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  1. No, but I am pretty much bullied here for liking Modern Sonic.
  2. That's still incredibly inconvenient though. And most of the time, I was getting completely random words.
  3. I fail to see a point in that.
  4. That would make more sense, considering there's a lack of male characters to ship the Mane 6 with.
  5. People, the code does not work, it just gives you a completely random word that may or may not have anything to do with Sonic. If you go to "Create word list" and use to code to generate the word list it comes up blank. EDIT: I stand corrected. Still, it'd be nice for them to let you see the freaking word list.
  6. A Valentine's Day ep? I'm curious as to how they'll handle that considering the utter lack of male characters in the series. I'm sure there'll be SpikeXRarity moments, but I can't imagine what else.
  7. IDK, I think I might like the "different accents" gag, but then again, I'm a sucker for stupid gags like that. But ultimately, Eggman needs a bumbling minion or two, so maybe they should try tweaking his personality. Orbot is definitely a nice addition, though, having a minion constantly point out his flaws his always funny.
  8. I like them, they make Eggman seem serious by comparison. And Orbot's sarcastic attitude towards Eggman's failures is always funny. It's a shame they weren't in Generations, I was really hoping to see them.
  9. That's sort of what I mean, except by nature of the series, speed should always play a part in the score. You can't expect to stop and mess around in the level for a while and still get an S Rank. You're still free to do so anyway, though. That's the reason I don't like the 06/Colors ranking system (entirely score based), because you can mess around in the level for a while, spam certain gimmicks that increase your score, and then finish the level half an hour later and still get an S Rank.
  10. Right about here's where I have to put my foot down and say that even though exploration should be encouraged for those that care, it is not the main focus of the series. Sonic is only about exploration to the point where you're trying to map out the best route to the goal or find collectibles. If you want to stop and smell the roses, that's fine, but you should be willing to accept that you'll lose points for it, because it's about getting to the goal as fast as possible as perfectly as possible (meaning collecting as many rings and defeating as many enemies as you can).
  11. Then it becomes a matter of how you score S Ranks. Personally, I like Unleashed's system, it basically requires perfection. Usually, if you even so much as get hit (especially later in the level), your chances of getting an S Rank are pretty much nil. And in regards to the "soap shoes" comment, I see what you guys mean now, but honestly, I didn't find it as bad with the Speed characters (still a bit slippery though), and in fact, it seemed to be even worse with the Power type characters, especially when they're attacking.
  12. No, I'm saying that Heroes is the best for exploration and multiple paths. It has pretty much some of the least linear level design out of all the 3D games. Actual gameplay is another matter, as I'd rather have the elements mixed into a single gameplay style rather than three that you can toggle through. True, one thing I did notice is that often times you come across sections that look exactly the same but with a more difficult variation of the level gimmick, but that happens quite often in platforming so it didn't bother me that much. It's still a good idea to minimize something like that, though. I've never really seen 3D Blast, but it seems to have the exact opposite problem, it's too open ended and confusing. It might be because of the isometric gameplay, but it seems pretty hard to tell where you're supposed to be going. And the Special Stage reminded me of something, how do you guys feel about the halfpipe Special Stages like this one, because I know a lot of people on SEGA said they were getting tired of that style. And I can see how you could, they have been overused a bit (S2, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Advance 3 was kind of like the halfpipe Special Stages in concept, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure had something similar, Sonic Colors DS, and Sonic Generations 3DS have all used that style). I think first of all, they should be brought back in every game, not just 2D games. Second, I think they should mix up the style of Special Stages like they used to. Maybe one game they could have the halfpipe stages, the next they could have S1/S4:E1 style, the next could be S3&K style (hopefully a bit easier, those are evil), etc. Also, I have an idea for a Special Stage and I want to hear what you guys think of it (it's not fully fleshed out yet, though, so I apologize if it's vague or unclear). Basically, it's a giant slide like the ones in BINGO Highway, and the objective is to get to the end without falling off. You are in ball form the entire time, and you have to not only worry about steering through the entire thing (harder ones will either have narrower paths, or less guard rails, but I still haven't decided whether or not the easier ones should have guard rails to begin with), but also use mometum physics to clear gaps and such. I'm also unsure on whether or not to add a ring requirement. Thoughts on this? As for R, it's a spinoff, so lack of platforming is excusable. Especially considering this is a racing game. At any rate, I'd prefer they stick with the Riders series for racing, but that's just me. I think it actually has a bit more potential if they focused on the actual racing mechanics instead of having to pad it with gimmicks like the Gravity system and Kinect.
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