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  1. Is it bad that I would probably respect Penders a tiny bit more if he just went "Look, I like sexy naked women, and I will put them in my comic because I want too." Rather than all this endless swings and roundabouts trying to justify it.
  2. Personally, I still think getting a second monthly series would be really beneficial for the book, be it another Sonic Universe or some other take which takes place at the same time as the main Sonic book. It would be a great way to do different types of stories and feature different casts at the same time. Not that I don't appreciate the current book + annual mini-series + annual, but I still think sooner or later, I think getting 2 main books would be great. Hell, 2 main books and still having the annual mini-series and annual? I think that would be a dream, would mean there would always be plenty of content. I guess something like that won't happen for a while though, considering the fact that it seems like we are going to be entering a transitionary phase. That, and I'd be surprised if IDW is in a current state right now to really expand. I dunno, maybe in a couple years, it could be a reality.
  3. The future seems interesting. I'm liking that new character's design, she looks adorable, just like Tangle and Whisper. If Sega ever decided to make plush toys of any of the IDW characters, I'd love to buy them and put them on a shelf. As for Bad Guys #1:
  4. If this wern't a kids comic, you'd know for a fact that Starline would be holding a glass of burgandy instead of tea, and a cigar in the other hand.
  5. It is a bit weird the X comics contunity. Eventually by the back 20 issues I think they just give up and have them all set right before Sonic and co leave Earth. I like the X comics, some of them are really funny, but I also kindof wish they took the opportunity to make the comic as the "fourth season", take place after season 3's events. Basically do what IDW are doing in the aftermath of Forces. I don't know, I assume they just wern't allowed to do that? Still, the X comics do have some real gems.
  6. I hope they keep it ambiguous enough so both the "they're besties!" crowd and the "they're GFs!" crowd can be happy. They're best friends, who just happen to make out every 5 minutes. (Personally, I'm not sure how to feel about shipping them. I like the idea of Tangle being this great friend of Whisper that helps pull her out of traumatic past, and I'm not sure I like the idea of that relationship becoming sexual. Eh, I'm sure the writers would make it work if they ever decided to go through with it.)
  7. I wonder how much it is intentional and how much it is just the fans reading a bit too deep into it. But yeah, if you ship them, the comic is certainly giving you alot of moments to post about.
  8. The only good thing that seemed to happen is that after real Antoine came back, him and Bunnie got back together like nothing happened, which would lead into them getting married once Flynn took over. But that wedding story is absolute garbage, I'd say Archie Sonic #126 - #159 is the absolute lowpoint of the entire run.
  9. Sonic had an art book released a few years back, but it had such a limited release, I'd wager most people never even knew about it. Don't suppose you could link to it, cause I've never heard of it either? As for the encyclopedia, I'm sure it'll be fine. In a way, I suppose it might answer some of the questions about how Sega views X character or X video game. Kindof hoping there is maybe some kind of shoutout to the various TV show and comic book canons, even if the focus on this will be just the games.
  10. The link just takes me to a Sonic pen set, can't see anything about a new encyclopedia.
  11. Hard to say really. Rough and Tumble will always be henchmen I imagine, although perhaps they could always be redeemed, or become more neutral characters. They're so goofy, I could imagine their is some room for them to be on the good side if the situation ever called for it. Zavok, struggle to see what you can do with him beside send him back to the Lost Hex. Unlike most other Sonic characters, I struggle to think of what you can do with simple characters like the Deadly Six. If Flynn or other writers can think of a good use for him or the others in a story, good on them, but I certainly wouldn't be upset if they just went back to the Lost Hex and were basically written out of the comic. Mimic is an interesting one. He is certainly the most pure evil, but I struggle to imagine him to be the type to ever have any kind of masterplan. Maybe winds up as a sort of villian for hire? Dr Starline is definetly my main focus of the mini-series. I think he makes a great counterpoint to Dr Eggman, and when you think it, also a great counterpoint for Tails. I guess we still don't know too much about what the plot of Bad Guys is (well, unless it's been revealed in solicits but I don't really keep up with them), but I do hope it shows how capable, clever, and cunning Starline is. To me, I think Bad Guys should end in a way that makes me go: "Crap, now Sonic & friends not only have Eggman, but this guy to deal with. They're so screwed." I dunno, I'm excited for this. You can just feel the world of IDW opening up on us. EDIT: Idea for Mimic. How about after Bad Guys, Mimic disappears for a long while. Then BAM! It turns out he has been impersonating a character for a number of issues, and the real character is held captive by Eggman or Starline or whoever he works for?
