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  1. The same thing could almost be said about SG. I don't see that many people praising that anymore or find it all that memorable either. Also, everytime a new Sonic game is announced people seem to always forget about the previous game and bring up that dreaded Sonic cycle.


    If you have the PC version it will never get old...awesome mods get released from time to time and make it feel fresh...mainly why I don't play the console version anymore, even then I would say SG wins over Colors due to the nostalgia it brings to many, and the fact that they used the right type of gameplay for modern sonic again, instead of making him slow and frustrating like they did in Colors.

  2. "Sonic Colors is a godsend" ... I disagree completely, it's slow...doesn't capture sonic's speed like SU or SG, the graphics suck, and on top of everything else, the dialogue could make most teenagers/adults cringe...all I can praise is the soundtrack...


    "Tails is awesome, he should follow Sonic around forever!"....nope, I'm tired of him appearing time and time again overshadowing the rest of the characters...If we're talking about classic, I prefer Knuckles or Amy any day.

  3. When was the shadster in crisis city?

    It's the PC version mod that's been around for a while.

    Woah, nods to previous games in a game made to nod previous games!

    Sonic does his Sonic Adventure pose as a trick finished iirc....

    When I got my 360 version I could notice he did some sort of trick in the distance ... but of course there's no way you can spot it that way... it wasn't until a few days ago that I decided to record with Fraps and then pause it out of curiosity, and I was actually surprised at first to find out he was posing that way.

  4. This isn't an opportunity to act like a jackass.

    And I still don't follow your logic. If there is a game on the Wii U, say Colours 2, its existance should be indifferent to you. If you don't like it, its not a reason against buying one, it simply wouldn't be a reason to buy one. Do you follow? Colours 2 isn't a negative, its neutral, even if you don't like it.

    Seriously, what is the point of this comment?

    Ugh anyway, this is a pointless debate.

    Colours 2 or not, I will reserve my judgement until I see it with my own two eyes, I won't assume that it will automatically be exactly the same as the original Colours (be that a good thing or a bad thing). After all SA2 functioned completely differently to SA1 (no hubworld, more linear stages, 3 characters per story rather than 6 individual stories and so on), by that logic Colours 2 could be almost completely different to its predecessor.

    Alright...then I guess I should rather re-structure my statement, *ahem*: Since I'm not interested in any WiiU game including Colors 2 (if it were to exist), that gives me enough reason at the moment not to buy the console. Is this logic good enough now? either way you've won.

    And as for your last paragraph...if it's gonna significantly change from the original game, I would hope it runs on the hedgehog engine, a higher framerate and focuses more on core Sonic gameplay like SG keeping the Wisp gimmicks at minimum. THEN I would probably have some interest in it regardless if the story sucks, though I don't think the whole Colors comedy thing will return...considering they didn't overdo it that way in SG.

  5. No, I don't think you understand. A game simply cannot be a reason not to buy a console. It can't even be considered one of the reasons. Why? Because you don't have to buy a game you don't like. You can dislike the Wii U all you want (I don't think much of its supposed list of titles too tbh), but Colours 2 existing cannot be considered a reason not to buy it. Its basically the equivalent of not buying a PS3 because Call of Duty is one of the titles on offer, its just flawed logic.

    Oh yeah, definately. Basically every game in the region of 1998 - 2007.

  6. I can name half a dozen Sonic games with worse writing than Colours.

    Besides, the writing in that game isn't reason enough to not buy a sequel, especially if it improves in the 3D gameplay department. Certainly it isn't reason enough to not by an entire console.

    Which is why I said it adds to my reasonS not to buy the console. I have many issues with the WiiU, and after being a disappointed Wii owner I'd have to have a pretty strong reason to make the same mistake and buy the console as soon as it comes out. But I won't go over that as it's offtopic. You think the other games have worse script?...o..k then.

  7. Colors sequel? No thanks, the first one had too much 2D for my liking and the shittiest writing in a Sonic game or any game for that matter that I've ever heard...SG did it right gameplay wise but the story leaves a lot to be desired...still it's a breeze of fresh air after that load of crap Colors offered...assuming the WiiU had Sonic Colors 2 as a first Sonic title, that adds to my reasons not to buy the console...

  8. Well if they keep repeating the SU formula over and over like they've been doing lately they should actually take a break...because we get a main title almost every year or two, and at that pace as great of a formula it is, I'ts gonna bore the hell out of me fast...don't know about the rest of the fanbase...I just got used to the whole new formula per game thingy, and now getting the same game over and over has come as quite a shock to me...

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