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  1. lol just saw this posted on Facebook a few days ago. Still find it strange... O_o
  2. Don't get me wrong, its pretty cool and I don't mean to sound ungrateful. Especially since I'm broke as hell right now. But its not like someone just handed me $280 for Christmas, thats just all the money I got for Christmas combined together from my boss, co-workers, parents, brother, and grandmother.
  3. I didn't really ask for anything this year, but I got: - $280 - SEGA Genesis Plug 'N Play console - Pair of gloves - Bath soap - Candy Nothing to exciting.
  4. Sonic - Jason Griffith Tails - Kate Higgins Knuckles - Dan Green or Scott Drierer Amy - Cherami Leigh or Lisa Ortiz Shadow - Will Fridelle, David Humphrey, or Jason Griffith Rouge - Karren Strassman Blaze - Laura Bailey or Erica Schroeder Eggman - Mike Pollock (who else?) I picked these since they're pretty much the only ones being used between the main series and spin offs. I'd only change a few though.
  5. Man, I love Gurren Lagann, its actually the show that got me back into Anime. So I definitely wanna give Kill La Kill a shot, but I'm afraid I'm just gonna have to wait for the dub. I tried watching it subbed last night, and I was reminded why I don't really like subs. Most of the time I found myself just reading the bottom of the screen and never actually seeing what was happening. From what little I saw it does seem pretty awesome though. Maybe I'll try it again but I'm definitely a dub person.
  6. I'm really sick of hearing this from right wingers. The "thousands of full time workers" meme has been floated (and extrapolated) every time some box retailer makes any sort of announcement at all. The meme ignores the fact that most of the jobs they are talking about are low wage, and most have been part time for years. No box retail store pays a living wage. So this silly notion that people are being forced into poverty is nonsense. Most of them are already there. The claim that people are being forced into exchanges and losing their "good" health insurance is a myth also. This line peaked when Home Depot (and several other big box retailers) announced that they were doing away with the cynical fig leaf "limited payout" health insurance plans they had been offering. Which is just as well. These plans offered very little benefit and were relatively expensive. They were precisely the sort of insurance that Obamcare was intended to displace. The change at Home Depot affected 5% of thier work force, But you never heard that on Fox Noise. There is no solid evidence that insurance rates are going up in most states for people already insured. Even if that were so, it's unlikely that most workers would feel it. There are a lot of ancedotal stories. But these sorts of stories are isolated, often don't hold up under much scrutiny, and don't serve as reliable indicators of overall trends. Conservative media and the K Street crowd has used every single trick and tactic it could think of to scare people over health care reform. They have lied about what's in the law. They have falsely represented it as government run health care. And they've manufactured a long string of lies and predictions that have not come true. Why anyone listens to Fox or the right wing talkers on this subject is beyond me. They have been lying to their audience for four years now, and their predictions have turned out to be utterly and completely wrong.
  7. Yes! This is awesome news! When the first game came out, me and a friend were thinking of ideas for a possible anime, and now its actually a reality. Its about friggin time! Here's hoping FUNi picks this up.
  8. That seems a little random. I guess Daredevil is kind of like Batman.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  10. The Flame-Haired Blazing-Eyed Desktop!
  11. I'd have to agree with a lot of the suggestions already posted. - The idea of Boom changing location every year is great, Sega how 'bout the East coast for 2014? - As already noted, why not actually play some Sonic related music during the event. Seriously aside from Crush 40 performing the Sonic music is seriously lacking. And while I'm on Crush 40, it wouldn't hurt to piece together a full band, and I'm sure they've done this for a few Japanese events. Jun and Johnny are awesome but it does feel kinda cheesey to have them playing the songs with the actual track playing behind them. - Inviting voice actors from the past and present for a panel would be a lot of fun. Roger and Mike are both requlars at various cons, so getting them to atyend shouldn't be too hard. I know its a stretch but how awesome would it be if they got Jaleel White to attend one just for the sake of pure nostalgia, or dare I say it... Ryan Drummond? The only thing that likely gets in the way is cost. - Inviting other people who have worked on the games or even Archie past or presentis also a fantastic idea. - Better planning really, Summer of Sonic is definitely a better planned event than Sonic Boom.
  12. Was the crowd as unenthusiastic as they appeared in the Live Stream?
  13. Damn... Seeing stuff like that is kinda disappointing, as I'm sure SEGA is looking at turnout. Low turnout may discourage SEGA from holding future Sonic Boom events, and thats no good.
  14. Yeah, not likely with Disney having TV rights back to the franchise. A DTV set in the Spectacular universe has more of a chance of happening since Sony still retains movie rights. They don't seem to be interested in doing anything like that though. Which is dumb cause Spider-Man could definitely sell some DTVs. The Spectacular Spider-Man, had great ratings during its first season on Kids'WB and The CW4Kids, still not exactly sure how Disney XD dropped the ball on season 2. But hopefully it does well enough on Vortexx that it gets Sony to rerelease season 2 in a complete DVD set. It still annoys me that Ultimate Shitty-Man has managed to out last this.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  16. I found that damn 4th Chaos Emerald... In all seriousness, I just wore one of my Sonic t-shirts, and that's pretty much it.
  17. I don't see myself having any of the new consoles when they come out, I still don't even have a Wii-U. I do plan on owning both the PS4 and Wii-U at some point though, but for now I'm fine with my 360 and Wii.
  18. As great as most of the PA announcements are, they unfortunately get drowned out by the stages BGM and SFX making them barely audible. Something they need to fix if they do this again.
  19. Can't wait for this, the original on the Genesis was awesome, still have it too. I Think I might play it when I get off work.
  20. Fun Fact: According to Jason himself, Sonic was actually the first role he scored as a voice actor. Sonic's a pretty sweet gig for starting a career in voice over if you ask me. Granted that was back when Sonic X first came out, but still after having a 78 episode series and handful of videogames under ones belt, I think you should know the character pretty well. However I always thought that the fanbase treated Jason rather unfairly during his time as Sonic, and the fans grossly exaggerated how "awful" his performance was just because it was the cool thing to do. Honestly, Jason was no worse than Ryan was, who was also very inconsistent in between games as well. Jason is the definitive Sonic for me, his voice just embodies Sonic like a glove and its still his voice I hear when ever I imagine Sonic speaking. He had a few bumps in the road sure, but it was never quite that bad. I'll agree that he was definitely at his best from Secret Rings till his end on The Black Knight. Ryan definitely had a cool voice for Sonic, and I'd love to hear how he would sound as Sonic today with the better scripts and directing. While Roger is a brilliant voice actor, I just can't really get behind him as Sonic. The acting is good, but the voice just doesn't sound like Sonic to me. I don't know why but for some reason he sounds like a Ninja Turtle to me, which is kinda funny cause Roger was the voice of Pulverizer in a recent of the new TMNT, and Raph's voice is kinda similar to Roger's Sonic. Jaleel White, I will always appreciate his voice just for the awesome nostalgia of 90's Sonic and my childhood. I don't think his voice is fitting for modern Sonic though. Martin Burke, Strange isn't it?
  21. Not only does the music never stop in the 4Kids version, but every character has their own theme music play every time they speak on screen. - Sonic is talking *Sonic's theme plays in the background* - Ella cuts in *Sonic's theme abruptly changes to Ella's tropical like theme music* - Bring in Mr. Tanaka *cue in Kung Fu type music* - What's that? Bokkun has a message for us? *insert Bokkun theme* - Eggman appears in TV *cue Eggman theme* And it goes on and on, the background music is constantly changing every 5 seconds and its really annoying.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
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