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  1. Its interesting that this is the only place that pretty much outright hates the song. But it seems to have been recieved fairly well on other social media platforms, and its a pretty mixed reception on Reddit.

    I think everyone should relax, it's only a sample. I love Crush 40, and wish they were still the go to guys for Sonic music. But aside from a few covers, they haven't contributed heavily to a Sonic game since Black Knight. For me Black Knight, is a great example. When the sample versions of the music for that game came out, I didn't really like them. I thought the vocals sounded awkard and clunky, while sounding like they were pasted over exsisting music. But when the game came out and we got to listen to the full versions, I thought they were awesome and that Crush 40 was back. The same thing could happen with Fist Bump.

  2. As a long time fan of Hoobastank, I'm pretty excited to have Doug as a part of Sonic Forces, and hope he continues to do more songs in future games, maybe even get the rest of the band involved.

    Hoobastank is an awesome band, and are grossly underrated, I'm still amazed and glad that they're still together, still making music and touring.

    Though judging by everyones comments, I can see that I'm in the minority.

  3. - The remaining episodes of Darkwing Duck, would be nice. Not sure why Disney stopped after 2 volumes.

    Spider-Man: TAS, how this show has managed to elude a complete series release in the US is beyond me, when Disney has put out the other 90's Marvel shows complete on DVD. You'd think Spider-Man would be a given. 

    Mighty Ducks: TAS, I'm sure the show hasn't aged well but I loved it when I was a kid, and I'd love to own it and relive it again.

    - Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001), my understanding on why this show hasn't gotten a US release is because the show is stuck in licensing limbo. Disney acquired the series when they bought the Fox Kids library from Saban in 2002. Since then Saban has reacquired some of their programming, but 'Car Robots', was not among those shows, and its unknown if whether or not Disney still owns the series. With the massive success of the Bayformers movies you would think Disney would want to capitalize on it by releasing the show on DVD like they did with the Marvel shows in the early 2000's.

    - Shaman King, I don't care if its a redub (unlikely) or license rescue of the 4Kids dub by DiscoTek. This show needs a complete release on DVD.

    - TMNT 2K3, Nick stop messing around with those shitty volume releases with 3 random episodes on them. This show deserves better than that. Really wish 4Kids finished their season sets before Nick bought the franchise.

  4. 3 hours ago, QuantumEdge said:

    To be honest, I can completely forgive the cutscenes, given their age.  What I can't excuse is the English voice acting, I mean holy crud...  It's damn near Resident Evil stiff.

    This. The acting is atrocious in both SA games, and Sonic Shuffle, it only got mildly better in Heroes. Its so bad I can't believe anyone was up in arms when 4Kids opted not to use those actors in Sonic X, and got even angrier when Sega later made the X cast the official cast of the games. Think what you want, but the 4Kids cast were far better actors than anyone in the SA cast. Even when the acting was bad it still wasn't nearly as bad as any of those guys. I still think its a shame we lost the 4Kids cast, as they really improved as it went along, and the voices are still the voices I associate with the characters to this very day. I miss them, but at least we still have Mike.

    The only decent actors out of the SA cast were Ryan Drummond and David Humphrey, and thats become even more apparent to me since I just recently started to replay both games. Everyone else is terrible.

    The lip sync always bugged me about those games, and theres really no excuse for it when there are other games that came out around that time had much better lip sync. The background music drowning out the dialouge was annoying too. Its been awhile since I played it but, I think Heroes is where they finally improved the lip sync, but I think the music still drowned out the voices.

  5. I can do a pretty spot on Jason Griffith Sonic impression. I can also do both Griffith and David Humphrey Shadow voices. I used to be able to do Dan Green's Knuckles, but these days not so much. I guess I just forgot how to do it lol. But Sonic and Shadow, I never stopped, I do them all the time.

    Aside from that, when I was younger I used to run with my arms behind me, sometimes I still catch myself doing it. Sometimes I tap my foot, but I just incorporated that myself over time. I enjoy a chilli dog or two every now and then, but thats not to feel like Sonic, I just like them. Though it was Sonic that started it for me.

  6. 7 hours ago, Hyobu Kyosuke said:

    You mean like that incomplete one? I have no idea if they're out of print or not, but I managed to get a hold of one from Amazon. It was costly, yes, but very worth it.

