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  1. In any case, my point is that it's really just an unfortunate coincidence. As tempting as it might be to think so, there's not some fundamental flaw with the series or anything that prevents it from having good writing, SEGA's just bad at hiring good / fitting writers, let alone caring enough to make sure things turn out well. "Never attribute to bad luck that which is adequately explained by bad writing and SEGA not giving a damn," or something.
  2. God dammit I was too slow in editing that out Uhhhhhhh I guess the main example I can think of is Pokemon. The premise is pretty simple but it's rare that the writing is actually, particularly good, even if we count adaptations. Tho' in fairness it mostly only stands out when they actually try to do something interesting and it falls flat...which is also true of Sonic (people aren't big fans of Colours or Generations, writing wise, but LW is when people really turned on the current writing team).
  3. It isn't, they just don't exactly get the best writers. Bad (or unfitting for that particular series) writers can mess up even the simplest of premises.
  4. *trying to think of something wise to say* Sometimes I think politics, is political?

    1. KHCast


      We got a modern Confucius right here people 

    2. Celestia


      I like to think of myself as more of a Diogenes

    3. Diogenes


      hey, that job's taken

    4. Ferno


      "If one eats food, they will not hunger anymore."

    5. KHCast


      "Getting shot in the head or heart will kill you. Not getting shot in the head or heart will keep you alive"

    6. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      The world is like a sandwich; everyone thinks one part is more important than the other, but you need all of the ingredients for the sandwich to be truly great.

      And that's my pseudointellectual contribution of the day.

    7. Celestia


      idk, when the next universe is being made I'm gonna ask for a sandwich with less horrible things on it

  5. *blocks everyone* Now my SSMB experience becomes immaculate. What do you mean I need to see peoples' posts to do my job

    1. Strickerx5


      I am like the great Cena now. I can finally activate my plan!

      *initiates process to overthrow Celestia*

    2. Celestia


      Hey can anyone tell me what Stricker said there

    3. Kiah


      Nice try, Cel. Now get the unblocking!

    4. Strickerx5
    5. Penny


      he said the dress was blue and black

    6. Soldier: 76

      Soldier: 76

      She can't see our posts?


      [@Soldier: 76 has been banned from the SSMB]

    7. Strickerx5



      like penny



      ... you're wrong

    8. Celestia


      This status backfired because now I really do want to block all of you

    9. Soldier: 76
    10. Gregg (Ogilvie)

      Gregg (Ogilvie)

      Consider yourself lucky you don't feel the temptation to click "View Post" anyway, like I am with blocked users on Discord...

    11. Celestia


      It's rare that I block people's posts but when I do I usually end up clicking on "view post" anyway, so I know how that feels

    12. Princess Zeldarino

      Princess Zeldarino

      Sweet, now I can say "Celestia is a doodyhead" and not get in trouble! :D

  6. To be fair, Classic Sonic just straight up didn't talk. And even if he had they probably would've done the same thing they did with the two Tails, i.e. the younger one sounds, well, younger. I'm not sure what could be done to differentiate Sonic and Boom Sonic's voices. Though yeah, the designs are definitely different enough to tell at a glance which is which.
  7. It wouldn't be redundant, but I still wouldn't want this. Not only for all the obvious reasons to not want SEGA to acknowledge Boom, but because that gameplay style just isn't very unique or interesting. Putting aside all the arguments over the boost, I don't think anyone would deny that it's at least something you don't really see anywhere else, and that goes for Classic Sonic too. Meanwhile Boom Sonic, assuming his style would be based on any or all of the currently released Boom games, wouldn't really stand out much. I guess they could do something to make it more interesting but...well there's still all the other reasons to not want him in, lmao.
  8. If it's one thing I did like about the 2012-2016 era of Sonic, it was the near lack of Boost Discourse.

    1. Josh


      all ive remember since i've gotten here aside from tone discourse is boost discourse

    2. RosaRosaRosalina





    3. Zaysho


      The Sonic Discourse



      ..... I'm gonna go back to playing Zelda.

  9. RIP Discord

    1. Josh


      I was just about to tell you where the money is

    2. Princess Zeldarino

      Princess Zeldarino

      Good, I thought I had been BANNED FOREVER


      but no srsly I clearly picked the worst possible moment to get on there >_>

    3. Azoo


      I was about to type that the only good thing about Black Knight was that it shown that Sonic likes Blaze and not Amy

    4. Celestia
    5. Josh



      come again dawg

    6. Azoo


      you can shoulder pat a friend

    7. Josh
    8. Celestia


      Dare I say they're not even the real Blaze or Amy anyway

    9. Josh


      Potato Potato

    10. Azoo


      its true

      meanwhile the sword guy straight up asks if sonic has a crush on blaze and the answer is basically "pscht nah what do you mean" and they both blush i mean come on


      this may not be the real real blaze but to say this isn't ship bait is just



    11. Celestia


      *sighs nostalgically* You kids and your het ships,

    12. Josh


      Snic ain't blushing my guy

    13. Brad


      tfw ur trying to sell Discord to the TSS Staff and it breaks the next day

    14. JosepMelloZSM


      You are all delusional, Sonadow for the win.


    15. Azoo


      now you listen here I EARN MY LIFE

      and now you will too with this amazing soundcloud track


  10. -pokepoke- Hey Celes, I see that you avy is from the Maho Girls Precure movie. Is it worth a watch? I'm debating on whether or not I feel like looking at it. o^o

    1. Waveshocker Sigma
    2. Celestia


      Of the Precure movies I've seen so far, it's my favourite that isn't an All-Stars.

      Admittedly I might be biased because I love that teddy bear, BUT EVEN PUTTING THAT ASIDE IT'S GOOD.

    3. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Mofurun was the best thing about Maho Girls next to Haa-chan, so that's enough for me. Guess I'll go watch it, then.

      I'll take your word for it. ¦(

  11. Happy Existence Anniversary!


    1. Josh


      all those cuts and they dont even try to make him look cool while he does it

  13. Ah, so we shouldn't expect a trailer for a few months. Not surprising, but like I said a few pages back, I hope they don't go completely silent either...even if we just get a few tidbits here and there I'll be happy.
  14. Sonic's the only one who can use Wisps powers anyway, so... Maybe you could give 'em passive abilities that you get from just having one, like uh...Laser can specifically protect you from enemy lasers, or something. And these passive abilities would apply to everyone, while only Sonic can actually fuse with 'em. So basically the same thing as the elemental shields, but more varied. Sure, it's something that only Sonic can take advantage of, but it'd still be a lot more limited than Tails, Knuckles, and so on's abilities, so it wouldn't be unbalanced (imo, anyway). Edit: This topic is moving faster than I thought :V