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  1. No, but you're damn right in knowing that I saw you making a status at the exact same time essentially pointing and laughing at it, so I took the idea of you posting in here about it as implication of what type of message you wanted to deliver. Especially since this ain't your first rodeo with this particular song-and-dance. Don't play coy. :v And you'd know good and well that if you read what I posted proper that I'm not asking for positive only news. You're just going to paint it that way because I'm gonna call you out when you go "HAHAHAHAHA LOOK WHAT DUMB OL' NINTENDO DID NOW" and pretend you didn't. I admit I'd done that in the past with consoles or companies I wasn't too terribly big on, but I kinda got over having such a spiteful sense of confirmation bias, you know? But yeah, from here I'll stop and take Zaysho's advice just as everyone else should, and if anything it was my post that was the "drive-by" so I apologize for that (even though I will not apologize for the points I've made). Regardless, lets move this topic onwards. .... Anyways, yeah I'm kinda worried about the Joycon thing, but how worried I'm not sure. Like said, if it's a software problem then okay, I'm expecting a firmware update not long after launch (it could easily be that day-one update we're getting). If it's hardware though.. hoo boy. Not a good sign.
  2. And it's looking likely to be something they can tweak in a firmware update, because it's likely that the signal it's sending out is too weak (meaning said update would probably cut down on battery power). And if not fixable through that, then a recall is bound to happen, unfortunately. Carry on with that classic kneeslap, followed by a hearty "Oh gracious, another fatal blunder by the buffoons at Nintendo! Good thing I don't eat everything they do up like some mindless fanboy would, and instead would rather find anything to laugh at in their expense" schpiel though if you like. Not like I can stop you, lol.
  3. Imagine the headlines..

    "Switch version of Sonic 2017 runs down battery in 2.5 hours, but the game can be completed in 1.5 hours so it doesn't matter much"

    1. Josh


      Switch versoin of Sonic 2017 has framerate issues

      and the PS4 version

      and the Xbox One version

      and the PC version

    2. Ferno


      "we would've given this a 10/10 like we did for Mania earlier in the year, but modern sonic exists in the game so we've gotta deduct a few points"

    3. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Sega: "The game was actually made for Switch and then ported to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Why did you think it took so long?"

    4. Zaysho


      $60 clearly well spent.

  4. I imagine there were some people really, really bothered by it. But at the same time, it's also likely that not much of the public (if anyone in a majority) was bothered by it at all. After all, Sonic's art style in the west had never been consistent in the first place until then. The games, the promo art, the cartoons and the comics all had different styles and variants in their look, so Sonic suddenly having yet another look probably was just business as usual and not a big deal to most. It wasn't really until the designs became associated with a consistent stream of bad console games (and a further and further departure from the Sonic style, with ShTH and 06) that the negativity about it really spread.
  5. 91f377481762eca913e3d0603c41e907.jpg

    1. Forte-Metallix


      >When you just don't wanna catch 'em all

    2. Tara


      That should be me in that picture.

  6. You're thinking of a section (and not even too terribly big of one) of the inner hardcore fanbase when saying that. The casual audience and most fans actually continuously praise the boost gameplay, and they also are more than okay with classic Sonic coming back. Generations was wildly successful and people who played Lost World were asking why they changed the gameplay when they were "getting it so right". Regardless of how right or wrong people may find them for that, most people are pretty okay with where the series is going, gameplay and pandering wise. That said, another boost game is the least of my problems and worries. If it plays well, it plays well. Boost or Adventure or anything in between or whatever. I'd prefer SA gameplay esque stuff, but still.
  7. C4psRtlWQAEg1cu.jpg

    hap valentines day

    1. Soni
    2. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      I just now noticed Amy in the background.:lol:

    3. Mightyray


      Getting a bit jelly there huh Amy?

    4. JosepMelloZSM


      I don't ship Sonic characters... anymore, but Sonic and Blaze are the best couple.

