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  1. Who did I vote for? Guess. No I'm dead serious I voted for Anthony. I think of all the franchises in Smash Metroid is the most deserving of a new playable fighter. With Ridley and Dark Samus out of the question I could think of no better option than Anthony Higgs (would of settled with Adam, but I like Anthony more).
  2. Who did I vote for? Guess, if you can remember him.

    1. spinny
    2. Gregzilla


      you goddamn piece of

  3. But guys, I already have my Ganondorf amiibo
  4. When I die I hope this song will be played at my funeral.
  5. I'll admit, I've not played this game, I've only watched this video and tried to form an opinion from that, but I'm not convinced. It is good that they don't make any real awareness to her gender, but that raises the question of who really cares about a gender of a character, or why this complete lack of care to gender really warrants a video like this? Heck I love Metroid to the Moon and back but even I will admit Samus, whilst she is a decent example, wouldn't daresay she's the best, especially in Other M (but that's a different can of worms). At least to me, to like a character is to have characteristics, I just can't see the appeal in complete blank slate characters, this goes for male characters as well. That being said I feel as if I've been fairly ignorant of the topic on The Scythian, as really I've only made my assumptions on this video, of which Anita does say that she is a blank slate, and whilst she does say the character does state her thoughts and opinions, Anita doesn't show an example of it, leading me to believe otherwise. You guys have explained this better than Anita has, I'll admit it's opened my eyes a little.
  6. Guys, did some of the comments from the "Dear Internet, Grow Up" thread get deleted?

    1. Komodin


      I think they got moved over to the FF: Positive Female Characters thread.

  7. I'm looking at the current members online. I'd like to know Yahoo, Google and Youtube. Are they nice?

    1. Blue Swallow

      Blue Swallow

      Yahoo has said some pretty nasty things, I'm they haven't been banned.

    2. Blue Swallow
    3. Klinsy


      Google is cool but they have tendency to follow everyone everywhere.

  8. LET'S TALK ABOUT MUSIC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kX_b4uPRkk
  9. Maybe I said it a lil' harsh, I'm not saying it's a bad song and doesn't deserve the praise it gets, I'm just saying I think there's better songs in Sonic 3.
  10. I don't think Ice Cap Zone is nearly the best tack in Sonic 3, I'd rather give that to Hydrocity Zone or Carnival Night Zone. I'll say it's my favourite level, music wise though? Nuh-uh.
  11. Do you ever feel Angry? Are you paralyzed by your Anger?

    1. Oscillo


      Too often.

    2. Rawpowered


      Do you fill yourself with butterflies inside your stomach a lot?

    3. Oscillo


      It's why I'm not in college.

    4. Yoko/葉子


      Makes me want to bite someone until they bleed.

  12. Look I'll agree that The Scythian isn't a bad example, but should she really be regarded as one of the best? Because what I got from this is that to make a great female character is to make her a completely blank slate with no personality or any immediate features that could indicate she's a female other than people telling you she is. The whole "you can project yourself on the character" doesn't quite work too considering what if it's a guy playing and the game is telling you you're a girl. yeahsurethatsokayiguess Anita makes the Metroid ending comparison a few times without really acknowledging why that ending was taken the way it was. The ending was a surprise, one that would forever change the way people think of video game protagonists, it got people to warm up to the idea that females are just as good as males. The Scythian however? It's because we're always given subtle hints about the gender it doesn't faze anyone nearly as much. However I suppose if there were no hints at all it would just be a reveal at the end that The Scythian was female all along it would be branded either a "homage" or "rip-off" or Samus. But the way Anita describes it is that having no personality or not drawing attention to the fact your character is female makes a great female character, which is incorrect. tl;dr Samus did it first
  13. Musical perfection
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZLmf3n00IM HOLY JEEZ THIS THEME
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