she can think for herself, and has no duplicates. She wasn't made on an assembly line, she was presumably made with love basically. Starline is an Eggman fan, Belle is a super rare collectible. I think it's an interesting sub-plot, I'm looking forward to see where it goes. I love the detail that Starline refers to Belle as an object, he never refers to her as a woman. I must admit though, this conversation has made me wonder why I don't like Belle quite as much as Tangle and Whisper. I wonder if part of it is that to be honest, I don't entirely grasp what Belle's actual abilities are. Tangle uses her tale. Whisper uses a gun that uses Wisps. Starline used to have the Warp Topaz to make portals, and now he has a Tri-Core which has 3 abilities that are based Sonic gameplay principles. Belle, I dunno, she can unlock doors, she can fight to some degree, you can pull on her tale to do things? My memory isn't the greatest with the earlier issues but I really do struggle to pinpoint Belle's abilities, and that comes to her character too. Now that Belle knows who her creator is, what drives her now? It's odd I suppose. I just feel vague when it comes to Belle. I'm happy to be corrected on this by others who see that I've missed anything, but with Belle, I just feel vague. I wonder if it would be a good idea to give her a friend, like a proper best friend, someone she can spend time with, open up too etc. I don't think that even happened with Tangle despite spending nearly 4 issues with her in the last story arc, it felt more like 2 people who just met and Tangle very much taking the lead. I feel like Belle needs that moment Whisper had in T&W #2 where she just breaks down and opens up, needs a moment of connection. Perhaps the reason why I'm actually feeling quite hopeful for issue #45 and that camping trip. I don't know, I'm rambling.
  2. If we're talking about what we're expecting from this collection, I'd be astonished if we don't at least get the 12 Game Gear games. Even if those games are just done through basic emulation or what have you, the Game Gear games are pretty perfect in helping round out any collection. I doubt anyone outside of the fandom cares about any of those games that they'd justify any other kind of special or hyped up release, besides just being dumped on digital stores as cheap standalones like on the Wii U eshop. Just seems like a nature inclusion which acts as a selling point really. Likewise for Mean Bean Machine, Spinball, and 3D Blast all off the Mega Drive.
  3. Must admit, I feel a lot more positive about issue #42 than others on this thread.
  4. I mean, personally, I think the selling point of Colours Ultimate boils down to it being upscaled to HD and it being a title that was relatively hard to aquire for the last few years. Stuff like the Metal Sonic mode, the Tails save, the costumes etc are instead incentives, designed not as the selling point, but more as little things to encourage interest and to justify the $40 price tag. Unleashed and Generations, whilst not available everywhere, aren't that uncommon, and are both in HD. I don't think you could get away with a big remaster treatment for them, even if you did add in a few extras like Colours Ultimate is doing. I mean yeah the Switch doesn't have alot of these games, but really it doesn't mean they can't just put a simple port on them. I think you could get away shoving Unleashed and Generations and Lost World on the Nintendo eShop for $20 if Sega wanted to. But in this day and age, I imagine Sega is very careful about what games from their back catalog they release. Probably look at what Sonic games can justify a remaster and make some proper money off of, be it through compilations or other Colours Ultimate like releases. Think how well Colours Ultimate does will be an indicator for Sega, as well as Origins too. Personally, my simple hope is just to get compilations that span Sonic's entire back catalog eventually. But could be nice to give Heroes a shine over. The Storybook games could use an overhaul so they don't require motion controls, or heck, maybe even give them a special Switch version so they could utilise the Joy Cons. Hell, I think the Riders trilogy could use a remaster, put the first 2 games in HD and get rid of the 3rd game's forced Kinect, that would be something I buy, although I'm not sure how many people outside the fandom have nostalgia for Riders. It's interesting stuff. I just really want more Sonic games to become accessible without having to rely on buying old hardware or rely on emulators.
  5. Interestingly, if we're making bets, I think it would be Heroes Ultimate or Storybook Ultimate next in the pipeline. I think it is always going to be way easier to make a re-release of non-HD games with limited availability, than games already in HD and aren't too hard to aquire. Heroes, besides the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, is only available on the PS3 PSN (I think?), and also a very old PC release that presumably would require Windows XP to run. Likewise both Storybook games are Wii and Wii U exclusives. I know Heroes isn't perhaps the most beloved Sonic game but I think it has enough goodwill and nostalgia behind it to get a re-release, that and it'll turn 20 years old soon. Issue with games like Unleashed and Generations is that they are HD already and arguably aren't that unavailable, unless you're a Nintendo fan and not including the Nintendo versions. I feel like a 3D compilation would make more sense, because I'm not sure how much you can really do with a remaster. I mean, Unleashed's biggest problem is the dodgy framerate, but I think as Sonic Stadium reported last year, apparently Unleashed runs at a solid 60fps on the new Xbox so hopefully that isn't really an issue that needs fixing. I think my prediction (or really, what I think would make the most sense) would be shoving Unleashed, Generations, Lost World, and I guess Forces in one big 3D compilation, which would include Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic '06, Unleashed PS2, and Rise of Lyric, since I doubt those games will ever get a single re-release ever again. Putting them in effectively as simple ports in a compilation makes the most sense. But I dunno. I think Generations Ultimate is a real possibility like you say. Wouldn't surprise me if Sega's reasoning is just focusing on the popular Sonic titles, regardless of whether or not it really needs a fancy remaster to begin with. Just hard to imagine for me as a PC user since Generations goes on sale all the time on Steam for like £1.50, so it seems like a joke if they did go through with a remaster that cost £30 and wound up as an Epic Games Store exclusive for a year.