  12. Yeah, I mean to me, I think the obvious way to do this is through compilations. Ofcourse Heroes or Unleashed aren't classics, but if you put them in a pack that is reasonably priced, like say for example Heroes, Shadow, '06, Unleashed PS3/360, Unleashed PS2/Wii, Colours into a package, with the neccesary features like HD upscaling, fix Unleashed frame rates to run smoothly, stuff like that. Hell, they could always slightly alter the games for some quality of life improvements, like how the Wii U port of Zelda Wind Waker cut down the in-game paywall of the Tri-Force hunt. Heroes could be modified so that you don't have to beat it 4 times with Chaos Emeralds to unlock the last story, '06 could at least have the lives system cut out and maybe have more generous checkpoints, assuming they can't really fix any tech issues with that game. Unleashed could essentially make the Werehog sections optional etc. When Mega Collection Plus and Gems Collection were released, their covers advertised the good games in them. Mega Collection Plus advertised Sonic 1, 2, 3 and K, Gems advertised Sonic CD, Sonic R, Sonic the Fighters, with the Game Gear games really there to fill the package and add some value, rather than be the selling point. Consider how many handheld games there are that havn't left their original systems. Sonic Pocket Adventure, Sonic Advance 1, 2, 3, Sonic Battle, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Colours DS, Generations 3DS, Lost World 3DS, Shattered Crystal, Fire & Ice, Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rivals 2. There are some creative ways you could package this games togther. Or hell, with Sonic Riders, Sonic R, Sonic Rivals, you could probably shove together a good racing compilation. Yeah, one game by itself maybe isn't that strong, but I think the expectation for ports nowadays is to do collections. Just do a collection and make sure the better games are highlighted, and the less strong games help give the package more value.
  13. Yeah, got to agree, this is pretty awful. I read this before but wow, I never really considered just how terrible an adapatation this is. Ofcourse, after this, aside from a single issue dedicated to Sonic Adventure 2, Archie Sonic is going to pretty much ignore whatever the games are doing at the time. Archie slowly drifts further and further into its own lore until the day Ian Flynn takes over in #160, and desperately tries to get the comic to at least resemble game Sonic.
  14. In my mind, her name will always be Lambchop. Would be cool if she very slowly became a character, or at least a nice extra. I suppose ABT would also have to let the other artists use her as well. I find Jewel very interesting, especially since it does feel like Jewel isn't really talked about that much in this thread much. (Although I do tend to miss large chunks of this thread from time to time.) It's interesting, because Jewel isn't quite a major character in the way Tangle or Whisper are, a major player like Dr Starline, or arguably even a clear defined singular role like henchmen Rough and Tumble. Of the new additions, she is by far the most secondary of the permanent cast. And while part of her role is to be a friend and a bit of a foil of Tangle, and makes up the Sonic tradition of being the third member of Tangle and Whisper's team, she hasn't had any major role so far. I guess I'm curious because I just think the writers must have some intention with her, I don't think she would be introduced as a permanent mainstay without some plan in mind. I mention becoming like Sally, but thinking, maybe Jewel will be like Mina from the Archie comics? Start of as a meek side character, but through events, grows into a more confident character who can kick a bit of ass like everyone else, or again, my idea of her maybe making a very goodleader and delegator. I'm not sure Jewel is anyone's favourite character yet, unlike the love Tangle and Whisper are getting, including from me. But I dunno, I want to give Jewel a chance, and sortof hoping she becomes a character that rises to be as great as Tangle and Whisper are right now.
  15. I have no idea when it happens, but Penders does indeed rename "Floating Island" to "Angel Island" sometime in the run, but ofcourse with a Penders-esque reason behind it. Still enjoying your reviews. Will be fun to read your review of the single issue they dedicate to adapting Sonic Adventure 2.
  16. I really don't care about the ages of Sonic characters, so in my mind, I tend to just assume all of them are roughly the same age at 18, with say Tails being more like 16, and Cream and Charmy just being 10 or 12 or something. I think one big mistake alot of the Archie run makes is taking the ages seriously, with Sonic and friends actually being treated like literal teenagers at points. I like to think the likes of Sticks, Chris Thorndyke and other human characters from X, the Freedom Fighters, etc, all exist in the Sonic game canon, it's just they're are in parts of the world Sonic has never visited. The FFs are fighting against a different dictator rather than Eggman.
  17. Something I sometimes do is look up Sonic fanart, see what is out there. Ofcourse, alot of it is about shipping, either ones that are hinted at like Sonic x Amy, Sonic x Sally, Tails x Cosmo etc, or popular ones like Silver x Blaze, Shadow x Rouge etc. It just occured to me though that I have never seen any piece that ever paired Sonic x Princess Elise, despite it being one of the few canon relationships out there. So I am curious, has anyone ever seen fanart, or a fan out there, who liked Sonic x Elise? I think I just find it humourous since in Sonic '06, it pushes that relationship quite forward, then has Silver and Blaze as just friends, but Silver x Blaze is like one of the most popular ships out there.
