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  1. bad39ac8d58f052353e4302729e1d3a7.jpg


    1. Soniman


      This is a extremely haphazard list of choices they give you o_O

    2. Milo


      hatsun the pigeon and sonic-man over the live-action movie characters

      you love to see it

  2. 106e7094e97ae1df8e04f44839c6faba.jpg

    its that time of year again (edit: revised)

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Those are some of the most poorly contained and hidden SCPs I've ever seen

    2. TheOcelot
    3. Zaysho


      Labyrinth is obviously just out of frame at the top

    4. charmsb


      ay man put some got damn respec on shadow the hedgehog... i mean it

    5. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      I'll never know what the revisions were ūüė•

    6. Soniman


      I would say I'm surprised Unleashed got beat by Colors but there's a story behind Zero Gravity I want to hear 

    7. azoo


      @Soniman think of anything and everything good about how sonic riders played

      remember it all? Yeah. Zero gravity said to get rid of all of it. Goodbye bich. Time to play like trash. fuque ewe 

    8. azoo


      Also unleashed without its more obvious problems would be in tier 1 and 2

  3. Colors Ultimate thoughts going by the footage:


    1. Thigolf


      ruh roh

    2. Soniman



    3. azoo


      All changes/‚Äúimprovements‚ÄĚ to gameplay were things nobody asked for and don‚Äôt really do anything meaningful
      Tropical resorts lighting still looks like ABSOLUTE doodoo
      the new TR remix is terrible which is also not a good sign for the other remixes we have yet to hear

      what more can I say 

    4. Soniman


      New features don't hurt or help the game significantly so I'm mostly fine with them.The graphics in the videos look terrible but I thought it was cleared up these were an earlier  version and we've seen visual proof they were mostly fixed?

      As for the music well hopefully it's optional....LOL, it might be be, they've been unclear 

    5. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I've since heard that Ohtani-san confirmed it was something that can be switched out, so that should clear up that particular issue, at least.

  4. c81514690a76b92f63b4010ee1024a82.png

    Still thinking these days about a "hybrid" boost game that also uses the spin / spindash. Thinking that the main way you'd build up the boost meter is by building momentum. You could still charge it by destroying enemies or doing tricks off ramps (ala Rush), but holding speed will be your most consistent builder, with the speed itself (measured on the speedometer, shown above Sonic's life icon) will vary how quickly it refills.

    1. Speedi [ „āĻ„ÉĒ„Éā ]

      Speedi [ „āĻ„ÉĒ„Éā ]

      Appreciate the Sonic Rush boost gauge. 

    2. azoo


      Hell yeah.

      To continue the thought process, I'm thinking like:

      A/B Buttons - Jump, Homing Attack
      X/Y Buttons - Boost / Drift (think like Colors)
      L/R Triggers - Crouch / Spin Attack (hold + tap A for spindash), Stomp
      L/R Bumpers - Quick Step

      And honestly that's all you need. (Unless you want the Lightspeed Dash that bad.)

    3. Jango


      let's do this azoo. let's make your game. i can do the graphic design part

    4. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      so your reward for building and preserving speed is a means of immediately regaining said speed later on? sounds like a solid gameplay loop, reminds me of the way the classics rewarded you for keeping on the high path, but in a more intrinsic context

  5. feel like it should be said that the sega nomad woulda ripped shit if not for sega's big "we have seven consoles on the market at once" fiasco that happened at the same time

    1. azoo


      sure it was a big chunk of cheesy hardware of the same size and battery life as the Game Gear, but that thing was a fuckin Genesis. It was a hybrid machine that could be plugged up to a TV and wall adapter at home. You could play Genesis on the go. 16 bit in your hands basically a whole decade before GBA. And an entire library of games already ready for you to swipe up? Yeah, shit was rippin.

      it could've been the perfect way to revitalize the Genesis brand and keep it going; by turning Genesis into a handheld department while you sell your next gen console (Saturn). too bad that you had that with the Saturn on the market.. and the 32X.. and the Sega CD... and a newer low budget model of the Genesis... and the Game Gear itself (which should've been faded out after this)... and the JVC X'Eye only there to make matters worse....

      Jesus, what the hell were they doing.

