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  1. Meh, looks kinda dumb. Looks like it could be fun though. While obviously this show isn't geared to the same audience, the premise of a cross dressing super hero reminds me of Cybersix.
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  7. Chaos and Triple Trouble, are the only good Sonic titles for the Game Gear. The Drift games are kinda fun though too, but I find the rest of the Game Gear games are kinda boring and I rarely ever played them for more than a few minutes.
  8. While I prefer Jason as the voice of Sonic, I much prefer Ryan's voice over Roger's voice. Nothing against Roger, he's a fine actor but he just doesn't sound like Sonic to me. I honestly don't know why some say that Ryan was terrible in Heroes, I thought that was his best performance in the role, I just wish his voice was more like the tone he used in SA2. Sure, he had some cheesy lines, but I think for some reason people forget that the actors don't write their lines, I can't believe Ryan was that close to coming back, I'm still not happy that cast has been changed for the 3rd time, but I gotta admit that the thought of having Ryan being the voice of Sonic in Colors and Generations is pretty cool. I don't understand why Sega would bring an actor in to audition for a role, knowing that they're part of a union if they don't wanna work with union actors, yet alone re-audition... Better yet, ask him to leave his union. Unless Sega didn't know that beforehand but they had have to know from working with Ryan before? Seems kinda stupid for them to go through the entire hassle of the audition process, flying people in from Sega Japan and holding meetings about the situation, and then pretty much give him an ultimatum. Was Ryan's union really asking for that much? but it is Sega we're talking about it. Ryan even blew them away with his audition, I just don't get it. I'm also not sure if I like how Sega's only willing to pay an actor what's being called "Donuts & Coffee" money (compared to what most people like myself get paid it can't be that horrible), for the star character of their leading franchise. That's kinda cheap if you ask me. Either way, its a shame how it all went down, I'd love to have Ryan back as Sonic.
  9. Whoa dude, I've never heard Mike say that about the franchise. In fact Eggman has become one of his favorite roles. The man has done more fan interviews than any other actor ever involved with the franchise. Mike even attended Summer of Sonic a few years ago, and he wasn't even invited as a guest. That's sounds like someone who cares about the character to me. I'll give my thoughts on the actual subject later.
  10. The Japanese design for Classic Sonic is better than the American one most of the time, but I don't think he's ugly either, I'll always look back on the American design with fondness as thats the Sonic I grew up with, so its very nostalgic feeling.
  11. Tuned in this morning for Zexal, Iron Man, Justice League, DBZ, and classic Yu-Gi-Oh!. I liked it, the transition didn't feel as awkward as I thought it would. It just felt like the block got new shows and a new style, probably because YGO! and DBZ are still present. The Vortexx has a very Fox Kids like feeling to it, which is awesome. And I'm not just saying that because Saban is behind this thing.
  12. Konami has taken over 4Kids' New York HQ, and I think they kept around 60 employees. I haven't heard any Sonic X season 4 rumors for years. Don't know where you guys are hearing it.
  13. Cubix and Rescue Heroes are only there to fulfill that stupid E/I requirement, they wouldn't be there otherwise. I'm not the biggest DBZ fan, but I'm not sure how it kills the line-up. DBZ was another ratings staple on the CW4Kids and is probably why it stayed. To me Power Rangers and WWE kill the line-up, even as a kid I never saw the appeal and I never will. I'd get rid of those and the E/I filler if it were up to me.
  14. It definitely seemed like they put more effort into Sonic Boom last year than they did this year. Sonic's 20th was last year but still. That goody bag kinda sucks... Thats one thing I really like about of Summer of Sonic, a lot of love goes into that because its by the fans for the fans. I just wish I could go.
  15. I saw the commercial with Chuck E's new design last Saturday morning, and actually thought it was about time they redesigned the character. I always thought Chuck E. was ugly and looked really out dated. But I've only ever been to Chuck E. Cheese once, and I must've been like 4 or 5yrs old because I don't even remember it. I always hear the Pizza is terrible though. Now, does anyone remember Discovery Zone? That place was awesome!
