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  1. A million dollar franchise begins with an ambitious (yet predictable) entry that changes it'edia forever, then spawning two nearly immediate sequels. All three together become regarded as some of the best pieces of pop culture media ever, and the creators involved are considered gods.

    Years later, they return and make new entries in the franchise. People recognize from the getgo that theyre not as good as the originals, but see immense promise. But each new entry from there proves more and more disasterous than the last, eventually leading to a trainwreck that leaves it's old fans scarred, and it's new fans confused.

    Several years later, the franchise returns, intending to make things right. It hones in on the nostalgia direction, getting people's interests yet again as they half-rehash half-excel the series back to former glory, as the original creators that brought it down so much are relegated to tiny background roles and minimal authority.

    So, question: is this Sonic or Star Wars :^)

    1. Dejimon11


      Sonic because Star Wars is a Billion dollar franchise 

    2. Azoo


      ding ding ding

      winner of a dinner

  2. heheh

    1. Twat


      Azoo what'd you do?


    2. Celestia
    3. Tara


      This is my favorite status by you because it has no subject and no predicate.

    4. Zaysho
    5. Tara


      Can we ban people from posting that damn duck gif?  Because it makes me cackle like an idiot for HOURS every time.

    6. TCB


      Not today Zorak I'm busy

    7. Azoo
    8. Twat


      Loving the salt, I see?

    9. Zaysho
    10. Kiah


      Oh I thought Zaysho got banned but apparently not :P.

      And no Tara, that gif is awesome. Ain't nothing wrong with cackling like an idiot for hours on end ;).

    11. TCB


      Now that you made me curious time to snoop at your twitter to see what's up brb 

    12. Wraith


      You made me check my timeline hoping for something stupid but I got nothing. Im dissapointed

    13. Dejimon11


      Isn't what Gene said about Mania?

    14. Celestia


      This is about whatever you want it to be about.

    15. Wraith


      Do yall do this to fuck with us?

      I'll be happy if you say yes

    16. Azoo
    17. Dejimon11


      I don't get it

    18. Twat



      WHAT IS THIS?!



  3. I hate having to think about this. Clay Martin Croker was a huuuuge part of Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast (not only voice of Zorak & Moltar, but also one of the lead animators), and his impact on my life / sense of humor / etc is beyond words. He also spearheaded much of early Adult Swim as well as Toonami (Moltar was the original host). I’ve been a fan of SGC2C since I was at least 7 and tbh I think the joy and laughter fits I’ve got from that show will never stop. it’s a goldmine of incredible writing, delivery, and insanity, and without it (as odd as it sounds) IDK if I’d be the same person. It’s been that impactful, especially since without it Cartoon Network’s huge library of shows wouldn’t even exist. It kicked off just about everything I love about cartoons. It was one of my lifelong dreams to meet him, as well as George Lowe (SG’s voice) and Andy Merrill (Brak), and while it still is for both of them, he’s the one I wanted to meet most. Zorak and Moltar are easily some of the funniest characters ever conjured, and their voices are unforgettable. The guy turned two throwaway villains from a throwaway 60s show into cartoon icons. This is the first death of 2016 that’s actually shook me up. Cherish the people around you. And think of the lone locust of the apocolypse when you look to the night sky. (Or is it mantis?) RIP to a legend. Thanks for the laughs, C.
  4. did you know, that from 2003 - 2007, Sonic just kinda didn't have any console games? crazy i know, the series just kinda disappeared off the map until Sonic World Adventure, a game clearly without any implications of lycanthropy, came around

    1. Sean


      I kinda wish they would bring back Shadow for another game since he was really neat-o in his debut, but since he burned up in SA2's atmosphere I guess that can't happen =/

      *in the atmosphere in SA2

    2. Wraith


      thats around the same time hundreds of dollars randomly fell out of my wallet and into a fireplace

    3. ShroomZ


      Adventure 1 was really good, but I don't know if better than X-Treme. I'd still say X-Treme is the best attempt at 3D Sonic so far. 

    4. VEDJ-F


      Oh but don't worry guys, he's been revived for Generations and Rise of Lyric! A miracle, I know, but SEGA have decided they want to milk that cow dry. Would have thought they'd have done it before now, but eh.

      And sheesh, why did their quality control suddenly slump for Rise of Lyric anyway?

    5. Adamabba


      Still can't believe that skateboard game started a spin-off series more popular than the Tony Hawk games.

    6. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      Are we having mass hallucinations now? Because I'm seeing the Kool-Aid Man dancing nearby for some reason.

    7. Twat


      And geez, they gave Sonic a sword? Oh man, I wonder what dumber ideas SEGA could've done to add to the series? Put Sonic in the Arabian Nights and and the gameplay is controlled by tilting the Wii Remote or something? Or even better, they bring back Shadow back the game RIGHT AFTER Adventure 2 but he has amnesia and it poorly gives some hint that he could be a fake but he gets his own game where it attempts to be more serious but fails horribly, he carries guns and at very last minute at the final boss it's revealed he's not a fake. 

