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  4. I used to be member of SoaH back in the day. Recently I've only lurked it but, only if it randomly popped up in my mind. I was just there maybe a month ago, and was surprised to see how dead it was. If anyone remembers the Sonic X-Treme forums, what ever happened to it?
  5. I just watched it again, and I still don't think its that bad. But it certainly isn't without its problems. It honestly feels like we're only getting the beginning of a full-length feature film, or a pilot for a TV series. It feels like they set out to make something bigger than what would fit in the time limit they set for themselves. I don't really understand some of the complaints, we knew when it was announced the film was going to be short. We also knew that Eddie was definitely skewing for a SatAM tone. Sonic's model is not even remotely creepy. Creepy is too often used out of context and its annoying. The only thing really wrong with Sonic's design is his mouth, thats pretty much it. Other than that I get the look they were aiming for. But to say that it doesn't even look like Sonic is just retarded. I think people are really over exaggerating, and just being out right mean spirited about the film just for the fun of it. The very same people who wouldn't have liked it anyway even if some things had turned out better. Some of these complaints would have some merit if this was actually a product backed by SEGA.
  6. I don't know, I think Sonic looked the best he could with the budget they had to work with. For a live action fan film, the CGI looks quite impressive, to me at least. I don't like the way Sonic's lips look though, they're just not right. While I was looking toward to hearing Jaleel White reprise his role as Sonic again, I was little let down. The little bit of lines that he had to work with weren't very good, and he sounded way off to me. I'm not sure if the off-ness was due to poor voice direction or Jaleel really has lost his touch, he sounded alright in the trailers though. My only real gripe with the film was there wasn't enough screen time given to the star of the film himself. Other than that the story is pretty much non-exsistant, and what little is there doesn't make much sense and just kind of abruptly ends. I cringed at the amount of times they said blue blur though. Oh and that Knuckles had fingers... For a fan film, I thought overall it was just ok. I think most are being a little to harsh on it though. Honestly what were you expecting?
  7. Yeah, they've been advertising it on Nicktoons for 2 weeks now. The 11.am hour will just become back to back episodes of Zexal. So it's not really freeing up a slot.
  8. Man, I wish they came out with those saga sets originally, instead of the individual volumes they first came out with. Those saga sets are much nicer to look at, and take up less room than the 10 volumes I have. The volumes also make my 2 season 3 sets look out of place.
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  10. As a kid growing up in the 90s, I knew him as Robotnik. So hearing Sonic and Co. call him Eggman in Sonic Adventure was kinda jarring to me. What was even more jarring about was that he still called himself Robotnik. I'm not exactly sure how I learned the truth about the Eggman/Robotnik name, the internet was fairly new to me back then. Now, calling him Eggman is just second nature to me and rarely ever call him Robotnik. Actually the few times I actually refer to him as Robotnik is if I'm talking to someone who's only knowledge of Sonic is the Genesis era, and even then it sounds awkward and wrong to me cause he's been universally called Eggman for so long now. However I like both names, I grew up with Robotnik so it holds a lot nostalgia for me. And I appreciate that Sega officially made both names cannon in Sonic Adventure 2 by making Robotnik his surname and Eggman his nickname. That would make sense, if the good Doctor actually refereed to himself as Robotnik sometimes. Now if only they would confirm that his first name is Ivo.
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  14. SASRT is so full of shit! I totally just won in 1st and this cheating game put me 2nd. Seriously?

    1. Ruby CUL Terumi

      Ruby CUL Terumi

      Rage quit. That'll show them.

    2. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      ....Well then you obviously didn't win in first...

    3. Blue Blood
    4. Solkia
    5. Burning Finger

      Burning Finger

      No, I crossed the line first. Then it put me in 2nd. Granted. I had Pudding against the wall but I still crossed first. Its World Tour

    6. XD375


      This happens sometimes, especially online. In a recent online race, I was physically in third place, but the game still thought I was in second, and the actual second place driver was treated as if he didn't cross the finish line.

      This game needed a lot more development time.

    7. neezTHEhuman
  15. I've said before that I like some of the remixes that they've made. Its their vocalist that sounds awful, but you didn't post one of those.
  16. Autotune, Vocoder or whatever its called, its ear piercing.
  17. I love Jun's music, his style fits the Sonic universe perfectly. I just hope we get some new Crush 40 in the next few games. Aside from a few cover songs and remixes, they've been sorely lacking from the series and it just doesn't feel right. Jun and Johnny are awesome together. I don't want anymore of this annoying Cash Cash autotune garbage. I couldn't care less if they're Sonic fans.
  18. Actually, Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the weaker performers on the block. The highest rated show on the block right now is actually Justice League. But yeah it sure seems like Sonic X and Yu-Gi-Oh just won't go away.
  19. According to sources on ToonZone, Transformers will be replacing Iron Man and not Sonic X.
  20. In all seriousness, if Season 4 was gonna happen, it would have been released in Fall 2006. That's just logic. Yeah, there were rumors spinning around that 4Kids was financing a fourth season, and Instead of advertising episode 78 as the series finale, 4Kids called it the season finale which only poured more fuel on the fire. Honestly, if 4Kids had been in a better financial state, Season 4 probably would have happened. Sonic X, was 4Kids TV's highest rated show and continued pulling in the blocks biggest ratings while being in rerun mode years after it finished, even on the CW4Kids. The show still manages pull decent ratings even on Vortexx. Here we are 6yrs after the show end, going into 2013. I think its more than safe to say Sonic X is over. While Sonic X really wasn't that great, I did like it for what it was. There's definitely no denying that Sonic X was the most successful TV series the hedgehog's had though. I'd much rather have a new better TV series anyway.
  21. Yeah, saw the promo this morning. Interestingly enough this wouldn't be the first time Saban had Transformers. They had Beast Wars, Beast Machines, and Robots In Disguise on Fox Kids back in the day. Prime being on Vortexx feels like it was bound to happen. Prime is most likely replacing Sonic X, the show will have been off the line-up for two weeks, and it seriously needs to take a rest, it had a good run. Though if it wasn't for that contract with Konami I'd say get rid of one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! slots. I'd even be up for getting rid of Slam, its awful. This is awesome news. As it stands Prime has 52 episodes under its belt, with 13 more on the way. The series does great on The Hub, and its not even in a lot of homes, so hopefully Prime also does great on Vortexx.
  22. Its hilarious! FOX can't even admit they lost. Just, wow...
  23. I've always loved the idea of In-Level dialogue since it was introduced in Heroes. It creates a more real time experience and makes the characters feel more alive and not just an avatar. I have no idea why SonicTeam got rid of it in Colors and Generations, other than to please the idiots who complain about everything. But I hope it returns in the next game, cause I don't like how Sonic is mute during gameplay now. It just doesn't feel right. Other games have characters speaking all the time during gameplay, so I don't see why Sonic can't.
  24. I remember this poll. I'm not gonna lie, I voted for Shadow. Because gameplay wise he was the closest to Sonic. How was I suppose to know they would give Shadow a few guns.
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