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  1. Happy Birthday MeteorSmash!! :)

  2. Ada...What the hell is going on here?!

  3. In SADX, sometimes Knuckles and Eggman would appear near the Emerald Shrine, unconscious, when playing as Knuckles...this is a glitch I've never been able to trigger, it just happened randomly, I found it really weird...
  4. If you have the PC version it will never get old...awesome mods get released from time to time and make it feel fresh...mainly why I don't play the console version anymore, even then I would say SG wins over Colors due to the nostalgia it brings to many, and the fact that they used the right type of gameplay for modern sonic again, instead of making him slow and frustrating like they did in Colors.
  5. Yeah...I shouldn't have expected much from a Wii Sonic game, the Gamecube and HD console mainstream games are more my thing. Nonetheless, I was still extremely disappointed.
  6. Settle down guys...I compare it to SU and SG since the game itself is supposedly the last piece of the "trilogy", werehog has nothing to do with...anything really, I'm comparing Sonic stages, not Sonic the werehog with Colors stages, that makes no sense. And anyway most have forgotten about it ever since SG came out...it wasn't really that memorable, just mediocre in many ways.
  7. "Sonic Colors is a godsend" ... I disagree completely, it's slow...doesn't capture sonic's speed like SU or SG, the graphics suck, and on top of everything else, the dialogue could make most teenagers/adults cringe...all I can praise is the soundtrack... "Tails is awesome, he should follow Sonic around forever!"....nope, I'm tired of him appearing time and time again overshadowing the rest of the characters...If we're talking about classic, I prefer Knuckles or Amy any day.
  8. Hmmm...I was told I should definitely avoid the Wii U version of this.
  9. I must fight for the future...fake Sonic must die.

  10. Gay person makes gay comment

    1. Solkia


      grab my pokeballs

    2. Neon



    3. Winston
    4. Sly4Good


      that guy from Degrassi who I don't know the name of....

    5. Chooch


      I made a gay comment?

    6. Wentos


      It's... super effective?

  11. Yeah that's true at least, he left quite an impression on most people.
  12. Um...but most people in Unleashed don't seem to have the slightest idea who Sonic is...
  13. For me it'd have to be the gay furry guy from Empire City hub who gives you missions, iirc he described Sonic in werehog form as a "sexy beast".
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