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  1. I would say that it's not that bad, but then again I have muted him.
  2. I stand corrected. Must be a Nintendo thing.
  3. I assumed that the Winter 2014 was a typo and they meant Winter 2015. If they meant November or December then they would have said something like Holiday Season 2014. When have you've ever heard of Nov/Dec being referred to as Winter, at least in reference to release dates?
  4. Winter doesn't mean November, they would say fall if it was going to be released in November. It probably means January or Feburary, which means the biggest game for the WiiU after MK8 this year is probably Sonic Boom unless Nintendo has a surprise for E3 (which they probably do since Hyrule Warriors is the only other big retail game releasing for the WiiU after MK8 this year.)
  5. Where's the grass type Sakurai? I demand equality in the representation of starter Pokemon in my Smash Bros. games. Just you wait for the protest.
  6. I feel like VR is going to be similar to the transition from 2D to 3D and these are the first steps. I am definitely drinking the koolaid right now.
  7. They didn't use the Saturn versions for those games. They used the PC version of Sonic R and the Genesis version of 3D Blast.
  8. No, unless this game doesn't use Steamworks for DRM (which is what arkham games switched to after GFWL was shut down), you'll probably still have to install the whole game. And if you're laptop had trouble with previous arkham games, this one will probably be worse given the larger world.
  9. We really don't know how tight the exclusivity deal is, but if that's the case, why are they spending $20 million on a game that is only relasing on a console with a 6 million (maybe 7 million by the time the game releases) base? It would have to have a ridiculous attach rate for a third-party game to make a profit at $20 million. Sega bet on the WiiU being way more successful than it currently is and now they are stuck releasing their big Sonic game on it. Also, if they're spending $20 million on Sonic Boom, what are they spending on Sonic Team's game? And that one is going to be on all 3 systems.
  10. There is no way this game stays Nintendo exclusive for more than 6 months at best. They are not going to make a profit off this game if its stays on the WiiU, no matter how well the 3DS version sells. I think they're going to skip the last gen systems though and just port it to the other 2 next gen systems.
  11. I highly doubt they are going to announce the 3DS successor in 2014, but I do think they will in 2015. That would then make it so they could release by the end of 2016 and give the 3DS a healthy 5-year cycle. The 7-8 year cycles we had this previous generation was very unhealthy for Nintendo and to an extent Microsoft and Sony too. The WiiU lacked any of the momentum the Wii had because Nintendo waited until they had nothing left to release for the Wii for an entire year to release the WiiU. The 3DS had the opposite problem with Nintendo deciding that it's a good idea to release the brand new generation of Pokemon on the DS mere weeks before the 3DS is supposed to release. The long cycles are also the reason the PS3 and 360 are going to die off quicker than Sony and Microsoft think they are going to.
  12. Not really, the PS2 was announced in March of 1999, and at that point the PS1 was definitely still alive and getting tons of games up until the PS2's release and a little while after that too. The N64 was still getting games like Smash Bros and Majora's Mask well into 2000. It isn't like developers are immediately abandoning the previous gen as soon as the new one is announced.
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