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  1. 18 hours ago, Patticus said:

    The YouTube thumbnail with the new companion's half face shirt and that denim jacket looks like they're joining forces to create a whole face.

    I thought the same thing actually.

    Speaking of her t-shirt, it's a picture of the inside sleeve of Prince's Purple Rain vinyl. Strange enough really. That also makes me think she's from a few decades ago, 80's vibes. The hair, jacket, jeans, shoes, and Prince t-shirt all make me feel this way. But it could also pass as modern fashion too I guess. We'll have to wait. Hope she isn't contemporary, it'd be good to change it up, as we haven't with the revival series yet.

  2. Well, I have to say that was a lot better than the first part.

    I thought they'd play on Missy and Clara being dead a bit longer, but I suppose it just gets it over with at the start. The scenes involving Davros and the Doctor were very good. I was unsure about Davros opening his eyes and crying at first, but I suppose he must have eyes so why not. And the crying was all part of a plan too, which was pretty well played off. It was actually a little touching that scene. Missy was a lot better in this episode, the best she's been. Died down on the crazy and was a lot more cunning. Especially that last scene with Clara and the Doctor, having him almost kill Clara. It's going to be interesting and probably a bit more well written with the Sonic out of the picture too. I'm unsure how often this 'Wearable Technology' is going to come in handy, but we'll see.

  3. Well, that was pretty gripping. Obviously spoilers ahead.

    Well, the Daleks seem to be doing pretty well. The Doctor's TARDIS is gone, Clara and Missy are exterminated (we'll see how long that lasts), and Skaro is back. I think the planes stopping was a bit useless, Missy being back could have been enough for UNITs attention in itself. Can I also say that they got Skaro spot on? It looks like it's straight out of the 60s and I'm glad that's not changed.

    And Davros, that's pretty awesome itself. Interesting that at the end there the Doctor doesn't seem to question whether he 'has the right' anymore...

    Really looking forward to next week!

    Also. Just wanted to say, I've gone into this series blind of the majority of news and leaks and stuff. And so far it's the best idea I've had.


  4. Just a heads up, series 8 is now available on Netflix, the U.S. Version at least. I am assuming the same is true for UK Netflix since it's the BBC, however if anyone who uses the UK version could verify this, that would be great. 


    Rewatched Into the Dalek this morning, still one of the better episodes of the season for me. 

    Nah, I think we're still on series 7 in the UK last I checked. Thank God for proxies getting us access to other libraries. I don't think it matters about it being BBC, I belive we're still behind on Sherlock here too.

  5. Trailer looks pretty awesome. It's got to be Skaro in one of those scenes, right? I mean, it looks exactly like it, which is awesome. Maybe the Thals will come back to settle some beef or something (that would be the dumbest shit). Cool to see that Supreme back from Series 4, wonder if they're going to acknowledge all these old Daleks or maybe the Daleks just have all these different designs now, including classic ones, which I think would be cool. I noticed the Renegade Daleks are back too, which is interesting, maybe the imperials still have a grudge with them or something, which would be cool. Cool to see Heavy Weapons back too. They're using Dalek Sec's shell a lot recently too, as it was in Asylum of the Daleks too (I believe it got blown up with the rest of one of the rooms though, they're probably all different Daleks at this point but with black paint.)

    I'm interested in Missy's return I guess, see if they resolve that in a good way or not. When I first saw the trailer there was a point I though could've been the interior of her TARDIS (just after the shots of what could be the Dalek city on Skaro) but now I'm not so sure, it could be interesting to see her TARDIS though.

    I'd also like to point out the Directing looks really awesome this series. I'm  really hyped for seeing it!

    So yeah, looks awesome and I can't wait!

  6. Apparently it's a full trailer, so hopefully it's something to sink our teeth into.

    In other news, following the script leaks, a unfinished cut of Deep Breath has also leaked online... It's in black and white and missing some visual effects... Things really aren't keeping under wraps recently, are they?


  7. New Trailer:


    That voice sort of sounds like Series 4 Davros at the start, then when it gets angrier it sounds like a regular Dalek... I wonder which it is.

