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    Doctor Who

    Well, that was pretty gripping. Obviously spoilers ahead. Well, the Daleks seem to be doing pretty well. The Doctor's TARDIS is gone, Clara and Missy are exterminated (we'll see how long that lasts), and Skaro is back. I think the planes stopping was a bit useless, Missy being back could have been enough for UNITs attention in itself. Can I also say that they got Skaro spot on? It looks like it's straight out of the 60s and I'm glad that's not changed. And Davros, that's pretty awesome itself. Interesting that at the end there the Doctor doesn't seem to question whether he 'has the right' anymore... Really looking forward to next week! Also. Just wanted to say, I've gone into this series blind of the majority of news and leaks and stuff. And so far it's the best idea I've had.
  2. How Can Bow Ties Be Real If Our Necks Aren't Real?

  3. So I get to pick up my exam results tomorrow. Isn't that swell?

    1. C.J


      Good luck for tomorrow, man!

    2. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Thanks a lot!

  4. Oh so I just read the Pride Lands and Halloween Town aren't coming back for Kingdom Hearts III. That's sad. I mean, I love Halloween Town, but I guess there wasn't much left to do. But I liked Pride Lands and I'm surprised by it not returning.

    1. Boomer


      Why am I tempted to read between the lines? Halloween Town might not be back but Christmas Town maybe?

    2. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Now that is certainly reading behind the lines. But I'm doubting it. Maybe Jack can be a summon and Simba can also return to Summon status.

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET



  5. Anyone know why Stacy can't see that she's just not the girl for me?

  6. So which of you guys is the best at moonwalking?

    1. Boomer
    2. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      At least someone understands how much I practice.

    3. Nepenthe


      Moonwalks are so passe'. I can glide in any direction. =P

  7. What's the deal with airline food?

  8. Things I've accomplished today:

    Watch SpongeBob

    Listen to Bowling for Soup for three hours straight

    Play some guitar

    Today was such an exhausting and tiring day please sympathize for me.

    1. C.J


      My respect.


  9. Debug Ring

    Doctor Who

    Nah, I think we're still on series 7 in the UK last I checked. Thank God for proxies getting us access to other libraries. I don't think it matters about it being BBC, I belive we're still behind on Sherlock here too.
  10. Hey... I just thought I'd let you know... I think you're pretty... Ok bye.

  11. Wow why is today so boring?

    1. Osmium


      I dunno. Today does seem abnormally slow for some reason. 

    2. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Something is clearly not right here.

    3. TheOcelot


      No news of a new main Sonic game does have an affect.

  12. I decided to give the Sonic Boom tv show another go. It's not too bad actually. Any episodes I should really check out?

  13. Why do the tough guys in stuff always say "You really need to grow a pear"? Like, what if the other person doesn't like pears?

    1. Milo


      PG-rated version of telling someone to grow some balls.

  14. When you're fighting Egg Dragoon in Generations and Eggman says 'Prepare to be skewered!', Like, how does one prepare for this??????

    1. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Which buttons do this?

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      The same way you welcome to die

  15. It really smells like updog here.

    1. JezMM


      Explain the definition of updog to me if you would be so kind

    2. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Well no because you asked wrong :(

    3. JezMM


      Ohhh I gotcha I gotcha, right then.

      What's updog                             ...'s meaning?

    4. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Nothing much what up wi-                 Oh god dammit...

    5. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      What's an updog?

      (What I literally said when my sister tried the joke on me.)

    6. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      People these days can't accept the comedy gold. Your sister would make a good dad.

  16. Happy Birthday!

  17. Guess who's pizza just arrived! This guys!

  18. Remember, Captain Hook is a Codfish!

  19. *Talks about Fight Club*

  20. Tonight doesn't seem like the kinda night for sleep.

  21. Hi ladies, I have high-speed Wi-Fi. ;)

    1. w00tkins


      you have my attention

    2. Milo


      Great pickup line

    3. Kaze no Klonoa

      Kaze no Klonoa


    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


    5. C.J


      I think the ladies would have more fun playing with your Sonic screwdriver.





  22. What if I just Red Shelled you five seconds from the finish line?

  23. How are you guys?

    1. Failinhearts


      A little confused. Ah, you obviously must be a Doctor Who fan, I need to ask a question to clear my confusion. I'm interested in watching the series. Where should I start? Just asking for your professional opinion. I'm being suggested to watch "Blink," the Weeping Angels episode. Is that where I should start?

    2. FriendBot


      Quite well actually, how about you?

    3. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      @Failinhearts Blink is a great example of a good episode, but it doesn't give you much of an idea of the characters themselves. I'd say you best journey would be to start at Season 1 and just go through. But some good examples of warm up episodes are Dalek, The Girl in the Fireplace, Midnight, The Eleventh Hour, Vincent and the Doctor to name a few. Any of those listed are good episodes, including Blink, but I'd say starting at Season 1 is a good idea if you think you'll like the show already.

      I'm good too, thanks Soni.

    4. Boomer


      Tfw when Eleventh Doc didn't mention any classic series episodes :(

    5. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Well I was just under the impression they were talking about the revival, as most people seem to get into that first. :((((((((((((((((((((

    6. Boomer


      Don't remind me :(

      Third Doctor needs more love, and everyone needs to see the Fourth.

    7. Failinhearts


      If I'm interested after watching the suggested episodes, I'll seek out the classic episodes.

    8. Boomer


      It's normally more difficult for people to go back as they're used to a faster pace. Working forward would be better.

    9. Debug Ring

      Debug Ring

      Only thing with starting on the classics is that you have to be prepared for the slow pacing and expect long driven out stories and being able to keep interested. I'd suggest if you're starting out as a casual viewer, the revived series is a good start, and if it grabs your attention and you're a fan, you'll be fully prepared to embrace and appreciate the classics.

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