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  1. Why would it be cheaper for me to buy Mania's CE from US Amazon than UK? I take it there is no difference right? Or is it just dumb pricing? 

    1. Boomer


      Customs would probably sting you up the arse.

    2. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      If I were to buy it I'd get it from UK to save myself from that, I just think it's stupid that without customs It would be near £30 cheaper

    3. Boomer


      Yep, UK always seems to get charged more for the same goods.

    4. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      It works out the same when you factor in Shipping from the US + Amazons global customs fee.

    5. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Custom fees jacks up the price by £25. So getting Mania's CE from US Amaon would be £56+£25= £81. Which is also the same price as the CE in Europe.

      I think they're just bringing over Sonic Mania CE over from America, and pretending it has a UK release. 

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