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  1. Aw that kinda sucks, I like the design. Also what are the odds CoroCoro will leak before E3 /half-serious question
  2. First of all, Sean was extremely clear about knocking this off. Again, even putting aside how I feel reading this, it barely has anything to do with the topic at hand without some major stretches. If you insist on going on about this despite being told to stop twice, you'll be struck. Second, you seem very confident about talking for everyone in a group. If you ask me I would say that this sort of logic sets a dangerous precedent ("Don't worry, I won't misgender you... ...unless you _____"), and regardless of whatever someone may have done to "deserve it" it's not at all worth it! And on another note: what are you even talking about? Is this about the weird poem thing, because yeah that was definitely tacky, but at this point it feels like you're desperate to talk about some wacky new Penders controversy more than anything. I mean-- ...yeah. Be patient, Penders will inevitably say some puzzling thing that's relevant to Lara-Su, and we'll spend about a page or two going "That was kinda weird huh?" "Yyyyep."
  3. I don't even want them to change anything this late in the game. Doesn't seem worth it since the movie doesn't look particularly good even if you ignore the design.
  4. It's wild just how tired and off the voice actors sound, wow. Everything else about the game presentation-wise is great so it's reeeeeally jarring.
  5. I agree with this sort of sentiment 100%, but I haven't really seen anyone say anything like that about this movie specifically? Even outside of this site.
  6. A little bit. I don't think it looks bad or anything, but I am definitely surprised by how receptive people are to it so far.
  7. That's pretty wild. I guess it's theoretically balanced out by there not being TONS of Rings around (from what we've seen), and you even apparently lose them all when you get it, but still.
  8. Yeah I assume it's going to tie in to the virus storyline, makes sense to me that there'd be at least SOMEONE concerned about Sonic running around while infected. It's totally possible it's a (really funny!) mistake tho'.
  9. Stage builder is an art platform now.

    Not even joking, that was just my first thought seeing some of those example stages they had on those screens where you browse custom stages, haha.

    1. Polkadi~♪


      "Do you guys like my fanart?"

      "can i smash on it"


      "lemme smash"

      "That sounds inappropriate."

  10. So they're using Sonic Adventure Music Experience as a group name huh? I assume it's made up of the people involved with that album a few years back.
  11. I was deep in that fandom for five years. In my experience, Sonic fans are nothing in comparison.
  12. On one hand I'm excited for that. On the other hand I fear for his life because going from Sonic fans to bronies is...uhhhh...
  13. Come on, the Rowling comparisons aren't fair at all. Penders was already like this long before she really started putting her foot in her mouth.
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