  8. What'a odd is that for something to be 'Feature Length' it has to be at least 40 minutes... So that means all a Doctor Who episodes are feature length technically, but most of the time, when the BBC describes an episode as such, it's generally 60 minutes to 75 minutes, like The Eleventh Hour or Day of the Doctor.

    But that trailer... Oh man that is teasing.

  9. That's interesting. I've watched a few Felix cartoons before and I enjoyed them. I love old cartoons though, Like Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, so of course I did like what I saw of Felix, and I'm interested in where they take this. I'm looking forward to what we get, yeah.

  10. Okay, so after watching a few more videos of the game, here's what I think.

    I don't think graphics are that bad. Sure, maybe not being used to the full potential, but this can be changed before release, but even now, I'm not particularly bothered or fussed about graphics, though I do see why some people may not like them. I know they could be better, but maybe they will be.

    Sonic, Sonic, Sonic. So, people say he's too slow and yadayadayada, and I know where you're coming from, yeah, he's slow when relative to what we've previously experienced. But I have to say, after watching a few different videos, he still moves fairly quickly, and I don't think the speed will feel as if he's lagging behind for me. He looks about as fast as Crash Bandicoot, if just a little faster, maybe. And, I'll say this, I certainly don't find speed a problem with Crash games. While I know speed is the core of Sonic games, and we will experience the speed in places as shown, but to be honest, for me, I don't think the adventure stages are that bad for speed, especially with me playing Crash Bandicoot games a lot. He may not be as fast we we're used to, or would maybe like, but I'm not particularly bothered, to be honest. He looks controllable, and has a nice pace to him. His combat looks quite swift from what I've watched too. Looks like you can beat the enemies we've seen with some nice quick combos and move on.

    Story wise, I'm very interested, especially considering what we've be given the last few Sonic games, this one looks to be a bit meatier, and has a lot more character moments. The characters all seem to interact well and none of them seem bland, which is certainly a plus. I look forward to what we'll see in this story. And the in game interactions between them seem quite lively and bring a smile to me at points, as with the cutscenes. So, I do want to see more, yes.

    So, yeah, I'll say I'm still cautiously optimistic, but more so than I was when we first saw new gameplay. After watching a few videos it's certainly growing on me and I'll certainly be keeping up to date.

  11. Judging by the end of that video, it appears that the 3DS version will be a continuation, maybe even a direct sequel to the Wii U version.


    And thank god for that 3d rendering update!

    Just watched the 3DS trailer and at the end it says "Continue the adventure on Wii U and TV" so I guess that's not really an indication. But it could still very well be the case, who knows?

  12. Why do I play games?

    Well, I'll tell you for why. It's because of a few things actually. I was introduced to them at a young age, so, obviously it's part of my childhood. But other than that, it lets you interact with your entertainment, which is great, introduces you to loveable characters and compelling stories, and well, video gaming sort of leads a legacy in entertainment. It's one of the biggest sources of leisure nowadays and so, how can one not take part in it when it not only helps you relax, but can also get you pumped, excited and more. I play video games because there's so much to explore and there's so much to receive from playing that it actually makes it worth what it's asking for.

  13. I think I'll say Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Best Ending.

    Sonic 2's ending, I think, is beautiful. Sonic defeats Robotnik, runs for his life from the explosions before being consumed by a bright white light... Cut to Tails, in black and white pictures, and we don't know if Sonic has made it out of the Death Egg alive or not. But Tails sets off in his plane to see if he can find Sonic. And of course, we all know he does, leaving with Sonic landing on the wing of the plane and then jumping to the screen with the fist of glory.

    It's just great. That part where we don't know if Sonic is alive or not, and Tails setting of to find him nonetheless, it's lovely. And the music is just sooo good for it. I just love this scene.

  14. Favourite overall cast:

    Portal 2. Yes, Portal 2 has a fantastic cast, while few in numbers. Though, I think that' sweat makes them so great and stand out. There is only really 3 characters, and they manage to keep the story going, and it's one of the best stories out there. Actually, there is really only two characters, but the dialogue these characters have is incredible and really is to be admired. So, yeah, two characters to make one of the greatest stories in video games for me, that's gotta stand for something.