    2. Milo


      there's some commentary about how sega deciding to prematurely end support for the genesis and shift completely towards the saturn in all regions (mainly due to how in japan, the genesis did poorly against the snes and the saturn was initially outselling the PS1) was a mistake; due to how the 16-bit consoles were still popular in the west (or at least the US) and still performed well throughout 1995 and 1996.

      if all branches of sega somehow charted their course in pooling their development efforts towards just the nomad and the saturn (former as the only hardware meant for extending development/support for genesis; latter as the eventual true genesis successor); they could had tapped into that potential really well and (regarding the saturn) probably could had been better prepared against the eventual fight against the N64 and PS1.

      the nomad that exists was released back in 1995 when genesis/snes still had some support. maybe it could had been out even earlier if sega had the worldwide coordination/cooperation as outlined above (and even been a better product than what we got).

    3. azoo


      Killing Genesis support so early was definitely not a good thing, and Nomad could've been it's second lease on life. I imagine Ristar could've been their next hit too that pushed Nomad forward (grabby character, grab-n-go console?), but due to (again) killing Genesis support that game never got it's day in the spotlight it deserved.

      Sega really shoulda just done the Nomad, discontinued Game Gear and Sega CD, never made the 32X, and just focused their budget/time on beefing up Saturn to be a better machine.

    4. Milo


      i honestly did not know that the jvc x'eye was even a thing that existed until this status....

    5. azoo


      Yeeep. Also forgot the Sega CDX / Multi-Mega. A Genesis, Sega CD and 32X all in one. 


      Sigh. Why. lmao

    6. Soniman


      Honestly they should've finished the Sega Neptune just to toss another console in the ring 

  6. Two worlds is over. Good riddance goodbye good day etc

    1. StaticMania


      It got no chance to impact anything, but at least people will stop talking about it.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Actions speak louder than words. I'll wait till we see anything that remotely supports this claim in future content.

    3. Tracker_TD


      ...was there anything to really support two worlds in the content anyway? It's why I never cared much about it, it also seemed like something I only knew because I'm a diehard that knew.

    4. azoo


      theres nothing in the games that refers to it. i'm just glad that it's gone so it no longer has to be in the mouths of anyone discussing anything about sonic's games, timeline, whatever bs lol

    5. KingMario05


      Station Square returns in Rangers or I don't believe you, Sega.

    6. Kuzu


      You gotta love how this was such a big deal in spite of the fact that it never had any tangible effect on the games proper. 

    7. Soniman





    8. Kuzu


      Wait, does this mean they finally stop calling it "Sonic's World" and just call it Earth again?

    9. Jango



    10. KingMario05
  7. 428f9464124e89d1e9ecf13d52b19704.png

    meany beany machiney

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Oooooooh that's gooooooood

    2. Polkadi~‚ėÜ
    3. VisionaryofSUPER


      Wow, JP Eggman really fits well in those poses.

    4. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      This is fantastic. I love every bit of this and would love to see this implemented in an actual game.


  9. quick! tell me the best song in sonic 1! be sure to pick the right answer!

    1. Zaysho


      Spring Yard or Starlight

      but if you put a gun to my head I'd probably edge it to Spring Yard

    2. Milo


      Spring Yard

    3. Kuzu


      Spring Yard

    4. TheOcelot


      Sparkling zone

    5. azoo


      good picks! after a near unanimous vote it seems that the winner is

      labyrinth zone. thanks for playing everyone!!!


    6. JezMM


      Dang I was gonna say Labyrinth too I swear

    7. Zaysho


      My takeaway is azoo would have shot me.

    8. azoo


      spring yard was my second pick tbf lol

    9. Your Vest Friend
    10. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Starlight zone.


      What do I win?

    11. PaulyBFromDa303


      The end credits. It has ALL of them


      (except special stage and the bosses)

  10. c91fe84f1e97cd361524004449a24cec.jpg




    nothing familiar about this 1980 anime at all!

    1. azoo


      Doctor Eggman - Wikipedia

      Genesis / 32X / SCD - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - The Spriters Resource



    2. azoo


      Show's called Muteking, The Dashing Warrior btw. Dub of the first episode found here.

      Considering this show came out in 1980, and Naka, Oshima etc were 18 - early 20s at the time, this means they would've been children to preteens as this show was on. Which checks out.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Oh yes. The slashed one eyed mask with antennas had long since been a massive trend for women since this released

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET



    5. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Well now, that's uncanny.

