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  1. Why is Sonic so darn amazing?

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      ahahahahahahahaha what

    2. spinny



      he isn't

      he really isn't

    3. -Ace-


      Be careful about talking good about Sonic on here mane

    4. WhoWhatMan


      Maybe it's because he's a rather rad dude.

    5. Zany Mallet Maniac

      Zany Mallet Maniac

      Your right, I forgot no one hates sonic more than sonic fans.

    6. SuperLink


      lov that sonic

    7. -Ace-


      @Zany Bingo

  2. I love the current voice cast! They just bring so much life to all the characters and I think they will really help make this show great!
  3. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  4. I am so obsessed with Lupin III!

  5. Yeesh! How long have I been gone?!

    1. Clades Jin
    2. Zany Mallet Maniac

      Zany Mallet Maniac

      Oh God! That long! 8(

      I need to start coming back on here more often!

  6. This show is hilarious, my entire family watches it. Reminds me of That 70s Show in a way.
  7. Looking forward to Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two!

  8. Actually, as far as I know, the Kids Choice Awards TMNT preview is official.
  9. Sorry, should have specified. I was referring to children. Trust me, I know teenagers and adults are into it as one look at any TMNT fan site will tell you. But when I think about it, I don't see the need to have another origin movie when the new series on Nick is going to come out before then. But I guess the writers just want to have a "new" and "fresh" origin story. Who knows their reasoning.
  10. Okay, I will give him that I haven't read the script therefore I shouldn't judge. Just the word alien sorta turns me off? And comparing it to the Transformer movies doesn't leave with a comforting feeling. Man I need to stop being negative about this! There is hardly anything released on this film so I suppose I'll just have to wait and see.
  11. I understand why they rebooted the film as this generation (in a generalized sense) doesn't really have much knowledge of the turtles. I am really wondering if the whole "alien" thing was a word mix up for mutant. I hope it was just a mistake because the turtles being aliens just messes with the traditional origin.
  12. Shaggy has always been my favorite character, even if he acts like a stoner. The original theme song is also really catchy!
  13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! Heroes in a half shell! Turtle Power!

    1. goku262002


      where do you live? US or UK?

    2. Zany Mallet Maniac

      Zany Mallet Maniac

      US, why do you ask?

    3. goku262002


      Just curious as to why you were soo secretive with your location.

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