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  1. The masks and other playable characters are definitely much better ways of switching things up. It straight up reminds me of how Spyro kept things fresh rather than Crash. That IGN video is interesting because it does look like levels will have alternate paths...I hadn't thought of it until Jango brought it up but how is that going to work with the crate count? Maybe you just need to break "x number of crates" rather than every single crate in that level, and there's just enough regardless of which way you go? Or maybe it's as simple as the grinding section loops back, so you have to go through the lower path later and things are still linear? If that's the case that's perfectly fine, but I like the idea of there being paths since it feels kinda Sonicy, and this is a new Sonic's Ass Game after all.
  2. If we get Bandana Dee or another Kirby character, there's a lot of fun trailer ideas really. A silly one I have is doing a continuation of the K Rool and Banjo trailers, specifically to tie it in with Dedede's appearance in the former. Complete with another "not-fake out" of some kind, of course. Maybe they see what they think is Bandana Dee but then it's Kirby or Meta Knight, or Jiggly actually.
  3. Weirdly, the ESRB rating says there isn't interactive elements (which includes in-game purchases and the like).
  4. As much as I hate to say it I don't think that's true. Shadow and Rouge worked together (indeed, the whole "Team Dark isn't real" thing is baffling) but they were never particularly friendly as far as I can remember. In the games, that is. Not saying it's not a bad call because I think it'd be a good idea for them to have, uh, a dynamic. (This comes back to the problem they've had this whole time where characters that aren't "Sonic and ____" don't meaningfully interact much, but I digress.) Shadow listens to Rouge when she tells him to do or not do something (usually), which is more respect than he usually shows anyone else in the cast...but otherwise he more or less ignores her despite her showing concern for him on occasion, etc. So in that sense it's always felt kind of one sided to me? In fact I think Ian's take in Archie (and how fans have seen it basically forever) makes sense and works well because it fixes that last bit, he actually talks to Rouge instead of being all "..." all the time. Also for the record I'm thinking of main games here which are probably more on SEGA's mind when they tell Ian and others these things. Stuff like Battle is funny because you have [what probably shouldn't be] absolutely monumental occasions like Shadow thanking Rouge for saving him at one point. lol
  5. Yeah, I can't see them announcing it that far ahead of time with box art and (if leaks are to be believed) quite a bit of info right off the bat.
  6. Considering Nitro Fueled pulled an Everyone Is Here I'd actually be surprised if they erased it all. Even if not everyone shows up or whatever it'd be cute to see post-ND trilogy characters appear or at least cameo.
  7. And this is dealing irreparable damage to you or something, I suppose? Everyone is aware of this, yes, thank you.
  8. Nobody is surprised, nor were they surprised with CTR. You don't have to be surprised by something to think it's bad. I never understood people who try to make that argument in favour of just shutting up and not criticizing someone or something.
  9. I could definitely see them adding some points of characterization from Spider-Verse, like Miles' artistic side. I liked him well enough in the game but there's definitely some room to add some stuff for character development. This got me thinking actually, I'm curious how much time has passed since the first game here... One bit of inspiration from the comics/ITSV I'd love to see is the very beginning of the game starting out with him wearing a costume like Peter's before switching to his own. If there's a time skip I think it'd be fun if they saved it for after a sequence like that, at least. Plus nice excuse for a tutorial, eh?
  10. I think the coolest thing that surprisingly isn't in the trailers so far is Olivia transforming into the papier mâché (or, as the game apparently calls them, "macho") bosses. Makes sense since we see her brother is capable of shapeshifting as well. I'm curious what limits there are to this in battles though. Maybe she's put on a cooldown after the attack is done, or you can only do it once per battle or something?
  11. Yo, when's E3

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      Sorry E3 machine broke.

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      Yesterday basically.

    3. Stay at Home Ultima
  12. That whole presentation kind of legit tbh

  13. [video game PR / dev / etc. in interview or presentation voice] c o n t e n t

