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    Kamakai reacted to Spin Attaxx in A Trope A Week - Part 6: Flying Fortress   
    I like Sky Base's music as well as the fact that it's the only airship Eggman's ever used that isn't Wing Fortress #X - it being, well, an airship.
    Wing Fortress, I like how one could use a glitch (that realisticly ISN'T a glitch) to essentially go on top of the level and move really quickly there. Also gets props for music, three ring TVs floating in midair (?!) and it being one of the first instances of "Eggman" being used in the West.
    Really, ALL flying fortresses have great music. Final Fortress has a nice background of a dark black storm. LOVE IT.
    ....in fact fuck it, I have an addicton to ANY big airship. They're cool. I even thought up one of my own. Made a crappy model out of it in K'nex too.
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    Kamakai got a reaction from Crash in The Fanfiction Project   
    I've already recorded mine, so I'll just upload it now. Could I do Chapter 3 then, too? EDIT: Damn, Spinny XP

    Chapter 4: Getting a date.
    ...I'm so sorry. I'm going through that phase in which my voice is breaking XP
    WARNING: Contains mild language.
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    Kamakai reacted to Vertekins in Sonic vs. the Critics   
    I do not trust reviews by "professional" videogame journalists and I make my own judgment on Sonic games from what I see before I buy them. That's the only thing that matters. Multiple aspects of Sonic game reviews in the past have cemented their lack of reliability to me.
    I can not take a review seriously when it awards SONIC '06 and Unwiished a bigger score than HD Unleashed.
    When it exalts Sonic Chronicles, an absolute fucking travesty on every tangent. Although bribery from EA/Bioware may have factored into that. Which if true only proves that reviewers aren't trustworthy on principle because they're more loyal to money than to doing their job correctly.
    When it's blatantly obvious that the reviewer did not play the game for any reasonable length of time. This was extremely obvious in one SatBK review.
    When it starts off with the bullshit "Sonic is dying"/"The Sonic series hasn't been great for years" Tell us something we don't know or something that doesn't stem from bandwagon-following oh original one.
    When it irrationally screams about "Sonic's shitty friends" There's nothing intrinsically wrong with the characters, you just can't separate their 'questionable' gameplay and writing from the potential they hold.
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    Kamakai got a reaction from KNAVETHEHEDGEHOG2 in sonic stuff   
    Nah; I have plenty more than I need.
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    Kamakai reacted to Crash in The Fanfiction Project   
    Sorry if the title is a little misleading.
    Recently, the voice thread has been buzzing with fanfiction readings, and I think I've came up with a way that we can all read a fanfiction together. No, this won't be a Skype call. Rather, a turn-based type thing. For example, Member 1 reads Chapter 1, Member 2 reads Chapter 2. It's pretty much the exact same as the RP's that are happening at the moment in terms of how it's going to work.
    How you can take part:
    To take part, you must post in this topic that you want to join, there will only be a week at maximum to apply, depending on how many people want to take part. Another thing, if you know any fanfics that we could read then add that to the post as well, I will see which one gets the most votes and we will begin that fanfic when the time to apply is up. If all goes well, we will do another one after the first one, but that's if the first one works out. So what are you waiting for? Apply! 
    Fanfictions that have been asked for so far:
    Sonic High School - Five Votes
    Sonic Insanity - One Vote
    The Milkshake Challenge - One Vote
    Mobius High - One Vote
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    Kamakai got a reaction from Dr. Mechano in [FANFICTION] Feel the Sunshine   
    ... I... I love this.
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    Kamakai reacted to Cyrus in Sonic Lost World Live Demo: June 11th 2PM - 3PM (ET) (Spike TV)   
    The first gameplay footage of the only version of my favorite franchise's latest game that I can get my hands on, and I'm going to have to see a rerun on YouTube an hour and a half later. Worst. Lumping. Birthday. EVER.