  8. happy valentines day. hope your day in the sonic community isn't flooded with a bunch of sonamy crap lmao

    1. Soni


      Nope, just BreadSticks.

    2. Ayliffe


      could be worse, I decided to replay that Rouge mission from Generations

      it was er

      an experience

    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      Or SonAdow for that matter.


      If it is any more reassuring, I only see that kind of crap on the Sonic fan community Facebook group. That's one reason why I'm no longer in that group (and the drama)

    4. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Nah, Sonaze ftw

    5. Soni


      let's be real, Dave the Intern/Chris Thorndyke; best ship ever.

    6. Kiah


      Ew Sonamy. Absolutely not!

    7. Strickerx5


      Serious question though. Is the shipping part of the community still around after all these years? XD

    8. Soni


      Sadly, yes.

    9. Strickerx5


      Oh dear. You'd think, with the lack of content and all, that they would have starved out by now.

    10. Soni


      The fact that I mention Dave the Intern is being shipped with Chris didn't ring any bells?

      Because it's a surprisingly popular ship and I don't even know why?!

    11. Azoo


      ain't nothing wrong with ships, its just that the fanbase has had a perpetually bad taste in them forever now BV

    12. Ayliffe


      Every fandom has their ships




      it just turns out that 99% of them are awful and don't make sense

    13. Azoo


      in short

      two characters that despite their differences, actually compliment each other's personalities and improve each other's lives for the better? also have cute interactions, and their own physical similarities that put them on the same level? also actual shipteasing in about every game they've been in together (except one, which was from some bullshit canon strain anyways)? nah, man they're just friends

      but put blue boy and pink girl together and OOH man. that's apparently an otp right there. even if the blue boy absolutely only likes the pink girl as a friend and the girl is very unhealthily obsessed with the blue boy and wants to chain him down to suit her needs or else he faces a giant hammer. let me tell ya, true romance.


    14. Soni


      Girls like to be possessive of their man and showing dominance is hot, I think? I'm tired so meh.

    15. Azoo


      romance ain't about one person dominating one person over the other and stuff; if it is then people must have a kink for that isht or something or just don't know how romance works. mannn, love is about mutual consent and caring about each other, giving each other room and letting them be themselves while also being there for each other

      sonamy's a childish af ship. ain't got time for that hot poop butt garbageeee

    16. God Eater Lenka

      God Eater Lenka


      if SonAze or w/e it's called is a thing that leaves ShadAmy available :^) 

    17. Azoo


      it sure does! it sure does :y

    18. EllieBot


      Knuckles is red

      Sonic is blue

      SSMB has a giant crush

      On that guy called Azoooooooooooooo

    19. VEDJ-F


      Don't look at the Sonic twitter then. 

    20. Azoo


      oh believe me, i'm not ;y

    21. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      >18 Replies

  9. Nah, I like the mischevious and fun spirit of Sonic's social media page. It's just getting predictable and stale (for me), and I'm generally tired of Sonic being seen as a big joke everyone's in on.. though that's far from the majority opinion lol. But that's a subject for a different topic.
  10. It came from an embarrassingly animated and written anime (the 4Kids version, no less), is an oversimplification of Sonic as both a character and a game, and became notable as a quote from "Sanic" and other funny-cringe memery. From the hardcore fans joking with each other, it was a great almost-affectionate in joke. When the world joined in, it became both an almost-demeaning phrase and general sweeping statement for the series as a whole. Combine that with all it came from, and... It's bad. :v Hoping it gives us a name and gameplay footage (and MAYBE plot, but good luck there lol). Thats all I could want right now, really.
  11. Maybe I'm just especially bitter today, but I think I'll be a lot better off when we get to a point in time that I'll never have to see that phrase associated with the series ever again. But no for real, here's to hopes that Sonic 2017 and Mania will actually have news here like they're promising. SXSW's show last year just kinda hinted towards stuff and then said "...but then you'll see us at the Sonic 25th Party in wherever-the-heck for more info!!!!", which was (although in the end worth it) kind of irritating to put up with. So uhh, for now I'd at least say keep all of your expectations kinda low unless Aaron or someone else tells us it's more important than first assumption.
  12. "the Sonic Boom show and the social media page are better than the actual sonic series atm"

    yes agreed. meta humor and memes are honestly so much better than having a good franchise of great games and interesting characters

    1. Azoo


      this is directed at no one but i've seen this argument repeatedly on twitter and elsewhere lmao

    2. Soni


      Why can't we have both? We can have our fun comedy cartoons and self-aware social media AND have well-designed games with fun stories.