  14. A scenario I can't help but think about when people bring this up is Eggman, before the events of any game with Knuckles in it, trying to steal the Master Emerald (eh, it might come in handy), only to fail...but Knuckles can't just let it go so he goes off to get involved with whatever is going on anyway. In all seriousness, I remember after SA2 I really wanted them to address this, like a lot of fans obviously. I don't think it even needs a complicated explanation, Knuckles could literally hide the Emerald somewhere on the island (surely there are places other than Hidden Palace that Eggman wouldn't know about, etc.) Nowadays I don't really need that to be said on screen or whatever, but I think it wouldn't hurt either. Hell it's been long enough that they might as well actually use it in the plot again. I think they did in Runners at least, but that game had...almost everything?
  15. I kinda liked the show but I only watched [most of] the first season. That's, uh, about it. I liked the show in spite of how I felt about the whole Boom thing as a whole and Sticks, who I don't even hate but I'm shocked is being mentioned in so many posts here. What do you mean? I believe that user was referring to Ghostly Adventures, which certainly (unfortunately) existed.
  16. Though he may have changed his tune later, I remember in the early years after all this shit went down he said that they'd be free to use the characters...if they agreed to his terms, which from what I recall included "the future as depicted in the Mobius XYL stories has to be THE super ultra real canon future for the Archie Sonic universe." ...Yeah, no.
  17. Uhh, write me down as somewhat interested I guess? It definitely feels more like the later games, but changing the battle system goes a long way for me on that front. Also I kind of love that scene with Peach at the start.
  18. Either that or Capcom simply hasn't noticed. ...I'm only half joking. I really do hope that Mega Man series gets to continue someday. I finally read through it all recently and it's brilliant. Seriously, now whenever people shit on Flynn's writing I think about that book before anything even though I still love his Sonic work lol.
  19. I was NOT expecting them to essentially let make your own game. Whenever I imagined a world map feature I assumed it'd be restricted to one world of like six courses or something, which still would have been cool, but wow. Kind of a shame the "other game styles" turned out to be "other game...style." Other than that, honestly, the only thing I can think of that'll still be missing (aside from a few classic enemies that would be nice to see) is an ice flower power up...I've been expecting that since MM2 was announced.
  20. The aesthetic was absolutely different from the classics overall but I don't think it's totally crazy to think it was leaning in that direction even outside of WHZ looking like GH. I'm sure there's fans out there coming to it's defense this way (as one of five people on the planet who like that game, I'd like to believe that!), but I mostly see LW's resemblance to the Classics brought up by people annoyed by pandering or whatever. I personally thought it was a reasonable art style for the series, with my only gripe being the lighting (specifically that There Isn't Any most of the time). Whenever the levels were entirely just floating planetoids it isn't all that exciting visually, but the more grounded levels or ones with more details were perfectly "Sonic" to me. I can understand people just not being into how stuff was rendered though, and the games following it haven't improved much. I like it but it's not like I'd be upset by any means if they went back to the semirealism of 2008-2011.
  21. This is the weirdest part to me. You mention Amy and Metal don't count even though they appear in game (and in the ending in Amy's cases), but Tails saving Sonic...undermines Sonic or Sonic's rivalry with Eggman, I guess? Even though in both 2 and S&K, Sonic has just defeated Eggman? I understand Sonic struggles with handling subplots with other characters but that doesn't mean they just shouldn't exist.
  22. From what I recall sales usually backed that up, unfortunately--for example, even with throwing Tails and Big in, I remember hearing Spark of Life didn't sell as well as the arcs around it. Which really sucks, lol.
  23. I didn't understand the complaints about that either! Undoubtedly it's possible the current English writers didn't know she's already made her feelings very clear (I doubt that considering they wrote for Gens lol) but I didn't read it that way at all. Like I think it makes sense for her to say it as possibly the last things she'll get to say to him. But yeah, Boom is probably the main thing. It's like how I (mostly) disagree with complaints about Knuckles but Boom Knuckles does literally embody all of it, up to eleven. ...I try to forget Boom happened.
  24. Yeah, though it's not (necessarily) the writers' fault people will read things in the most uncharitable or literal way possible sometimes. Whenever people bring up that line as a point of contention it feels like they've never heard of hyperbole before. I don't really have an opinion on "new Amy" because I feel the difference is a bit exaggerated. I try to stay out of the arguments about it but for years now I've been baffled by the complaints that she "doesn't have a crush on Sonic anymore," because that's simply not true? Forces was kind of weird in that the characters often didn't really seem to have their usual personality most of the time (just compare to Generations for example), but it did still come up. It comes up in IDW too for that matter, in particular when it's relevant. Everyone's...um...a bit busy right now if we're focusing on the current arc in particular, so I think we can forgive not dedicating a panel or two to her robotically turning to the audience and reminding us of the number one thing everybody already knows about her.
  25. Happy Easter, Xbox.

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      Happy Gamecube, Halloween

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