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  1. I sincerely love that it looks like they just ported the model and left it at that (in fact I'm curious if that's literally what they did, lmao). I had always assumed if ol Minecraft Steve made it in they'd fancy him up at least a little but no it's just...him. It's beautiful.
  2. Wait, what? After a bit I realized you possibly meant Purah but I was really thrown by this, lol. Also I think the little egg guardian should be playable. You're tiny but going around shooting stupidly powerful lasers. ...Okay, for now I assume that it's role will be what people are speculating: speaking for Link, similar to Proxi in the previous HW. But also I think it should be allowed to kill things.
  3. Even if he went faster and carried her, the next question there is "what now?" GUN almost certainly was guarding any shuttles or whatever and outside of video game logic i.e. Rings there's no guarantee Shadow would be able to get in there and not either get shot himself, or risk Maria getting shot even if he left her temporarily. Here's a possibility: maybe he was already badly injured (and healed while in pod stasis I guess)? There's not really an indication of this aside from the fact he's noticeably not using his speed in any version of the flashbacks we've seen, with Maria even dragging him along in ShTH's version. But it's an idea I guess. (And now I want a version where she's carrying him, lol.)
  4. I thought for sure the 100% epilogue mentions what happened but I guess not. Had no idea the Pinstripe part in particular was only mentioned in JPN stuff, lol.
  5. I know that things have changed with how they manage stuff like the comics, but we can tell from the original characters in the comics that they're still not as restrictive of non-game characters. They gave some feedback on Whisper and it was actually a good idea, and then (as far as we know) let Ian do whatever with her. I'm pretty sure the FF would be given the same distinction. We won't know unless something, uh, happens. I actually do think it's completely possible (likely, even) that SEGA will randomly change their minds and let characters from older continuities be added to the comics again, since they randomly change their minds about things all the time. If I'm not wrong we'll find out eventually, whether it's next year or 20 years from now. GET HYPE!
  6. The reboot already made it so Sonic didn't meet them as kids and literally nobody on the entire planet cared. I don't think anyone would mind seeing him meet them for the first time in a new continuity, except for people that for some reason can't wrap their heads around the idea of new continuities, something that for some reason I only see with Sonic fans. I also don't see why locations associated them would have to be dropped? If SEGA owns them they must own those concepts too. Again though if they just called it something else nobody would care, lol.
  7. It seems more like his brain got scrambled by the warp, resulting in new "memories" replacing his real ones. Functionally not that different from an amnesia kind of plot, but yeah.
  8. It's funny because most of the fucking weirdos anti Ian group I see seem to genuinely believe he hates the FF and he's why they're currently gone, and are probably just going to assume he's lying. It's like a fascinating glimpse into another world. Fortunately they're a ~Movement~ of like...20 people maybe, so it literally doesn't matter, but yeah.
  9. The SatAM characters are really simple. Anything remotely too complex to implement was in the pre-reboot comics...and even then I can't think of much Penders nonsense surrounding them compared to, say, Knuckles--at most there's, what, some weird destiny shit with the Acorn family? Most of the actually stupid baggage with Archie's old continuity was centered on the game characters, or some of the new ones Penders and co. came up with. The most "out there" characters among the FF are Nicole and Bunnie, and they even have something vaguely resembling backstories (a humongous hurdle that among the games' cast only Shadow has crossed), but they're pretty easy to sum up and I don't think the concepts would feel that out of place in a series that has always just done whatever fits that particular game. Anyway that's all to say I do agree I don't really care about alternate continuity characters being added to the games, at least outside of side games. I'd like to see more of that...and ideally not just in mobile games designed to squeeze money out of you.
  10. I kinda like the orange though. It's not the same thing really but it kinda reminds me of how he looks more "gold" rather than simply yellow in SA2.
  11. A new perspective is probably possible, but Colours retrospectives feels weirdly...soon, to me. People never really completely stopped talking about it, which makes sense since it's relevant to recent games, but because of that it's had the same general consensus (a RESOUNDING "it's ok," with the occasional "it single-handedly ruined everything") for...maybe seven years now?

    1. Kuzu


      So just like the reputation Sonic Adventure had ten years ago around this time.

  12. I assume that's just the game getting rid of your mask when you get to a cutscene. Or maybe that specific one, since after it you switch to Crash? edit: I said something about it playing the same sound for when you get hit when Aku Aku disintegrates, but that isn't in that video even though I swear it was in the one I saw the other day. Bad memory I guess lol.
  13. That reminds me, I saw in one video that when Cortex dies enough times a mask naturally spawns in to help you...and it's Aku Aku, hilariously. I remember thinking Uka Uka would replace him in the final game but now what looks like possibly a betrayal might throw a wrench in that so uhhh...if so, what are they gonna do about that?
  14. I don't see a significant amount of criticism of Rouge's design. I wouldn't really mind if there was, but it'd be strange to me considering she doesn't look the way her SA2 model does outside of fanart. She's really tame after that/Heroes' outfit.
  15. I can definitely see the argument it might not have actually helped him, but he probably wasn't exactly thinking at the moment and just acting on instinct. The fact that was his instinct says it all of course.
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