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  1. sonic cd: it either clicks with you and you REALLY love it, or it doesn't and you REALLY don't. them's the beans

    1. Dejimon11


      If it was one of my first sonic game I probably would of liked it a lot more. I do like how the game encourages exploration and different pathways and I think it has the best special stages in the classic era if not the whole franchise. The problem with the game is that the bosses suck, there are way to many springs which feels like obstacles, wacky workbench is one of the worst stages I've ever played in a classic sonic game. 

    2. Jacky


      this is exactly how i feel. i love it, was at first baffled to see when i grew up and saw lot of mixed opinion on it, but  i honestly thought about it and it made sense to me in the end. that level design in particular is a make or break it for you

    3. azoo


      CD is one of those games that requires a good multiple playthroughs to really get good at. after getting used to and understanding the chaotic level design, it's suddenly stupid fun to speedrun and master, because then you see your speedruns as the result of a challenge you've surpassed. it's in it's own way kind of rewarding because of that, and only more satisfying due to how certain areas of CD's level design make you go LUDICROUS speed if you know where and when to jump/roll.

      on a related note, I can at least 75% of the time get both wacky workbench acts sub 1 minute. now that's what IIIIII'mma talking abouuuut.

      also yeah the bosses are terrible I'll absolutely give you that. lol

    4. Menace2Society


      I think it's extremely meh. I liked it at first, but now I really don't care for it. Then again, my opinions always differ when it comes to the Classics, with the exception of 2, which I always like.

    5. Hyp3hat


      It's a weird one - I finally got used to it when I decided to knuckle down and beat it, and I really appreciate the fact you can get the good ending without special stages, but it's a strange experiment that goes against what a lot of people naturally do in Sonic.

      That said, the amount of bullshit it throws at you when you decide to speed up and time travel is sort of inexcusable, nothing more frustrating than getting up to speed only to be stopped by a block or an enemy coming in off the screen you could barely react to. Even in the first level, in which you may expect it to encourage you to use the time travel mechanic successfully in order to understand it, that stuff is just stopping you constantly. Arrgh.

    6. E-van


      I'm definitely the former. Really love CD.

    7. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Of all the stuff I've seen and played of it, I absolutely love the content it's made of, but my playthrough of it as a normal Sonic game has just solidified how utterly backwards the whole game design is around it all seems to be. I want to love it, but man, I'm gonna have to ponder the level design and all before I can settle on a clear verdict of it all.

      @Azoo: Got any vids of a good speedrun or so? I played them as braindead as a goldfish and got sub-1:00 most of the time, so I don't expect it to fix all my problems with it, but I'd love to see some high-end play of the game that actually takes into consideration the design, and maybe make sense of it all.

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