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  1. That was adorable! Are holiday shorts just going to be a thing from now on (on top of stuff to directly promote new games, I'm sure) because I'd be cool with that... Here's a thread from Tyson Hesse going into detail about who worked on what. ...Also this is really minor but I'm guessing Sonic's line at the end is recycled from something, if so does anyone know where?
  2. A lot of people eat this stuff up, if EVERYONE hated or was actually reasonably skeptical of leaks then...yeah they probably wouldn't do it.
  3. I don't have any specific predictions or wants, except that it'd be great if every character they add are ones that people insisted would never happen or were """deconfirmed.""" Perhaps, combined with the times that's already happened, people will finally learn.

    1. Zaysho


      This is your fault

    2. Celestia



    3. Ferno


      give me cash for my pain and suffering

  5. Jumping off of Sean's status here's a fun fact: when Sonic uncurls on his way down from a jump in Colours, he can't hit enemies safely anymore instead taking damage. Unless you hold the jump button the entire time. I only discovered this literally the last time I played the game this year, since 2010 I assumed you simply couldn't bounce off enemies unless you were still going up.

    1. Strickerx5


      When would there ever be a situation where you wouldn't want to keep that attack state up while falling? That's a really weird inclusion.

    2. Sean


      This is the shit that keeps me up at night

    3. Adamabba


      he doesn't uncurl if you hold the button?

    4. Celestia


      I actually can't remember if he keeps spinning or not (I'm leaning towards "yes"), but you can definitely still bounce on enemies. Very strange.

    5. Soniman


      I actually remember discovering that pretty early after release. It was fun because you always got crazy air off of an enemy of you actually managed to land on them 

    6. Celestia


      It even works the same in Gens (maybe nerfed a bit?) but you're more likely to notice since you don't have to hold the button to attack anymore.

    7. Strong Guy

      Strong Guy

      Fun fact: Sonic and co also uncurl in Sonic Advance 2 and 3, however they still hurt enemies after uncurling. I've tried to test if you can be hurt from above/destroy enemies above you after uncurling but was unable to find a spot where I could actually test.

  6. It kind of sucks if they only edited Jacques name into the description later (haven't seen any solid evidence on that either way) but why didn't he just...ask? And hey, why isn't TJ mentioned too, it's not a huge deal but it'd be nice. I don't really care to defend companies by any means but I don't even understand this from the perspective of SEGA BAD or whatever, seems like it's something that'd be up to the person uploading the videos and like...again, you could just...ask? The funniest part of this is people would have sympathized completely if he hadn't blamed Lopes! Also while he did @ them about it...I suspect he didn't single SEGA out in his actual complaining because he'll still want to make music for them in the future, which is fine because everyone needs to make money and all, but in this context it just looks bad.
  7. I understood that. FWIW I think if the movie was fully animated and looked good...it's just hard to imagine everything else pissing people off (the premise, writing, characters, etc.) being the same in the first place. But if that somehow had happened, yeah, I guess I could see it not taking off as much in the general public. I think fans would have complained just as much though, especially in circles like this that are really tired of bad writing in the franchise.
  8. Aren't movies just books with less words? Kind of a scam imo

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Maybe, but there's more pictures

    2. Celestia


      And pictures are worth a thousand words...maybe movies are good after all

    3. Dr. Christmas Mike

      Dr. Christmas Mike

      Books are just words on paper. So technically, just by speaking, all of us have written a really long book.

    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      This was an incredible story arc

    5. Sean



    6. Teoskaven


      Language is overrated anyway.

