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    1. Cyrus


      I hope it's not one of the leaked songs I already heard, also hoping for a new video :0

    2. Azoo



      also if it IS one of the leaked songs.. can it be Andromeda. please

    3. Cyrus



  2. ea5cfbd076daa4de97254431e12b9459.png

    the fact that people actually say this as if the topic takes no further understanding than that is just

    man i love being a sonic fan

    1. dwibs93


      I guess whoever made this comment based it off the loud minority who did say it?

    2. Gabe


      Yep, Sonic fans are just one big hivemind. The direction of the franchise has never changed once and everyone's simply in a mass state of hysteria that came out of nowhere.

      It's stuff like this that make it really obvious that people who like to these generalizing comments over an entire fanbase have no clue on what they're talking about. They really shouldn't be given any spotlight whatsoever.

    3. Josh


      It's largely other sonic fans saying this is the funny thing

    4. RosaRosaRosalina


      i'm only mildly upset with the boost returning because i just plain suck at it, nothing more really

      if forces manages to make it control better and get experimented with, that'd be cool imo

    5. Miki


      sonic twitter can be redundant nowadays

    6. Soni


      ...that wasn't made by the sonic twitter ho?

    7. Miki


      meaning sonic fans on twitter haha

    8. Soni




      ...i don't get it?

  3. discord down post this


  4. This is probably the most tiresome sentence ever said for the community, but i feel like its more true than ever before: Sonic needs a flippin soft reboot, guys.

    The series has not only overcomplicated itself with "era" divides and borderline-meta-concepts (making explaining or discussing it nearly impossible without either confusion or side taking discourse), but even after digging past that the characters are written haphazardly, the narratives undercooked (regardless of tone), and there's still no single cohesive gameplay style that fits the series as a whole (and Sega has all but accepted these very aspects as the norm). And unless Forces pulls a fast one on us in every way, it's probably the greatest culmination of this issue to date.

    I wish Sonic were a simple thing to enjoy again; something that actually made sense. The classic games were easy to get into. The Adventures were ridiculous, but simple and easy to take in. The Advance/Rush games were easy to understand. It was a simpler time.

    Everything's become so complicated that it's hard to even make out what any of it even is anymore. I don't even know what the fuck this series is anymore. The best game in eons for this series isn't even treated like a proper Sonic game as much as a "classic" one. Why? There's a whole extra three or four layers of madness over this series's identity and it's inescapable now.

    And the worst part? No other franchise does this. No other.

    And I feel like a soft reboot of sorts is all they can do to fix it. By that, i just mean a realignment of priorities and presentation. No more catering. The series desperately needs to find it's heart again for its own sake. If it did, people would follow on their own accord.

    1. Diogenes


      hard reboot

      do it sonic team

      burn it all down

    2. Azoo


      A hard reboot would imply restarting from scratch, kind of like a certain thing that became a tv show / failed sub game series. Soooo no thx lol

    3. Diogenes


      that's not an inherent problem with a hard reboot, that's just because boom was a total mess.

      and a soft reboot means not making a clean break from all the shit that's built up.

      i still say burn it all. only fire will save us.

    4. Marcello


      A reboot wouldn't make the split go away. And story-wise, the games are so light on it, that it really wouldn't matter much.

    5. Josh


      the point of the reboot is to make the split go away

    6. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      better idea: make all the other video game franchises have Classic and Modern eras

      Call of Duty Generations boysssss

    7. Josh


      Image result for Zelda breath of the wild thank you wallpapers


      It's time

    8. Azoo


      We need Sonic Team to see what people see in Mania. Not superficial garbage about it, no, but its very essence. The gameplay, the aesthetics, the creativity, the heart. 

      Sega needs to find Sonic's purpose again, much like a weary samurai. I'm not asking for a classic purist revival (absolutely not), I'm talking a return to the core, and then build from there. A reboot.

      Essentially, we need a Sonic game to the series was BotW is a Zelda. A step forward after returning home.

      *to zelda. Dang mobile typing

    9. KHCast


      @Josh Let's not have Nintendo feed into that timeline shit any more than it has 

    10. Azoo


      Thats.. Not what he meant by that lmfao.