    Just checked and its out of stock. Damn.

  7. 7 hours ago, Darth InVaders said:




    yea they are vastly different

    If you watch the Japanese version of Tails reaction to Cosmo's death (which I just posted above), you'll see Tails blaming Sonic for failing to save Cosmo, not much Sonic can do there

    We talked about that already. Kids shows that are broadcast on Saturday mornings due to FCC's BS&P are prohibited to show death. Cable networks like CN or Nick are able to get away with a little more though. But broadcast channels like Fox, CW, ABC, NBC or CBS have stricter guidelines to follow. Even with the changes made to those specific events in the dub, unless you're oblivious its still fairly obvious that Maria, Molly, and Cosmo died. Okay, maybe not so much with Molly. It does appear as if she ran away in the English version, I'll give you that. But Cosmo and Maria, theres really no way around it. They're dead and its obvious. But neither of those things make the dub vastly differen't from the Japanese version. Try again.

  8. 8 minutes ago, SonicComicFanboy said:

    In terms of obscure or at least lesser known things I own.  I still have my Sonic The Hedgehog Look & Find and Sonic Chapter books from when I was a kid.


    I also had some classic sonic folders for school back in the day.


    And to this day I regret never trying the Sonic Ice-Cream. XD 

    Oh yeah that reminds me, I had a Sonic TrapperKeeper when I was in elementry school. I just came across it again not that long ago, I'll have to try and dig it up again. I also had a few folders too, they had Sonic playing his own game on them, Carnival Night Zone sticks out to me.

    Were those chapter books bought through Schoolastic? I had "Robotnik's Revenge" and "Friend or Foe".  Wish I still had them.

  9. On 1/24/2017 at 9:19 AM, CleverSonicUsername said:


    For some reason I've held onto this thing. I think it's a shoelace covering, I had it since I was really little. For the life of me I cannot find images of it elsewhere, but then I don't really know what those things are even called. It was buried in my closest until I saw this thread and suddenly remembered it.

    I had those when I was a kid. Even had a pair of black Sonic sneakers with Sonic doing his classic finger wave pose on the sides. Oddly enough the shoed used the SatAM title logo instead of Sega's. Sadly I haven't the slightest idea where any of these are today. 

    Another cool thing I had was a Sonic gumball container. Sonic was molded in that Sonic 1 pose again, and hid quils actually poped off from the back of his head to get to the gumballs inside. Wish I still had it.

    I do remember seeing Sonic Valentines Day cards in stores.

  10. Speaking of soundtracks, does anyone know if and where you can still get a copy of the Japanese soundtrack? I'm talking physical disc, not a download. 

    I'm sure its long out of print, and I used to be able to find it on eBay pretty often back when the show was running. These days not so much. 

  11. 4 hours ago, Sen said:

    With that said, I don’t think it’s entirely fair to presume much if you’ve only seen a select few episodes— how can you know what is important if you only watch a small handful in a story-driven narrative? I also disagree with you that it is the “norm” here, many shows that were not handled by 4KID’s handled dark imagery, concepts like death, and so forth without issue. 4KID’s self-righteousness was not the norm nor were its obtuse cuts and poor localizations. I would also like to add to the argument that other production companies who specialized in localizing anime did so with a lot more tact, even for the youth market (ie: Funimation, ADV, etc). This is why 4KID’s is one of those unique cases of the Japanese creators rescinding their license due to their misappropriating and mistreatment. 

    I've seen the majority of the episodes that progress the series forward because I hate filler, and Sonic X has some boring filler episodes. I also skip filler episodes any time I rewatch a series, and the dub is no different. Now to be fair I haven't seen a lot of the Metarex Saga in Japanese, but thats namely because I didn't really like the Metarex Saga, though I did read the comparison threads. 

    I suppose 4Kids did take the censorship a little further than necessary, though I never said Western animation couldn't get dark. But to be fair even 4Kids can get dark, look no further than TMNT 2K3, which is arguably darker than the Nick series. I just don't think the dub is as bad everyone makes it out to be, when the core of the series is intact. 