      Good grief, that would've completely stupid. Good thing that never happened.

    8. Sean


      um excuse you sonic uses a sword in Super Mario Smash Bros

    9. Hyp3hat


      Could you imagine Sonic, but with a gun? God that's crazy, so sad SEGA will never do that. 

    10. Azoo


      no hallucinations here!

      Sonic 1 - 3K and CD were masterpieces as we all know, sonic team got help from traveler's tales to make Sonic Saturn, then Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 came out, all to much praise.

      After the Dreamcast fell in though in 2001, the entire library up to that point got ported to GC (and then later PS2/Xbox), but besides the Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush series, there was no big titles in development as Sonic Team pursued new interests in expanding new IPs (Billy Hatcher, etc), and making better use of old IPs (Phantasy Star Online sequels, NiGHTS Journey of Dreams for 360/PS3)..

      and then Sonic World Adventure happened, leading to unanimous praise of Sonic's glorious comeback. Then came Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, and now the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 4, made by our very own Taxman and Headcannon studios

    11. Twat


      Well of course, I'm just saying imagine if we had another of one of those games where they put Sonicin some mythical world with a dumb gimmick with awkward controls and level design. 

    12. Sean


      I was with you until you acknowledged Nights: JOD

    13. Wraith


      that game is charming enough fuck you fuck you FUCK YOU

    14. Sean
    15. Azoo


      the REAL journey of dreams was made with fantastic production values, not being a cobbled together and poorly thought up game shoved last minute into being designed for the wii

      also yuji naka was actually there to look over it because he doesn't leave sonic team in a fit of unparalleled rage

  5. RIP C. Martin Croker; voice of Zorak and Moltar. Voice of some of the funniest characters on one of the funniest shows to ever hit television. Not one, but two unforgettable voices. I miss him already.

    1. Tara


      My heart. =(

    2. Gabe


      Sad news to hear. :[

  6. We cool. I'm not pointing my argument at you in particular, it's just me venting at how I literally can't walk three steps on the internet without seeing a tower of fans go into rapid-fire shit mode about the tiniest things related to this lmao.
  7. Thing is, you completely lose me when you try to say that the animation below is not good. Maybe it's because you're comparing a gif with extremely choppy movement instead of comparing it to the trailer I posted a page or two ago? The movement is incredibly high detail and fluid, of the same par (if not slightly higher) than the battle scenes in XY except in all of the footage instead of just the battles. I don't know. With all the posting of choppy gifs and focusing on smear frames and "what's wrong with Ash's face" etc, it feels like current Pokeani fans are going out of their way to skew it as shit without even giving it a proper chance. After all, from that same trailer we get a glimpse of a Pikachu battle that looks about as intense as anything from XY's highest points, so why are we acting like that too is exclusive to the current series? We haven't even got footage of this show beyond a minute long clip.
  8. I'd hardly call anything about the Pokemon series in a long time to be anything close to a majorly visually appealing anime (despite the fight scene choreography in XYZ being a lot more impressive than they used to be (thanks for finally using those billions of storaged dollars, TPC!)). Plus, 19 years to polish an art style that's usually sterile stills, mouth flaps and slow pans, and calling the one that actually vividly conveys movement and emotion in non-battle scenes is sloppy? I mean, different strokes for different folks, but sheesh. And before this gets brought up (as it has frequently on social media), the amount of hate I've seen people giving to in-between frames from those previews is hilarious. Ever heard of smears, guys? Maybe not considering anime's very infrequent use of them, but still. I think you guys are getting way over dismissive about this and most of the response has been some variant of intense repulsion. Granted, maybe I'm getting too over defensive about this subject; even though I can't tell you if I'm gonna like this show or not. And I know, getting used to something different after it looking the same for a million years is understandable, and in all honesty my entire lineup of opinions are contrary to almost every current diehard PokeAni fan's, so what do I know lmao. THEN AGAIN, this is yet another reinvention for a new audience, so the fact that people are still expecting them to keep whatever supposed "legacy" they'd built with their characters, plots or even now the art style is kinda silly. IDK be upset if you want or whatever, but the amount of vitrol and lack of appreciation for what's being done is kinda funny when it really roots from how many people are upset because a constantly refreshing series doesn't keep to personal expectations lol. Oh yeah.. and before anyone calls me out on being this way in the past about the original series, then make note from earlier I kinda gave up on that mindset altogether. Am I still salt that the OS never got the treatment it ultimately deserved? Absolutely, yeah! But I've just accepted the series' nature at this point; meanwhile after I and others have got barked at incessantly before for "you're just mad that it ain't like you liked it anymore", only for some of the same people to go "well it's different for us/this because!!" when someone calls them out for doing the same thing with their preferred era of the series... it makes the salt mounds a beautiful combination of humorous and irritating. A delicious double-standard of sorts. :v But I suppose that's another kettle o' fish. Or is it? I don't even know, it's 2am.
  9. Here's a better quality version of the clip. The amount of salt/hate that the animation style is getting in the retweets and replies to this is kinda hilarious. Oh no, Pokemon is looking more cartoony and lively than ever before!! It's terrible!
  10. AAAAAAAAAAAAAND I'm down for this. Art style looks fantastic and fluid, hopefully the budget isn't completely thrown out in one episode. The show looks more interesting than it has in ages, tbh.
  11. Just as long as you don't get too heavily invested again. I think that's the lesson everyone needs to learn here. I can be salt about the original Pokemon series not going anywhere for the rest of my days (and I have been on more than one occasion), but it's best to just keep in mind that Pokemon isn't meant for long term meaningful storytelling or plot/character development. It's meant to get children invested in the series as a sort of gateway to the game franchise, or just to keep them going in their childhood days until they've "outgrown" what it offers. It resets itself for every and/or every other generation for that very reason: to grab the new crowd of kids and reintroduce them to the series on a layman's level. Does that blow? Absolutely yes, it sucks big time. But we shouldn't really expect any different really, it's a children's anime / video game tie-in above and beyond anything else. As long as we can find merits of each show to enjoy (if we enjoy it) without expecting it to actually cater to any sort of long-time fans' wants and desires, then I guess we're good. XY's work all the way up until it's league finale may have been an exception to this rule (maybe it was the bone thrown to the fans who wanted something like that before they made a drastic change?), but whatev really lol. The only things I really need if I were to be interested again would be good pokemon biology/geography mythos stuff, and good comedy (something the series hasn't had in.. god, how long already?). That's about it tbh.
  12. Surprise everyone! Every character you grew attached to is gone, and all investment for fans who followed in XY is soiled! This hasn't happened before at all! But no for real, the new series looks and sounds to be ridiculous. As in so ridiculous that I might actually watch the first episode or two to see what it's like. School anime are almost always butt, but putting that spin on Pokemon almost sounds hilarious / interesting lol. If it's good then ayy, if it's not then even better, more to poke fun at. It's a win-win situation!
  13. The new Pokemon anime resets just about everything and ash's friends/rivals/potential love interests/etc are replaced with a new cast of characters, all despite keeping him, Pikachu and TR as the main characters for no reason. Surprise! *shoots confetti everywhere*