    3. Azoo


      i wasn't saying we can't have both (though tbh i can go the rest of my life without seeing a single episode of sonic boom again lmao)

      its just that because it makes some self deprecating humor or references a meme, suddenly it's better than a series that (besides 2004-2007) has never really been that bad to begin with

      idk #stillbitterabouthowsegahandlesthesonicfranchise

    4. Soni


      I'm just going with the flow, I know that the games are where its at but the social media/Boom cartoon are fun distraction between releases.

      Not gonna say that they're the best things ever but I got a lot of enjoyment out of them so yeah. Just people going after those clickbaity stuff like always.

    5. Diogenes


      been a long time since sonic has been "a good franchise of great games and interesting characters", by my measure. and seeing some aspect of the series be able to laugh at itself and its mistakes has been refreshing.

      been a long time since sonic has been "a good franchise of great games and interesting characters", by my measure. and seeing some aspect of the series be able to laugh at itself and its mistakes has been refreshing.

    6. Azoo


      i'm just tired of sonic being a joke. tired of sonic boom, a series that's just an animated sitcom featuring some whack-ass character designs and occasionally dodgy animation. tired of social media sonic, where you can expect the fresh new meme (TM) to be referenced in the next day in a way that's not that funny. tired of the main games being written with only jokes in mind and no consideration for plot, character writing, mythos etc; and if not then it's made under implication that sonic team can't do anything without depending on nostalgia to back up their work.

      mania (a dang good ass looking game) is the only thing taken seriously right now, but it only further proves my point that nostalgia is the only thing the masses will take seriously anymore; regardless if mania is a 10/10 game or not. doesn't help when it causes classic purism to reek from the corners of the deep fanbase via confirmation bias thanks to mania's existence and the following reception it has got.

      good stuff! sure do love the sonic series

    7. CottonCandy


      Don't see what's wrong with that. Besides, sonic mania isn't even out yet. The cartoon and the social media team won't be the only good things to happen to the series for very long. :> 

    8. Diogenes


      believe me man, we're all tired of the series being a joke. but to change that they need to fix the parts that are a joke, not the parts that can take a joke.

    9. Azoo


      but if sonic boom is both the joke AND can take a joke, what do you do with it :^)

      i get it. but god am i tired of this. i'm sooooo tired of this. like, my fandom of ANY aspects of the adventure games, rush games, unleashed whatever (like narrative, characters, aesthetics, even slightly some of the gameplay) has felt completely illegitimate in the past several years since any sort of care for anything in the series post-1998, pre-2010 has been looked at as a joke. when's the time where it's not one anymore, and i can feel like i can enjoy any of those games anymore without "HAHAHAHAHA BIG THE CAT ROLLING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUND ITS NO USE AM I RIGHT" and pretending that they're from a different series that sega made by writing an invisible line across the hedgehog

      will sonic 2017 actually pick up the pieces and unify it all better, or just continue to reaffirm whatever the fuck we've been doing for the past 6/7 years? find out march 16th i guess

    10. Fusion Ellipsis

      Fusion Ellipsis

      I'm hoping Sonic 17 will be good tho. I'm more concerned about it than Mania. Seems like we're getting more stuff from Mania than Sonic 17. 