  18. I've followed this thread on and off since the IDW issues started coming out, and yeah, there definetly was a lot of complaints about each issue featuring the formula of Sonic + reintroducing an ally for an issue. It was only when the metal virus arc really kicked off, and we've now had a few issues with Sonic barely in them that particular issue has vanished. Not to mention from the summaries of #31-#34, it sounds like we're going to be getting some plots with Sonic not really involved in them, so it definetly feels like the book is confident enough to let other characters carry a story without needing Sonic present.
  19. Got to love Penders logic here: 3 characters are untouchable... but any character who is mentioned in Y25L MUST wind up in that position. So Sonic and Sally must marry, and Sonic must become king, despite Sally being the actual monarch. How about Tails and Mina marrying despite that being a throw away line with no build up whatsoever? Well guess that must happen now, since Penders decrees it. He's basically saying he gets to dictate the ending of Archie Sonic, which is kind of amazing. If this insane arragement actually happened, I imagine the writers would just exile Locke, Julie-Su, and most other Penders OCs somewhere immedietly, never to be heard from again, just to never have to contact him to get his permission on a series he is putting no work into. I might as well throw out a question, since I don't subscribe to Pender's Twitter and havn't read most of this long thread. Has Penders ever given opinions on Sonic characters or anything Sonic that he didn't really focus on? Like Shadow, Rouge, Blaze, Silver, basically characters people actually do care about. Just out of pure curiosity.
  20. Well, when I say, I do mean when it comes to details. I think at this point Modern Sonic's design is set in stone for example, he's always going to have green eyes, the shoe design etc. But there is how tall he is, what shade of blue he is, stuff like that. Not to mention ofcourse that the designs can look different when the new games use newer engine graphics. I think there needs to be a reevaluation of the characters, their personalities, their roles, and their designs. I'm not advocating doing something radical like Sonic Boom, but I think there needs to be some vision. Going back to Rouge, say for example they decided to make her a GUN agent again, so perhaps they can redesign the outfit to reflect that. Could still keep the colour scheme and the lovehearts, but maybe make it slightly more sleaker, it the outfit goes up to her shoulders and over her chest. That kindof thing.
  21. I'd go for Metal Virus. Yeah, the pacing is all over the place. The first couple of issues take maybe a little too long for it to kick into gear, and then it feels like the pacing flies all over the place once the Zeti take center stage. Yeah, everyone is cured at the end, but then so what? It's not like the writers every lied about it. And it doesn't mean nothing has changed. The arc establishes how much of a threat Eggman is. It shows what Metal Sonic is really like with his master. It introduces and sets up Dr. Starline as a threat that while similar to Eggman in terms of genius, is completely different in terms of mentality. It puts so many characters in different situations. Shows how close knit the Chaotix are. Shows Tails trying to be as brave as he can. Shows Amy try her best to lead a doomed resistance. Puts Cream in the spotlight in a fight she hates against her polar opposite. Helps flesh out Tangle and Whisper with Tangle's bravery and utter faith in Sonic, while Whisper has to go through more pain but eventually perseveres. I do think the Metal Virus arc is going to age better when able to be read in hindsight, when issues #13-#30 are all out, and COVID-19 is eventually a memory. I love how the IDW run has so easily transisitioned from being a comic very focused on Sonic with the rest of the cast acting like guest characters, to one where Sonic can be absent from multiple issues while his friends take the center stage. The first arc felt a bit restricted but it does feel like the world is beginning to open up and flourish, especially with the Bad Guys mini-series hinting at the fact that Sonic and co now have several adversaries to be dealing with. So yeah, I'm happy.
  22. Great review as always. Kindof a shame the Knuckles book ended on a pretty fillerish story, but as you show, it does still highlight alot of the problems of Penders writing. You compare Hunter to alot of things, but one big is that he seems to of gotten some inspiration from Francisco Scaramanga, the Bond villian from The Man with the Golden Gun. In that film, Scaramanga has a big duel with Bond at the end of the movie, and his character love to try and find opponents to engage in deadly duels for pleasure. Penders is a big Bond fan, and there are a few Bond references that turn up in his Sonic comics, like the Sally mini-series first issue being a Goldfinger tribute, and Geofrey basically being a Bond stand-in. You've also got this trace of Scaramanga from KTE #31.
  23. Not sure if it was brought up, but the original cover of #30 featured ABT's sheep fan character before she was edited out. Also turns out the sheep girl is called Lanolin, although honestly it just makes me want to nickname her Lambchop instead. She still doesn't have a page on the wiki but I like to keep an eye out for this easter egg, for whatever reason.
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