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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Marcello in Sonic and Tails R   
    It's nice hearing Drummond again. Still the best Sonic voice. Would still love for him to return to the games lol
    Humphrey is surprisingly good as Knuckles. Would be cool to hear him as Shadow again in a future episode.
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to SonicWind in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (PS4 / Xbox One)   
    Here's some exclusive new gameplay footage from IGN involving a pirate-themed level:
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Kuzu in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (PS4 / Xbox One)   
    This is the type of shit that I want to read.
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Tracker_TD in Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (PS4 / Xbox One)   
    3 minutes of extra footage. Looks great! 
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to mundiaxis in Making Chill Lofi Sonic Tunes (Sonic CD and More)   
    Thank you all so much for taking the time to provide me your honest thoughts.  It has motivated me to continue creating more, and I look forward to the possibility of having many Sonic CD tracks remixed for us all to relax with. Here's a new one!  Please let me know if you enjoy.
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to VisionaryofSUPER in Sonic 30th predictions   
    The special event should be that the game is releasing at all, and that it should be quality. To keep setting this arbitrary date to celebrate just takes away from the specialty of it. I'd rather it be a happy coincidence that the game lands on an anniversary, like what happened with Skyward Sword.
    And I'd say it just cheapens the series past the more and more we do this stuff. It's like the only thing worth celebrating for Sonic now seems to be that he was born, rather than him evolving.
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Chili Dawg in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I for one, am feeling a bit frustrated at the fact that it seems every Sonic game from now till the end of the time is going to be a big anniversary blowout, every five years...
    Now if Sonic games are gonna take longer to make, that's fine, I'm not asking them to rush them out sooner than they should, that's the last thing I want.
    But if Sonic game releases are only ever going to fall on/around "important" milestone years... please stop caring about anniversaries.
    In the last decade we had, depending on how one categorizes Mania, 3 or 4 mainline Sonic games.
    One of those games is not based around revisiting old content from  the franchise's storied past.
    I want the franchise to continue building a storied future, not celebrate Green Hill again and again every five years.
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to UpCDownCLeftCRightC in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I feel almost the opposite of you. I think many fans in this series don't put enough value on quality control, it is really underappreciated for some strange reason.  Games that are known for being simple, fun, and functional are a lot better than games with broken or sloppy mechanics, etc, just because people had a grand vision in their mind and not enough time to work it out. Potential can in fact be wasted. 
    I've been wanting the same damn Sonic game for over 20 years. Which is basically SA1 but a tad more classic-y and open world-y with obviously much more polished mechanics. Maybe I'll get it someday, maybe I won't. But I damn sure am not asking for a team to make it that isn't capable, because it's just going to make me suffer worse as a fan. All Sonic fans should know this, since both Sonic 4 and 06 happened. So I'd rather definitely have a a generations 2, which is solid fun with a character that I have always loved, instead of watching someone f**k up my dreams and the franchise even further. I want to see Sonic be awesome again, and not just once per decade. 
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Blue Blood in "Revolutionary" Announcement related to SEGA coming on June 4th   
    how am i supposed to fit six AA batteries in this thing   And as far as pricing goes...   I love the idea of this system, but it doesn't look like anythign other than a cute novelty. And considering the price of of it along with the facts that there are four separate units and that each only hs four games... yeah no.   Anyway, the real big news? Don't get too excited.  It's a type of cloud-based service for Arcades.  Or in this case it's actually "fog-based".   This guy explains it more clearly:
    So it's potentially a big thing for Japan and could rile-up the industry a bit in Japan... but revolutionary and on the scale of the PS5 news this it is not. I'm glad that I didn't over-hype this. It was only ever being teased by one journalist for Famitsu, whilst SEGA themselves didn't say a word. It was obviously not going to be amazing. But I'm still surprised that the journalist had the gall to compare it to the PS5 news. It's just not on that level at all.
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I understand your perspective but I'm also tired of the whole 'enlightened sega fan lectures the old guard/Sonic fan' shtick. As someone who actually has played most of Sega's modern output it comes off as a little condescending. 

    Games like Sonic Mania and SOR4 are really good but not as interesting as a lot of the new action games or platformers cutting out due to the sheer lack of ambition in their mechanical design. This doesn't make them bad games, but I'd like them to be breaking new ground with their IPs more, even if it's just innovating more within the constraints of classic Sonic design or whatever. 

    I'm not sure of the specifics on budgets so I shouldn't have used that terminology, but as someone who's been going through the Yakuza series over the last year or so I've been disappointed in how..samey they feel? Of course, that's why Like a Dragon exists and I'm looking forward to that.

    Overall they still cling too strongly to their old library. They're doing a lot of ports and remasters and not all of them have been up to par. Banana Blitz HD was fucking terrible but it's already been swept under the rug. I don't play Panzer Dragoon but I didn't hear good things there either. 