    I'm hoping for some juicy info to be present.
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    Kamakai reacted to Soniman in Sonic Lost World Live Demo: June 11th 2PM - 3PM (ET) (Spike TV)   
    The exact time in which I have class, fucking radical.
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    Kamakai reacted to Vertekins in Why do people hate the modern sonic design so much?   
    I never used to be fond of Classic and I despise his US design because it epitomizes all that is wrong about the "mascot with attitude" thing he pioneered in the west. That and the US design was incredibly ugly with shiny waxy fur, ass-face and bow-legs with feet pointing in different directions when standing and unevenly shaped pupils.

    It was Generations that made me fall in love with Classic Sonic's design because it's a perfect rendition of JP Classic Sonic from back in the 90's and because he is uber adorable. It's just so good. I still prefer Modern Sonic's design though by a small margin because he looks slim and streamlined, making his speed and running look more believable and non-clunky and it's very cool-looking.
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    Kamakai reacted to tenchibr in Anyone out there with shameful Sonic-related secrets?   
    I am probably the only person who does this, but when given a choice between colors on products, I will buy the blue ones because of Sonic, and the closer to his blue, the better:
    - My toothbrush is white with BLUE accents;
    - My 3DS was the teal one, and when the XL came out, I traded it for the BLUE one;
    - I wanted the BLUE PSP that came as part of a sports bundle (never happened);
    - My backpack is black AND BLUE;
    - I want to buy a BLUE car someday;
    - Even the binder that I take to college with is BLUE;
    When trying something new, I look for the BLUEST option (cocktails, clothes, etc...)
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    Kamakai got a reaction from GreatAndPowerful in The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog   
    Oh god, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. I love that show.
    Sonic is gold. He is a smartass, a big brother, and a hero. He has the best personality out of any Sonic incarnation outside of the games canon IMO. And Jaleel White.
    Tails is soooo cute! I love how adorably childish and yet still good in technology he is. And his voice acting is great, too.
    The Sonic and Tails bond is something I love that was never really explored anywhere else until Colours came along.
     This is the best thing.
    Scratch and Grounder: Good ol' comic relief, but I actually like these guys. It's definitely the voices and the wacky animation that bring these two to life so well.
    Coconuts: ...Actually, I'm kinda 'meh' on this one. He doesn't really have that much appeal, and  I find him kinda annoying. Sorry XP
     Certified Genuises.
    But we all know why this show is the best.
    Doctor Ivo Robotnik!
    Look at that jolly little bastard!
    Oh sweet Jesus, I love this beautiful, sexy Eggman Robotnik soooo much. He is such a goofball, a top-class meme generator, and his quotes are liquid gold!
    He is a joy to watch, because everything he does is so unique. Hell, even the way he walks! It's strictly him, and nobody else.
    ... Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog? Yes please.
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    Kamakai got a reaction from Dr. Mechano in [ROLEPLAY] SSMB: Omniverse Rises - "The be any character you want RP"   
    Twilight paced around the room nervously.
    "But what if it does-"
    "It will work, Twilight. Have faith," Princess Celestia reassured her.
    Twilight closed her eyes and sighed.
    The Princess had discovered an ancient relic that allowed shaky interdimensional travel. After Twilight used her magic to activate it, the artefact would only accept her as the volunteer.
    The princess would never lie to me...
    I have to try.
    I looked back at my friends once more. They all waved in sync. I smiled and waved shakily back.
    Here I go.
    I summoned all of my courage and willpower, and charged forward into the mirror, disappearing from view a second later.
    I drearily forced my eyes open as I became aware of my new surroundings.
    ...I'm not in Ponyville, am I?
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    Kamakai reacted to Tara in The most unintentionally hilarious things in a Sonic game   
    I'm sure the entirety of Shadow the Hedgehog has been brought up to death by now (didn't bother to read the whole topic), so I'll just leave it as a mention.
    The lyrics to some of the songs, though, provide some great unintentional comedy.  I don't know why, but the way Johnny sings "It's such a bad sign" in Open Your Heart makes me chortle.  Then there's the infamous "Unlike Sonic I don't chuckle" line form Unknown From M.E.
    The Zebrahead version of His World, though.  Not just the lyrics, but the whole song feels like a parody of a song that Michael Bay would frequently exploit for some sort of ad revenue or to draw in the "hip" teenage crowd.  It's not even a bad song, just its inclusion in context with the rest of the game completes it.
    Finally, just the fact that sometimes the characters talk to each other, but never actually respond to anything the other characters say.
    <Rouge> "Do you think the professor created him--Shadow--to carry out revenge on all the people on Earth?"
    <Sonic> "He was what he was.  A brave and heroic hedgehog who gave his life to save this planet.  Shadow the Hedgehog."
    Doesn't really answer her question.  (Although you could argue he was trying to say the circumstances of his creation are irrelevant, because regardless of his original intentions, he turned out to be a hero after all... but it doesn't come across that way)
    <Eggman> "But, do you think he really meant to destroy us?"
    <Tails> "I don't know, but what I do know is... we all did it together!"
    Again, doesn't answer his question.
    In fact, a lot of the dialogue doesn't seem like actual responses to what is actually happening.
    <Shadow> *after being violently attacked* I'm the coolest!
    You're the coolest because... you got seriously injured by the opponent you've been making snarky, condescending remarks to?
    <Shadow> "Oh, I see, so you're not just a hedgehog."
    <Sonic> "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"
    Uh... 'k?
    I had a whole list of unintentionally hilarious material, but upon actually beginning to type, my mind drew a blank.  I'll probably be back to list several hundred more.
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    Kamakai reacted to Dr. Crusher in The most unintentionally hilarious things in a Sonic game   
    "Now I know who you are! You're that government spy, Rouge the Bat, aren't you?"

