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  1. I do find some of the replies in this thread interesting. Just find it fascinating that regardless of quality, people seem fine not porting games to more modern systems so that people can actually play them. Yeah, alot of old games are available cheaply if you have the respective hardware thanks to sites like eBay, but over time getting old hardware and sortware is just going to become slowly more difficult and expensive over time. Currently Knuckles Chaotix is a game that has never been ported off the 32X and that game and the 32X itself will set you back several hundred dollars. That game is basically only available via PC emulation nowadays unless you really are that inclined or happen to be rich enough to afford the original version. Granted, the 32X never sold much, but still, the point stands. I sortof agree with users, really the 2 best ways to do collections for Sonic would either by chronology or by genre. I think I would lean heavier on genre though, I think that makes a bit more sense, especially when it comes to marketing. Think it would be easier to sell a bunch of 3D games together or a bunch of 2D games together, or a retro collection, or indeed, even a racing collection would make sense to me. (R + Riders trilogy + Rivals duology + Sumo racing trilogy.) Really though, I'd love to see collections on the same level as Capcom's recent Mega Man collections, specifically the high quality of care and love put into their X collection and most recently their Zero and ZX collection. (Which includes 2 DS games which while a little awkward do work.) And the great thing about these collections is that in the future, any time a new console comes out, all Capcom has to do is port the collections, all the hard work getting the original games in HD is done, just update the collections for future systems and hardware. To me, I think it would be great for Sonic to have this, and really, I don't see why not. Especially with the success of Sonic Mania, which proves people have an appetite for 2D Sonic, it just seems like it would make sense to market a 2D collection to lovers of Mania. I kindof hope Sega does this kindof thing. I mean they seem to understand the value of the Mega Drive classics, surely they'll realise the worth of the number of Sonic games just gathering dust on their original releases.
  2. #37 is out, Eggman's got a new tower, the mystery of Belle continues, but most importantly... Lanolin gets lines! And interacts with people! She'll have her own book in a year's time. Still, I enjoy this. I must admit, yeah, Belle isn't quite clicking with me, which is a little bit of a shame. I feel like I clicked with Tangle, Whisper, Jewel, the Skunk Brothers, Starline... Maybe it'll help when she starts to bond with another character like Tangle? And yeah the robot shaming thing, while making sense, does seem a little weird since I don't think it has ever really been established in this particular book before. I mean, Omega is literally a former Eggman robot and I don't think I've seen anyone give him shit for it. (Although if they did, they'd risk getting shot for it I imagine.) Still, hoping to grow on Belle more, maybe after the mystery with her is resolved, which I'm kindof hoping will happen by the end of this little arc, I don't see the point of prolonging it. The tower facility seems interesting, feels like a very different kind of story. Just hoping it isn't just mindless running around. I like the new Restoration HQ, hope we get to visit it often. Really think this book could benefit from having a home base of some kind and I like the little we've seen so far. I think Jewel is really working in her new role. I just enjoy Sonic just being affable with everyone. And Tangle is infectiously optimistic. I don't know, I like these characters even if they can be fairly simple personality wise sometimes. It feels very refreshing compared to the sortof bogged down feeling the Archie comics often felt like. Tangle reminds me on Mina in a way, but in Archie Mina tried to be a Freedom Fighter but couldn't due to lack of experience. Feel like Tangle getting to do her own thing with her own ability with no ifs and buts just feels pleasant and fun. So yeah, I'm having fun with Evan Stanley. Hoping the rest of the arc is good. And hey, more Lanolin the better.
  3. Well, that's a shame if that is the case. Hopefully Ian Flynn can maybe confirm that eventually on his podcast if it isn't happening this year or not. I know it sounds entitled but really, stuff like this just makes me think the sooner we get a second monthly book running alongside the main book, the better. Hopefully there's perhaps another mini-series down the line. As for #41:
  4. Minor point, but shouldn't we be hearing news about the 2021 annual soon? I would of thought it would be coming out within a few months hopefully.
  5. Huh, for whatever reason I thought there was a lot more waiting time for them. My memory is very hazy though. I guess we'll see what happens. Like I say though, decent chance we'll get an Olympics game this year as well I would think, unless we know someone else got the Winter Olympics licence.
