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  1. Anyone else thin Sonic Mania was a little too automated?

    1. Wraith


      It has more watch sonic go fast bits than normal but the level design was big and varied enough on the whole that i didn't mind it that much

    2. neezTHEhuman


      For a game that requires the player to explore for 100% completion, those parts were too frequent.

    3. TheOcelot


      What Wraith said. The automation isn't excessive but there were some unnecessary fast sections in some of the acts where you feel like a passenger.

    4. JezMM


      Eh, I'd say "requires the player to explore for 100% completion" is a little subjective.  It's not like the game demands you find every single special stage ring, just enough to collect all the emeralds.  If you get thrown into an automated section that prevents you from exploring an earlier portion of the level, it's not really that important unless you're on Titanic Monarch Act 2, y'know? (And even then, only in No Save Mode technically).  And just as an automated route can make you miss a special stage ring, so too can many non-automated routes.

      I definitely didn't mind them, there's like one or two that are overly long but even those ones are hardly the only route through the level.

    5. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Strangely my only real grip with Mania is the same one I have with S3&K (though the automated routes are annoying) and that is that the levels are way to huge and time consuming. Unfortunately for me my preferences have always leaned more into the short but challenging to clear arcade mentality of the prior games and why I prefer the end of stage bonus stage ring to the in stage rings scattered everywhere. It just incentivizes me to play better more so than explore every square inch of a level so you can get Super Sonic faster which is hypocritical of me since I enjoy the freedom of being able to choose between both options to get the good ending of CD.

    6. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Its no Sonic Advance 2 at least so there's that.

    7. Tracker_TD


      The only instance I felt it was too automated was the bottom route of Studiopolis Act 2. That route is a disaster with anyone other than Mighty. Other than that though... not really, unless we're applying a really loose definition of automation. 

    8. JezMM


      I think the most notable automated section for me was the one near the end of Flying Battery where you spend like 30 seconds whizzing around the outside of the ship on those protruding U-shaped curves over and over again.  Just goes on a little longer than it probably needed to.  That's the one I always think of.


      I agree with Sonic Fan J though that I KIND of prefer the simplicity of the 50-ring challenge/end-of-stage entry point for special stages.  Just feels tidier in terms of pacing.  Going fast AND holding onto your rings is way more fun to me than going fast and exploring/performing a tricky route - especially considering reaching that special stage ring will result in your "going fast through the levels" activities coming to an immediate halt.

      Having said all that, almost hypocritically, finding a special stage ring after unlocking Super Sonic feels much lamer for not rewarding you with a whole mini level to play.  Meanwhile the absence of a special stage ring at the end of a stage doesn't feel lame in that same way since it was never necessary for you to hold onto your rings again - but managing to still feels good (assuming you are opting to not use Super Sonic after unlocking him lol).

    9. Wraith


      I like finding the ring special stages just fine since it's a fun value to manipulate on replays. It's fun to see how early I can earn Super Sonic and I like to see how many rings I can rack up at the end of the stage for the score more than I do time.

      That being said boy would I like the satisfaction of just passing the sign and finishing the level from Sonic 2 to come back. I wouldn't mind less bosses in general.

    10. Tracker_TD


      Yeah, fewer bosses would be fine with me too. A lot of them just drag things out and they're my main complaint with Mania. 

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