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  1. After replaying and completing Unleashed on my Series S, here are my thoughts:

    It's worse than I remember, but still better than what everyone outside of the fandom says. It's a game that is very fun (yes even the Werehog levels), but the game's real issues come down to severe game progression / pacing issues, and (in the original release's case) optimization.

    This game locks Werehog's moves necessary for flow (like his running and jumping attacks) behind a level up system, make you go to different levels in a wacky order, forces you to revisit Prof Pickle every time you completed a stage, and on top of that the dreaded medal collection tolls. It's just.. it's too much, man. If people didn't like this game for these reasons, I'd understand.

    But overall the game is very pleasant, and I have a hard time hating it, or imagining how anyone could. The game oozes charm, man. The Werehog stages are (despite everything you'd expect) fun to play, and I don't think I have to tell you the daytime stages are fantastic. The QTEs are honestly not as bad as I remember, but blowing the idea of flying the Tornado for one long one is definitely some bullshit.

    Anyways it's my favorite 6/10. Which is a shame, because if not for the pacing issues and the Tornado levels it'd probably be an 8.5. Or higher. So close, but so far away.

    1. Kuzu


      Unleashed as a game bothers me so much; because as  you said, it just oozes charm from the opening all of the way to the ending. They put so much effort into the game's presentation, and that simply hasn't been seen since. 

      But because of some questionable design decisions, every decided the game was trash. I understand WHY people wouldn't like Unleashed, because I really hate those bad parts too. But it's really a shame how easy people are willing to overlook all of it's positives because they couldn't tolerate the negatives. 

      It's a thing about Sonic games that very people actually understand their appeal and they get a bit of an unfair rep because of it. Sonic is a series that, on a good day, just radiates charm but nobody can ever really see that. 

    2. Jango


      I remember I played Unleashed HD for the first time in 2013 or so, yes, even after Colors and Gens, and was incredibly engaged by it. Nothing really pissed me off in that game, except the frame rate in some levels and hubs and the FUCKING Werehog battle theme, which I managed to fix by simply playing the night stage themes from my PS3's music folder. The medals wasn't a chore to me because I always play games collecting everything I can before moving on to the next level, but I understand not everyone does that. I still think the Werehog is a stupid transformation and echo the opinion of those who think Knuckles would've been cooler. It's a beautiful game in many aspects but the stuff @azoo mentioned is completely true, even if some of them didn't bothered me in particular. 

    3. Soniman


      I'm hard on Unleashed but sometimes I let the Fandom majority affect my overall opinion because outside the Fandom virtually no one likes or respects this game LOL. Every Dark age and up era Sonic game to the public has that one striking identity that it can never shake and all other perhaps redeemable aspects of said games aren't worth mentioning 

      Fun gameplay or not the Werehog pretty much ensured the game was dead on arrival. Most of this is Segas fault for being completely obtuse in understanding what Sonic NEEDED in a post 06 world. So no one cares or remembers the amazing music the outstanding graphics the lovely atmosphere and charming characters  because of that damn Werehog and it's really a shame. This isn't like 06 where you have to try really hard to find good qualities, all of Unleashed's are pretty plain to see but back in 2008 that's not what mattered.

      This could be rectified by simply re-releasing the game but since Sega is DOGSHIT at that I'm not holding my breath 



    4. azoo


      I just find it annoying that the reception it gets is because of kneejerk reactionary responses and not for its actual problems. LOL 

      I’m fine with the game being seen as middling, but damn it got dragged for all the wrong reasons.

    5. Kuzu


      That just seems to be the recurring thing with Sonic games in general, none of them really get a fair shake, which just gives people the wrong impression about these games. 

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Does the game run at a locked 30 fps on series S? I've tried to find footage but there's so little out there I can't find any examples of, say, Jungle Joyride at a locked 30 like the series X


    7. azoo


      It does. It runs identically to the Series X version, so no lag whatsoever. 

      The world finally caught up to Hashimoto’s giant fucking brain lmao

    8. NegaMix


      EDIT: Just saw that I was beaten to the punch by Deleter. Whoops.