    I mean lets be honest, Sonic X isn't really a dark series and is very much a kids show. So they removed references to alcohol, removed the sexual inuendos, and sugar coated death. But those things were always going to be removed regardless of what studio was localizing the series, because Sega of America would never deem those things appropriate. As it was things had to go through Sega, thats why 4Kids had to go back and re-edit Tikal's dialouge on the end of Episode 17 after its original broadcast to be closer to the games.

    My memory may be faulty, but aside from DBZ what else has Funimation marketed towards kids? And even then people complained about the cuts and edits done to DBZ Kai for Nicktoons and The CW4Kids, despite the fact that FUNi was never going to release the broadcast version on DVD anyway. And even then 4Kids was blamed for those edits when it was FUNi that was just following the BS&P of the respective networks.

    I thought One Piece was the only series 4Kids had their license revoked. Which they never should have had in the first place.

  12. 25 minutes ago, Sen said:

    Have you not seen them for yourself?

    Not only were entire segments cut because they were deemed too profane, dark, or visceral for “their audience”— entire frames of dialogue were changed throughout the entirety of the series. This includes changing plot details, removing emotional points in dramatic moments, and the usual affair of change imagery to suit their production company’s agenda; though most enthusiasts of the show will frankly tell you they didn’t do these things as consistently and staunchly as they did to Tokyo Mew Mew or One Piece, but they still persist.

      Hide contents

    One of those many moments where they scrapped the entire tone of a scene, changed dialogue, and removed character development.

    These kind of cuts and edits were dime a dozen with 4KID's, and not just with Sonic X.


    I've been around a long time, and I remember full well when the dub came out. Saw it all go down in real time. Japanese and dub comparisons. I've seen a select few episodes in Japanese, mostly the episodes I deemed important. I realize 4Kids changed a few things that were deemed to dark for children and glossed over things such as death. But again all that stuff is typical in kids programming here. But none of that stuff is enough to make them count as two different shows.

    4Kids for the most part is awful and thank god they're gone. But to say the Sonic X dub is on the level of the hack and slash dubs of Yu-Gi-Oh! and One Piece, is a bit unfair and isn't even close to the truth.

  13. 56 minutes ago, Sen said:

    Yes— and that goes for every single show 4KID’s produced that was a localization as well. Shaman King, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sonic X, One Piece, and so on— they were terribly localized, cut, and edited; and I say that as someone who is generally favorable towards anime localizations (when they are done well). The changes 4KID’s did are not superficial or minor at best. Honestly, it doesn’t take much research to come to this conclusion on your own but much like Kyosuke said it is different enough for many people to create campaigns to getting the show released in its uncut format.

    I'm curious. Really, how are the Japanese and English versions so vastly different from each other? 

  14. 9 hours ago, FantasticMrRobb said:

    So...the Japanese version of Sonic X.

    Always heard it was so much better than the English. I'm the kinda guy that loves all things Sonic, but for me to actually go and watch the entire series again but in Japanese all while reading the subs; it would have to be a major difference in story.

    So tell me those who have watched the Japanese subbed version, is it worth it?

    Eh, I've always felt the complaints and changes to the dub were highly exaggerated. Which is a shame because I feel Sonic X a long with Shaman King are hands down 4Kids' best dubs.

    The changes and cuts 4Kids made are minor at best and are typical standards for Saturday morning programming. None of it drastically alters the story of the show to the point where the Japanese version and the dub are polar opposites of each other like so many fans like to claim. The biggest and most obvious change is the soundtrack, and while the Japanese soundtrack is better, I never found the 4Kids soundtrack to be terrible or unfitting, again highly exaggerated. The only negative thing I have to say about it is, the soundtrack never stops to take a breather. Otherwise both shows are exactly the same no matter what language you watch it in.

    Oh and I think "Gotta Go Fast" is way cooler than "Sonic Drive". The phrase "Gotta Go Fast", is still used officially and by the fanbase 14 yrs later.

  15. 8 hours ago, molul said:

    I was thinking about the special stages. They could add another connection to the classics here: Sonic Spinball. Wouldn't that be cool? I've always wanted a sequel to that great pinball game ^_^

    As someone who sucked at Sonic Spinball, this would make me very upset. I like the throwback, but if its the only way to collect the Chaos Emeralds count me out.

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