    The evidence is clear. Heroes and ShtH were innocent. Shadow's always had amnesia.

    Even though I don't even have that much dislike for him nowadays, this analysis is now one of my favourite posts ever.

    That's not his only problem. He likes the word "perfect". Like, a lot. He says that word at least four times throughout the entire game. Perfect Black Arms this, perfect lifeform that, perfect specimens this. Sorry Doom, I have a soft spot for you, but you have no right to laugh at Robotnik when you have your own repetitive habits.

    I'm joking of course. The real funny thing about Doom is that despite this and all the other stupid and nonsensical things he says and does, he still has more dignity than Mephiles.

    "Eh? What's the problem? I don't see anything wrong. Unless Amy's eyelids look like Rouge's or something. Seriously though, whatever the problem, there's still no excuse for confusing Shadow with Sonic in the bright dayti-ARGHWHATTHEFUCK"

    "Damn you Fire Tornado. Your polite chivalry and weakness to everyday cemented roads have failed me again."

    "Sorry Mr. Mephiles, I was sure the car would work... I'll be sure to use the trollpost next time. But there's one thing I have to ask about the whole Reunite with Iblis thing. Couldn't you just kill the princess or warp here and-"

    "Don't fucking start. As long as I swoon the ladies, no one will ask questions."
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    Kamakai reacted to Person in The most unintentionally hilarious things in a Sonic game   
    All of the animations in Sonic Adventure as a whole. Especially this one:


    wanted to add some more fun images:

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    Kamakai reacted to DarkLight in The most unintentionally hilarious things in a Sonic game   
    Shadow roundhouse-kicking Silver in 06'. Now I don't hate Silver or anything, but I could watch that all day.
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    Kamakai reacted to Soniman in The most unintentionally hilarious things in a Sonic game   
    Everything in Shadow the Hedgehog falls into this category.
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    Kamakai reacted to Komodin in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Oh, don't fret. We won't hate you just for having a different opinion on something; just don't express it like a instigative jerk, and you're all good.
    That said, I did officially get into the series with the Adventure titles, so I'm pretty much in the same boat as you and Nepenthe. SSMBers, you won't judge me negatively for that, right?
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    Kamakai reacted to spinny in Anyone out there with shameful Sonic-related secrets?   
    Ahhh, this topic. I remember seeing this when I was a guest back mid-last year and quite frankly I was glad I wasn't the only weird Sonic fan.
    So yup, I've got some of my own Sonic-relate shames. Here we go.
    I would rather play Sonic 4 over Sonic 3&K. I just really dislike every aspect of 3&K... apart from Sandopolis. I LOVE Sandopolis. I know, I'm weird. Like Twilight, nearly every single song my iPhone is a Sonic-relate tune. To be honest, it nearly takes up the whole space on my phone. I kinda enjoy Shadow the Hedgehog. I can definitely see why people dislike it, but there are those moments where I actually utter to myself "Y'know... this really isn't too bad." I'd rather play the Unleashed night-time acts over the 20-second Colours acts. At least the Werehog stages have at least a tiny little bit of flavor to them. And last but not least... I'm gonna get this off my chest after seeing it a lot in this topic. I find Amy kinda hot. Like, cute-hot. Don't get the wrong idea from this, I'm not a furry, I'd never do that over Sonic porn, there's just something to Amy that makes her kinda attractive to me. Can't put my finger on where though. *sigh* I'm gonna regret admitting that. So... yeah. I've always kinda wanted to post in this topic, but I didn't wanna be the one to bump it with such weird stuff, haha. Laugh, insult, whenever you're ready.
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    Kamakai reacted to Emmett L. Brown in Sonic character's Hidden Depths   
    I think the overwhelmingly cynical responses to this topic are caused by the idea that depth has to equal angst or drama. The point being made here is that there's more to Sonic than 1) Sonic See Evil 2) Sonic Thwart Evil which is indeed a shallow and boring presentation of a hero.
    What I really like about Sonic is that he's a character who already has his personal ideals and philosphy laid out from the beginning. He knows who he is, and he enjoys what he does. It's honestly refreshing after so many tedious anti-heroes and self-doubting protagonists. Does that mean he's flawless? Hell no. He makes mistakes all the time. In Sonic Adventure he, like the rest of the cast, completely missed the point of Tikal's visions and went after Eggman when he should've focused on Chaos instead. In Sonic & the Secret Rings his trusting nature let him be completely fooled by Shahra's treachery. Sonic may not be as gullible as Knuckles, but he's naive enough that he fell for Merlina's betrayal as well. And in Sonic Colors, Sonic would've completely failed to save the world if not for a total fluke, since he never figured out about Eggman's planetary mind control laser. For all his empathy and insight, Sonic is book-dumb, leaps before he thinks, and is easy to fool by a calculating villain.
    Not every hero has to have deep emotional issues that they have to overcome through personal growth. It's a pleasure to get a reprieve from that trope from time to time.
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    Kamakai reacted to Vertekins in Sonic character's Hidden Depths   
    You wanna see the negative parts of Sonic's personality and such? Sure, I'll get around to doing that Hidden depths aren't just about the positives.
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    Kamakai reacted to Vertekins in Sonic character's Hidden Depths   
    Part of the reason as to why I made this topic is to dispel the notion that Sonic as a character is nothing more complex than the average shonen hero, something that actually peeves me to no end.
    Rubbish! Rubbish I say!
    Look into the complexities of Sonic's character and I think you'll find a character of great;
    - Rationality
    - Understanding
    - and selflessness
    First example? Sonic Adventure
    When push came to shove and Chaos managed to flood Station Square in a torrent of murderous revenge for the deaths of it's Chao friends thousands of years before, Sonic was pretty outraged, even going so far as to demand who the hell Chaos thinks he (It?) is.
    Yet despite his anger at Chaos' actions, Sonic still is possessed of a rational mind. When Tikal insists in a panicked manner on sealing him again inside the Master Emerald because he's absorbed a portion of the Chaos Emerald's powers and seemingly made them defunct, Sonic ain't down with that and reasons that if Chaos is sealed away in his current state of mind, this won't change a thing. He'll still be outraged and he'll have to deal with a heart full of turmoil. No doubt he'd be an even bigger menace should he be freed again because he'd feel wronged for having been sealed on top of still being enraged over the Knuckles' tribe's actions in the past.
    Sonic not only wanted to free Chaos of it's grievance, he also had future generations in mind as well clearly intent on making sure the same thing never happens again.
    Second example; The Sonic Rush games.
    In this pair, Sonic sympathizes with Blaze's outlook, outwardly tough appearance and inwardly emotional nature.
    When he confronts her at Dead Line Zone, he acknowledges that carrying the weight of the world on one's shoulder's is a tough load to bear, a load that is made even tougher by one's lack of friends or one's reluctance to rely on anyone else.
    Upon defeating her and still noting how she's dead set on carrying out her 'duty', Sonic acknowledges that whilst she is "overzealous", she appears to have had a rough past and shows that he has a good gist concerning why she acts the way she does, showing understanding.