  6. Always fascinated by these weird kind of re-releases. Guess it is very much aimed at kids or for parents of kids who have never heard of the IDW run, and maybe there way to get into it. Just a shame that if they do decide to invest into IDW which would probably be through those 4 issue volumes so they'll wind up rebuying the issues in this collection. Doesn't help that it's like the 10th re-release of issue #1, and you get the middle of a story with #34 and #35, not seeing how it starts or resolves, unless they plan to just use the Sonic and Tails Eggman base sub-plot and cut off the A story of Rouge and co at the Chao races. But y'know, obviously not aimed at us fans, and really anything that gives a boost to the comics is fine. Pain in the ass for collectors I imagine though.
  7. This is interesting, but I also wonder: is this the 4 issues the synopsis of number #45 mentioned as being part of the build up to issue #50? Or is there another 4 issue mini-series in the works? I think it is a very good move for this to be a tie-in prequel, rather than just a straight up adaptation.
  8. Just read #40, #41, and the 30th. Not much to say about #40, kindof agree with everyone else. Really the only thing I wanted to add is that I hope Belle gets a bit more interesting/fleshed out now that her "reveal" has been done with. Belle's going to stick around, especially with Evan Stanley's stories it seems, so I kindof want to like her more in the future. #41: Yeah, again, the Zeti aren't exactly the most interesting. But y'know what, sometimes the best stories is just having an unstoppable force terrorise the good guys, and see how the good guys have to prevail in the situation. I honestly keep forgetting at times how violent the Sonic comics can be, I think Ian Flynn takes a perverse pleasure in terrorising the Sonic cast sometimes. I actually laughed at the panel of Zeena pelting a Chao, guess she is still bitter about her fight against Cream. Saying that though, I am also sortof hoping this arc ends with the Zeti being sent back to the Lost Hex for a while. I like them but I just can't see how you can use them long term. Use them for one more arc, then write them out and only bring them back if you have an idea for them. But yeah, I have hopes for this arc. 30th: I enjoyed this alot. It's just fun, well written, really nicely drawn. Granted, I haven't read the Archie Mega Drive issues. (I'm still stuck around issue #220 in the chronology, and at this point honestly I feel like I need to re-read the whole comic again before resuming where I left off.) So I can't compare the quality of that to this. But I think this special does its job, has some nice humour. I think the Sonic Driving part really is the hidden gem of this, agree with another user on here, those writers for that need to come back, I'd love to see that kindof wit applied to the current IDW continuity. I only bought the digital version of this, but do plan to buy the deluxe physical version when it comes out later. Classic Sonic: Mixed feelings altogether on the concept of Classic Sonic. I think stuff like the 30th works very well in isolation. I'm not that convinced it can work in the long term. I actually think Classic Sonic would be better suited to something like a webcomic, y'know, maybe one that gets published once a week and gets shared by the Sonic Twitter. Or indeed, if we were sticking to the Archie structure of issues having an "A" story and a "B" story, I think Classic stuff could work as "B" stories to be lighter comedic affairs to the more serious mainline issues. But ofcourse that isn't the IDW structure. I guess you could do something like very early Archie, with something like 3 or even 4 stories per issue, but I'm not really sure I'd be that invested in such a thing, at least for a monthly comic. I really do think the lesson of something like the 30th is that this kindof thing works in small chunks. I mean at the risk of going political, I think it's fine having Classic Amy being your only female character for a one off like this, but for a long running thing? I wouldn't say it's "problematic", I don't want to imply it's offensive or anything, but considering Flynn and co's efforts to bump up the female roster in the IDW run, I would think Classic Sonic would probably need the same thing. Road to the 50th: Pretty good news. Really any news that continues to show that the run is doing well is always good news. I do wonder a few things about this, the obvious implication of another mini-series is one. Kindof wonder if this'll be something more in line with something like - I think - Sonic Universe #9-#12, the arc that tied in with the Iron Dominion? Something abit more tied in with what is going on in the main book, rather than being more spin-offy? Just a guess purely from the wording, but I am very curious. Second thing I wonder is how this will fit in with the trade releases? #45-#48 being a sortof 4 parter, then #49 leading directly into #50? Then #51-#52 being a 2 parter? And finally, I also wonder if with them building up the release of #50 this early, think we might get a bumper issue for #50? Perhaps a double sized special issue? That would be really neat. #45 Solicit: By premise alone, I think this will be at least stronger than the #37-#40 storyline. I think Evan Stanley has some real strengths when it comes to character interactions, so a road trip/camping holiday for a mix of 4 girls I think should produce something pretty interesting I think. I kindof wonder how this will begin this epic storyline to #50 but I guess we'll see. Kindof disappointed Whisper isn't apart of this, although as she is my favourite of the IDW originals that is purely my bias. Tangle is getting alot of screentime lately, she may not exactly be as important as Sally was for Archie, but at this point she feels like an essential character to this run. I can't imagine her getting written out or her importance being diminished, at least for the time being. Second Monthly Series: Said it before but yeah, I think it is something I hope Sonic can graduate too. Again, no idea how IDW works, but I mean, if Sonic can be succesful enough to get mini-series sold and annuals and one shots sold, I don't really see how a second monthly series can be that far out of reach. Sonic Universe again is probably a good idea, I think that is a good crowd pleaser since it pretty much means characters in IDW can get the spotlight at some point. Saying that though, I actually wonder if another idea might be to give it to a character like Tangle, or Tangle and Whisper, or other IDW original character. It seems like once an IDW character is approved and off the ground, there is a lot less mandate to worry about. I kindof wonder if it might be a good idea creatively to have the second series focus far more on original IDW characters, which would hopefully mean a bit less Sega oversight. Obviously not too far removed from Sonic the Hedgehog, but maybe something that could allow for some more experimental or risky storylines. I dunno, just food for thought.
