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  1. I've never been a fan of Sonic R's soundtrack, the songs don't really fit the game, really annoying and embarrassing to listen to. Can't say I like either Rush soundtrack. Just not my cup of tea. To be honest I've never been that fond of the Colors soundtrack either. Don't get me wrong it has a few stand outs like; "Starlight Carnival", "Aquarium Park"," Asteroid Coaster", "Terminal Velocity", and "Nega Wisp Armor". But the rest of them are kinda boring ("Sweet Mountain" annoys me). Then you have the awful songs from Cash Cash, "Reach for the Stars" and "Speak With Your Heart", have got to be two of the worst Sonic songs I've ever heard. The singer can't sing and auto tune is annoying as hell. I really wish SEGA would stop bringing these guys back, they ruin every song their in. Jun, please just stick with Crush 40. I can't speak for Chronicles, never played it. EDIT: About Chronicles... my ears...
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  4. C'mon really? They're human enough. I think anime like style humans fit perfectly in the Sonic universe. Better than the SA/'06 humans and definitely better than Unleashed.
  5. I actually think the commercial would've been even cooler if they had Roger record some lines for it while still using the classic jingles in the background.
  6. The only way I can see this coming to Wii now is if SEGA releases a physical disc with every episode on it for retail after the digital releases are done. I wouldn't rule it out just yet. Do we even know if Sonic 4 will be more than two episodes, in the beginning weren't they talking about three episodes?
  7. When Episode 1 first came out my 360 was out for repairs due to the RROD for the 3rd time, so I decided to get it for my Wii. So when it was announced Episode 2 wasn't coming to Wii, I was a little bothered by it. But as long as I can get Episode 2 on my 360 without requiring me to have Episode 1 on it, I'll be over it. Cause I really don't wanna pay for that trash again.
  8. I had Crash 1-3, CTR, and Bash on PS1, still do actually. Good times. Wrath of Cortex for PS2 was good, loved Twinsanity and Nitro Cart, and Tag Team Racing was fun. Can't say I really liked Crash of The Titans or Mind over Mutant, both definitely strayed a little to far from its roots on the PS1. And why those horrible redesigns? The redesigns they had in Twinsanity were so much better looking. Still, I'm kinda sad that there hasn't been a new Crash game since Mutant. As for Spyro, I only had a demo disc of the original but never actually played any of the games.
  9. Then Eidos switched developers from Core Design to Crystal Dynamics after AOD's flop which came the redesign of Lara Croft. At the time Tomb Raider was being switched to new developers, a new design was born which most Tomb Raider fans call her Barbie Lara but I feel that while there is a new design it keeps that classic feel on her face, the pointy nose, the beautiful full of life brown eyes while trying to be modern but lets fast forward to 2012 for Lara's next reboot and start of her adventures because I don't mind this design I love it but not as much as TR1 - AOD Lara. Enter 2012, A new era of Tomb Raider games begins with the latest reboot named "Tomb Raider" Lara has been redesigned for this game to making her younger (around 23 years old) and is embarking on her first adventure but when I look at her in this screenshot. it just doesn't feel like Lara when I look at her, sure she looks like Lara in artwork and is younger but in game it doesn't look like her at all to me but not all redesigns are not bad as the TR Legend example shows that Lara can look good after a re-design to look modern. (I really had to do one on Lara didn't I XD) As a Tomb Raider fan myself I've never really had a problem with the redesign that Crystal Dynamics gave Lara for their "LAU Trilogy", I thought she looked great, while she still wasn't exactly realistic looking it was a good modern update of the original Core Design Lara. Although I thought "AoD" Lara looked awesome too and was little disappointed to see her go so soon after Crystal took over.. But I just can't get behind this again redesigned Lara they have going for their again rebooted Tomb Raider. I get that Crystal is going for more realism this time around but to me she looks nothing like Lara Croft. I think she's kinda ugly in that screenshot you posted up there. Honestly if someone had showed me that pic and I didn't already know that it was from the new Tomb Raider, I would never have guessed that was Lara. She looks more asian than she does Lara. She doesn't even have her trademark dual pistols! I know this is another reboot of the entire series, but goddamn she better have her pistols by the end of the game.
