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  1. While I don't expect this kind of twist, I guess it could have been some Ruby shenanigans.
  2. Set it after the zombot arc. Whenever somebody starts to mention it, potentially revealing important details such as how it's going to be resolved, they're interrupted by someone or something.
  3. Oh yeah, I remember seeing that cover but they never posted a clear picture of it online. I think you can only get it via SEGA's own shop?
  4. New trailer. I don't go here (tho' I've always been somewhat interested in checking out the franchise), but it continues to look cool. The only thing I keep feeling weird about every time I remember it's a thing is the episodic structure, especially since the game's producer admitted they haven't planned out how many there will be yet. I guess it kind of makes sense since they're treating them as full games but I still had to raise an eyebrow at that.
  5. We've seen Green Hill Zone multiple times in the comic. in the current arc alone I can think of at least one time Sonic's had to run out of the city, and the nature we see just outside of it is clearly modeled after GHZ (maybe it's not Literally That but people don't give Windy Hill a pass, so...). Does this really matter outside of the games anyway? Like I can actually understand not wanting to see it in every main series game like they do nowadays, but I still don't see the problem in...any other context.
  6. A Xenoblade remaster is something I thought would be cool, especially after seeing Shulk and Fiora in HD in 2, but I didn't expect them to actually do it.


  7. It's happened a couple times, when they announced the Gen 1 games were going to be on 3DS VC (among other minor things), and then later on when there was a segment about some stuff in USUM. I expect this will be a slightly bigger deal though, if they're namedropping it in the direct's announcement.
  8. From what I gather, publishers generally care more about the first few week(s) of sales above anything, which makes sense really. Lifetime sales aren't going to be the majority of a game's profit for a very long time, if ever. That's the explanation I've seen for why companies will, say, sometimes remove Denuvo but only after the initial launch period, but I think it's safe to say that applies to stuff like this too.
  9. I have mixed feelings about this if it's replacing the series. I thought SM did a decent job at revitalizing the show and I was looking forward to what they'd do with the formula next. That said I like the idea of an anthology that focuses on a lot of different places/characters so I'd absolutely enjoy that. It's kind of surprising if it's not a spin-off though--unless there happens to be a lot of Galar episodes. Like half the point of the show this whole time has been to advertise the new stuff, lol.
  10. There were Mario comics at the time of SMW that (admittedly) made up a story to fit in there, but that could still work. I agree it'd be better to just not do adaptations in a modern attempt though.
  11. So, asking as someone who hasn't bothered keeping up with the show for years: with the way they've been building things up, the finale's going to be the standard adventurey two parter, right? I'm honestly slightly disappointed by that...as weird as this might sound, I was hoping they'd end on a slice of life episode, mostly because that's the part of the show I enjoyed more (and it's what most of the show is like anyway).
  12. I kinda like those designs, Dick aside. Not really a fan of the art style, but the outfits and stuff are cool to me. Other than that, frankly I don't think this is a loss at all. Maybe the game would have been good or even great, but even so I'm just...tired of Batman having so many movies and games and so on compared to every other DC hero. I've been tired of it for a very long time now. I'm tired of complaining about it at this point! And I like Batman!
  13. I was really amused that Boxman avoided saying "roboticizer" (which was funny in itself) only for Sonic to say roboticized a minute later anyway. I don't know if that was an intentional fake out on whether they could use the term or not, but it got me either way. Tails teaching KO to spin dash and the Metal KO fight were the best, and the episode as a whole was really fun. Good stuff.
  14. You all suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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