    He then introduces himself in a very friendly manner and Blaze seems to come around and change her attitude a bit and becomes friendlier as well

    Why? Because Sonic next to Cream is probably the first person in her life Blaze feels comfortable around, enough to open-up to because of his honest and amiable personality. His competence also convinces her that he can be relied-upon when he states afterwards that he'll set the two Eggmen right.
    It is Cream's and Sonic's outlooks on friendship and kindness that allow Blaze to develop, open up and realize that she can rely on her friends if she allows herself to make them instead of thinking that it is her duty to shoulder hardship and responsibility by herself. Even after others chastised her and alienated her because of her powers and position, it is Cream's and Sonic's goodness that makes her realize that not everyone is like that. The ultimate realization is what allows her to tap into the Sol Emerald's powers, a feat she couldn't accomplish before. It makes her realize that her attitude towards her job as guardian of the Sol Emeralds put her world in danger and put a huge burden on herself
    Now enlightened to how to competently carry out her duty by embracing help when she needs it as well as embracing friendship, Blaze has very cool character development that sticks.
    In Sonic Rush Adventure, Blaze still retains her character development she got in Rush. Interestingly, Sonic still has to set her on the right path. This time, he doesn't drill it into her that she can rely on her friends but that as the leader of her world and the controller of the Sol Emeralds, only she can bring her people salvation and in order to achieve this, she must maintain a level head;

    This is effectively an extension of Sonic's selflessness; He reasons with Blaze in order to make her focus on the issue her people face rather than focusing on her own rage and hatred towards the Eggmen when they boast about wiping her kingdom off the map. He's telling her to think of her beloved people rather than her own feelings and makes her acknowledge her duty as their princess - To prevent their suffering and to uphold their right to peace.
    Third example; Sonic Storybook duo
    Ah yes, the games that, IMO, contain the platinum standard of Sonic characterization and storytelling.
    Let me start with Secret Rings first. After all, it is canonically the first Storybook game that happens.
    I don't think I've seen a more selfless and understanding iteration of Sonic. Despite taking a flame arrow to the heart and being given a Morton's Fork to deal with, Shahra's peace of mind is one of his priorities. He frequently insists that she shouldn't worry about his curse and shouldn't be holding herself culpable for his predicament even going so far as to promise her that he'll have her smiling by the end of their adventure, sealing it with a pinkie swear. Fixated at not worrying her, he even apologizes for dropping to his knees and saying that his time is about up, confessing that he certainly doesn't mean to worry her. Her emotional state of mind is one of his priorities despite the pickle he's in himself.
    When she intercepts Erazor's strike on him and dies in his arms, he makes it clear that he believes that her betrayal of him was not her fault no doubt because he notices the degree of emotional control Erazor has over her. This actually shows how perceptive he really is. This is hinted before when he asks about what her connection to Erazor is upon finding the Purple World Ring; Noticing her reluctance, he says that if she'd rather not talk about it then that's OK with him.
    Upon sealing Erazor is his lamp for eternity, Sonic looks rather downtrodden himself at Shahra's despair possibly because contrary to the promise he made to her, she's sad at the end of their adventure rather than happy because he had to forcibly terminate their relationship. Of course one of Sonic's consistently stated dislikes is tears. Maybe it's a combination of both that makes him look momentarily downtrodden.

