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  1. For Your Consideration: The 2016 Chainsaw Award Nominations for Best Make-Up/Creature FX With voting season now open on the FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards, fans are putting their minds at work to select their favorites out of every potential nominee. When it came to Best Make-Up/Creature FX, the competition was fierce: THE GREEN INFERNO, VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN, WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD, LET US PREY, SOME KIND OF HATE, CALL GIRL OF CTHULU and many more all fought nominations. Sadly, only five films could rise above the rest, nabbing the nominations and a shot at FANGORIA glory! WE ARE STILL HERE, with FX by Marcus Koch A proven FX guru in the indie horror community, Koch offered some of his most splattery and impressive work to date with WE ARE STILL HERE. http://www.fangoria.com/new/for-your-consideration-the-2016-chainsaw-award-nominations-for-best-make-upcreature-fx/
  2. For Hollow Man, visual effects artists create a photo-realistic and anatomically correct human with animation and mocap techniques.
  3. Rather than using CGI or even animatronics, Robertson had real German Shepherds dyed black to create his villainous beasties, and it’s a simple trick that works so very well. When they attack, they do so with horrifyingly barbaric intensity, but even when they’re silently stalking their human prey, the dogs are genuinely scary and believably imposing. You never get a sense of how many are out there so you feel like they’re literally everywhere
  4. https://jetsettimes.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/cannes-film-festival-amfar-party.jpg?w=804&h=536 11 Hottest Spots To Mingle 10. VIP Room If you’ve been to the VIP Room in Paris, then you’ll know what to expect at VIP Room at Cannes. One of the hottest clubs during the film festival, expect to see celebs at reserved tables stacked with bottles of Cristal.
  5. Golden Globes 2016: Carol, The Big Short, lead nominations — see the full list Best Motion Picture, Musical, or ComedyThe Big ShortJoyThe MartianSpyTrainwreck Best Motion Picture, AnimatedAnomalisa The Good Dinosaur Inside Out The Peanuts Movie Shaun the Sheep Movie
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