  16. Oh I agree with you. I myself would rather have had the reboot with Peter already being Spider-Man for a couple years already. We already know how Pete becomes Spidey, we didn't need to see it again. Either way, I'm glad we're finally getting real Spider-Man movies now. I appreciate the Raimi trilogy for what it was, but I rarely ever felt like I was watching Spider-Man.
  17. Saw the movie Tuesday night and I loved it, miles better than the Raimi trilogy. I loved the chemistry between Garfield and Stone, they were great in their roles, it pains to me know what Gwen's ultimate fate will be. I thought Garfield nailed Peter and Spider-Man, he actually felt and looked the part to me, something Maguire never had and is one of my biggest gripes about the Raimi trilogy. Though to be honest, I thought Andrew made Peter act a little to awkward in the beginning, but I felt once Peter started to open up to Gwen and even Gwen's family at the dinner table, he was actually a really cool kid, like a real person you know. Honestly the entire cast was better here, and I always felt Raimi's casting was off, the only ones I agreed with were JK Simmons as Jameson, and Dafoe as Norman. I was a bit disappointed that the only scene with Spidey really using his trademark quipage was the car jacker scene. I was really hoping he'd have some awesome one-liners while up against The Lizard, but from what I can remember there was only one, when he says "Someones been a bad lizard." Hopefully they improve on that in the sequels. The only things I really didn't like about it was, how The Lizard turned those police into lizards, and they never did anything with it. I also didn't like the crane scene at the end, honestly thats something I would expect to see in one of Raimi's Spidey films. I also felt they should not have . But yeah, I can't wait for the sequel and see where they go with this continuity. I don't understand why this film is getting so much hate on the web. One thing I keep seeing people say is that the movie is a rip-off of the 2002 film and how Marc Webb steals 4 key elements from Raimi. That doesn't even make any sense. For one Webb did not steal anything that Raimi didn't already steal from the original source material for his movie. Sam Raimi did not create Spider-Man. The thing is they are both origin movies on the same character, there was bound to be similarities between the two. What are people complaining about?
  18. Picked up the game for 360 on Tuesday and finished the story mode this morning. The game is definitely a lot better than Shattered Dimensions (I haven't played Edge of Time, but heard it wasn't good either), but it isn't great. The combat is fun but could use some more polish, definitely not as good or fun as the Arkham games though. Web swinging is fun, but not as fun as it could have been, at times I felt the camera was to close to Spider-Man to be able accurately pin point landings. Spider-Man 2 is definitely better, even 3. The car chases and other random crimes were pretty much the same as Spider-Man 2 and 3, but I felt those games did it better. I found the story to be pretty boring and didn't really care for how they pretty much turned classic villains like Rhino and Scorpion into mindless ugly animals. I get they were going for realism but c'mon. The only things I really liked about the story was the inclusion of Smythe and the Spider-Slayers. It brought back fond memories of the 90's series. Sam Riegel isn't a bad actor by any means, but IMO he was miscast as Spider-Man in this. If Maguire hadn't been the voice (I really wish he wasn't) for Spidey in the games based on the Raimi films, Riegel would have been the perfect stand in cause to me his Spidey voice is more Tobey like and he can actually act. But here Sam sounds nothing like Garfield at all and it just doesn't match the character. I honestly don't understand why they didn't just cast Josh Keaton for the role. He doesn't sound like Garfield either, but it certainly would have fit better. Even Chris Barnes or Rino Romano would've been awesome. Overall there is definitely room for improvement, the gameplay, story, and voices only made me want a quality Spider-Man game that isn't tied to the movies even more. But as long as Activision has the license it'll never happen. Spidey definitely needs a Rocksteady.