  9. I wish him well. The video game industry can really chew and spit people out. Hopefully he can be able to move onto another company and be able to do work he genuinely loves.
  10. Think a physical version also depends on price. Depending on how large the collection is going to be, I think it'll be at least £25. Guessing as well Origins is also going to be Epic Games Store exclusive on PC for 1 year with Colours Ultimate being that too.
  11. I thought the way the trailer voice phrased it, it sounded like the five games were the main attraction, the selling point. Not just the whole thing. A compilation that includes those five games, but not limited to it. Again though, good chance I am wrong, reading too much into it. To be perfectly frank, I just like to write and speculate. I have no authority on this whatsoever.
  12. I must admit, I have mixed feelings on this. I'm a Sonic fan but I never owned a Wii or a Wii U, so this is a game I've never been able to play. I hear Sonic Colours is a good game. But I also hear it is quite short. And it doesn't help that as one of the four boost titles, the other three titles are all pretty cheap to buy, Generations goes on sale on Steam for like £1.50 quite often. So £35 for the remaster, it does feel a bit pricey. I know it takes money and time to remaster a game, but the extra stuff just feels rather tacky. I mean, unless I'm mistaken, the "Metal Sonic mode" basically sounds like a time trial mode, and the rest sounds like fluff. I think I will wait on this til a bit of a price drop. To me, I feel like I'd be far more interested in a compilation re-release than anything. Like say, pair Colours with a re-release of Secret Rings and Black Knight, basically a Wii re-release trilogy. I'd be willing to pay full price for something on that scale than a single game really.
  13. Feel like you could interpret either way to be honest. Saying that though, I am being overly hopeful probably.
  14. To quote the trailer: "We're also excited to announce that we are working on a new compilation for next year that includes Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles and CD." Up to debate, but to me, the way the trailer voice phrased it, those are just some of the games included in the collection. Pure speculation, I could be totally wrong, but to me the trailer is highlighting the bonafide classic games that will be in the collection. Could be wrong, we'll see. Saying that though, really, considering the "Origins" title, which I would assume means a focus on Sonic's early days, I basically just want a definitive version of Mega Collection Plus and Gems Collection. Trying to keep my expections somewhat realistic, but to me, I think what I'd like this collection to be is basically every Sonic game released in the '90s (barring Sonic Adventure.) The 12 Game Gear games, Spinball, Mean Bean Machine, 3D Blast, R, that Fighters HD port that got released a while back. Even the more obscure stuff like that 3D educational game, that 3D section from Jam on the Saturn, sod it, shove in Sonic Shuffle while you're at it. Really though, I think the big 3 additions that would easily draw in the Sonic fans to just rebuy games they already own would be to either to shove in Knuckles Chaotix, Sega Sonic the Hedgehog, and/or Sonic Pocket Adventure. Dig something up that has never been ported before. Chaotix could probably benefit from a proper remaster treatment (although at this point, I guess we'll be lucky if we get 3&K remastered). Sega Sonic... yeah, I imagine the hardest to port I guess but still, great marketing to tie-in with Mighty and Ray I think. Pocket Adventure is a nice little forgotten adventure that still looks good and I think would be easy to market. Really, it would just be nice to have a definitive collection, that Sega can just continue to re-release for each new console for the rest of time. I really want something as high quality as Capcom's Mega Man compilations. Also, I kindof hope that this compilation is succesful, this could lead to Sega doing a compilation of some more modern games. I know I've said it countless times, but really, I think porting the likes of the Advance trilogy, Rush dulogy, Rivals dulogy etc just seem like such an obvious move to me. People want 2D Sonic and some of these titles are going to hit 20 years old soon. That and please just re-release Free Riders without needing the Kinect and I can use a normal controller.
  15. Tangle continues to be the MVP of this story it seems like.
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