  5. The third character is just gonna be Sonic from the near future. He has a new gameplay style that blends both classic and modern gameplay, so that there's a lot of slopey platforming / spinning as well as drifting, quick stepping and maybe boosting as well. At the end of the game, we find that Sonic decides to take some of his future self's advice to never forget the past even when moving forward. The series then never does this multiple Sonics thing again, and the gameplay from here on out is just the third Sonic's style. ...I can dream, can't I.
  6. That's fair. Though at the same time, the Rush games were VERY highly praised by critics / fans alike, and Sega's all about catering to that right now. And although you're probably right and it's gonna be in Sonic's world, it's still a neat thought I suppose (and a small possibility). There's really no telling at this point.
  7. I'm honestly not sure how you got a Sonic Chronicles joke or a rally for the return of a grimdark Eggman (that never quite existed) out of a theory post that this might be tied to Blaze's world and/or story elements from the Rush games, but you do you I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Put on your tinfoil hats, guys, cuz here comes a biggun: Sonic Generations was a game where Sonic meets his past self through crazy time-space shenanigans. Take note: time-space shenanigans. And about the plot, according to Shun Nakamura, How can Sonic miss Eggman taking over the entire world? Death Egg Sentinels and following badniks are all grey-white, black, red, and maybe yellow color scheme?? Eggman could've gone for a more Sonic 06 "Egg Gunner" scheme (given it's by Nakamura, probably), but would Eggman as we know him do that? And now finally... these pieces of land. Now, compare. Guys. I'm not saying this is what's gonna happen (because knowing Sonic Team it's probably just coincidence because they'd never write something this good), but dear lord.. until we given obviously proven otherwise by Sonic Team having a much more ridiculous / simple plot to offer, I don't think we're in Kansas Earth Mobius Planet Freedom uhh sonic's world anymore.
  9. Sonic is MIA for Eggman's full world takeover because it's not on Sonic's world. The Death Egg Sentinels are Nega's color scheme. 

    The islands in Rush Adventure:



    the hills in the trailer



    1. A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      eggman nega stuff is cool too. i can see there being a collision of alternate universes or timelines or something. that would be how boom gets involved (sorry but its possible) and could incorporate blaze and silver. but idk

    2. Zaysho


      Can we not ruin this wonderful possibility with mentioning the Sub-Brand Which Must Not Be Named

    3. -Ace-
  10. Third gameplay styles I'd be okay with:

    1 ) "New" Sonic (with a gameplay style that they'll use from this game onward hahahahaha that ain't happening)

    2 ) Metal Sonic (if this is about good AND evil and they need a good reason to skirt around the subject of "only Sonic.. technically")

    3 ) Blaze (look, Eggman Nega's colors on those robots.. just.. CAN WE BRING BACK BLAZE)

    4 ) 'Adventure Sonic' (would be dumb but at least i'd be able to spin dash and shit in 3D again ayyoo)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ferno


      sega probably had an oh-shit moment when they realized that they accidentally made a whole new sub-franchise which failed but now just like with anything sonic, boom sonic somehow gained fans just by existing and now they have a whole 45th set of separate fan mouths to feed because they keep making new sonics and new sonic styles well after 1999 and it's their. own. fault.

      *takes a breath*

    3. Azoo


      yeah it's got to the point where i'm *this* close to just pressing the ejector seat button on the whole franchise, but I'm holding out just for Mania and to see if Forces looks better than expected

      but if this game confirms all my fears (hasn't done a good of job of not doing that so far!) then I'm done like d o n e bye ssmb lol

    4. Lord-Dreamerz


      Only good thing about the possible outcome of Boom Sonic being the 3rd playable would be Sticks & Boom Eggman crossing over into the main series... But if I could I'd still pass on it even then just because 3 different Sonics as the only playable characters in 1 game is just stupid.

    5. Dejimon11


      I think that if Boom! Sonic is in the game and he's actually fun to play as I wouldnt mind his inclusion. I mean hell what if he plays like the Adventure style games and they make use out of that enerbeam crap? That would be interesting. 

    6. Ferno


      @Azoo I won't even hate you for that, lol. All I'll ask is that you use the salt to power you to make your own projects the best that they can be.

    7. Azoo


      the only good thing about Boom Sonic in Forces is nothing. like absolutely nothing

      sorry but imma just bein real

      @Dejimon11 i don't even care if it plays fantastically, HE SHOULDN'T BE IN THERE HE REALLY REALLY SHOULDN'T AND SONIC BOOM SHOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED AT ALL cuz its like.. even if he plays well weeelp who cares cuz god knows I ain't gonna like potentially seeing that ever come into the series and/or ever come back, ever whoowee no sir

      @Ferno ya damn right knuckles

    8. Lord-Dreamerz


      IMO Boom Sonic being in Forces would be just as unneeded as Classic Sonic is in Forces. AKA they both are not needed in Forces, especially when we have Sonic Mania for real classic Sonic action.

    9. Azoo


      the thing is, i agree, but classic sonic and modern sonic are the same sonic so they can get away with time travel shenanigans with that one, even if it is very much stupid

      boom sonic isn't even the same sonic, not even the same universe, not even the same anything. if he's in, i'm out lol. end of

    10. Josh


      I'm not gonna say I'm "done" until I feel done. Truth of the matter is I still get excited when I see Sonic no matter how much criticism I have for it(and I have a lot).

