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  1. I would not mind at all watching a sonic adventure 2 CGI HD movie i think that maybe even some 3D screenings would not get past my view
  2. So anyone got anything to say about my drawings or any character you want me to draw?
  3. I'm fine with most of it, yeah but the only things i can pinpoint are, - i want them to bring back camera control - Story improvement, alot of story improvement, - The occasional multiple character choice, not all the time though - I would not mind the return of the 3D spindash like the adventure games (but different drastically to the 06 spindash) But if they include those features then it will be perfect in my opinion.
  4. I wouldn't mind ports, as long as there from the adventure era and nowadays because i always wanted to play sonic adventure/2 and heroes on the go so i dont have to wait to play them when i get back to my house, but i would like to see new material due to the PS vitas capabilities to see games like we have on our consoles either way i think whatevers to come , i will most likely enjoy
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  6. Rouge the Bat I drew it ages ago but only just got round to adding colour
  7. I Have been doing some revision on this and i think it says Sega enterprises (well that's what the majority thinks) and there are few who think it is devil. I don't know though
  8. Post here if you know of any hidden messages or secrets or something interesting in beta for post here My favorite is the hidden message in Sonic CD, when you find it you see devilish pictures of sonic and some Japanese text translating into English it reads 'Fun is infinite with the devil' Sega said it was a joke at the eu/us players and would never do it agian Do you know any interesting facts to share
  9. Which are your favorite cut scenes and openings in the sonic series?
  10. In complete honesty i think HD sonic adventure or sonic adventure 2 would be great if they did not make them have todats gimmicks such as boost but mostly I'd just like even just a release of sonic x-treame on the 3ds because i think the play style would really take advantage of the 3ds' capabilities
  11. which Sonic games do you think deserve ports or HD remakes?
  12. Hopefully the screen of the plane landing is after a 'sky chase' like level. i think it will most likely be the start of the game though but maybe not considering sonic ended EP 1 on tails' rocket
  13. Huh, Eggman sure does have a weird addiction to capturing planets and using them for his own purpose hehe (sonic colours comes to mind)
  15. Thanks i hope i can do a lot better though
  16. Thank's dude i'll try my best with your tips you got any requests on any characters for me to draw? please i would really appreciate it!
  17. this is the place to upload pictures of your HAND ONLY fan art of sonic and freinds enjoy hope other's will enjoy your art or this might give you inspiration to give sonic drawings a shot can be in colour or not in colour
  18. CLASSIC best: SONIC 2 worst: TAILS SKY PATROL DREAMCAST best: SONIC ADVENTURE 2 worst: SONIC SHUFFLE MODERN best: SONIC COLOURS (closely behind is sonic generations) worst: SONIC AND THE BLACK KNIGHT/ SONIC 06 (seriously hard to decide)
  19. seeing as though sonic team and sega have made a more up to date shadow with the boost maybe the could add a game to the series with sonic, shadow, FAST silver, knuckles, tails and more so i know the last main stream game with multiple characters was awful (sonic 06) but that was due to bad gameplay, bugs, and level design but now they could have playable characters with the feel of sonic colours and generations modern what do you think?
  20. when i replace the bb3.cpk file with the one in the generations folder nothing changes when i open the game (i have a steam copy if that makes a difference)
  21. From Russia with love ==" ! I need help installing any one?
  22. shadow falling to earth in the end of sonic adventure 2 and the line he say's one of my favorite part in the sonic series
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