  11. Neither Odyssey or 64 are "open world". They're sandbox, which is a completely different affair. You are given a big open map, yeah, but it's still very tightly designed around itself and has it's own obvious borders on where you're not supposed to go. If you wanted the closest thing to compare to Mario with, you'd have Bowser's Fury, which would be the ideal for a Sonic game since it's "open world" in the sense that it's a lot of sandbox maps strung together seamlessly through an ocean. This sounds like the best answer to me, especially when Sonic's game design started being based off of islands, but you know.. kinda doubting they went this path with the hog.
  12. the boost and adventure styles really could work together in a game i think. the boost would just need to be nerfed. not AS fast, builds slower, drains quicker, less stuff to hand you boost power, so like in colors. meanwhile rolling replaces the slide, and the spindash is there to kick you off and/or let you moderate your pace without needing to boost (but being a more stationary / walking move and not launching as fast, so boosting still has its obvious perks).

    I think the best way to do it too would be to put spinning on a trigger, so you could hold to spin like you would for a slide, but hold + tap A for the spindash like a classic game would (plus double-map it to down on the stick for 2D sections, if your game has that). Also, holding a trigger and pressing X could allow a "spin-boost" which makes you launch at a more unleashed/gens boost speed and sends you dashing with the spindash rev animation, but eats more energy to do.

    anyways yeah. they can coexist, it'd be fun. why it hasn't been done idk. i guess to further separate the "two sonics"? bleh.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. azoo


      basically in short: you use boost to defy gravity, rolling/spindashing to take advantage of gravity. that'd be the main difference in the two, and using both together could be really satisfying.

      if the spindash itself still seems like too much of an overlap even still then maybe it doesn't have to exist in a game (though again, I think it as a backup for when you're out of boost is good), but i think i've at least made a strong enough case for why rolling in a boost game would/could still be a good idea lol.

    3. Kuzu


      This honestly feels like something easier said than done. Spin Dash mainly works for more vertical level design like in the 2D games, while Boost generally functions best when you have more horizontal terrain to transverse.

      The spin dash doesn't have many benefits in the Adventure titles beyond the few instances of sloped terrain, given the leven design is much more horizontal.

      The worst parts of any Boost game is when the game actually forces you into slower areas where Boost isn't viable.


      So I have to agree with Wraith that you'd have to compromise one to make the other work, which defeats the entire purpose. The functions they serve depends entirely on the level design.

    4. azoo


      Functions for anything in a video game depends entirely on level design, though.

      Using that as the reason why its not viable is basically like saying you can't think of a game where these things can be used even within their own styles. There's not a lot of imagination in that conclusion!

      If you want to make the boost valid, give it areas where you would go across long flat stretches or up tall inclines (something the boost games already do, but not the classics). If you want more use of the spindash or rolling then give the levels more slopes to take advantage of that (things the classics already did / the Adventures occasionally did, but the boost games didn't). Just because it doesn't work verbatim for retrofitting into previous existing levels doesn't mean there's no world where it doesn't work.

    5. neezTHEhuman


      the SA1 spam dash was effectively a boost.

    6. Kuzu


      Then wouldn't it be more viable to have games where both mechanics can shine on their own as opposed to trying to mash them together?  This has always been a personal issue with Sonic for me, trying to shove as many ideas as possible into a single game as opposed to fleshing a singular idea to its fullest. 

      Unleashed is the best Boost game, but doesn't have much in the way of platforming. But I can't really fault it too much for that because it excels in what it's focused on, Boosting and making Sonic go fast. 

      Conversely, I've always preferred the Spin Dash when its used in its proper context of allowing Sonic to transverse more vertical terrain, as opposed to the psude-Boost it was in Adventure 1 and being nigh useless in the sequel. 


      So I admit, it really comes down to my own personal preference. After seeing Sonic try and fail many times at making so many ideas function in a single game, I' m just at a point where I want them to take one idea and just go to town with it. 

    7. azoo


      I'm one to believe that just because you see an idea be executed a certain way (ie Sonic games stumbling on good concepts, or fangames haphazardly throwing a bunch of moves together), that doesn't mean it's inherently a bad one. It just means you have to be willing to assess what works and what doesn't, instead of simply writing it off as "oh this is just not something you do". It takes creativity to see that sort of thing through, not ultimatums.

    8. Kuzu


      It's kind of hard to see that after 20 years of stumbling lol. Like at point do you throw in the towel? How many missteps can we take until we actually find one that works? Another 20 years until we "get it right?"

      Like shit, I want Sonic to succeed too in its own way, but I only have but so much patience when other game franchises are doing what I want Sonic to be doing and actually succeeding at it. 

