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    Here it is everybody. My game is finished. Enjoy this playthrough of a fantastic game :y

    1. Briraka


      Noice usage of Slayer, brah.

    2. Alienrun


      ...I don't get why someone would take the time to advertise a game that isn't up to standard...hypocritacle much no?

    3. Tara


      This is a pretty bold artistic statement.  Are you sure it's suitable for some place like SSMB?

    4. Alienrun
    5. Tara


      Azookara.  The sublte political commentary, the relevancy of the struggle in our modern times.  It really captures the essence of the opaque struggles of the working class and the dissonance between America and her foreign allies and adversaries.  It delves deep into the issues and exposes how we all truly feel but for the longest time have been to afraid to speak.

    6. azoo


      are you being for really real right now

    7. Wolfy


      @Alienrun This is the gold standard, did you download the wrong game?

    8. Celestia


      Why would you bother to advertise a game this perfect? A game crafted with this level of expertise will surely attract fans merely by existing.

    9. TheOcelot


      You see, this is a clear indication that gun gameplay can work in a Sonic game. Shadow The Hedgehog was way ahead of it's time....

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