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  1. The whole Dragon Quest composer controversy Square are caught in the middle of is sad.

    They can't use any famous DQ tunes without paying Sugiyama royalties (doesn't help that he's a huge douche), and dropping the themes would probably get them in hot water from fans. Then there's the MIDI's.

    They never had this much trouble with FInal Fantasy (a series they made themselves when they were Squaresoft, against a series they inherited from Enix).

    1. pppp


      It's because the 3 key creators Horii,Toriyama and Sugiyama never actually worked at Enix, they have their own production companies and therefore their own trademarks entitled to royalties. Final Fantasy has always been made inhouse at Square by their own employees, so no problem there.

      It's kinda like the Classic Sonic trilogy music. Masato Nakamura is who actually owns the music of Sonic 1 and 2. Half of Sonic 3's music belongs to multiple composers who never worked at SEGA and there's alot of other messy problems.

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