    9. azoo


      This kinda discussion is self-defeatist, and kinda ruins the point of being creative or having fun with an idea if it always is gonna end with "it'll suck anyway" though. Otherwise why still hang on?

    10. Kuzu


      Don't misunderstand, its not saying "This idea is gonna suck, why bother" but rather "These two ideas feel like they do no mesh together all that well, so we should focus one or the other and go from there" which I feel is a very reasonable mindset to have and one many developers have taken in the past. 

      Sonic, very often, feels like that the devs never want to abandon a single idea regardless of how well they could actually pull it off. And sure, I've gotten plenty of enjoyment out of the products they've made regardless, but recently I've started to feel like "Man, what could this game have been like had they just focused on the parts that worked as opposed to throwing in all of these other ideas" . It's why Colors and Generations got such amazing reception, it took what worked from Unleashed and just built on it and even nowadays, I still go back to these games. Do I wish they could have kept some parts of Unleashed? Absolutely, but I'll lying if I said I wasn't satisfied with the end result. 


      In this particular instance of your specific idea, I don't think its a bad idea that isn't worth exploring. I just PERSONALLY (and I have to stress this) feel like both mechanics aren't very compatible with each other based on their individual functions from prior games, and  trying to make them worth would probably result in one or the other feeling limited in a way. 

      Like I said, these are just MY feelings. If you feel its an idea worth exploring, then by all means, I'm not gonna tell you otherwise and hey, I'm always down to have by cynicism proven wrong. 

    11. azoo


      I just don't see how these gameplay styles have to contradict each other, or how it'd be the worst of both worlds if there was an attempt to bring them together. Just seems like an angle of unnecessary cynicism.

      Especially when there's been no account of these styles ever being put together in a game except the Rush games / Colors DS... in which it actually works fine, and possibly could've been even better if rolling itself was taken advantage of more. You could probably argue "but that was 2D and this is 3D" but like, you could've said the same of the Rush gameplay in general before it was turned into Unleashed, and that's not even mentioning how that gameplay style came from shoving Rush together with SatSR/06 machspeed much like i'd be putting boost and classic together. So idk.

      Also.. I don't mind if one or the other is "limited". Nerfing the boost or the spindash in whichever way it's done wouldn't matter to me if the gameplay is fun and walks out with more to offer than it walked in. That's why I was on about ultimatums and lack of creativity, because I feel like it needs a more open mind on the nuances than just "put this in as it were", and not automatically assuming an divergence of that would be for the worse.

    12. Kuzu


      Rush is a good example of what I mean actually, because I can tell you right now that I actually forgot there was a spin dash in that game because there's very little reason to use it when you have Boost. Rush isn't a bad game in any sense, but it also illustrates the problem when you have two mechanics that serve similar functions, but the level is designed around only one of them. 

      Like Rush is entirely designed around the Boost; the level design is more horizontal, and there's a whole system designed to keep that Boost going. The Spin Dash is only really there because of obligation, even though it doesn't really serve much of a purpose when the Boost exists.  

      And hey, if that's fine for you, then I'm not gonna tell you otherwise. But as a fan of Classic 2D gameplay, it kind of bothers me that one of Sonic's signature abilities has been rendered all but useless due to the presence of a mechanic that does what it does but better.

    13. azoo


      Personally I found myself still using it often, since boost in the Rush games is harder to come by than later boost games, mostly because of how fast it drains and how you need to do a lot more to build it up.

      But if there's parts of rush where you feel like it doesn't utilize the roll enough (which I agree!), that's where you start to consider how it can be. improving the physics to be closer to the genny games would've been enough, but then you can also make the level design more savvy for it (like using more extreme slopes or shapes, like halfpipes etc). That's not even getting started on my other stuff about changing the properties of the boost.

      That's what I mean. I'm asking to assess why things work or don't, and then problem solve instead of just writing it off.

    14. Kuzu


      But you have to have to also consider how changing the Boost would effect the core appeal of it. The main appeal of the Boost is the instant burst of speed it gives you, and the fact that you're essentially invulnerable to almost every hazard while using it. It's designed for one purpose, go forward and go fast. That means having more horizontal  level design to use it. 

      If I'm a fan of Boost because of those aforementioned reasons, changing it in a way where I can't do that doesn't appeal to me, as well as altering the level design where Boost is all but useless to actually use. 