    In a really sweet gesture that too many fans completely miss the point of, he sets aside their promise in order to drive it into her that she should grieve in whatever way she wishes and for as long as she needs to, hence the wish for a lot of handkerchiefs. This wish (And his wishes of Erazor) also has the effect of making Sonic out to be a character who has his priorities set straight; He's happy with his life. He don't need no instant magical fix that can give him whatever he wants. His wishes were for the benefit of everyone else but himself.
    Now for Black Knight.
    In this masterful portrayal of Sonic's outlook on life and moral character, Sonic makes it clear to Caliburn that he's a guy who plays by his own rules whether it be his approach to swordsmanship or his approach to dealing with the enemies he faces and the problems of the people he encounters.
    Whilst he was intent on serving the greater good by putting an end to Arthur's reign of tyranny and terror, that doesn't exactly take precedence over what he feels also needs to be done such as helping the small child and his/her family. His morality would not let him overlook the child's despair despite the fact that he had bigger fish to fry

    Sonic's compassion ultimately benefits him when the child reveals herself as Nimue in disguise. By saving the villagers above putting Nimue's requests first, he still showed moral fibre, strength and courage in the process and showed Nimue that he is capable of taking down Arthur which compels her to reveal to him the secret of blunting Arthur's immortality-bestowing scabbard. This effectively allows him to accomplish what he was summoned into the storybook world to do.
    Upon saving Percival's life without any second thought, Caliburn, who started off being cold and irreverent of Sonic warms up to him, acknowledges that he has mastered the code of chivalry and gives him his Knighthood and title.
    When Merlina's plot is put into motion and the Knights of the Round Table are put-out by this, it is Sonic who reminds them of their priorities, a clever snap-back to his reminding of Blaze of her priorities in SRA when the Eggmen taunt her about annihilating her kingdom and enrage her. Again, another extension of Sonic's selflessness because he's getting the Knights to think about Camelot's people, the salvation of which is their job.
    Upon facing Merlina, his dislike of sadness is revealed to to also stretch to a dislike of one-sided sadness, sadness that is selfish. Merlina wants to preserve her world in stasis just to escape her own sorrow at it's future (This is outright said by Excalibur in the following boss fight) without regard to the effects it would have on the citizens of the kingdom. Having a special hatred of this sort of sadness, Sonic becomes truly furious and makes the first move only to be swatted away as if he's nothing.
    Even when Merlina also violently objects to Sonic challenging her ideals and bisects Caliburn for good measure, Sonic keeps up the attack and then reveals that his knighthood doesn't define his moralities; He's not doing it explicitly out of chilvalry, he's acting out of interest of his own ideals and he'll defend those ideals no matter how much Merlina batters him.
    Lucky for Sonic this sense of determination rekindles Excalbur's long lost light and has the effect of turning him into Excalibur-Sonic and repairing Caliburn, transforming him into Excalibur and giving Sonic the means to truly face Merlina 1-on-1.
    After Merlina is neutralized and shows no semblance of defiance or unrepentance, Sonic lays out his views on life; It would have no meaning if it went on forever despite acknowledging that the inevitability of the end is "Kinda sad". They have to live out life to the fullest in the time they have. In order to get across the notion of fragile beauty, he hands her the flower she picked earlier when she mused that there was no point to flowers blooming if they were destined to wither.

    You have to appreciate that beauty despite inevitability of the end.
    Too much in one post @_@ Next up; Colours and Unleashed.
    You are most welcome to discuss the 'hidden depths' of the other characters This isn't a Sonic only topic. I'd love to see more elaborations and interpretations
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    Kamakai got a reaction from Goldenlink64 in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    Tails: Press the A button to jump-
    Eggman: And try not to be sick.
    Approved by Purple Smart Corporation.
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