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  1. I don't see how Garfield's Peter is a self centered asshole, I really don't. Is it because he stood up to Flash and made an ass out of him in front of everyone in the gym after he just got done being a douche in the first film? I don't see the problem, the man was being an ass and "deserved it". I would've done the same, I have the power. If it's when Peter neglects to pick up Aunt May from work and ignores Uncle Ben's phone call? I can kinda agree with that, but in Peters defense he was busy. Is it when Peter freaks out on uncle Ben for preaching to him about how his father believed in responsibility? I think a lot of people can relate to that moment in the film. Is it when Peter puts Flash against a locker? How was Pete supposed to know Flash was coming over to give him his condolences? This is Flash Thompson, the guy who's been bullying Peter for who knows how long now, and for all he knew Flash was coming over to give him more shit on top of the guilt he already has over Ben's death. Flash needed to be put in his place imo. In the TASM2, aunt May nags Peter about doing his laundry. But I don't see how Peter bantering with her about it is him being an asshole. So he breaks a promise he made to dying man... Ok I get that, but can you honestly say you could stay away from the person you love just because their dying father said so? Yeah not that easy. Honestly who is he to tell Peter what to do, and like Gwen has stated to Peter many times it's not his choice to make. It's made quite clear that Pete and Gwen have broken up a few times over the stupid promise, it's also made pretty apparent that Gwen too actively pursues Peter. If we're talking about Spider-Man's trademark sarcastic wit and humor? That's just Spidey being Spidey, that's exactly how he is in the comics and shows. I don't want another dull and boring Spider-Man like we got in the Raimi films. So basically people want Peter to be the spineless push-over that he was before he was bitten and how the Raimi films portrayed him as through out the whole trilogy? Yeah I'll pass on that.
  2. Actually, Sony doesn't make any money off the franchise other than box office intake, and of course home video release. Sony relinquished their TV rights, and merchandising rights back to Marvel. In exchange Marvel forfeited their involvement in the films and their cut of the box office when they renegotiated their contract after Disney bought Marvel out. Probably wasn't the smartest decision Sony could've made since at this rate Disney's probably making more money off the merchandise than Sony is at the box office.
  3. Skyler Deleon, was an extra on the show but he wasn't a Ranger. Anyway, he's in jail for murder.
  4. Aside from kids and fans, does anyone actually take the Power Rangers brand seriously? Only time I ever hear someone my age talk about Power Rangers its usually within the subject of shows they watched as kids, how bad it was and they don't how they ever watched it. I sense a bomb on our hands here.
  5. I know it would be different to the comics by having multiple Spidermen at the same time, but the films really shouldn't be 100% the same as the comics. Sure, take some key notes from them, but use the pieces that were there before to create something new out of it. The more people you have running around with Spider powers the less unique they are to Spidey himself. As it is there are to many characters in the Marvel universe with the same or similar powers to Spidey. Do we call both of Peter and Miles, Spider-Man in Sony's universe then? You'll piss off fans if you have Miles take on the Scarlett Spider identity, and you'll piss off fans even more if it isn't Ben Reilly, Kaine, or even Joe Wade under Scarlett's mask.
  6. Also the trailers are terrible and are very misleading. The lines "We have you on video surveillance", "NOTHING is what I thought it was", "We can change EVERYTHING", are NOT in the film AT ALL. The trailer makes it look like Electro, Green Goblin, and Rhino are there to fuck shit up, while in the actual film it was just Electro and Green Goblin, with Rhino not even in the story at all (but shoehorned in with no plot relevance). I don't know if it's fair to say Electro's motivation is weak when you put yourself in the mindset of a deranged individual.
  7. Eh, I don't wanna see anybody else under the mask. If its not Peter Parker then it's simply not Spider-Man to me, everyone is else is a faker. Same goes for Batman, Iron Man, and whatever other superheroes that had someone else put on the mask. We haven't even scratched the surface of Pete's rogues gallery in the films, so whats the hurry in replacing him? I'd rather see a Spider-Man 2099 film before they make one about Miles Morales, it's got nothing to do with racism as I'm Hispanic much like Miguel and Miles. Neither will happen though simply because the general audience has no idea who the hell Miguel O'Hara or Miles Morales are. You're mistaken if you think Marvel will develop a Miles Spidey film when the rights inevitably revert, as they no doubt will wanna take a spin with Peter in their universe. If Miles happens it'll be much much later. I will say this though. I really can't stand the arrogant attitudes that come off in interviews with Arad and Tolmach. They act like they own the character outright and its annoying. You guys are merely renting the franchise from Marvel and are on borrowed time. Now I'm in no hurry for Spider-Man to revert back to Marvel Studios, simply because I don't think all of Marvel's movies are that great, and I'm pretty contempt with what Sony's doing with the franchise currently, it's not perfect but neither is the MCU. Still not sure how I feel about the Sinister Six movie though. Do I want to see Spidey join The Avengers? It would be cool, but I'd rather just have Spider-Man exist in the same Marvel Universe. Funny thing is this series was almost in continuity with the MCU, but for whatever the reason the Oscorp building never made it into the skyline in The Avengers due to the design not being finished in time. I think it is still is in spirit though, the technology seen in TASM films and the MCU is virtually the same. But reading interviews with these guys really makes me wish Marvel would just pull the rug out from underneath Sony sometimes.
