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  1. Easily either of the All-Stars games (especially Transformed) would win out quality-wise for me, but I personally also enjoy Riders just as much and wish that the art style from the first game would be brought back in some form, even as a phone wallpaper or something; I dig the absolute hell out of the drawn artwork for Riders.
  2. Noticed that this has been the first time you've signed on back to SSMB after quite some time, so I just wanted to welcome you back!

  3. hell, i wouldn't even mind seeing silver's gameplay a little more elaborated upon in something like a future game or a spin off. psychokinesis powers could prove to be a neat game mechanic, at least that's what i think anyway
  4. IMO Heroes didn't have that bad of control when it came to good versions of the game (as well as Shadow, for that matter). To hell with the pinball physics, though.
  5. Sorta off-topic: At least the newly announced Steam release of Lost World gave me a horrible excuse to use this image on my Facebook page, after two years of it sitting around on my computer.
  6. thank you ring jesus for granting me the serenity to accelerate speeds unknown to mankind

  7. Who would've known back in 2001 that the SEGA Dreamcast would still be getting games as far as 2014?

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


    2. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Well considering that Atari consoles are getting new games, the Mega Drive is getting new games and the NES has been getting new games plus that it got easily hacked back in the day, I had a small hunch.

      Anything after the DC getting new games in the future would actually surprise me due to copy protection routines.

  8. Five Finger Death Punch's "Back For More" sounds like sex to my ears.

  9. Honestly, I didn't think Shadow the Hedgehog was THAT bad, but I don't know if another sequel's a good idea or not, seeing how hated it is...

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  11. Are you guys just not sure if this is Sonmanic/Aknotholeresident trying to hog at the domains and attention to make his Sonic movie? Joking aside, as long as it isn't too much like what we've seen turned into movie format (e.g Mario) and probably more on what Sonic the Hedgehog OVA came out like, then yeah, I can do that. I'd actually like to see the Sonic Boom style of animation, but the character designing, eh. Let 'em decide, fellas. Sadly, I think I'll regret ever saying "let 'em decide" sometime down the line, if this is legitimate.
  12. When thinking about this, why do I imagine Metal Sonic being absolutely wrapped in sports tape, just like Sonic?
  13. When I get home, my newly recieved SEGA Genesis will be steaming from gameplay.

  14. When I get home, my SEGA Genesis will be steaming from gameplay.

  15. Omochao already flew around me a ton in Generations last night, why now?!

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