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  1. We already got Doom 64 on PC: it's the Revelation TC
  2. Thanks to someone having better knowledge in Windows/DOS Box emulation than I do, I have been playing one game that I enjoyed playing in my childhood:
  3. There's a term for that: the Osbourne Effect.
  4. I'm definately getting the Switch version, seeing as it's almost fitting for the Ghostbusters to appear on Nintendo, crappy first game aside. Because of two words: NES Advantage Now imagine hooking it up to the Switch via an octopus of Raphnet adapters, meaning the official GCN Adapter for WiiU/Switch with two NES adapters plugged into slots 1 and 2. That would be quite the challenge to try.
  5. And Andre forgot that Hammers could destroy things in Donkey Kong
  6. I think they were used for either Morgana's tail or the hair on some of the female Phantom Theives
  7. -Shadow: See my earlier post as to why he can't be an Echo. Also, already in as an AT -DK Jr.: You already have him as DK -Ninten: Too similar, also in as a Spirit -Zack: Could work -BS: Already in as a Spirit -GK: Already one of MK's costumes -Jeanne: Already one of Bayo's costumes and two Spirits -Eliwood: 25' is already occupied by a mix of Roy and Ike, Chrom. And on top of this, Ken is our final Echo Fighter, for now. All future DLC will be original and not ascended ATs or Spirits.
  8. That was the original intent for the film, but "Let it Go" was the turning point where Elsa became the deuteragonist. So Mat Pat is again grasping at straws. 😡
  9. Actually, Sakurai has stated that any new DLC fighters added will not be Echoes.
  10. Better yet, why not bring back DiMaggio? He doesn't seem to be doing much after the ends of both Futurama and Adventure Time, so why not? He was in KH2 as some of Barbossa's crew.
  11. No. There was that odd localization of the Arcade version for game 1, which is where the name "Dark Prince" comes from. With other name changes including: Arle > Silvana Skeleton-T > Skeleton Nasu Grave > Blue Ghost Draco Centauros > Dragon Woman Suketoudara > Goby Captain Sukiyapodes > Small Foot Harpy > Dark Elf (her wings were also erased) Sasoriman > Scorpion Man (which is a lucky translation in and of itself) Panotty > Johnny Zoh Daimao > Elephant Lord (another lucky translation) Schezo > Devious Minotaur is given the first name "Max" Rulue > Lulu (bad case of Engrish) Satan > Dark Prince (which is now canon as of PPT) What is strange is that this same translation (called Puzlow Kids) is also in the Game Gear version when playing the normally Japan-exclusive game on a Western system. Likewise, there was a release early on in the GBA's lifespan simply called Puyo Pop which had two English trnaslations, depending on the cart. One such example that I can think of is Incubus where in the Japanese cart, Arle simply tells him to leave her alone. In the Western cart: Incubus: Hey! I just want to get to know you! What's your sign, baby? Arle: Octagon. As in "stop".
  12. just started the World of Light, and I made it to the Molten Fortress also, I unlocked everyone
  13. By the end of the day today, I unlocked: Bowser Sonic Zelda Young Link Ganondorf Rosalina Ryu Simon Richter Robin Marth Bayonetta Villager Jigglypuff Red/Leaf Playing as Simon and Richter is an interesting experience since I am used to them whipping forward with the press of a button, but here I need to remember that it's their f-tilt. The F-Smash version is from what I can understand a reference to a fairly obscure trick in Rondo of Blood and DXC (tap forward twice to extend the whip). With Ryu's Classic Mode, I took things in a completely different direction as I was doing manual inputs the whole time for my Flaming Hadoukens, Hadoukens, Hurricane Kicks, and Shouryukens. But the moment it got to the final battle against both Hands, and Ken was my team mate, I just pulled up a track from the animated movie "Of the Beloved, Of Sadness, Of Responsibility" or as it's better known: I only felt it appropriate since that film was the origin of the Dramatic/Buddy Battle mode in Street Fighter Alpha and USFII, which involved Ryu and Ken double teaming against Bison for the film's finale, with both Hands representing Bison using his Psycho Power. Come to think of it... I did not expect Sakurai to make an homage to the Street Fighter II' (DASH) Champion Ed. poster for that final Ryu & Ken vs Hands fight. It's just the size of Bison in comparison to Ryu here that seems to be the connection.
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