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  1. I'm practicing making Vaporwave and stuff like that and I've made a basic practice track using samples from Living In The City. If anyone want's to hear it, here's a link


    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Butterscotch yo. Very chill. I can kinda hear Livin In The City in there. 

      So, THAT'S vaporwave? Interesting style. Never really looked into it before myself as I'm a Drum n Bass artist, but i can see the differences and similarities for sure between those and everything else

    2. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      @PaulyBFromDa303 Thanks man, appreciate it.

      I'm typically more into producing hip-hop and alt rock, this is something I'm just getting into. It's quite easy to get into though, fun to get samples for. It's just a good genre to chill to

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