  8. Saw the film twice, I didn't love it but I didn't hate either. I enjoyed it more after a second viewing. I loved Electro, if he only was handled a little better. Green Goblin still looks awful to me, Harry really should have only been introduced in this movie saving the Goblin for another film though. Andrew Garfield IS Spider-Man! How anybody can prefer Tobey Maguire and still won't him in the role is beyond me. The relationship between Andrew's Peter and Emma's Gwen is always a joy to watch, it really is unfortunate what happens but it was inevitable. Web-slinging has never looked better, it really is a rush to watch Spidey swing around and do his thing. I didn't like how Dr. Kafka is presented here. First off Kafka is a woman not a man. The Dr. Kafka I know generally cares about her patients at Ravencroft and does not perform experiments on them. Of course I only Dr. Kafka from the 90's series and The Spectacular Spider-Man, but I'm fairly certain the Kafka in the movie is nothing like the one in the comics. I definitely could have done without The Spectacular Spider-Kid. I knew I was gonna hate that scene when I saw Spider-Kid in the trailers and pics. Its just cheesy and something you would see happen in the Raimi films. Overall I liked the film, I feel there are definitely somethings that happen in the film that would've been done in an MCU film and fans would eat it up no problem. But since this isn't a Marvel Studios film it gets a lot of hate for that reason alone. But, It's a fun film, if you love Spider-Man you will like this movie. I just wish there was less focus on setting up the Sinister Six movie, hopefully TASM3 has a better script.
  9. I feel the same way. I'd love to see the Sinister Six as the villains in a Spider-Man film, but I can't see how a stand alone film with them as the main characters is supposed to work. Who do you root for, Spider-Man or the Sinister Six? Might as well make it another sequel in this series. Which in a sense it will be, just in the perspective of the villains I guess. Sony at one time had both Spider-Man and Ghost Rider franchises under their roof, Ghost Rider has since reverted back to Marvel after "Spirit of Vengeance". While the Ghost Rider films weren't exactly grade A material, I did enjoy them, and part of me wishes that Sony had gotten both Spider-Man and Ghost Rider in a film together, creating their own mini Marvel Universe. If done right it could've been awesome.
  10. Sony's reason for a Sinister Six movie is Avengers money. Simple as that.
  11. For the most part I'm fine with Spider-Man being at Sony, but then when I see stuff like this Green Goblin, I can't help but wonder how this franchise would be if it was back at Marvel. I don't like how Harry will be the first Green Goblin in this universe. Harry doesn't become the Green Goblin until much later in the series. Norman should be the one to kill Gwen not Harry. I'm not sure Norman, or Harry in this case would be dumb enough to have the Oscorp name stamped on his costume. So much for secret identity. Is it really that hard to make an accurate screen representation of the Green Goblin. Him not wearing a mask or a helmet of some kind makes no sense, he flies around on a Glider for crying out loud. I could get behind the armor if it had some purple in it, but it still needs a mask. If his face had more green in it, and he wore a purple sock hat I could dig it. I'd take Raimi's Ranger Goblin over this any day, and I hate the Raimi trilogy.
  12. I admit it looks like fun. But, I don't like that the Turtles are created by the Shredder and April's dad in this movie, that just isn't right. I also don't like how the Shredder isn't Japanese or at least played by an actor of Asian descent. The Turtles still look ugly to me. Definitely gonna take some getting used to. Megan Fox as April? I Can't argue with that.
  13. As awesome as that Collectors Edition looks, I just can't justify spending that much on 13 episodes, even with all those goodies. I'll have to settle for the Limited or Standard Edition's instead.
  14. Having a new Spider-Man film can only end up being disastrous to the brand. If they go this route its only a matter of time before this franchise stops making money, and the rights inevitably revert back to Marvel.
  15. I really like this show, I definitely need to rewatch it though its been awhile since I've seen it, but there really isn't anything I don't like about this show. From the chemistry between the characters, the designs, and the music. I just didn't like how it ended though, but its definitely one of my favorites.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  18. Eggman again refers to his base as Chaos Control while manipulating Knuckles in episode 5. Shadow being called the ultimate creature, and not the ultimate life form is another thing that used to bother me, but that may just be a nitpick. Its all in the past now, but I used to wish that SEGA had just handled the dub in-house or that FUNimation had gotten it.
  19. Oh yes. I'll never understand how they could get a pronunciation of "ML" out of Emerl. Its funny because if you watch the Emerl episodes with the Closed Caption on, it spells out his name as Emerl not "ML". You think SEGA would've made them go back and fix that. After all they did make them change back Tikal's dialogue at the end of Episode 17, to "The servers are the 7 Chaos." When the dub originally aired she said "7 Chaos Emeralds... The mystery will be revealed."
  20. You know it never made sense to me how they missed the opportunity to use a cool character like Metal Sonic in this series. But yet they some how managed to shoehorn Emerl in here.
  21. It really does seem like Sonic X just won't go away. The series has once again wrapped up with episode 78 earlier this morning on Vortexx, and will be starting another run yet again next Saturday. At this point I won't be surprised at all if the show is still airing while Sonic Boom is running on CN.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  23. Man, I have never wanted to see a villain get their dues more than I do right now. Wow. Just wow.
  24. This is true. Its been done many times. But honestly, how serious can it get when you have only 11 minutes to play with?
  25. I think a lot of people are forgetting that the show is mostly going to be a comedy, with the episodes being 11 minute A & B segments. There probably isn't going to be any real continuity in between episodes, so the possibility of any epic season finales is kinda unlikely. Not that it can't be done, but I have doubts Super Sonic will even show up in this series. I'm not sure I even wanna imagine what his design would be like here anyway.
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