  13. Watching him play Sonic 3K was pretty bizarre, mostly because it shocks me in how people play these games like regular platformers. The pace he takes is so much slower, and it makes the moments where the level design gives you brief sections of speed stand out all the more. It's weirdly refreshing, because the way he plays it makes it feel like a completely different game. Also, it's only confirming to me what i have guessed in the past: the majority of people who go into Sonic do not understand rolling (whether its mechanics or even how to do it), and that's over half the reason people mess up while playing Sonic and then blame the level design. They believe enemies come out of nowhere and the game gives you no time to react, but they don't understand that it's because the game expects you to be rolling, which in turn also makes you move faster and helps reveal alternate routes to the player. I think if anything though, that just highlights the single flaw of the classic Sonic games: a lack of explanation outside of the manuals, and even there a lack of fully explaining how rolling works. 90s Sonic Team expects the level design and control simplicity to speak for itself (and for 75% of people, it does), but for the last 25% it just kind of.. doesn't. It's that very lack of explanation that probably led to the apathy from fans and developers alike in rolling and it's mechanics being a series mainstay, despite it being the gameplay's bread and butter (and being a much more mediocre game without it).
  14. So i was thinking.. What if boost gameplay had the boost replaced with something more akin to the boost in Kirby Air Ride?

    Instead of one long boost bar with a gauge that drains as you blast in one long string of SUPER FAST, why not a short boost bar that fills up as you charge it and launch into a mini burst of speed that can be used repeatedly?

    It'd be sort of like the spindash, except a bit less strong, completely on foot, and also usable as a drift (thus streamlining inputs to one less button). Also, usable (and aimable) in the air like a more versatile jump dash.

    Honestly, i can see something like this working perfectly in place of the boost. The level design could stay almost completely the same and yet it'd work, while also opening up the possibility for more diverse level design.


    1. Mightyray


      I could dig it.

    2. Josh


      So like the peel out kind of

    3. Azoo


      Like the peelout + Air Ride, yeah.

    4. Dejimon11


      So what you're saying is...we get a mode based off city trial? 

    5. Soni


      Sounds similar to how Unleashed PS2/Wii did the Boost, sort of

    6. TCB


      anything good that Sonic can take from Kirby I approve of

    7. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      That sounds a bit similar to velocity 2X's teleport, or Tracers blink. I could see it working well on 3D. But as a different system perhaps. 

    8. Ferno


      sonic should get a form based off of this


    9. Strickerx5


      Kind of sounds like the boost from Unwiished... can't say I was too fond of it there. Especially compared to the 360/PS3 version.

    10. Azoo


      The Unwiished boost sends you at a locked speed for a set period of time. This is a charge-and-launch thing, and launching sets you at a speed but doesn't lock you there. The two are completely different things.

    11. Diogenes


      sounds similar to something I've been turning over in my head for a while, except mine was just for turning, not boosting. instead of charging up a boost out of nowhere it'd be based on how fast you were going before you started braking, so it'd be about maintaining your speed rather than being able to speed up with it.

      honestly i still really don't like the boost so I prefer it my way. *shrug*

    12. Azoo


      I find it hard to imagine a 3D Sonic game that goes without any sort of way to speed boost practically (as in without needing to full stop first), so I think the idea works fine, even outside of being a "modern" style game (especially since its a completely different kind of deal to the current games' boost mechanic and more akin to a slightly more versatile peelout).

      I also kinda consider making it a boost and a drift as a "two birds one stone" situation lol. But i like the idea of using it as just a drift thing too.. If there was any practical way to apply it.

  15. "Sonic Team, you're banished from making another game until you can make a single Sonic game without littering it with dash pads and other objects which automate at least half of the experience."

    Sonic Team disbanded that day, and they all later died because they couldn't make another game for the rest of their life and thus couldn't attain money to buy groceries and pay the house / light bill. The end.

    1. NastCF


      to be fair i think dimps is a lot more guilty of this than sonic team

    2. Gabe


      @NastCF That's not really saying much. Especially as the mistakes both studios have done are homogenous to each other, especially when Iizuka began overseeing both console and handheld games.