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  1. Hello. I'd like to remind everyone to leave their feedback regarding this year's contest with the evaluation form here (will be closed this Sunday).
  2. Streaming schedule for the weekend Saturday: AntDude at 7pm GMT / 2pm EST / 11am PST and a bonus stream from coopercastille at 12am GMT / 8pm EST / 4pm PST Sunday: Live Results Show with MegaGWolf playing the winning entries at 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12pm PST I'd also like to remind everyone that the deadline for the Community Trophy voting is Today at Midnight EST, so make sure to get your votes in before then.
  3. It's Melpontro's fault, he told me the name wrong from the original poll! But fine, I'll poke around. I'd gladly accept any hints tho. And yes, I know it's been sitting there since August, I just think nobody bothered to check the files on the last update until we saw the DLC entry pop up on the registry. EDIT: Banjo, some devs don't even bother to patch their games after release. Sumo has given a lot of support to the PC version of the game, adding features that were nice to have as well.
  4. If I may add some info... If it's anything like Generations (which it seems to share the engine with anyway), the pop-in distance is the variable <Range> in each object on the files. Probably not hard-coded by definition, but certainly not configurable until the game is moddable. Increasing the ranges too much would likely cause a lot of lag anyway, as they set them pretty low for that reason. We actually set these a bit higher than normal for the unleashed levels due to the hardware freedom. There's nothing wrong with your game, system or setup.
  5. The ice actually works as slippery. EDIT: Also I don't plan to visit much more this thread... it's either bitching about aesthetics or some badly botched geometry imports straight from SA2 without any effort on it... Step up your game guys, it's totally possible. I'll just come around and let you know of the SonicGLvl updates I know it might just be for getting used to it, but it doesn't really give a nice image to see all this stuff without even lights sometimes, then people thinking it can only do basic stuff like if it was BlitzSonic Next-gen...
  6. If a question goes unanswered it's probably because nobody knows the answer...
  7. I think a Generations Ring probably has a higher poly count than that.
  8. I just backtracked. EDIT: Ninja'd. Also the night stages are just an idea tossed out, but they're not a priority at all.
  9. Adabat is one freaking laggy and broken motherfucker. I have some ideas on how to go about fixing it tho. Some blending materials are broken, that's easy to fix. The biggest problem it has is how it manages the terrain loading/unloading. As in, it's not optimized AT ALL. It only takes one run that you start lagging so hard through the level that it's at barely 12 FPS(and it's definitely a resource management issue, because previous sections also lag if you replay the stage). The other prominent issue you might remember is the teleporting that's needed, which is not present in Generations. My idea for a workaround is using a fake CPZ Pipe object with a defined path and a stupidly high velocity, which will take Sonic in 1 frame to the other side of the stage. I have no idea how well this will work, but it gives me some hope it can be done. Not to mention Adabat is one of the stages with the most amount of custom objects from Unleashed. Doors(which can be recreated via ObjectPhysics I bet), crushing roofs/floors, lots of shit. It's definitely quite the marathon and a really intense stage, but it's too bugged nigh to unplayable at the moment. Dragon Road is currently under heavy tweaking. It can already be fully played, it just needs polishing in various areas.
  10. Don't forget who's doing an actually good import. : P I haven't done an update video because I don't want to spoil some of the design decisions we took for the level... You might be visiting China in less than a month tho. (Retro's hacking contest deadline is on July 20th)
  11. Here's what I did. - Use "Model Importer-Updated 6-07-2012.ms" on the "export_scripts" folder to import "chr_Sonic_HD.model" - Go to the OgreMax menu and export the scene. - Opened up SonicGLvl and converted the .mesh to a .model(p.s: I did this on another folder because I didn't want to overwrite Sonic's materials, but I wouldn't recommend doing this if you actually have new materials). - Copied the .model to a clean copy of Sonic.ar.00, repacked. It worked with no noticeable problems, other than the loss of RGBA vertex paint, which we will see how it can be converted from Max to Ogre later on.
  12. I'd recommend you to forward any issues to the Redmine project. Do NOT forward issues just because of how SonicGLvl works, but rather improvements that you feel that need to be made. The material thing for example sounds like one. http://redmine.scolr...ects/eoe/issues Sure, EOE might not be as good as OgreMax yet, but OgreMax is commercial and heavily limited unless you fork over the cash. EOE is open-source and its developer is quite supportive of it. I'm sure that if you report any issues you get to him on that page he'll improve the plugin, it just needs to keep being used so it's improved upon, if you know what I mean. Some of the updates you've seen for it that make it work fine with SonicGLvl are because I requested them. In any case he no longer supports it, I can even try to pick the code and do changes myself. Worst comes to worst, Ogre supports a mesh format using XML. You can write it even on MaxScript if you want(albeit you can imagine how much longer it could take to export something using that).
  13. Cameras are easy to do. You've got to use the ChangeVolumeCamera object for any custom cameras like that. Simply place the camera object, place the ChangeVolumeCamera(notice you can edit the Collision's box size and you can easily preview it in SonicGLvl), and you'll notice the ChangeVolumeCamera stores under [Target] the Object ID. Simply copy the Camera's ID into it, and whenever Sonic enters the area of the changer, it will switch to that camera(notice about EaseTimeEnter and EaseTimeLeave for smoothing). Changers can also have priorities if you want to place a changer inside the area of another changer. The one with the higher priority is the one that gets activated. It would be neat if we could have this stuff documented in the wiki if you want.
  14. That's not easy at all. I have to learn how to use the Havok SDK for that, so unless you want to increase by 40mb more the download with dependencies as well. I realise it'd be a useful feature, but your request isn't needed since it was already proposed many times... Implementing it just takes a lot of time, which is what I lack at the moment. EDIT: Also I'm pretty sure any model glitches like that are just due to badly setups for exporting of your own. If JoeTE can do it correctly, I'm pretty sure it should work. I don't think anything broke between the latest updates regarding to that(unless he can confirm that something did).
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