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  1. I find the 2 worlds thing interesting just purely for how convoluted it is. I know you can nitpick the idea that every Sonic game takes place on one Mobius, with the stated inconsistencies of games like Adventures 1 and 2 and Unleashed against the likes of Heroes and Forces, but I don't really see why you can't just say it takes place on one Mobius with say different continents. Perhaps it doesn't hold under a huge amount of scrutiny, but then alot of Sonic's continuity doesn't really hold up that much either if you really think about it for too long with the sheer number of spin-off games. I just find it all abit weird and a bit half assed I suppose. Why the two worlds thing? Why the insistence on defining characters like Team Hooligan as "classic" only, if half the classics characters are both "classic" and "modern". Why is Zavok sticking around despite seemingly noone wanting him around, and what about the other Deadly members? Why no explanation about the Wisps appearing all the time now? If Silver and Blaze are going to remain as recurring elements, why not just have them like in Sonic's world? It wouldn't take much of a stretch considering Blaze doesn't have any friends in her place - except Marine, but who would want to live with her - and Silver's future sucks... maybe? Again, as far as we know, why can't he just live in Sonic's world? You could even give him the excuse of saying he has to stay in Sonic's time so that he can make the future good, like what they are doing with Silver in IDW right now. Honestly, if Sonic Team wants to genuinely make Sonic a coherent universe, they should probably just do at the very least a soft reboot. Otherwise you're just piling on the problems in my opinion.
  2. That's interesting. I'm not sure if you're saying I'm wrong or anything. I should really get around to reading Sonic the Comic, it does sound fascinating.
  3. The IDW run has 17 issues, a one shot, and an Annual out so far. Archie Sonic has almost 300 issues of Sonic the Hedgehog, nearly a 100 issues of Sonic Universe, 32 issues of Knuckles the Echidna, 8 Specials and 15 Super Specials, as well as a few other things, with the Archie continuity somewhere around 450 issues. Include Sonic X and Sonic Boom comics, that bumps it up to near 500. I don't think there is anything wrong in saying which one you prefer, but frankly, I think it is impossible to do any real comparison because IDW is still very much in its infancy and has, what, not even 5% of the quantity Archie had built up?
  4. Funny thing is, there is a 70s Doctor Who story written by Douglas Adams about a pirate using a planet like a space ship to blow up planets for their rare minerals. Ofcourse in that story, it was meant to be deliberately absurd, whereas with Penders writing, it always comes across as everything is meant to be taken super seriously, regardless of how utterly daft the story is. I think you'll enjoy the Knuckles solo series. The thing with the Knuckles solo series is that every story does try to add a bit of lore to the Knucklesverse of Archie Sonic, with more details about Knuckles' various ancestors and the history of the Floating Island. The problem is, every new revelation just adds more and more questions. The revelations don't create plot holes, so much as constantly making every Echidna who isn't Knuckles look like an idiot.
  5. Gorgeous cover. I'm really liking alot of the covers coming out for IDW. I doubt I would ever really go to the effort of collecting multiple issues for multiple covers, but the fact every issue gets 3 means there is usually at least 1 great one per issue. I'm really looking forward to Tangle and Whisper, partially because I like both characters, partially because I really want it to do well financially, partially so that it proves that there is interest in the Sonic franchise even when Sonic himself isn't center stage, and partially because I do hope this means we could see a second book eventually.
  6. I like it alot, I think the writing is good, all the artists and colourists are good, and it feels like the comic is building up more and more with each issue. But I also think the other reason I am enjoying it is that while the comic does have a bit of a slow pace, I feel confident that it is all going to pay off eventually and feel patient waiting for it. Will be interesting to see how the Tangle and Whisper mini-series is received on here. It's only 4 issues, which should mean it has a far more brisk pace to it I would hope, maybe people will prefer that over the main book's 12 issue plotlines?
  7. I agree with Mike, it's just the reason I bring it up really is simply that IDW Sonic is so new, and such a different beast from Archie, I can't help but wonder if it is uncharted territory. It doesn't make it likely, but it does make it feel significantly more possible than an Archie OC turning up would of.
  8. The Satam connections are interesting, mainly because for me I havn't watched Satam in over a decade and really remember very little from it. I think somewhere around issue #45, Lupa and the Wolf Pack are introduced into the comic, with Sonic and Sally already having met them before, with a caption saying Lupa was introduced in Satam, which would imply Satam is canon within the comic, despite issue #50 and Satam's last episode contridicting each other. What's even stranger is, sometime between issue #50 and issue #100, there is an issue which is just a retelling of the Satam episode that introduced Lupa. It's the only time they do that, I dunno what happened there, they didn't have a script for that issue and just retold a Satam episode so Lupa was introduced properly into the comic? It is interesting how Archie does touch upon the 5 Sonic shows. Early Archie is basically Adventures but with the Freedom Fighters, issues #40ish to Ian Flynn taking over is like an extremely long continuation of Satam, Sonic X and Sonic Boom each got their own books, and Sonic Underground would get featured in one of the Sonic Super Specials.
  9. I thought Infinite vanished, while Mephiles basically never existed due to time travel schenanigans because Sonic and Elise blew out his flame.
  10. Wow, I had no idea that was a thing. Will need to remmber for next year.
  11. Oh OK. I'm not sure Free Comic Book Day exists in the UK.
  12. I don't know what FCBD stands for, sorry. You mean the one in Sonic Super Special #15? I thought it was pretty rubbish honestly, Naugus was assumed dead, turns out he is alive, Sonic and him fight for a bit until Naugus is killed, for really reals this time. It felt like nothing was accomplished and felt very lacklustre for a "special" issue, the Sin City parody just making it more bizarre.
  13. Totally unrealistic I know, but screw it: I'd like to Tangle turn up in this. IDW Sonic seems to have more ties with Sonic Team than Archie Sonic ever had, and with Tangle and Whisper getting their mini-series before the game comes out. IDW is still fresh and new, and I genuinely think what may of been considered impossible with the Archie run isn't so impossible with the new IDW run. Very unlikely, I know, but I mean if Sticks can turn up in 2016... Honestly, I'd be very surprised if Infinite turns up in this. Sega seems determined to bury him along with Forces at the moment, and it wouldn't surprise me if they don't want him for a while. Maybe in 2022 when Forces is more forgotten he'll turn up, but at the moment, I think Infinite maybe trapped in Sega purgatory, although at least with more chance of a return than Black Doom or the Sonic '06 baddies.
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