  10. I loved Toonami back in the day, TOM is probably the coolest host I've ever seen on a block. One of my favorite things about Toonami were the custom intros they made for their shows. I think I stopped watching not long after Batman Beyond and G Gundam finished their runs, after that there was really nothing on the block that kept my interest. Even the Transformers shows sucked. But Toonami really fell off after CN moved the block to Saturday nights, and what were they thinking when they came up with TOM 4?
  11. Wow this commercial comes as a surprise, never thought I'd see Sonic in a car insurance commercial. I approve.
  12. Yeah, Ryan Drummond was a big deal lol. I actually think Ryan had a great voice for Sonic, but I don't think he truly got a chance to shine due to bad scripting and very bad directing. SA2 is probably his best outing, It'd be interesting to see what he could do with the role now under the current scripting and directors.
  13. As a kid growing up I had a Genesis and Sonic 1-3&K along with 3D Blast and Spinball. But I never had a Sega CD, I wanted one but looking back on it now its pretty worthless, but I did however play Sonic CD when it came out on the PC. I still have all of my Genesis games too. I never had a 32X but I hear Chaotix wasn't that great anyway. I didn't get to play Sonic The Fighters until Gems Collection for the GameCube. I kinda remember seeing Fighters in the Arcade at the local mall though. I had PlayStation instead of Saturn, so much like Sonic CD I didn't play Sonic R till it came out for PC. I have a GameGear, but only have Sonic 2 and Sonic Triple Trouble for it. I didn't play the other GG titles til SA:DX. I wasn't missing out on much though. I've been getting Sonic Adventureand onwards all on their respective consoles brand new though.
  14. You know I never really understood why Jason or for that matter most of the 4Kids cast got so much hate, when the games with them had far better acting than Ryan and the others. Sure there are few questionable voices (Rouge comes to mind), but most of them fit their respective characters IMO. I think it all comes down to the fact they've worked on 4Kids dubs. But regardless most of the hate went towards Jason. I don't hate Roger's Sonic, but I don't like it either. Perhaps the voice still needs to grow on me, but I'd cast Jason as Sonic over Roger any day. Its not that Roger's acting is bad, its great, to me the voice is wrong and just doesn't sound like Sonic but some random anime guy. Whenever I see Sonic I hear Jason's voice in my mind not Roger's. As for everyone else; Shadow - Kirk Thornton has me confused with this one. If he would use the voice he gave Brandon in the Gun Grave anime he would sound almost exactly like David Humphrey. Why isn't he doing this? I hate the way he makes Shadow sound like he's trying to hard to be dark and mysterious, I'd rather have Jason back in the role instead of this. Tails - Kate Higgins is awesome, Tails finally has a voice thats fits him as much the voices he had in SA1&2. Amy - Hate it, Lisa Ortiz honestly had the best voice fit Amy perfectly. I don't understand why Cindy Robinson is doing a Minnie Mouse impression for her. Knuckles - Sounds pretty much the same as Dan Green with less gruffness. Would rather go back to the kind of voice Scott Drieir gave him. I like it though. Rouge - She sounds better than ever! I didn't like the voice Lani Minella originally gave her, and I didn't like the voice 4Kids gave her either. But now, Rouge actually sounds as seductive as the character is suppose to be. Cream - Sounds good, better than the overly high pitched voice Rebeca Honig turned into (If you go back to the first few episodes of Sonic X she actually sounds good). Vector - Sounds exactly like his 4Kids voice delivery and all. I much prefer his original Sonic Heroes voice. Espio - The voice isn't really that different from any of the previous ones, no issues here. Charmy - Fits the character, but for the record Amy Birnbaum's Charmy never annoyed me. Eggman - Still awesome, I'm glad he wasn't replaced. Mike makes a much better Eggman than Deem Bristow ever did IMO. Blaze - I like it, but I liked Bella Hudson's voice too. Silver - Its good, its not much different though. Babylon Rogues - Both Wave and Storm sound pretty much like Hudson's and Dan's portrayals though. Jet's new voice is worse than Jason's. Big - I don't think we've heard Kyle's Big yet. I'm sure it won't be much different the previous actors though. Regardless of what I think, I hope the current cast is here to stay for good. I want these characters to have official voices like Mickey and the gang.
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