    9. Zaysho


      I played the HD version for the first time last year. Was hoping I'd like it but just got really frustrated whenever I played it. There's a lot of fun moments in the game; the boost levels are really quite fun and well-designed, but I'm not big on the random QTEs or that failing them often results in death. They're also pretty counterproductive when the progression is tied to collecting medals (I think this is something the Wii version actually did better). If there's anything I think Colors or Gens have over this one are that they're really simplified to maintain the pace.

      I'm actually quite fond of the Werehog too, since it almost feels like the closest attempt to do Adventure-style movement again, but it's marred by all the forced encounters that are extremely tiresome. I just want to run around and explore without hitting a barrier that requires me to clear several waves of enemies.

      It's kind of just... fine, I guess? I respect a lot of the work that went into it and the attempted refresh Sega was trying to give Sonic at the time, right down to the advertising blitz and the investment in lots of really cool promotional material. It kinda bums me out it was the last game to really get something like that. I guess Forces got the prequel comics but eh.

    10. Winston


      I just beat the game recently myself and I do agree with you for the most part. I think the daytime stages are a little flawed in their design though and not perfect, but they don't have awful design or anything. I hate whenever I get a 1-up immediately after a checkpoint with little to no effort put in, since I know that means that a segment is coming up that will require multiple deaths your first time to complete it since you don't know what's coming. Sure, Sonic games are meant to be replayed a lot, but that kinda shit just isn't fun and they obviously knew it was a flaw with them throwing 1-up's right before most segments like that. It doesn't make it a bad game, but it certainly isn't fun playing most of these levels for the first time, but it is fun at repeated attempts when you know things are coming up and how to react to them. The charm of this game is what really wins me over as you said, and the Werehog is by no means bad, or as bad as people claimed it to be. It can be a little button mashy, but it's not downright broken or anything. The worst thing I can say about it is in the HD Version, the FPS drops a lot sometimes, and in the Wii version, the waggling can be a bit annoying, which was the version I grew up with. The HD version shouldn't have required the medals either, or as many of them at least. It's fine for bonus content but I just personally don't find it very fun. It's also when the Sonic X cast really got into the groove of their characters, so all the voice acting is pretty great. The music is of course top notch, and I'd argue Unleashed probably has one of the best soundtracks in the series. So many great tunes. The final thing I'll say is the final boss is kinda lame, but the music during the final phase is great so I'll cut it some slack there. 

    11. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I don't have a Series, but my fiancee has an Xbox One and I bought the game just to give it another chance. I'm sort of where you are, @azoo. The pacing and leveling system is what is absolutely killing it for me. Though, I also do really dislike the nighttime levels. I don't mind the occasional grind, but I really don't like how repetitive and mindless the Werehog's brawling gets; and on the flip-side, I still have too much trouble getting to grips with the daytime level's insane pacing. I think Generations balanced the level design better.


      On the whole, I get it. I get why so many Sonic fans come to it's defense: it has a wonderful atmosphere, a pretty well balanced plot and when the day stages flow well, they friggin knock it out of the park. But I just haven't enjoyed my time playing it again. I've abandoned it. 


    12. azoo


      @Indigo Rush personally i far prefer the daytime levels pacing compared to Generations lol. Boost gameplay isn’t interesting in that game because unlike Unleashed I don’t find it actively testing my reflexes or wowing me as much in the raw sense of speed and adrenaline you get from pulling it off. Unleasheds daytime levels aren’t afraid of being hard, and I love that.


      As for the werehog, yeah I get it. Again I really think the game would be much less grindy and slow if the moves that help you move or take out enemies faster weren’t locked away. When you finally get your moves and strength upgraded a bit the game gets much more fun, but I really also don’t think it should have to be that way either.


      Anyways I find myself doing the opposite of stepping away from it. Despite my frustrations during the replay, the aura the game gives off and the replay value of both kinds of stages keep inviting me back, moreso than I ever felt for colors or gens. I feel like this game only gets better and better after you get over the hump of completing it, and I think that makes the sloggy moments worth it. For me, at least.

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