  14. Okay, so I finally got to play Green Hill Paradise Act 2 properly. Have only got very short windows of time to play it, and otherwise kinda assumed it played not so different from GDK. Which it doesn't, but still.

    It's got all the right ideas in regards of gameplay mechanics, but the engine itself just isn't really cutting it. Some things in this game really shouldn't be that hard to pull off (like the halfpipes, geezus the halfpipes), and also certain parts of the controls like Spin Dashing just feel too underpowered. It's all about gaining speed, but there's no fair way to do that over half the time when the level design has you tumble out of a roll or clunk into a wall that looks like a slope.

    A great fan effort, nevertheless, but yeah not perfect. Honestly got a little frustrated with it while playing, lol. I couldn't even get halfpipes to work the way I needed them to because of how much Sonic wanted to veer away from lining up with the curvature, thus constantly either throwing me off or ruining my speed I've built. 

    1. Miki


      i have to agree on the engine and the level design. the spindash did feel useless at times because of how wavy and bumpy the level design was. while i like the mach speed part, it felt vert stiff to me and very hard to move again, the design doesnt allow it.

      i do want to know, your a good game designer, how would you improve it? :)

    2. Tara


      Problems aside, I hope someone with decent level design skills picks it up, because it looks like it could have the core of an OKAY game, but Green Paradise Zone isn't very appealing to me.  I mean, I know it's just a test level but I feel like I'd still like to see someone come along and make a full level with so we can see how the engine works in a more realistic setting.

  15. Today's PS4 conference was kinda cathartic, even if i am a PS fan too.

     I guess its because Nintendo gets kicked around a lot by big gaming sites (particularly GAF) for not chasing graphics superiority as well as not doing live shows anymore, and then after Sony doing a live show about the console everyone thought was gonna blow the competition away with power, it ends up being one of the most haphazard, awkward and ultimately underwhelming reveals all year.

    1. Wraith


      It was basically exactly what they said it was going to be for the past couple of months too so the outrage was kind of surprising for me. Maybe gamers are finally realizing they don't really want this? I dunno.

    2. Azoo


      I think many of them forgot how we're in the middle of a console generation and thought we were already going PS5/XB2 despite there being absolutely no reason to believe that.

      I think it's also because they started taking the power of base level PS4/XB1 for granted, despite their visual capabilities being more than servicable to the industry for another 4-5 years.