    I'm not nostalgic for JSR and Nights so much, more for a time where Sega would release something like it. Something that was on the cutting edge of the market, employing a lot of modern day mechanics and techniques, and having a more modern cultural punch. 

    I never said modern sega is bad, but they are a little boring. 
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Tracker_TD in Sonic 30th predictions   
    It's worth noting that SEGA's first statement on focusing on quality wasn't specifically regarding Sonic; and I'd genuinely be hard pressed to say they haven't delivered on that front, ironically outside of their mascot. 
    Sakura Wars got a great revival (with several Sonic alumni on board, no less), Yakuza's gone from strength to strength (apparently even Yakuza 7's gone down pretty well in the end), SEGA AGES is essentially the gold standard for ports of retro content, they've been licensing out their IP so we can get great new titles in series such as Streets of Rage and (after some teething problems) Panzer Dragoon. Puyo Puyo's come back to the West at last, PSO2 got itself a Western release, Valkyria got itself another mainline entry after the odd misstep with that Revolution thing; you get the gist.  
    So to be honest, I don't despise SEGA, because I'm aware there's a lot more to SEGA and their promises than just the Blue Hedgehog. I think the Japanese team led by Kishimoto - the one that they keep handing 3D Sonic to, whether they're formally "Sonic Team" now or not - are more specifically to blame. 
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Sega DogTagz in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    In a cute nod to Sonic being an impressionable little kid, Sonic slid under a bus with a travel ad for Paris France right before he threw the ring to go there. It was literally the last thing he saw, so it makes sense it was the first place he'd think to go. 
    I thought that was a nice touch. ^^ 
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Rabbitearsblog in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    I just got my 4K / Blu Ray edition of Sonic the Hedgehog and I'm loving it!  I was so happy that it came with the comic book, since that's what I really wanted to get from this copy.  Check out my photos of the Blu Ray / 4K edition:

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    neezTHEhuman reacted to VisionaryofSUPER in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    I think the big thing this movie has over other "mascot goes to real world" movies, is that Sonic can actually hold his own agency. He isn't JUST some walking macguffin that the villain wants and the human character must protect, he actually can fight for himself and hold his own in a situation, and they used that appropriately in the movie. When it came to just talking and interaction, Tom would take that because he's the human link who Sonic can speak through, but when it comes time for action, it all depends on Sonic to take the lead.
    Also, something this movie has over Sonic X is that Sonic is the one who needs emotional support, not the human character, so the focus is always kept on him rather than the human character who we otherwise don't give a care for. This at least makes Tom a more endearing companion to Sonic for future movies because he's an impromptu father figure for Sonic.
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to mundiaxis in Making Chill Lofi Sonic Tunes (Sonic CD and More)   
    Hello, I'm interested in creating some relaxing tunes based off my personal favorites from Sonic CD and other games.
    While I've played with music off and on for years, I've never shared anything for larger groups so I would love your honest feedback.  (Seriously, more honest the better).
    Here is a concept for a Tidal Tempest.  Due to many of the low notes, using headphones or speakers are ideal.  If you enjoy, please let me know and I'll definitely finish this one.  If you'd also like for me to make more in general, I'll post those here for the future. 🙂
    EDIT:  Replaced what I had before with a new one.  This one has being an underwater feel, versus hearing rain in the beginning.
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Tracker_TD in Sonic 30th predictions   
    Once again, this is the result of people spinning something Iizuka did that was positive into a negative.
    The original plan for Sonic Mania was to just straight port Sonic 1 and 2, and then have a small Sonic 4 style game, with 4 original levels. That was what Taxman and co pitched, as he said himself on Retro.
    But Iizuka said 'no, why don't we instead take these old levels, give them fresh new level design, and then add the extra levels too'. It wasn't that Mania was originally grander in scope and Iizuka knocked it down, Iizuka actually made it so we got more original content; because the level design in Mania's old levels being largely new is far more important than the assets being based on the old stuff (and even then, said assets were massively improved).
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Streets of Rage 4 "Grand UPPAH!"   
    Anyone want impressions from someone who likes action games but have never played a SOR game before? This game fucks. But it has a couple issues. I've done two co op runs and a solo one. If this is Streets of Rage at it's most basic it truly is timeless. I had a lot of fun just chaining basic combos together with specials. There are a lot of characters but I spent the vast, vast majority of my time playing Cherry. Her design caught my eye from the jump and I was having too much fun to think much about switching after.
    The ability to dash, bounce off enemy heads, attack them on the ground etc made her feel very modern in a way the other characters just don't. I still need to play around with the other characters but I've been playing a lot of 3-4 person co op and this kit just flows to me. I'm probably gonna play this game again soon so I'll sink my teeth into one of the others then. I played a little bit of Blaze and her after burner kick seems fun.

