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  1. All of those assumptions about me and my motivations, and he does this. Nothing left to say.
  2. So in other words, you are essentially presuming I have an issue with the idea of someone disagreeing with me, and are stating that when I further elaborate my point that I am motivated by pure annoyance at your "defending" him? I think it's quite clear from everything you've assumed so far that you are in fact the one being influenced by irrational emotions. I think our 'discussion' ends here.
  3. Then why are you telling me " 1. Because he doesn't agree with that. " when I stated " I don't really see how you can have that opinion when this is information people need to know about. ". Not once did I state he is not allowed to have an opinion but you threw some presumptions in there. All I stated was that I don't see how he can have his view, not that he isn't entitled to it. Actually, It kinda does, because you seem to have an issue with someone's opinion being put into question on a discussion forum, so in response I stated why that said view is questionable and I felt needs criticism.
  4. Just because someone can have an opinion doesn't make that opinion understandable. News is intended to be something to keep information updated on a consistent basis, not something you wait till everything is concluded. If you did it this way, it would go against entirely what we as a society use news for, to keep updated on the current situation. People need to be informed what's going on with their money/investments and one of their favorite comics. These websites didn't outright say it was going to be cancelled, but there was enough evidence to suggest the possibility, and people were already posting on forums. So once again, I do not understand that view.
  5. To have that opinion you'd be essentially saying that when news occurs, it shouldn't be posted. This is news, something that affects people on a large enough basis and with actual evidence to support the concerns. I don't really see how you can have that opinion when this is information people need to know about. It's pretty concerning when the company's employees themselves have no idea what is going on.
  6. I know this is a joke, but not everyone who plays Sonic games is like this. I'm interested in who the voice actor is to see if he's done other work in other video games and possibly cartoons/anime. He did pretty well in the last game and there are those who liked his inclusion. Thank you for looking by the way.
  7. I'll go ahead and quote this as it was missed, and SumoRex didn't know either.
  8. Actually, this is better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufNmphZe4HU
  9. Except only two are going to work unless there are some moderate hardware changes shown at e3. Either way, the controllers are rather big themselves and not everyone wants to use a touch screen controller. That doesn't mean they don't want to play console Nintendo games, though.
  10. I'm hoping the Wii U is 1080p native for games, and it has decent online. Bonus points if they make a normal controller specifically for it.
  11. It's also one of the reasons why I tend to like this "cartoon" style they're using with Sonic now. At this point it's extremely difficult to take any Sonic related story seriously if you combine it with the past, but if they move on and keep it simple with light, corny humor, it's not so bad. I also can't really say they can't do it as they have before with Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure 1 and Sonic 3/Knuckles. However, their track record now is way too low for them to even consider stories as such.
  12. Apparently he was chased in the streets in this video. then after that video, his fans chased him on speedboats. http://www.viddy.com...f0-b593121c31fd
  13. The Werehog itself is just one of the worst ideas I've ever seen in gaming. The mere thought of a "Werewolf Hedgehog" seems more of a joke than a serious idea. The issue with Silver is that the last major Sonic game (Adventure 2) already added a more edgier Hedgehog main character. Later on that same Hedgehog got his own game which was absolutely terrible. Now the point is that it's not that he had a bad game, but why continue making edgy main Hedgehog characters? Shadow was pushing it already, but it actually ended up turning decent once you played the game. Silver is just unwanted for so many different reasons and he doesn't bring anything new to the table. My issues with Silver is the lack of control the character has, and that seems like an overpowered fan character. Shadow is getting there too, and I feel the Shadow The Hedgehog game should have never happened. All in all 06 never happened technically, but to SEGA, 2006 never happened in reality as they tried to get rid of the game from stores and fail to bring it up when they are interviewed about worse Sonic games. I think it's also the idea is that these characters really just put a damper on any chance Sonic has of having a decent story. They are extremes instead of being balanced.
  14. In the end, it's only what you think that matters towards what you like or dislike. There are very opinionated people everywhere, letting them effect your own opinions is letting them have control over you. Self control is very important, just exercise it more strongly when dealing with these circumstances.
  15. If it's Sonic Heroes Metal Sonic, then Metal Sonic.
  16. I think there's a solid chance they might port this decently since it's Iizuka's "Sonic Adventure 2 debut of Shadow" + that Jet Set Radio port is looking good.
  17. Made this because it reminded me of it.
  18. I'll repost what I posted elsewhere. I always thought this was funny and it also didn't make sense. It's like, the guy could've stopped him right there and ended everything. He even warned Dr. Robotnik that "his days are numbered". Why would he warn Robotnik? So terrible.
  19. Is this actually real? [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K4hDpqvjpM I didn't realize you could play as Big The Cat in the original Sonic Adventure 2 for multiplayer. However I'm not really into the character, though.
  20. Put this on PC SEGA and this time don't do a lazy port. I'd like glorious 1080p Chao Gardens.
  21. I tend to like listening to languages I actually understand. However, I will listen to a Japanese audio track if I think the voices are better suited for it. For Sonic? Yeah, it loses all it's "cool" feel whenever I tried it. Sonic is just something I'd never want to listen to in Japanese.
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