    7. Ryannumber1Santa



      Well, there is certainly a thousand words I can attribute to this

    8. Zaysho


      but can you hold a movie in your own two hands

    9. Ryannumber1Santa



      well i have a few dvd cases

  9. Did you know moderators are in fact also capable of having opinions and can take part in discussions? People complain when we don't "post normally" too so there's no "winning" I guess, but c'mon. (I also legitimately didn't see Tara and Sean had already replied, and Tara even said essentially what I did in fewer words. But even if I had I might have decided to say something anyway to support that point and get my thoughts out there. /shrug) Oh shit am I one of them
  10. Well, yes, it would at the very least "look" good, in the literal sense, eh? Everything about this movie even aside from Sonic's design does not appeal to me, and I suspect I--and a lot of people--would still feel that way. The design happened to be THE most immediate problem, but people aren't exactly wowed by the writing or anything either.
  11. This reminds me, it looks like the red part is it's actual eyes and the white is just markings on it's face (for whatever reason)? I did a double take looking at it at first lol.
  12. I've seen speculation it might be associated with Yamper in some way (I'm guessing based on how Toby included a drawing of one when he announced this). Maybe it's the [battle?] theme for a character who has one.
  13. I'm kind of sad one didn't appear in Arsenal Pyramid. I wouldn't have even minded if it was just a background detail, like how the Red Eye sub-boss from S&K appears in the background in the Death Egg levels--
  14. Honestly I agree that's likely, but it does seem more reminiscent of the SA2 one. An Egg Golem appears and everything. e: Also it's referred to as being in what sounds like a normal desert at the start, and it doesn't look like GHZ outside. So yeah, probably not the Forces ones actually.
  15. Unless I missed something, even if it's the SA2 pyramid in that Rouge story in the annual, maybe that story was set in the human world. We still don't know how one gets from one to the other (which is still the main thing that make me actually mad about all this lol) but I guess the implication is that it's accessible / unregulated enough that literally anyone can do it? You could take the easy route and say it's warp rings and that'd be reasonable enough, but I doubt SEGA put even that much thought into it.
  16. Huh, do none of them have secondary types? That's surprising.
  17. For what it's worth while I'm kind of not sure how to feel about the idea of changing Naugus, I do really like the idea of him clashing with the D6. Not only would that be fun but I think that could help flesh them out if it turns out these characters have some history together. I've been wondering for a while now what SEGA's stance would be on other continuities introducing new Zeti, since I kinda doubt they want to introduce any more themselves. They were surprisingly cool with Ian making new Black Arms characters in 2013 (like, holy shit, is it just me or do we not talk enough about that?) but 1) for all we know that's changed since then and 2) that doesn't necessarily mean anything for another species.
  18. I can sort of see the logic there but his crystal magic stuff is pretty different from the weirdly faux-scientific explanation the Zeti's powers have. Also the Zeti have a specific inspiration in oni, and I think adding to them (possibly even including new characters of the species) can only be a good thing, but I don't think would suit Naugus very well? You could change him I guess but ehhh.
  19. I thought it was fun post-reboot just made them trolls (which, as I'm just discovering, Ian said were "virtually extinct" so they were likely the only ones still around). Though as for Witchcart herself I love the idea of just a normal human that knows magic somehow. Bonus points if when reintroducing her the characters express arbitrary skepticism of a sorceress existing. "What are you even talking about Tails? Besides, why would a witch ride around in a cart? Anyway, let's find the seven mystical rocks."
  20. I'm guessing they'll flash back to the first episode to parallel Go's journey starting? That's pretty cute tbh.
  21. Hey can we save Tekno?? I want Amy to have more friends. Also it's really funny she can fly around without wings or even flapping her normal-ass arms. (Screw it, the Babylon Rogues should be allowed to do that too.)
  22. I'm curious about Nate Morgan actually since that's a bit of a unique situation. Technically he was originally created for SatAM, and as far as we know SEGA actually does somehow own the rights to those characters (either that or there just weren't any known issues with whoever does own them). On the other hand, Nate was scrapped during the show's development, so maybe he doesn't count as a SatAM character? My head hurts thinking about this. But yeah, I imagine Bollers would actually still be cool with his characters still being used. SEGA and/or IDW might not be up for it though, at least at the moment, for the same reasons Archie had as well as uh...fun new reasons.
  23. Only thing I can think of is a Knuckles arc of some kind. Which would be really funny. There's the usual comic book text box "THIS TAKES PLACE DURING THE EVENTS OF THE ZOMBOT CRISIS" and then the story starts and Knuckles is completely oblivious to all that, in middle of a relatively mundane problem of some kind on his good ol' island.
  24. I imagine a sixth would have come up now if it was already part of the team. Only thing I can think of is that if it's one of the Nega-Wisps, it might be out of control or something, so they kept it in containment (somehow???).
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