    The game was short but sweet. A lot of variety without feeling like padding. I actually really liked the level gimmicks like the pits, the breakable walls, the sliding floors and stuff. The art design never stops being gorgeous with the satisfying animations and sound design being half the reason it feels so good to play. Each level looks and feels pretty different and it can't be understated how big of an achievement that is keeping this quality of art throughout. 
    Some enemy types were annoying even when the methods to dealing with them were obvious. The hitboxes on things like knives are huge and some enemies feel like they can move around way too easily compared to my character. In general I felt like some other defensive option would have been nice. The defensive special and the risk/reward required was cool to me, but a weaker that you could use without risking your health would have made the game more exciting for me. 

    The story was pretty forgettable also but I imagine that's normal for these games. Otherwise I don't have too many problems. I hope this series continues and they keep finding ways to evolve this combat system.
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to UpCDownCLeftCRightC in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I think a lot of people should do some reading on Iizuka's actual contributions to this franchise. He's not had a perfect run by any means, but he deserves appreciation for helping to keep Sonic alive and fulfilling the desires of fans during SEGA years of turmoil. At worst, you can probably knock him for corporate speak at times, especially when directly pressed for answers by fans. But I think that's pretty standard. At times I used to knock him in the past but Ive learned to appreciate him a lot more because he has been one of the few consistent voices among the higher ups that actually does care about what happens to Sonic. 
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Scar in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I kinda get where he's coming from. 
    The Sonic franchise is basically stagnant. It hasn't moved forward in any meaningful way since....Sonic Colours really. Everything since then has been tinged with an excess of nostalgia, and sorely lacking in any substance.
    The only game to not do this was Mania, but that game is still ultimately playing on Nostalgia, even though it has the technical and creative substance behind it. It at the very least attempts to take what Sonic 3 and Knuckles built and expand on it in some way. New levels, new mechanics, and a return of long lost characters with new play styles. 
    But even with all that its cashing in on "the classics were great" mentality - perhaps reminding all those dumb bandwagony fucks that yes, Sonic was indeed good back on the Genesis/MegaDrive. 
    The actual 3D 'main series' games have gone backwards since Generations. Lost World was a cute little attempt at trying something different, but it seemed a half-baked attempt that was criticised just enough to put the fear into SEGA to go back to Generations' playstyle - except in Forces it was worse in every meaningful capacity.
    If I were Iizuka I would be pretty jaded about the whole situation. 
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Sonic 30th predictions   
    At the moment, right out of the gate, I'd need to be impressed by a teaser that instilled some hope into me that we didn't wait 4+ years for another, almost shamelessly asset flipped, "the-game-plays-itself", two to three hour experience. 
    Asking for what I really want, which is something that showcased the in-game cutscenes and character model animations as something out of one of those Tyson Hesse cartoons, seems extraordinarily far-fetched right now despite the day-dreams I keep having about it. You look at Wreck-It Ralph, the Sonic Movie, and even the notoriously bad Rise of Lyric and you can't help but wonder why Forces looks as terrible as it does. That war scene was embarrassing. Avengers: Endgame it was not.
    I mean, for god's sake Rise of Lyric did it. Rise of Lyric did it. 
    There's a part of me that's also bracing myself to be excited for the first 30 seconds of the new trailer and then seeing something that smacks me over the head with a metal chair back down to reality like the Forces trailer did.
    Back then, I had just seen the Mania trailer for the 2D fans and then it was my turn. Sonic's there, serious stuff is happening, he's going in for the save on the burning city, everything's good, and then seconds before the trailer is done, it says Sonic needs the help of a friend and I foolishly, FOOLISHLY thought they were talking about the infamous sidekick character from the popular Sonic the Hedgehog series, Miles Tails Prower. Stupid me. How dare I assume Sonic's gonna get to work with his best friend, adopted brother, and third most recognizable character in the Sonic series behind Sonic and Eggman respectively. Fuck that noise, we need another Sonic up in this bitch.
    I promised myself when I started typing this that I wasn't going to go down the bitter angry fanboy route but it just slipped out of me. I apologize everyone. 
    Uh. Anyway, I'd like a nicely animated, actual 3D Sonic game that told a coherent story that cared about what was going on. I don't care if it's boost or adventure despite preferring adventure. I really do just want them to make a damn Sonic game and not worry about what string to attach. If they wish to nostalgia pander, that's fine, but do it with something that's actually nostalgic. It's literally impossible for Green Hill and Chemical Plant to be nostalgic now. Seeing Tails' house in the Mystic Ruins, Station Square, or fucking Hang Castle would grant more reverence and surprise at this point. 
    Also, I'd like a new Sonic anime... but a regular old action cartoon will do fine. If it's an anime, the opening might not suck balls this time though. Just sayin.
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to azoo in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I hope the next 3D Sonic game features gameplay. And level design. That'd be pretty dope.
    The last one didn't have that, so it'd be exciting to see what they do next time.
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Sonic 30th predictions   
    Sonic Adventure's various campaigns reuse more assets from one another that it's actually not as ambitious an undertaking as it seems. It's an impressive technical showcase but it was also a game that made a lot of compromises to be finished inside of a year. If you were to remake Sonic's campaign from scratch you'd end up with most of the assets you need for the other parts. 
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to UpCDownCLeftCRightC in Sonic 30th predictions   
    Ugh, an SA remake tugs at my heart strings. Yall need to stop hyping this up... You're gonna make me fangasm. If an SA remake gets announced I'm going to be really hyped. My favorite Sonic games ever are S3K.... Then a virtual tie between S2 and Adventure 1. I still remember what it was like as a kid, reading all the magazine scans of Sonic running around in Lost World and sky deck, etc, seeing all the 3D models for the first time. In my life, I've never been more hyped for a game than that, pretty much that entire year leading up to the game release. And then I had to wait to actually play it on my friend and my cousins dreamcast. It was so groundbreaking at the time, no videogame looked better than Sonic Adventure. This would bring those feels right back up. 
    I just have to weigh this against my clearer thoughts, that a concept like Utopia is probably the way to go in 3D. 
    Ugh I hate you guys. You're turning me into one of you, looking for clues and misinterpreting shit Aaron says. 😁
    Edit: just so I'm clear, as I said before, this is not what I'm expecting, even though it is possible. Some of you just reminded me of my days as a little gradeschooler, waiting for SA1 to come out. These were the pre-Sonic cycle days, when antipacting a Sonic game was actually a very pleasant experience, as back then most people still expected excellent titles. 
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in Sonic 30th predictions   
    Problem with Lost world is that it didn't do anything to create a real identity to the Lost world.
    I mean, it's the titular central setting, and could have been a great location.