      Both mechanics are extremely similar in what they accomplish (making Sonic go faster), so I'm having trouble understand how you can make both examples excel in what they do without drastically altering the core appeal of either of them. 

    15. azoo


      I'm not saying remove the presence of horizontal level design, though? I'm saying have both. You can do both, you know. Level design can vary as a stage progresses. There can be areas that can take advantage of horizontal movement, areas that go all in on verticality, and there's many areas that can do both simultaneously. Why is the angle here one thing or the other? We're dealing in ultimatums again.

      And basically all things I said of the boost were the same things done in Colors. Was boosting in Colors not fun? Because it was more than fine to me.

    16. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Potentially clarifying question: we talking full 3D or a 2.5D situation?

    17. azoo


      3D, but I'm also thinking this could apply to 2.5D too.

    18. Kuzu


      Can't really say I enjoyed Boosting all that much in Colors if I'm being honest with myself. 

    19. azoo


      What was missing from it, then?

    20. Kuzu


      Exactly as I described; because of the greater focus on platforming in the game, there's less areas where I actually could use the Boost. Which could explain why its much more limited in that game to begin with, but then that just ruins the core appeal of it for me. 

    21. azoo


      Yeah, the platforming of Colors was often flat planes with no real interesting twists. It makes me wonder if you could spice up the platforming by using more uhhhhhhh slopes? More curvature? But if boosting across those isn't so interesting considering it's binary reaction to slopes, I wonder how we can make it interesting... Tip of my tongue, that one. :y

    22. azoo


      Not even to mention the periods in Colors where you run out of boost and you're left to just run forward at a moderate speed, without a way to really feel like you're able to go faster until you find more boost energy. Not very satisfying, right? It's a problem with all the boost games, even, where it feels like the game is punishing you for not boosting, or being out of boost energy.

      I feel like there's a simple enough answer for how you could do something outside of boosting that removes the sluggishness and is fun in it's own way, but maybe not as satisfying as the boost (so gaining it back still retains purpose).. 

    23. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I still don't think it's that far-fetched to have both the boost and the roll/spindash in the same game. Really, with a game closer to Colors' pace and there already being a slide move that can easily be swapped out for a more powerful roll, it's not difficult to go with that as a starting point for a more curvaceous platformer that Azoo is gunning for.

    24. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Now... is that direction I'd personally go? Maybe not. I'd like to go more 'Adventure' with some refinements and more exploration, but I'd be down for an Adventure-Boost hybrid situation, honestly. Why not?

    25. azoo


      Yeah I mean this isn't my definitive take on a Sonic formula, but also it doesn't have to be. I can see multiple ways you can make a Sonic game that'd satisfy me. This is just one of those!

    26. Kuzu


      More than anything, I'd just want the game to be good. Sonic's output has been so lackluster with few exceptions for so long that it is honestly hard for to string up some genuine excitement without that caveat of thinking about what its going to falter on. 

      You can only be burned for so long and stuff. I don't think Rangers is going to be bad from the outset and I'm curious on what its going to bring to the table too. But the fact, there's no reason to really trust what Sonic does at the moment and until we're proven otherwise, its going to remain that way. 


      I don't WANT or even LIKE feeling this way about a series I once held in higher regard, but human nature and whatnot. 

  13. just witnessed @Wraith trying to watch the sonic movie lol

    1. Polkadi~‚ėÜ


      how far did he make it into the movie

    2. azoo


      less than 30 minutes

    3. Thigolf


      This is a monumental moment for the fanbase and noone told us, disgraceful

    4. Milo


      the sad thing is if he surpassed the 30 minute mark, the freshly-baked pizza of grief would had been on the house

    5. Dejimon11


      Yeah this movie is not for everybody 

    6. KingMario05


      Did he not like it? Why not?

    7. azoo



      because it’s shit 


    8. Zaysho


      I got through it because it was background noise while I was drawing one afternoon :v

      I thought it was fine for what it was but not something I'd want to watch again or more intently.

  14. This thing owns. Preorder-reserved the 64GB version; just gonna get a 512GB microSD and call it a day.
  15. don't usually double post in statuses but jesus DCT's green hill cover (if you could call it one? more like a new version) is beautiful. especially from the third chorus to the end. you can feel the love from this 

    1. Mr. Ion

      Mr. Ion

      Oh yeah it was really good, I enjoyed listening to it. Hopefully they remix more of their songs from the Genesis games, seeing as Nakamura owns the rights.

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