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  1. Re-reading that interview quote, I've suddenly realised something that I'm a little worried about. That 2D sonic will continue, but with sega doing it themselves. Who knows, with 2D as a main focus from the start maybe they'll do it well, but honestly I'd be super worried if they announced a Mania 2 only to later say none of the original team had been brought back for it.
  2. I feel like it mainly comes down to art direction. Forces engine is definitely above Unleashed's in many technical aspects, but your right that it can be difficult to tell visually since sadly the actual assets used per level don't measure up. Unleashed had well designed pixar like meshes with high detailed textures and well thought out global illumination making much of the game stand up today if not for the poor framerate. Forces meshwork on the other hand is on the level of minecraft. I'm not blaming the modellers for that at all- it's the direction each stage took in general where even something as vibrant, detailed and slopey as Green Hill looks like it was created in a voxel model building tool. Take Generations Green Hill as comparison.
  3. I dunno, I don't see any way for this to be true personally. When I was younger I completed lots of 3D games including adventure and heroes on a keyboard. It's not ideal, and I know better now to use a gamepad, but at the time I didn't have an issue with difficulty, and I've read of many others who were\are the same. More so, PC contributed to only one out of four (in the case of heroes) review scores, while Generations sits at the same 77 on metacritic as the X360 version. Not to mention Sonic Teams focus is likely on the consoles, with PC being so unpopular in Japan. I highly doubt one possible control scheme on one platform is responsible for changing how modern sonic games are made today.
  4. For a game like forces I'd agree that set pieces are indeed important at times, taking the first levels as an example where there's always something happening in the background, with the Death Egg Robots attacking and what not. Thinking back to Generations City Escape Classic, I really appreciated the use of the GUN truck in that stage. It didn't just appear at the end for a final rush, it actually ended up being used in the level design it's self, appearing menacingly in the background, chasing you in the foreground, and quite literally smashing alternate paths out of existence if you aren't quick enough. Yet it doesn't punish you with instant death if you aren't quick enough, your just forced to use a lower path, in good keeping with Sonic's traditional approach to skill based paths. Additionally, not every stage used this approach, nor should it have in my opinion. Same with Adventure 2, if every stage had nothing but scripted action sequences, not only would it lessen the appeal of the sequences that are in the game today, but it would entirely change what made SA2 such a popular game in the fandom in the first place. Personally, I would argue that this more interactive style of set piece is far more effective then having a camera zoom in on the truck preventing you from seeing where your going, forcing the level design for that segment to have no challenge so you can at least get to the end without having to memorize every ramp by trial and error. At any rate, pre-animated & scripted set pieces, however interactive, are not (imo) viable for use as a replacement for proper engaging level design. An exciting end doesn't excuse the tedium of what comes before it.
  5. What's with the price? The console versions can be had on Argos for £27, the steam version is £34. As disheartening as it is that Sega don't seem interested in removing denuvo, steam tells me that Forces is already in the top sellers, so I guess that explains they're apathy to the situation of legitimate consumers. On the subject of DLC the description is a little confusing, it seems to imply that episode shadow (and a Sega Pack, whatever that is) is available only to the Digital Bonus Edition, not the pre-order edition. To my knowledge, there isn't even a PC version of the digital bonus edition.
  6. For those interested, the US soundtrack is 26.3 MB, and the JP one is 22.4 MB, and they are ogg files. The videos for the intro and endings are 191 MB combined, making up the bulk of the game.
  7. I don't personally mind the songs being entirely FM synth on paper, but I'm worried about getting another Sonic 4 situation in execution, where everything sounds the same. That's not how the Classic music worked, and it's part of why Sonic 4's music didn't work (imo). To be honest, I feel that using FM as a compliment, rather then for the whole song, like how Generations handled it, would be more appropriate for this sort of 3D title. Still, we've only heard one song so far. It'd be good to know who the singer for the main theme is, too. Perhaps at E3?
  8. I've combined the videos into an audio file, with the official Sonic video being on the left channel, and the Sega Europe one on the right channel, for those interested. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8H0B5rF2we0N0szUGZaaEhXaTA/view?usp=sharing The music does actually sync up perfectly, up until the end where a different loop is played (1:27). The sound effects do not sync up despite the gameplay being the same (that I can tell).
  9. The official sonic youtube has a slightly different version of the video to the sega one? The music is playing a different part when sonic crosses the goal post. The music sounds slightly different to me too, but i'm not too sure.
  10. At the very start of the video you can see two mountains load in on the right. That reminds me of the Egg Dragoon fight from Generations, how some jump pads wouldn't load in time and you couldn't get to the rails. Could mean asset streaming hasn't really improved from generations. I hope the game wont suffer on slower mechanical drives or optical media. The 3D grass in the screen shots on twitter though, so nice. Listening purely to the composition of the music and not the instrumentation used, it sounds very much like something from lost world. It's grown on me, but it's probably not good for a sonic song to take time to like. The instrumentation is not varied enough for me, it all sounds a bit samey, like Sonic 4.
  11. Could it mean that the level is part of a brief playable cutscene? For example, a wordless explanation from Classic Sonic as to how he got there? (I don't know about the sand though). It could explain the linearity and lower then normal detailing, if it was only supposed to show up briefly. Maybe not, it's just the quote seems to refer to the stage it's self as the 'dialogue', although context through auto-translate is never a good way to tell.
  12. Huh.. I wonder if it could be related to robotnik's extractor whatsit from Lost World? Perhaps it was used on not-greenhill, turning the water to sand. Generations continued where Colours left off story wise, so it's not impossible that forces could continue on from SLW, although I'd consider it unlikely with the reception the game got and it's mess of a plot anyway.
  13. I've always liked how Palmtree Panic Bad Future looked. If Sandgreenhill Zone has already been conquered, I would have expected it to look a little more like that. Instead of "It's green hill zone but it has sand now". But hey, we have no idea where\when that zone takes place.
  14. Maybe that door the 'Eggmen' were looking for at the end of generations was the Collections Room all the way to the left of the hub, and they messed with sonic's history in there. ... :V
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