    But Lost World never shows interest in making it's levels be anything more then random aesthetics in limbo with no thought or weight to them.
    Hence why a lot of people, including me, dismiss them as either nostalgia pandering, Mario Rip offs or utterly random.
    I would have had mor tolerance for these elements if there was any attempt to make the Lost world feel more like a genuine setting rather then just the generic Mario world themes with the occasional Casino or donut level inbetween.

    There's nothing wrong with these themes in and on themselves, in fact Lost world technically had a built-in reason for why the setting could be random- it's the Land of illusion according to the Japanese manual. Perfect oppurtunity to use that as a plot point, but alas. Nothing is made of it. They're just random shapes in the sky. Just "level" because it's "Videogame". An insult to a series with such rich envirements.
    Give me South Island, or Station Square, or Space Colony Arc, or Color's intergalactic amusement park any day of the week over "Shapes and colors in limbo" land.

    That, to me, is the real underlying reason why I'm dismissive and irritated by nostalgia pandering. If it's used legitmatly like a real location, just like the Classic games actually did, then fine. But there's this aggresive lack of context or thought to it. Aesthetics just for the sake of aesthetics that makes everything feel so soulless. ESPECIALLY when the setting seems to be a vital element to the game, like The Lost World. It's right there in the title, it's what the game is about. The lost continent.
    I don't mind revisiting Green Hill if we're legitamatly back in South island. Or it's a new Green Hill esque beach strip on a diffrent island. But that isn't how it's often used, it's just a soulless aestehtic floating in limbo that you revisit because it was in that other game too.

    But Mario does it, so Sonic should do it too. Sonic games seem to steal all the bad ideas from Mario games and none of the good ones.
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    neezTHEhuman reacted to Gabz Girl in Sonic 30th predictions   
    Trouble is this is not the same Sonic Team as the one from the 00’s. This decade, besides Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations, has been so unbelievably bland and mediocre for Sonic games (I’m only counting Sonic Team developed games btw, not the spin offs and Sonic Boom). I cannot trust them to even make a Sonic game with lots of love and attention to detail after the disappointment of Sonic Forces. Remember how we thought that after Sonic Lost World, the fact that it was taking them so long to develop the next game would mean it’s a big, epic next gen Sonic game for PS4 and Xbone? We were SO wrong! 
    So unless they get some new developers in who take this shit seriously, somebody who cares for Sonic’s reputation in the games especially after the success of the Sonic movie, I don’t think we’ll ever get a major upgrade like 06 to Unleashed was. As for a SA1 remake...I’d love to see one, but again, not under this team. I don’t want THIS Sonic Team to develop it.
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