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  1. DUUUUDE, a Sonic OVA fan-sequel thing is being made!... and it looks... good!


    1. FriendBot


      This does look really good, hope there's atleast a English dub of this.

    2. azoo


      I'm sure it will.

      Geez, the OVA is my favorite canon of Sonic besides the gameverse. Really looking forward to this.

    3. Osmium


      HOLY SHIT 

      This looks great. 

      The animation's good, the jokes work, everyone seems to be in character(at least in the little we see) 

      Will definitely be checking in on this. 

    4. JezMM


      Very nice indeed!  The trailer was a little on the slow-and-steady side animation-wise, didn't have much pop to it, but it was more than functional and the overall feeling was entertaining and there was a generous blend of traditional animation alongside the tweening.  Altogether it was really pleasant so yeah, interested in this.

    5. LovieHats


      that animation, my heart

    6. Milo


      This looks really good!

    7. Celestia


      Definitely keeping an eye on this.

    8. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Well I will be the judge of THAT

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