  15. Most anticipated Game:

    Super Smash Bros For Wii U/3DS

    Well, as a large fan of the series, I love the look of the new game. It's beautiful and looks like great fun. The character roster looks like it's going to be really good. It's a long wait, sure, but at the end, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. I just can't wait to get this game and play it! Also, Super Smash Bros... On the go. The 3DS version will let me play Super Smash Bros... Anywhere. Why wouldn't I be hyped for that! It's a dream!

  16. I'll have to say Valve for this one.

    Valve are great. They've made some cracking games, and I've enjoyed all those I've played. Team Fortress 2 is a blast to play whenever with it's zany style and fun classes. Left 4 Dead games are great too and I love playing 2, and the inclusion of mods makes the experience even better. Portal and Portal 2 are clever, hilarious games, and really shine out as some of the greatest games I've played. Let's not forget Half Life, which is also another fantastic series.

    Really, Valve are a great company with a smashing line up of games.

  17. Okay, so this is interesting:

    The BBC considered ending the show after the 10th Doctor's run:


    Steven Moffat has revealed that the BBC considered ending Doctor Who after the Tenth Doctor’s run.

    Speaking at the Hay Festival, he said: “David owned that role in a spectacular way, gave it an all-new cheeky sexy performance and became a national treasure. And he didn’t do it instantly, he did it over time. So the idea that Doctor Who could go on at all in the absence of David was a huge question.”

    “I didn’t realise how many people thought it wouldn’t succeed at all. That was quite terrifying when I found out about it later.

    “I think there were plans maybe to consider ending it. It was Russell T Davies saying, you are not allowed to end it.”

    It's interesting to know that they considered doing that, and were going to go ahead with it. Thank god Russel T Davies convinced them not to.

  18. Favourite Generation


    Seventh Generation:


    I'm saying this because I loved every console and play this gen quite a lot. While I love every console from a few other gens, I don't come back to them as much. Started with a Wii, it introduced me to this gen and I had a lot of fun playing on the console. Next I got a 360, which showed me even more, a boat load of new genres and series, and the PS3, which was like coming home to my old gens, with me playing PS1 and PS2 a lot. As for the handhelds boy did they come in handy. I got a DS, and took it everywhere, because it was my first proper handheld experience, and the PSP gave me an even broader selection of games to take me away when I was out. I just love them all.

  19. Day 25:

    I'll have to say Silver the Hedgehog...

    Silver.... From his first appearance, annoyed me. His voice never went in my ears well, his personality was just boring. His background story was just stupid, and plain, and boring. Just another 'post apocalyptic world' story, with no depth... And the fact Silver just believes Mephelis no questions asked... I just hate his presence, he brings nothing to a narrative for me. I just... Can't stand him.

  20. We also see him pull a lever which is on the console of the current TARDIS interior.


    That certainly looks as if it is the current interior.

  21. I doubt they'll change the 'desktop' this early in. After all, we see that Capaldi saves Gallifrey in it, so it has to stick around a bit longer, right?

  22. Day 24.

    I'm going to join and say DS4. I too grew up on the Dualshocks. The PlayStation was one of the first consoles I owned. So, of course the original Dualshocks held value to me, and of course the ones after felt like coming home. When I saw the DualShock 4, I was in a mix of emotions. On one hand, I liked the look of it. It had a cool touch pad, it looked quite large, good for my hands, and the triggers of course. But, I also felt as if I was going to be at loss with my comfort zone controller, the original DualShocks. However, come Christmas of 2013, and I finally wrap my fingers and palms around my very own DualShock 4, I felt that same comfort of the originals. With it's size, and triggers, it's even better than the original DualShocks for me, with my long fingers. The analogue sticks are a joy to have your thumbs on, and the touchpad is really nifty. I don't feel as if I have lost something with the change, if anything it's like gaining, because I still feel as though there is a DualShock 1/2/3 within.

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