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  4. Alright, this is getting out of hand. @Kintor Video game opinions and views are fine, but spamming what's essentially the same statement over and over and over again is...literally against the rules (of this subforum in particular, even). If you hate a particular company or, say, a game that's quality has almost nothing to do with said company, that's fine, but you know people are going to get tired of hearing it constantly and in contexts where it's only barely relevant. Chill. Also, @ everyone else, if you don't like someone's posts...you don't gotta reply! Like, if you find yourself making meta commentary on a member along the lines of "How do you block people again?"...that's kind of a big sign you probably shouldn't be engaging in the first place! C'mon!!! Speaking of, here's a fun tutorial courtesy of @Zaysho (Disclaimer: this will not actually work on me, other forum staff, or TSS staff. I apologize for any inconvenience.)
  5. I honestly never minded this too much outside of Heroes. In SA1's case I wouldn't have objected to Amy, Gamma, and Big being optional chapters, especially since they're relatively shorter...but I can respect wanting the player to have every side of the story before getting to the true ending.
  6. At minimum I think they should have him pilot boss mechs again. Not just the final boss, but all (or at least most) of 'em. Ideally he'd also be doing things plot wise too, but I could live without that as long as he shows up to actively get in your way as opposed to sending others to do the job. Funnily enough, if they were still doing that sort of thing, I'd say the premise behind this game would actually make me want the opposite--have him so confident in his victory that most of what he does is in cutscenes until the end. But since that's the standard now, uhh...
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  10. I seem to recall that the writing team for Lost World was revealed early on post-announcement. Correct me if I'm wrong. Could be that they're just saving it for later. My prediction is that it'll work the same way as Colours & Generations--Pontac & Graff write the script, but don't have much freedom beyond that. That seems like the safest bet. That's a possibility. I doubt it, but in general "there's new writer(s)" would be one reason to not say anything right away, and he could very well be the one. I'm just skeptical because of the whispers that Archie Sonic was cancelled (or is at least in danger of it) due to SEGA. Then again, it would be hilarious if they cancelled the book but hired Flynn to write a game. That sounds just wild enough to be SEGA™, y'know?
  11. Honestly I'm still leaning positive towards this game, I'm fairly confident it'll be fun for someone with my tastes. There's things that bother me--I'd prefer Classic Sonic not be here, and also that GHZ music just straight up sucks--but other than that I don't think it's a huge step back from Generations. It's not really a step forward, either, so I totally understand the general reactions so far, but eh. I'm excited to see more, for whatever that's worth. I just don't have much energy to actively post about the game since the doom and gloom gets really old and I can't exactly ignore peoples' posts, for obvious reasons. I'm not even upset by the idea of creating a character, except from the angle of "I want to play as the pre-existing characters who are right there," but that's more an issue of what it isn't than what it is (if it's true, anyway).
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if the timeline of events went something like: Development starts in 2013/2014, I assume it's just conceptual stuff at this point Boom happens and puts things on hold (probably for longer than Sonic Team expected, at least) Conceptual stuff was still happening, maybe Actual development of the game's engine and so on started later--late 2014? 2015?? Who knows how these things actually went down behind the scenes, but hey, here's a rough guess.