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  1. Huh, the Babylon Rogues? Didn't expect to see them in this arc.
  2. Hmm. Do you think (or expect) everyone in a marginalized group to agree with you on this? I understand that you're not saying it's a direct comparison, but if that's the case what's the problem with disagreeing? You constantly regurgitate "omg you shouldn't be on forums I guess if you don't want dissent," and yet here you are.
  3. I don't really agree that this was resolved in SA2/Shadow's game. The president was always willing to give Shadow a chance and the commander changed his mind but those are two people. It makes sense there would still be people wary of Shadow considering his actions in SA2 and possibly his own game (you could run with the idea that the "canon" series of events includes him siding with the Arms at least once, for example), regardless of his last minute change of heart and later actions. You wouldn't even be able to blame them really especially since a lot of the details probably aren't public knowledge, and even if they are "Well he says he didn't remember the truth but how do you know HE was telling the truth?", etc. It wouldn't have to be tons of people either, it could just be specific characters. You could create some neat antagonists for him out of that I think. I wouldn't really expect a story where what Shadow found out about the future in '06 actually happened in the present day anyway, I think it makes more sense as a far future thing that might happen, which he would understandably be worried about. '06 doesn't do anything interesting with even that much, but that's to be expected because bad game is bad.
  4. A different take isn't necessarily a bad thing, but personally Sonic being more laid back is something that stands out about him to me when compared to other cartoony speedsters. It's a sensible direction for a character with super speed so I get it, and I'm open minded to alternate continuities being different etc. but I'm just meh about it overall. I'd go as far as to say it's emblematic of how generic the movie feels.
  5. There's always mods for stuff like the proto palettes. Of course, it would still be cool if they were "officially" implemented. Speaking of options I think the new (as of the latest update) "upgradeable shield" option is one of the most interesting. Basically when you have no shield the monitors will always give you the normal one, but once you have one you can get the usual elemental shields. It adds a bit of challenge to getting the shields you want, it's really neat. Also as much as I always liked playing as Tails, being able to cancel his flight makes him soooo much more fun. It's so painful to play as him in other games now, lol.
  6. Aside from the obvious (nobody "knows" what's going on behind the scenes with this stuff but my guess is there's a lot of internal debate over details like this...for some reason), the only rationalization I can think of is that it's possible they might have meant they're fine with Flynn going with that even if they aren't planning on doing anything themselves. To me that seems likely, given what Shadow's deal is (during or after SA2) is probably never going to be relevant again in the games, so they don't really have any reason to out of nowhere directly state in a game "oh yeah the one from Heroes on is definitely an android." And while it's a stretch I could see that logic affording adaptations some creative liberty if they so desired, unlike some other stuff (like two worlds) which is supposedly set in stone for now.
  7. Hmm, perhaps he wasn't expecting them to be cool with a new magic rock in general, or maybe the reality warping part? He might be alluding to something we don't know about it too but I could see it being one or both of those.
  8. I think the last time we saw her she said she was going back home. She probably has no idea any of this is going on. Kinda the same situation with Knuckles right now.
  9. I went back and checked and Espio did say he was for punishing Mr. Tinker but Sonic defused that basically instantly. I imagine he's kicking himself for that now and I think that + him lashing out makes sense.
  10. Which is worse, Sonic opinions or stepping on a LEGO brick

    1. Perkilator


      At least the pain of a LEGO brick is over sometime soon.

    2. Supah Berry
    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      Goku makes this face when he steps on a LEGO brick


      who wouldn't trust this fella, so im gonna go with the lego brick

    4. Ellipsis-Ultima
    5. Zaysho


      My three years+ experience as a moderator here is definitely leaning toward the former.

    6. PaulyBFromDa303


      As a (ex?) professional wrestler, I can attest that Legos are quite literally a pain in the ass. Or the back, or the shoulder, or even the top of the head. It's what wrestlers call, hardcore weaponry.

      But sometimes a bad opinion about Sonic can pierce you right in the soul. And that's more painful then taking a superplex from the balcony onto a pile of Legos and thumbtacks combined

  11. That was adorable! Are holiday shorts just going to be a thing from now on (on top of stuff to directly promote new games, I'm sure) because I'd be cool with that... Here's a thread from Tyson Hesse going into detail about who worked on what. ...Also this is really minor but I'm guessing Sonic's line at the end is recycled from something, if so does anyone know where?
  12. A lot of people eat this stuff up, if EVERYONE hated or was actually reasonably skeptical of leaks then...yeah they probably wouldn't do it.
  13. I don't have any specific predictions or wants, except that it'd be great if every character they add are ones that people insisted would never happen or were """deconfirmed.""" Perhaps, combined with the times that's already happened, people will finally learn.
  14. The most important thing about Colours is that Eggman pisses on the moon again

    1. Sean


      I liked the part where he captured all of the wisps to turn them into Gamer Girls

  15. As we all know and can agree, the state of the series is because of a game I don't like

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Sonic 06 really is a curse to the series

    2. Ferno
    3. Kuzu


      Sonic Colors stole my lunch money 

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Yes. Sonic 1's mediocrity left a permanent scar on this franchise that was never removed

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