  19. Exactly! I loved how Sonic's "Wooos!" and what not while running through the levels of Unleashed, because thats exactly the kind of stuff Sonic would do. It just made him feel more like a character and not an avatar, like you said. I hated how Sonic was mute running through the levels of Colors and Generations, Sonic felt empty and it just didn't feel right. Sonic needs to sound like he's having the time of his life running through the levels in the next game. I don't understand why people hated that about Unleashed.
  20. Thats not exactly fair to say, since Undergound only has its high episode count because it was already setup to have them right out of the gate. Not because of its popularity.
  21. This. I've always wondered why Tails and Knuckles never got together and build some kind of security system to protect the Master Emerald. I guess Knuckles is to proud of his ancestors legacy for that to happen. Also: - Sonic '06, is not the worst Sonic game ever. That honor goes to Sonic R, due its awful controls and horrible soundtrack. Though I admit "Super Sonic Racing" is catchy song. - "Reach For The Stars", has got to be the worst Sonic themed song I've ever heard. Why Sega? Why? - Sonic 4: Episode 1, is not anywhere near as bad people make it out to be.
  22. I like listening to things that I can understand, so it always been english for me. Though I do switch to the Japanese voices some times just to hear what they sound like. But definitely english. Remember when the 4Kids actors became the official voices for the games, people were so outraged that they couldn't bare to listen to the english voices any more. So people would either switch the setting to Japanese or pay more money to import the Japanese version of the game. Man were those people cool...
  23. Of all the Sonic shows Disney XD could have chosen they picked Underground... That doesn't even make sense, you'd think they would have gone with Sonic X, you know something more recent. And with 4Kids being on the verge of bankruptcy I don't think they would've said no. If they were gonna go after a DiC series they should've picked SatAM.
  24. - Sonic 3 & Knuckles was not the last good Sonic game. Anybody who says that doesn't know what they're talking about. - Sonic Adventure 2 is better than Sonic Adventure. - Why does everyone want them to get rid of Shadow and Rouge. Shadow's badass, and as long as he's not running around wielding guns theres no reason for him to leave. I love Rouge and the chemistry she has with Knuckles and Shadow, and I want to see more of that but with as bare bones as the stories have been in the games lately it isn't gonna happen. Rouge is as the theme for Wild Canyon says; "Sexy and Smooth". Deny all you want but Rouge is hot, and I ain't no furry. - Shadow's game wasn't exactly awesome, but it certainly wasn't terrible. - SonicTeam needs to step up in the story department for the again and stop pandering to the small minority that say Sonic games don't need a story. I not only play Sonic games for a high speed adrenaline rush, I also play it because I like seeing these awesome characters interact with each other in the stories. I'm tired of the bare bones stories like Colors and Generations, you could even throw Unleashed in there. - SonicTeam needs to start getting the supporting cast involved again. I don't even mean playable I just want them featured in the story. The only other characters I wanna play again is Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow. - Generations is great and all, but I don't get the same adrenaline rush that I do while playing Unleashed. - Jaleel White is the voice of Classic Sonic, period. - Most of the 4Kids voices were a thousand times better than the cast before, and got better over time. Aside from a few like Rouge, Cream, Vector, and Big, I never had problem with them. I wish we still had them but mostly for the sake of character consistency. - Don't agree with those who say Sonic and co should be mute. So basically you want them to have no personality like the Mario characters? Sonic was obviously always meant to have a voice. - I hated AoStH, just could never get into it. Other than Robotnik I don't see the appeal. - Sonic satAM was an awesome show for what it was. Even if it was different from the source material. - Boost to win! What? Boost alone will not get you the goal ring. - Don't understand whats so funny about Orbot and Cubot (what ever his name is). - Hate the Pixar styled humans from Unleashed. - I like the Riders games. - Love the idea of Sonic wielding a sword for a game, the idea was just executed wrong. - Don't see why anyone wants ugly characters like Mighty, Bean, Bark, or Ray to come back. - The only lost old school character I want to return is Fang. - What is this Sonic's shitty friends nonsense? I have more but I can't think of them right now.
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