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  1. been looking forward to SRB2 2.2 for ages only to find out they went out of their way to make the game even less friendly to anyone who wants to play with a gamepad. tried bringing it up to them on the forums and they ignored everything I asked/suggested lol. nice¬†ūüĎĆ

    1. azoo


      visuals and music are the best they've ever been and the level design for most of the levels is the best i've ever seen in a 3D sonic game, some of the best i've seen in a 3D platformer. too bad they want you to play it like a TPS. lol

      And btw you can turn analog mode back on with a console command (press ~ and then type configanalog on) but the fact that it's hidden in the first place is baffling. what kind of keyboard&mouse elitism is up with the srb2 team? and they claim they removed it due to it "severely handicapping players" but the only reason it handicaps anyone is because there is no right stick camera control in that mode; something they could fix but would rather use as an excuse to scrap it altogether.

      seriously, what gives? they even tried to suggest to me to abandon face buttons and use bumpers/triggers instead to jump and spin. like.... what?? no fuck off this aint mirrors edge lmao

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      The Bane of Sonic Team's existence, ladies and gents

    3. Sean


      I always found the default camera to be best suited for the controller (just map jump and spin to shoulder buttons while you move with left and camera with right) but I didn't realize they straight up removed analog mode. As much as I don't like playing SRB2 with a controller, removing options for those who may want them doesn't benefit anyone. What a bizarrely dumb omission.

    4. Sean


      lol I didn't see the part where you mentioned the devs already suggested that to you. Mine wasn't said in a way like "uhh just do this it's objectively better than the other way" but because wrestling with analog control was a pain in the ass for me in older versions and I had to experiment with the other camera to find a comfortable set up for myself.

    5. azoo


      the only two reasons i can think is either A ) they actively want you to find gamepad tedious so you end up using kb&m instead or B ) they think their reinvention of the wheel is the superior translation of 3D sonic gameplay or something to what sa1/2 (and any other 3D platformer) did and want you to reevaluate how you play sonic games.

      both POVs of which would come from being a community that plays its own game in a vacuum for 20 years, and neither of which are good or reasonable things to do. lol

    6. Sean


      I think SRB2 is pretty fantastic and 2.2 imo managed to shoot straight past the majority of Sega's own efforts but it's just a way of 3D Sonic, not the way.

      I'm pretty against a few of the deliberate design choices myself, such as not having a homing attack move for Sonic (seriously, it is REALLY hard jumping on enemies in SRB2) or having Tails fly by tapping the jump button rather than holding it down like in SA1. Stuff like this feels like the game adheres too much to the classic scheme to a fault.

    7. azoo


      yeah i agree with you. srb2 does a lot of things right! which is why it pains me so much about this other stuff. (the homing attack thing especially.. i can't wait til mods work right with this version so i can get that set up).

      and oh no i getcha about the control thing, you're fine. it's a good workaround, but it's not ideal. my prob with them is that they don't care about if it's ideal or not since what's ideal to them is not using it at all, which is... no why.

      i just don't get it, since analog control works great if not with it's only caveat being how they designed the camera work in that mode (you can't rotate with anything but the bumpers, right stick does nothing, you can't recenter the camera). and since they just implemented camera orbiting into the current playstyle, can't they just... do that in analog mode too? what's stopping them?

      it just reads as that they just really want people to buy into their mantra that they understand 3D sonic better than the other attempts and you should abandon the desire to play it like a traditional sonic game; a conclusion one can only come to after being both extremely pretentious about classic Sonic, and being too used to the DOOM engine. lol That, or they care about how analog mode affects deathmatch mode a little too much.

    8. azoo


      idk i might be reading into it too much. but it sucks when the devs act like this and it actively shoves the game further into a niche. I tolerate it at best but i wish i could get others to enjoy this game, but in an age where there's been sooo much advancement on what a good 3D platformer is like and how you control it (oft with a gamepad) the game locks itself into obscurity and/or noone caring much to play what's a really well designed game otherwise lol

    9. Sean


      It's one of those games where I feel it's totally fair to not like it due to the control scheme, so it's disappointing that they've only limited options over time rather than expand them and improve on existing ones. It's the freaking Doom engine, there's a lot you can do with it and trying to rework analog mode shouldn't be as tall of an order as the devs make it out to be.

    10. Solister


      Thought I was the only one who felt the new controller sucks.

      Well, as a Doom map maker for 7 years now, I see (and pretty much believe) most of the time they spent was with map drawing, because it's not hard to do something mediocre in Doom (And subsequently SRB2), though do a map worth of real game, takes time. With my personal experience, I would dare do Green Flower Act 1 from the stretch with current modding technology, takes at least, a month (Maybe 2 weeks if you work on it non-stop).

      It's not bad and definitely is a game which deserves much praise as Sonic Mania. I also have to agree that Homing Attack isn't good here (Which is not called homing attack, though I don't remember its name). But yeah, the maps (as far as I played) are very pretty and the new design seems awesome. I haven't tested if it's possible to still play the game with the usual arrows, it really sounds a dumb idea play Sonic as a 3rd person shooter (Even Doom with chasecam is a bad idea).

      But yeah, I recognize their effort and it's always awesome to see it keep forward. I think I'll miss the old SRB2 though I also can't wait (And haven't tested) if old wads works on the game and if our current modding tools (Both Doom and SRB2) still work on them.

    11. Sean



      The problem with analog mode is that it initially appears better, as it superficially appears to act like the more traditional SA1/2 style of control scheme, but it doesn't. This means that players who encounter it often switch to it because it's a familiar control scheme, without knowing that it actively handicaps anyone using it. Thus they'd turn it on, get frustrated playing the game because of it, and then rage on the internet about how bad SRB2's controls are while wondering why in hell the game is popular to begin with.

      Just looking through that thread on the forums and the irony of this statement is that it's a response to people in that topic complaining that analog is gone because that's what they're used to and they prefer it over the M&KB scheme, which in itself frustrates them because SRB2 doesn't play like a normal platformer at all. So does that mean it's preferable to turn away new players who don't like the M&KB scheme instead? Because that's what I see most people complaining about regarding this game rather than simply analog itself sucking.

    12. azoo


      His line of thinking just seems so backwards and absolutely unwilling to listen to criticism on it. And they claim it was after extensive discussion, but with who? People who were used to playing it with M&KB? People who've been playing the game for years, including it's online mp modes that use that format a lot more? Was anyone they asked people who weren't already SRB2heads?

      It's not like I haven't seen the people in the community make fun of people for not using M&KB controls; it's a pretty blatant bias. lol

      It's horribly one-sided and closed-minded of an assessment, to me, for him and the other devs to refuse going further with it. Talk about actively shoving your hard work and effort into something more esoteric than it deserves to be.

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