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  1. I'm glad Iwata's legacy is inspiring people to try out EarthBound. It's really one of the most amazing games ever made. Really.

    1. Felix


      I seriously have to thank you for persuading me to play the game, dude. I'm super excited to play Mother 3 after this, I can already tell I'll be a huge Mother fan by the time I'm finished with the series.

    2. Alienrun


      ...I find that really suprising actually, oh yeah, nintendo fanboys, I forgot that was a thing, no offense really, I find it more suprising rather than it being a bad thing really!

    3. Tara


      @Alienrun, do you really need to continue with making insensitive remarks when people are talking about the legacy of a man they admired who is now dead?  Seriously, plz stahp.

      Anyway, I'm sad to say that my first time playing Earthbound will be after his death.  I've been meaning to play it for a long time, but I just couldn't get around to it.

    4. Alienrun


      Playing a game made by someone who is dead tends to feel really weird, to the point that you question "would they be WANTING me to play this right now, or perhaps do something better with my life" and if you read my comment you would know that I also like everyone else feel pretty bad about the news, so sorry if I came off the wrong way (unless mentioning the existence of fanboys is somehow offensive)

    5. Tara


      You would do well to learn the meaning of time and place.

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