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  1. But, kids, do not in fact fuck tha police. Respect your local officer and stay in school.

    1. TheOcelot


      Respect your local officer? Yes.

      Stay in school? Hell no.


    2. Nepenthe


      Are people married to cops not allowed to fuck the police either?

  2. I may have a TARDIS, but I am not the one to take you to Flavourtown

  3. Wish I could hang out with David Hasselhoff.

    1. Boomer


      I love how he kept the fake Hasselhoff from the Spongebob film.

    2. Joy


      And I rode the Hasselhoff!

  4. You want me to stay because of the way you feel about me.

  5. Surf rock and surf chill music makes me insanely happy. I love all the old surf music.

  6. *doot*

    1. Boomer
    2. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Thank Mr. skeltal for Calsium rich bones

    3. Boomer


      Aaah u have ben spoopified u hav 2 mins 2 share or u will b spoopified 4 lyf.

  7. This banner thing is annoying me a bit, I'm so used to it just linking back to here...

  8. Going to watch Episode VII again tomorrow, to form a second, concrete opinion. Really enjoyed it, I'll see what I finally think after nearly a week.

  9. Really liked TFA. Second to Empire for me I think. I think it's the start of a great new series of films.

    1. McGroose


      Was Snoke even in the movie?

      No confirmation of lord Jar Jar's return?

  10. Gonna watch Star Wars in an hour haha

  11. I can't see a thing out of my window for fog. Cool.

  12. Santa hats are cool.

  13. It could be zombies?

  14. You guys ever heard of this Mozart guy? Just saw him on tour and it was wicked.

  15. First.

    1. Osmium



    2. Failinhearts


      First? You're not William Hartnell!

  16. Tea cakes are not tea and barely even cake. What gives?

    1. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      In fact they're not cake at all.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      It's cake-shaped and you typically eat while having a cup of tea.

    3. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      In that case they are tea-accompanying cake-shaped lies. Don't defend them 

  17. Hi, how are ya?

    1. Kiah


      Good! How are you? :) 

    2. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      I'm well myself, thanks.

    3. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      I'm not too bad, gracias.

  18. Oh! I didn't see you there. Hi, my name's the Doctor and tonight we're going deep on Sports

  19. You guys feeling snug?

  20. You ever seen swashbuckling pirates?

  21. Been here four years but time travel makes it longer so I win yey

  22. Brb going to Pancake Tuesday.

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