  6. Not sure how likely it is for the next mainline game to come out this year, considering how they announced Forces nearly a year and half before it came out. Not impossible, but if they want a holiday 2021 release I would think they'd have to announce it soonish. Mind you, we might get a Winter Olympics game. With the exception of Rio 2016, all the Mario and Sonic Olympic games come out roughly October/November before the actual Olympics year. Unless Ubisoft or another company has managed to nab the 2022 Winter Olympics licence, I would assume we'd be getting a new Olympics game. (Although saying that, according to Wikipedia, apparently Tokyo 2020 hasn't sold over 1 million units since it hasn't made Wikipedia's best selling Switch games. So, I'm not sure how well Tokyo did.) As for my thoughts, I mean really it's hard not to go down the fannish path isn't it? Feels like you could do some fun episodes just diving into some of Sonic's earlier continuities. You could make some really fun episode by revisiting Sonic Underground. "I'm a prince in this dimension!? I have a brother and a sister!? I'm in a band trying to save the planet!?!?" Not to mention it seems like a way that you could effectively just retell some game plots. Visit Lost Hex to do Lost World, visit a world under Infinite's thumb for Sonic Forces, a hellscape for Shadow the Hedgehog's game etc. That and the possibility of so many characters to make appearances. I mean for goodness sake, the premise screams for Blaze and the Sol Dimension to show up. But yeah, need to temper expectations. It's a CGI show which means limited budget and limited resources. I'm sure that for every universe Sonic discovers, they'll probably be another episode for Sonic to revisit that universe to make the most out of it. And certainly while I'd love for Sonic characters to turn up every episode, I imagine it'll probably be more limiting than what we like. Wouldn't be surprised if they try and avoid groups and we get weird things like Vector turning up without the Chaotix, or maybe just Sally Acorn without the Freedom Fighters. Wouldn't surprise me if like Boom, the core cast is just Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, and I'm sure we'll get one original character for the show at least. Not to mention I'm sure Sega has their own mandates. Hopefully the show will be good. I mean, it has better than Sonic Underground, right? It would be nice to see alot of characters make appareances, Blaze and Silver especially since they've never gotten the chance.
  7. Very late to the party on this, but I did want to throw out there that the plot of issue #127, where Sonic is stuck in a pod in a world which is evolving extremely fast, is the plot of a Star Trek: Voyager episode, "Blink of an Eye". That episode aired in 2000, #127 came out in 2003. Pretty good episode actually, sortof dives into the plot a bit more over the 45 minute runtime. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blink_of_an_Eye_(Star_Trek:_Voyager) Also sure there is a Treehouse of Horror story from The Simpsons and a Futurama episode which have similar ideas too, where a civilization evolves exponentionally quickly. Throwing my hat into the ring too quite late, but yeah, I enjoyed the Tossed in Space stories as well. They're just a bit of fun really, nice just to get away from all the drama on Mobius. Even the story where Sonic returns isn't too bad either, I think doing a 1 year time gap can be a smart move. Nice to see some things come of it like Mina now being a pop star, Knuckles is now just a regular with Knothole now rather than being stuck on Angel Island, some nice character redesign tweaks. But then you get stuff that doesn't work, Antoine is now a hardass jerk, Bunnie and Antoine being pissed at each other is annoying character melodrama, Mina's new boyfriend Ash is a dick for drama. Not to mention it seems like they want to try and convince us that this war with Eggman is a new situation, but, it isn't. I mean, what, was the fighting with Eggman before just a skirmish, now it's a war for some reason. Really I actually think they should of used the opportunity to introduce a new bad guy or threat, like someone says to Sonic "well, there is also the Crimson Empire who has taken over the Eastern continent of Mobius, but we know nothing about them, who leads them...", basically some foreshadowing. And ofcourse, M25YL. Borderline hilarious for how bad it is and how Penders seems to have no understanding of what kids want from their comics. It's amazing and baffling.
  8. Oh dear. You're not far away from reaching Mobius: 25 Years Later, that starts in issue #131, and basically serves as the next set of Knuckles's stories at the back of the book for a dozen or more issues. It is peak Ken Penders. Mobius: 30 Years Later is Sonic Universe #5-#8, and written by Ian Flynn. It is, unsurprisingly, alot better. Not sure if anything more is done with it after that. I've said this before but I am enjoying your reviews. Really, it makes me think that I need to get back on reading Archie Sonic, I think I stopped around #225 and I really need to hop back and just finish everything. I don't know if you have done this already, but at some point, I hope you take the time to maybe archive your reviews somewhere so they can be kept safe and easy to find.
  9. Well, trauma can really do wonders on your personality. Wouldn't be surprised if Whisper before was more outgoing, carefree, perhaps very girly. Would be fun to see what Whisper is more like now that she has friends and is able to heal herself emotionally, would be a little funny to find out she can be girly at times.
  10. I find all the talk about rights very interesting. I do find it a little funny though how Archie can hold the rights to a certain design of the Freedom Fighters, but not the characters they are attached too. It'd be like, I dunno, Sally gets a special prom dress for a single issue, and that Archie would have to be commissioned if Sega wanted to put Sally in a game, and use that prom dress as an unlockable costume.
  11. That the episode where That was pretty brutal, but to be honest, I can't say I'd imagine switching over to the dub of VRAINS, especially when the dubbing studio still uses 4Kids style censorship.
  12. I wouldn't worry too much about it, I definetly had the same issue when reading Archie Sonic. It gets hard to keep track of things, even when Ian Flynn comes on board and decides to start referencing continuity from a hundred issues ago.
  13. Well, OK. Kindof proves my original point though that 3D CGI does have its limits. I would assume this would be far less of a problem on a 2D animated show?
  14. Well, OK, fine, you still need to design the character for 2D. But I imagine it is far quicker to design a character for 2D, whereas with 3D CGI, from what I understand, not only do you need to make a model sheet to depict the character, you then need to actually build the character model which does take time. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong about that.
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