    11. -Ace-


      Yeah Boom!Sonic seems really really really really really really really.....



      really really really really really really 


      Really really unessarary in Sonic Forces.


    12. Azoo


      I'm in the same boat @Josh, but boom sonic is very likely when i will feel done lmao. BESIDES, I have to draw that line in the sand somewhere. as much happiness sonic brings me it also brings me just about as much distress, so when it just teeters the other side over I'm just gonna have to check myself before i wreck myself yaknowwhatimean

    13. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Isn't Blaze from an alternate dimension or universe too?

    14. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      Sonic could spin dash in 3d in lost world


    15. Lord-Dreamerz


      But I agree with your idea of Blaze or Metal Sonic. Those are my top 2 fave Sonic characters... which would make my current lack of interest for Forces go straight into "Oh my goodness I MUST have this NOW." mode.

    16. Azoo


      @Radiant Hero Ike that'd explain why the world managed to get destroyed on sonic's watch.. it's not his own

      @Sega DogTagz you know good and well that wasn't a spindash as much as a chargable version of the boost with a "spindash revving" skin over it :v

    17. D.H


      Yeah, I wouldn't start thinking about Blaze or Metal possibly being in Forces. That being said, maybe the new character is a villain by Eggman's side & he/she will be the 3rd gameplay component?

    18. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      Huh, I never thought of it like that

      WE'LL REGARDLESS I like Boom Sonic but if it meant Azoo leaving Sonic altogether then I'd rather not have him in

      Metal or Future Sonic pls

    19. Josh


      I keep thinking it may be blaze but I don't wanna get let down

    20. D.H


      @Josh Hey I like Blaze, but I don't see her being playable over Tails, Knuckles or Amy lol. 

      Also, where did the idea of Boom Sonic being the 3rd playable character come from anyways?

    21. -Ace-


      Speaking of Blaze and alternate dimensions I'm pretty sure this is Sonic's dimension going off this 



    22. Lord-Dreamerz
    23. Azoo


      @-Ace- I think that actually helps convince me it is lmao

      "what was sonic doing til then?" being in his own world of course lol

    24. Josh


      I never thought "sonic but a werewolf" would be seriously considered over knuckles and yet

    25. Cheawn


      @D.H It came from having 2 out of three gameplay styles being headed by 2 Sonics, one per gameplay style. So people think that the last gameplay style has to be headed by another Sonic. And there is a third Sonic in Boom, so....

    26. -Ace-
  11. Every fanbase has it's extremists and purists. Thanks to some of Sega's absolutely insane decisions made in the mid 2000s, Sonic's are a bit more pronounced (understatement, but you know). That doesn't excuse that this is the only series I've ever known of that actually builds their games and future decisions around said extremists.
  12. The moment it's fully accepted that unity is unreasonable and we begin to speak in favor of building walls between different parts of the franchise, as if they have no business meddling (besides when made obvious that they are), is when you know a series is truly fucked. Not trying to argue if that's what they're doing or not (it is), but that's absolutely not a good way to handle a series. And as successful as Generations was or Mania will be, I hope that when we're past this game we can be done with this mindset for good. Let Mania not be a "classic" Sonic game, but rather just a 2D Sonic (and a damn amazing one at that). And let whatever game from here on out not be a "modern" Sonic game, but just a 3D Sonic game. Sure, they can have their gameplay style differences, I don't even care as much at this point. I'm just beyond exhausted with the divide, and people defending it. But I digress. Ech.
  13. Dear pesky plumbers: Calm down with the single sentence and/or rapid-fire joke posts before me or any other of the mods step in to stop it. Capiche? Not against joking around or anything, but when it gets off-topic to the point of spamming.. yeah no. Also on a side note, that area in the video is not Green Hill. It doesn't even have checkers, you dinguses. It's just some valley area.
  14. I'd be laughing if it wasn't likely that they actually believe this. I don't know guys, I'm trying really hard to hold on. I'm not even against another boost game (I loved Unleashed and Generations was fun), but the only thing from this footage that I picked up was "dash pads, corridors, dash pads, homing chains, more dashpads" and pretty much nothing else. I'm kind of.. I'm holding on til more footage before final word. It's hard, but I am.
  15. Desperately holding off on impressions until more footage. It's just *dash pad* there's something *dash pad* about this *dash pad* footage that *dash pad* is making *dash pad* me not *dash pad* really think *dash pad* it looks *dash pad* very *dash pad* fun *dash pad* yet *dash pad*.